Ken Instagram - SNL

  • Published on Jan 20, 2019
  • New interns (Rachel Brosnahan, Heidi Gardner, Pete Davidson) pitch captions for Ken's Instagram account.
    #RachelBrosnahan #GretaVanFleet #SNL #SNL44
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Comments • 1 035

  • Chris Bennett
    Chris Bennett 17 hours ago

    CUNT !

  • TaraLee Smith
    TaraLee Smith 5 days ago

    “You are lucky I don’t put you outside with the raccoon 🦝 “

  • Alexander
    Alexander 7 days ago

    In the third picture the girl in the back looks like she’s eating an expo marker.

  • Rex Factorem
    Rex Factorem 9 days ago

    Not as funny as the previous one, but cool.

  • ProudChihuahua 1
    ProudChihuahua 1 10 days ago

    0:30 actually ken is gay

  • Mrs Booker
    Mrs Booker 12 days ago +1

    Never noticed before but Rachel looks like Kristin Davis.

  • ベビーガール
    ベビーガール 12 days ago

    0:27 why ken look like Tommy from power, is it just me?

  • KoldTony Debonaire
    KoldTony Debonaire 16 days ago +1

    Why do they keep referring to the Ellen doll as Ken???

  • Umo and Bloo
    Umo and Bloo 20 days ago +1

    SNL really likes the name deirdre

  • Nocturnal Rites
    Nocturnal Rites 20 days ago

    JFC, tell me they did something to those Ken dolls. Ken always looked lame, but now he doesn't even look male. UGH. At least he used to have shoulders. No wonder Barbie goes for GI Joe...or would if they made Joe anymore!!

    And honestly, he looks like Skipper with a Captain Marvel haircut in the party shot.

  • Dooweisnotacrow 11
    Dooweisnotacrow 11 21 day ago +1

    In this episode of Barbie's abusive relationship

  • Midnight Sonnet
    Midnight Sonnet Month ago

    Most people in the comments who think a dead body is under the Jacuzzi are missing a very key point in the story. After the party guests saw what was under there, they applauded Barbie. I doubt anyone would applaud murder (unless they're all crazy murderers), so we still have the timeless question: What is under that Jacuzzi??!! o_o

  • Chicken Permission
    Chicken Permission Month ago

    Pete’s mannerisms in this sketch reminds me soo much of my brother in law, it’s *frightening!*

  • Epic Nerd Gacha
    Epic Nerd Gacha Month ago +3

    I want it to be renamed to kenstagram

  • Silverstar101
    Silverstar101 Month ago +1

    Me, that lady, and a baby raccoon :)

  • Josh Metteer
    Josh Metteer Month ago


  • Josh Metteer
    Josh Metteer Month ago


  • Josh Metteer
    Josh Metteer Month ago


  • Josh Metteer
    Josh Metteer Month ago


  • Josh Metteer
    Josh Metteer Month ago


  • Josh Metteer
    Josh Metteer Month ago


  • Josh Metteer
    Josh Metteer Month ago


  • Josh Metteer
    Josh Metteer Month ago


  • Josh Metteer
    Josh Metteer Month ago


  • Josh Metteer
    Josh Metteer Month ago


  • BenSnipes _
    BenSnipes _ Month ago +1

    Girl on the right is severely under used

  • MinecraftRulesFortniteSucks

    My question is on the first picture Kens holding his phone how’d he take the photo

  • Casey Greyson
    Casey Greyson Month ago

    I find it strange how in this skit, Keenan’s name is “Travis”, but in the Barbie skit, his name is “Bernard”...

  • Daisy doll Studios
    Daisy doll Studios Month ago


  • T2 Marshall
    T2 Marshall Month ago

    Ken is faggot

  • Marshall Posey
    Marshall Posey Month ago

    Barbie has been punking Ken for 50 years

  • Graham Cracker Sandwich

    Ken is hot ken is lade back ken is gay ken is cheating on barbie ken is blonde

  • Zippy
    Zippy 2 months ago

    "Yeah, he's like that."

  • Wholistic Lily
    Wholistic Lily 2 months ago

    This is so stupid!

  • 3rd El Tercero
    3rd El Tercero 2 months ago +2

    My birthday is the 36th of Never-tober
    Im turning never-teen.

  • Melody Weckel
    Melody Weckel 2 months ago

    I love Rachel Brosnahan.

  • Lauren Victoria
    Lauren Victoria 2 months ago +1

    i'm in for a Barbie book written by Victora (and also one written by the dude from the last vid)


  • Rene Riley
    Rene Riley 2 months ago

    Honestly why Pete is at SNL??? He’s so unfunny and untalented.
    Does he have famous parents?

  • nisa rojas
    nisa rojas 2 months ago +1

    “Okay, well let’s schedule another meeting for Nevertober”
    “Wait, which day on Nevertober, cause I might have a thing”
    “The 36th, okay, we’ll see you there”

  • H. Thumbs Thomas
    H. Thumbs Thomas 2 months ago +3

    Heidi's so good at playing the clueless airhead. She's great lol

  • jays0909
    jays0909 2 months ago

    This was full retard . Never go full retard. Dumb skit

  • Ven ThaArtistUNeed2Kno
    Ven ThaArtistUNeed2Kno 2 months ago

    It would of been better if Donold was there

  • Don Don
    Don Don 2 months ago

    Shit so funny 😹😹😹

  • Butt Head
    Butt Head 2 months ago

    So no one is gonna mention how hot Cecily strong is?

  • JaneAlison008
    JaneAlison008 2 months ago +1

    Wait, so which caption did they choose?

  • Annie O'Connor
    Annie O'Connor 2 months ago +1

    Ken is gay

  • Jaime Gandarilla
    Jaime Gandarilla 2 months ago

    When your sketch's first laugh line doesn't work

  • Nika Nika
    Nika Nika 2 months ago

    Ken's hair makes me triggered!

  • Dd Boomer
    Dd Boomer 2 months ago

    i know what's under the jacuzzi

  • addiebrooke 9
    addiebrooke 9 3 months ago +3

    the middle one is a wattpad writer.

  • CreativeCollector
    CreativeCollector 3 months ago +1

    Are Ken dolls really that ugly now?

  • Illiterate cow
    Illiterate cow 3 months ago

    I think it’s night behind me I should tell the raccoon

  • Just Monika
    Just Monika 3 months ago +1

    "The 36th...!"
    Me: Wait just a moment lady

  • Rebecca Sickler
    Rebecca Sickler 3 months ago +1

    Ken is Barbie's brother. Not boyfriend.

  • BobPagani
    BobPagani 3 months ago +1

    It was very brave of SNL to air a sketch without a single joke or funny line in it. Bravo!

  • Ryan Lawton
    Ryan Lawton 3 months ago +1

    Donald Glover was better

  • Lola Schrad
    Lola Schrad 3 months ago

    Is that marge from marvelous mrs maisel

  • David Pumpkins Jr.
    David Pumpkins Jr. 3 months ago

    Do they still make Skipper, Barbie's little sister? If so, there needs to be a third sketch.

  • MrProofMan
    MrProofMan 3 months ago

    Fuck Greta Van Fleet.

  • happygolucky
    happygolucky 3 months ago

    I miss Donald