Dancemoms: Jojos Drama/Diva Moments

  • Published on Sep 2, 2016
    Back at it again with a Jojo version!
    I decided to not add my own commentary to this video, mostly because my opinions of each clip would contradict the entire videos purpose, but also because a lot of people didn't agree/didn't want with my opinions of each clip. I'll probably refrain from doing that again but if you guys would like me to make sure to LIKE THE VIDEO :)
    ps. Like the new outro???
    I am not saying that Jojo is the only girl on the show who has had diva moments. Nor am I saying shes a bully or is disrespectful. The way the show is edited it may be hard to tell whats real and whats fake. Things may be taken out of context or even if they are true, everone makes mistakes and I have my fair share swell. Alot of the time Jojos strong personality and sassy-ness may come across as bratty. Im not saying Jojo always acts like this and is the only one. This list is just a complimation of all her "shady" moments. Jojo is a sassy and talented, no better than you and I, young lady and I respect her fully.
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