Dancemoms: Jojos Drama/Diva Moments

  • Published on Sep 2, 2016
    Back at it again with a Jojo version!
    I decided to not add my own commentary to this video, mostly because my opinions of each clip would contradict the entire videos purpose, but also because a lot of people didn't agree/didn't want with my opinions of each clip. I'll probably refrain from doing that again but if you guys would like me to make sure to LIKE THE VIDEO :)
    ps. Like the new outro???
    I am not saying that Jojo is the only girl on the show who has had diva moments. Nor am I saying shes a bully or is disrespectful. The way the show is edited it may be hard to tell whats real and whats fake. Things may be taken out of context or even if they are true, everone makes mistakes and I have my fair share swell. Alot of the time Jojos strong personality and sassy-ness may come across as bratty. Im not saying Jojo always acts like this and is the only one. This list is just a complimation of all her "shady" moments. Jojo is a sassy and talented, no better than you and I, young lady and I respect her fully.
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  • DJ TV
    DJ TV Year ago +5564

    Abby is mean

  • YumCupcake 100
    YumCupcake 100 Year ago +8

    The first one was REALY her mum

  • Andrea C
    Andrea C Year ago +10

    they are so mean to jojo because jojo is the nicest,sweetest,most kind youtuber i have ever seen and i am a huge fan of hers

  • Josh Peter
    Josh Peter Year ago +33

    wtf jojo! THAT IS SO DISRESPECTFUL! who the hell says "oh yeah im in the dance," when abby clearly says no. Jojo is obnoxious and is rude to abby. Shes too loud and annoying.

  • Nyx Omisha
    Nyx Omisha Year ago +4

    8:24 - OML their faces when Jojo said "I just want a permanent spot on the team" XDDD

    Haha NOPE

  • Abby simpson
    Abby simpson Year ago +3


    I'm a advance tapper

  • jordan losch101
    jordan losch101 Year ago



  • Unicorn Cat
    Unicorn Cat Year ago

    I just did an amazing dance and listened to the song I need your touch! I want to be in the crew

  • •Îšh_ßrî•
    •Îšh_ßrî• Year ago +126

    I wanna get something straight wit JoJo. She's not MJ if she was MJ she would've been a big hit, going around places, make videos just like MJ, and she wouldn't be on their dance team she would've been traveling the world, singing in front of ppl, having a mansion but NO she is in a dance company ppl a DANCE COMPANY she's not doing any of that stuff so I don't see how she MJ period. Also she would've been in The Jackson 5 so girl plz how you MJ. I'm not hatin on JoJo ok ok just saying earlier in the video " if it's the truth she don't mind it being said" well um being MJ...that's a one can never replace MJ

  • Scottish Wolves
    Scottish Wolves Year ago +152

    Tbh I've *Never liked JoJo* I mean she is a bratty child, she said her dad *got hit by a bus for vewis* . In my mind her bows are over priced and awful, her hair is always a mess and the worst thing about the chavy wee brat is little kids like 8year olds look up to her and try to act like her. In *my* she is a snobby evil ugly untalented brat who cares about only *Herself* she needs to get a grip.

  • Celebrate Life7
    Celebrate Life7 Year ago +13

    The part where Jojo mocked Kendal changed my perspective

  • June Wiggins Roddy
    June Wiggins Roddy 2 years ago

    I like your vidoes and abby is not a funkian bitch she is a best mom too jojo beceuse she dressed nice and she is not a sassypants like you all like that dance teacher she is a funkian bitch not abby I love her vidoesI would like ou do a dance battle with her because she is a funkin shit

  • Stephen Woeber
    Stephen Woeber 2 years ago +1

    I do not Abby she is so rude I am not trying to be offensive but I mean come on

  • Liza Holmes
    Liza Holmes 2 years ago +117

    Abby shut up

    MILLZYWHU _ 2 years ago +471

    JoJo is not the bully the horrible old lady 👵 is she's shouting and swearing

  • Its jenna
    Its jenna 2 years ago +2

    jojp was right on the first one. she was being a baby. omfg get over it kendall

  • Little Hannah Girly girl

    😲 omg 😲

  • Heena Alia
    Heena Alia 2 years ago +848

    I seriously hate Abby she is so mean

  • Lps Liv
    Lps Liv 2 years ago

    Me and jo jo have something in common we both talk to much

  • Lps Liv
    Lps Liv 2 years ago +595

    Jo jo. Has ADHD

  • Kellireactz
    Kellireactz 2 years ago

    Wait is this acting or real life stuff like reality? Lokie

  • Ava's wold 😇
    Ava's wold 😇 2 years ago +1

    Jojo can cry Abby I hate you

  • Ava's wold 😇
    Ava's wold 😇 2 years ago +13

    I don't want to go to Abby's dance .

  • Mags H
    Mags H 2 years ago

    everyone is a bitch on that show

  • MissMonkey - productions34

    why is abby being so...

  • Keisha Eckenrod
    Keisha Eckenrod 2 years ago +5

    She was being really rude to Jojo

  • BTS Stan
    BTS Stan 2 years ago +8

    ok look, Abby shouldn't scream at a kid that she isn't entitled in this world over and over

  • edward wood
    edward wood 2 years ago

    jess acts like jo jo is the best kid in the world and that she can do whatever she wants whenever she wants

  • edward wood
    edward wood 2 years ago +195

    jess and jo jo only care about them selfes

  • edward wood
    edward wood 2 years ago +1

    jo jo is a spoiled brat and jess needs to shut up and so does jo jo

  • Rosa Williams
    Rosa Williams 2 years ago

    Abby is the means't person I saw in this video and jojo is pretty and a nice litte girl

  • Haylee Sowa
    Haylee Sowa 2 years ago

    What's up with JoJo's hair and lipstick at 3:08.

  • Mina Bjerke
    Mina Bjerke 2 years ago +2


  • Animegirl Animegirl
    Animegirl Animegirl 2 years ago

    Jojo your a total ass

  • Meg Warner
    Meg Warner 2 years ago

    It is so bad how Abby treat the girls.I feel so bad for all the girls.

  • Michael Straughn
    Michael Straughn 2 years ago +2

    jojo needs to STOP saying LIKE its SO ANNOYING!! like if you agree.

  • The Dark White Knight
    The Dark White Knight 2 years ago

    If that teacher or what ever she is touches me yells at me threatens me I would have punched her and that would be it I would just keep punching her until she stoped

  • Littleimpaitientartist 27

    Why does Abby hate jojo so much

  • Tanisha Lowe
    Tanisha Lowe 2 years ago

    Poor Jojo she shouldn't be treated like that

  • Guyroo 5
    Guyroo 5 2 years ago

    I'm not a girl or even watch this show but if Abby yelled at me like that my mom would snap at her so bad 😂

  • Anastasia Lloyd
    Anastasia Lloyd 2 years ago

    Well yea the parents aren't gonna listen. Your yelling at their children.

  • lemon pie
    lemon pie 2 years ago

    Jojo looks like a carrot.

  • Srivaishnavi Ijjapureddy

    See the thing is I'm loud but I sing, singing is my passion. JoJo's loud but she dances there's nothing wrong with being loud it's the way she's being treated by the fat fuck.

  • lol lol
    lol lol 2 years ago

    Is dance moms a show????

  • Yeah Its Me
    Yeah Its Me 2 years ago

    I don't like jojo sorry for the ppl that like jojo but I don't why cause she was being mean when Kendall wanted to do a duet with Maddie but she got it as a solo and started being mean

  • Girly_Gamer 56
    Girly_Gamer 56 2 years ago

    Wow JOJO didnt do anything wrong if she talks alot she talks alot so what.she says her own opinion its her opinion who cares and she is just asking questions she is just giving sass because people are probably giving her a hard time and no one knows or something.I thing Abby is just over exaggerating Jojo did not do anything

  • Helen Render
    Helen Render 2 years ago

    abby is mean

  • Marc Reed
    Marc Reed 2 years ago +580

    I hate how Abby treats her

  • Yitzel Lozoya
    Yitzel Lozoya 2 years ago +146

    jojo is a little brat

  • Faith Vajda
    Faith Vajda 2 years ago

    Did anyone else notice that jojo's jacket said Kenzie?

  • Lexi Murphy
    Lexi Murphy 2 years ago

    hg gybugbhuub

    ROSEMARY SANCHEZ 2 years ago

    jojo is to much she thinks she is all tat right who agrees

  • Victoria Chavez
    Victoria Chavez 2 years ago +3751

    In my opinion, Jojo is not being sassy at all. She is just standing up for herself.

  • Katherine Korak
    Katherine Korak 2 years ago +45

    Abby had absolutely NO reason to lash out on JoJo

  • Chloe Dill Pickle
    Chloe Dill Pickle 2 years ago

    Abby can't judge her because she's good, she is just selfish and a little butthole

  • Cute Cupcakes
    Cute Cupcakes 2 years ago

    I want to do dance moms

  • Jennifer Hernandez
    Jennifer Hernandez 2 years ago +2

    I haven't seen dance moms in a long time holy shiz I missed a lot 😂

  • Taryn Gentry
    Taryn Gentry 2 years ago

    Jojo u rock f abby

  • Tokyokat 345
    Tokyokat 345 2 years ago

    jo jo is soooooooo annoying and stupid because she thinks she's better than everyone

  • Khadijah Nehar
    Khadijah Nehar 2 years ago +135


  • Lauren Lazy
    Lauren Lazy 2 years ago

    Abby is so mean how did she get the job with so many kids she is so so so mean she is a 😈 she is a yelling crazy lady

  • Colour Animal
    Colour Animal 2 years ago

    abby is mean to jojo

  • Wendy Daut
    Wendy Daut 2 years ago

    Jojo is mean

  • Grace 27
    Grace 27 2 years ago

    Abby's a jerk she is so selfish and she shouldn't be in dance moms because she's so rude

  • SupergirlRandom 'Random and more'

    Yeah she is the rudest person I ever seen 😵

  • Abel Bernal
    Abel Bernal 2 years ago

    I love Abby and I hate jojo

  • Madzter 7
    Madzter 7 2 years ago +95

    Love ❤️ u jojo

  • Tsukiyama Fan
    Tsukiyama Fan 2 years ago

    Abby is so rude, she doesnt know how to handle children

  • Natasha Bettridge
    Natasha Bettridge 2 years ago

    Abby is rude and she is calling jojo anowing and a brat all thous things define Abby

  • Rosie Hayward
    Rosie Hayward 2 years ago

    Abby is a bich jojo is the best

  • Eduardo Rodriguez
    Eduardo Rodriguez 2 years ago


  • Kerry Brown
    Kerry Brown 2 years ago

    abby is stupid aand petty

  • Flor Pollon
    Flor Pollon 2 years ago

    Abby is so mean

  • awesome stuffys
    awesome stuffys 2 years ago

    Jojo is an amazing little girl and Abby is just a fat fucking bitch she's a ass hole

  • Mia Gardner
    Mia Gardner 2 years ago

    Abby is a bitch

  • Mia Gardner
    Mia Gardner 2 years ago

    Abby is a fat cow#I Love Jojo

  • Ashari Garrett
    Ashari Garrett 2 years ago

    jojo if you have a loud voice then why don't you cheer

  • Kate !!
    Kate !! 2 years ago

    I HATE ABBY!!!!

  • Jeremy Frost
    Jeremy Frost 2 years ago


  • Jeremy Frost
    Jeremy Frost 2 years ago +207

    the dance couch is so rude i would quit

  • サライ
    サライ 2 years ago

    No offense but how rude of Jojo 3:09

  • Elliejayne Garnett
    Elliejayne Garnett 2 years ago

    abby is so nasty to jojo

  • My Life as Tania
    My Life as Tania 2 years ago

    Abby is dum

  • Team Ellenburg
    Team Ellenburg 2 years ago +12

    I really want to smack Abby

  • Anne Lee
    Anne Lee 2 years ago

    Jojo was the strongest girl in the history of this show. She always stood up for herself and handled things like a boss.

  • Black n White
    Black n White 2 years ago +1

    My favorite quality of JoJo's is how she acts. Call it twisted, but I like it. ^^

  • my names rae
    my names rae 2 years ago

    it's not Jojo it's abby

  • StarlightPrincess70
    StarlightPrincess70 2 years ago

    abby is coocoo

  • Scarlet Blogs XOXOXO
    Scarlet Blogs XOXOXO 2 years ago

    I REALLY don't like Abby

  • Delta Delnef
    Delta Delnef 2 years ago

    i dont get what Jojo is doing wrong...what a rude bitch

  • K pop Panda
    K pop Panda 2 years ago

    abby is mean,stupid,hate full

  • Mersades Brown
    Mersades Brown 2 years ago

    Jojo is not that rude Abby is rude

  • Jeannie Ortiz
    Jeannie Ortiz 2 years ago

    abby is just doing her job

  • Claudia Romero
    Claudia Romero 2 years ago

    jojo u single lovely n cool👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  • Player Cole
    Player Cole 2 years ago

    JoJo can take on a bully JoJo dont let anyone take over you.

  • Anna Encina
    Anna Encina 2 years ago

    Abby needs to shut up

  • Kimberly Floyd
    Kimberly Floyd 2 years ago

    I love Jojo

  • TeaCupp Msp
    TeaCupp Msp 2 years ago

    I think this is just Abby being rude to Jojo on some of them, not her being a drama queen.

  • Magestic Gacha Angel
    Magestic Gacha Angel 2 years ago

    Abby is only mean to jojo and she is not bad

  • Rob Noell
    Rob Noell 2 years ago

    I was mean