this video will mildly infuriate you 100%

  • Published on Sep 14, 2019
  • today I went on reddit r/mildlyinfuriating and wow it got me riled up
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  • Lamb Sauce
    Lamb Sauce 23 hours ago

    My maths clock is backwards too

  • Noice Gamer
    Noice Gamer Day ago

    Dare you to watch this in 143p.

  • Rory Hopkins
    Rory Hopkins Day ago

    I live in Maryland and I have no clue what George is talking about when it comes to the cookies

  • ツJuJu
    ツJuJu 2 days ago

    5:56 "I used to name all 51 states by heart" James agrees

  • Potato Luna
    Potato Luna 2 days ago

    George there are only 50 states. Puerto Rico is still just a territory and the District of Columbia is quite literally just a district.

  • elliot FF
    elliot FF 2 days ago

    Everyone mad at George memeulous for saying there are 51 states but if you include Washington DC that’s 51

  • Adam Setebe
    Adam Setebe 3 days ago

    Memulous is noahsnoah and xduttiniho

  • Squidiot
    Squidiot 3 days ago

    Washington D.C. is technically it's own state. btw, I can't even name all 50 states. You got one up on me.

  • Park Seoyeon
    Park Seoyeon 4 days ago

    I’m Portuguese and that was the Brazilian flag.

  • Cookie
    Cookie 5 days ago

    If human was humen, them feminists would go crazy

  • Cookie
    Cookie 5 days ago

    "All 51 states" ????

    LOUISA 6 days ago

    Is it bad I got every capital James was looking for? Including Nuuk- Greenland.

  • Alexander Nox
    Alexander Nox 7 days ago


  • Marco Gasparro
    Marco Gasparro 7 days ago

    5:22 I had the same leapfrog globe when I was younger nfw...

  • Thomas Leonard
    Thomas Leonard 8 days ago

    Is it just me or do these 2 remind you of two women at a mothers meeting

  • All good Things
    All good Things 8 days ago

    Alternatyw title: James ane George keep getting distracted and going off topic

  • Liv Hann
    Liv Hann 9 days ago

    George we can really see your British showing when you say you know all “51 states”

  • Gliz Lizard
    Gliz Lizard 9 days ago

    Oi mate it's pronounced Ottawaa not ottowa

  • Acknowledge the meme
    Acknowledge the meme 11 days ago

    This guy copied memeulous

  • Samuel MURRAY
    Samuel MURRAY 13 days ago

    Was anyone else screaming Lima at George and James

  • Thomas Donegan
    Thomas Donegan 14 days ago

    George does a geography quiz on Memeuless

  • Elizabeth Dips
    Elizabeth Dips 14 days ago

    Mate 51... 51?!!? I’m Canadian so you can’t even blame it on not being American

  • Sumaiyah
    Sumaiyah 15 days ago +1

    This video went off topic so many times

  • Venom
    Venom 15 days ago +1

    Memeuless: ill mute myself saying 69
    TheXvid: Na mate your still not getting ads

  • aidansplat
    aidansplat 17 days ago

    "51 states"
    Ok pal

    LDSGS 17 days ago

    They couldn’t have flipped the clock image, the numbers woulda been backwards too

  • Keira Fowler
    Keira Fowler 18 days ago +1

    found a used condom in a locker in yr 7 at my school

  • Let's Game Boy
    Let's Game Boy 18 days ago +1

    thumbnail was spot on

  • emmetll // Milo
    emmetll // Milo 18 days ago

    most year 3's who have watched this are now thinking Rio is called brasilia

  • ElBillyGang
    ElBillyGang 19 days ago

    Why is james wearing an ASU shirt even though they are in the UK

  • Tanya Williams
    Tanya Williams 22 days ago

    how is most of this video just geography quizzes

  • • xGlitch Studiøx •

    I had a leep frog

  • The_killjoy_ Who_ships_ryden

    It can’t be an oxymoron because the words mildly and infuriating aren’t opposite 😂😂😂

  • ol’ dirty basterd is my savior

    james: you probably got bullied, put in a locker
    george: but they’re like | _ | small
    james: exactly
    george: i knew you were gonna say that

  • Leafeon
    Leafeon 25 days ago

    Ya did it wrong the time bar should be all yellow

  • Casayana
    Casayana 26 days ago

    How in the world was hw able to name all 51 states if there are only 50?

  • Sam Edwards
    Sam Edwards 26 days ago

    You should do an anxiety enducing kahoot video *were you tooooo fast?*

  • Ian Tragis
    Ian Tragis 27 days ago

    He just said “I used to be able to name all 51 states.” I am very confusion.

  • IAmDad
    IAmDad 27 days ago +1

    ~james 2019

  • Luminen VV
    Luminen VV 28 days ago

    do you want to know what is mildly infuriating? When memeulous can't name the capital of your country.

  • Charliedactyl
    Charliedactyl 28 days ago

    You could’ve gone to chrome://Dino instead of disconnecting from the internet

  • Nubbery
    Nubbery 29 days ago

    51 states

  • Erica Raths
    Erica Raths 29 days ago

    See Will, take note. *THIS* is how you stretch a reddit video past ten mins.
    An impromptu geography quiz!

  • Epic gamer Roblox and more!

    Do a face reveal

  • Epic gamer Roblox and more!

    They aren’t urinals they are hand dryers

  • wyattpk
    wyattpk Month ago

    i'm entering in a parkour competition on friday wish me luck

  • FlopperPHD+
    FlopperPHD+ Month ago

    That bread-cube thing is proper relatable

  • Loaf of Titanium
    Loaf of Titanium Month ago

    “all 51 states”

  • Simon Hill
    Simon Hill Month ago

    George is absolute garbage at the dinasour game

  • jake meszaros
    jake meszaros Month ago

    The anti-clockwise clock is real my science teacher had one

  • Anton Smári Evertsson

    It ain’t kelburg

  • C L
    C L Month ago

    For a while I thought it was
    Meme USE less

  • james harding
    james harding Month ago

    i also have a clock which works anticlockwise; checkmate doubters

  • Chloe Nicole
    Chloe Nicole Month ago

    All 51 😂 hmmm ok George

  • Nancy Metzger
    Nancy Metzger Month ago

    James: What state is D.C in?
    George: IT'S tHe oNE tHaTs gOt ThE cOoKiEs *mild temper tantrum*

  • Collin Willoughs
    Collin Willoughs Month ago

    Damn, not even the United States government can name 51 states. You must've transcended reality.

  • Large pp is Good
    Large pp is Good Month ago

    When George says Mary-land instead of mari or mara land. Everyone who lives there says it like that

  • RaggedyLion 94
    RaggedyLion 94 Month ago

    "I used to be able to name all 51 states by heart"

  • Andromeda
    Andromeda Month ago

    "I could name all 51 states" Bruh, there's only 50