Logic - Homicide ft. Eminem

  • Published on Jun 28, 2019
  • #Homicide
    "Homicide" available on all streaming services now: logic.lnk.to/Homicide
    Music video by Logic performing Homicide. © 2019 Def Jam Recordings, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.
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  • Goldie Mine
    Goldie Mine 9 hours ago

    Logic this is 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 I missed your musiccccccc

  • Happy Boy
    Happy Boy 9 hours ago

    It was so hard for me to explain to my parents who Logic was in this video.

    MODI ALAWI 9 hours ago

    Best song

  • SilentGamer
    SilentGamer 11 hours ago

    You can never use to many napkins

  • Aniss Tawfik
    Aniss Tawfik 11 hours ago

    Like from MOROCCO

  • ynr bankss
    ynr bankss 13 hours ago

    The dead body was mgk,his socks are the same

  • Miles Fanboy113
    Miles Fanboy113 14 hours ago

    Dead Body probably MGK after Not Alike and Killshot

  • Kamikaze
    Kamikaze 16 hours ago

    Kids born after 1999: old rappers aint shit
    Logic: hold my beer
    Eminem: hold my logic

  • IOS Bryan
    IOS Bryan 17 hours ago

    He said n word

  • Chiraq Hustler
    Chiraq Hustler 19 hours ago

    Trash my rars hurt

  • Toni Awan
    Toni Awan 19 hours ago

    so pure of shit

  • W Egbe
    W Egbe 20 hours ago

    Listen to the music playing when Christ comes in...priceless

  • Marii A
    Marii A 20 hours ago

    it's funny how they're just watching the entire time lol

  • Whatever
    Whatever 21 hour ago

    Anyone think the body bag from Chris's part was Eminem from the Good Guy video?

  • Thomas Lawson
    Thomas Lawson 23 hours ago

    Chris D'elia is low-key jacked

  • mason kennedy
    mason kennedy 23 hours ago

    emz dont stop

  • Robert Vasquez
    Robert Vasquez Day ago

    Chris looking swole lol

  • Niko Ross
    Niko Ross Day ago

    both of them say fuck rap and I say fuck rap too as if I was in homicide song

  • One Time
    One Time Day ago

    That dude at the end tho lol...man

  • Alessandra Oliveira



  • Jäger775 05
    Jäger775 05 Day ago

    Is eminenta dead?. Cuz hes not in the video

  • Fernando Cortez
    Fernando Cortez Day ago +1

    Lmao I like this 💯👍💪🔥

  • Arjun Nameirakpam

    Man i can t even say wrong words tgat fast

  • Todd Schulz
    Todd Schulz Day ago

    He ain't got shit on Astray

  • Mustafa
    Mustafa Day ago

    4:05 dead body in the background...

  • MrWaffle999
    MrWaffle999 Day ago

    Fastest duo song I have heard since can you keep up? But I’m can you keep up is still faster

  • Jonathan Perez
    Jonathan Perez Day ago

    Logic is so white “HELLO?!?”

  • The Inquisitive cat


  • Gary Smith
    Gary Smith Day ago

    weres all eminems tattoos ? can see a fake eminem

  • Fgdf Jdjrtydh
    Fgdf Jdjrtydh Day ago

    naw i fell like in the only one sayin chris fuckin nailed it

  • GorillaCorruptz
    GorillaCorruptz Day ago

    Is it just me or is it insanely annoying how much they move their hands in the video

    KVPITVL FM. Day ago

    Em is definitely the RAP Version of Me...

  • 2lu Tube
    2lu Tube Day ago

    Listened this on 0.75× speed.

    Still hard to understand.

  • phillip sisneros

    whats up! wanna listen to some more hip hop Just found this, this is sick!

  • Kevin Chao
    Kevin Chao Day ago

    My brother actually thinks this is Eminem

  • Daniel Lutchman
    Daniel Lutchman Day ago

    Boomerz: "This song promotes violence"
    The song: "fuck rap jlkkjjlldssaadgdawtujkljnbfddc dfhjjjlloojjhh Chicka Chicka Chicka slim shady dddsdgjjhdsjklkjjj"

  • Eldiablo DjerbaMafia


  • Galactic Rangers

    best hip hop vid ever

  • lucky lliam
    lucky lliam Day ago



    Damn! This shit is hard

  • Christopher Callz Me

    Logic looks more like an ernie

  • MarkMyWords!!
    MarkMyWords!! Day ago

    I still cant believe that's Em in the end, so unrecognizable honestly

  • Harshb004
    Harshb004 Day ago +4

    Imagine Logic, Em, Joyner and NF.........

    Now that's just a NUKE

  • Joseph Wallace
    Joseph Wallace Day ago

    He really made a video of himself impersonating himself.....and people say he needs to be on some sort of mind altering substance to be as good as he was! This man is a genius, yall dont listen you only hear say.

  • UmbreoTheOmega
    UmbreoTheOmega 2 days ago +1

    So not only did you get Eminem, you also got got Chris and squints

  • Julian Faina
    Julian Faina 2 days ago

    who is fan LOGIC follow me on instagram @six6vs7seven

  • Loke Bunger
    Loke Bunger 2 days ago

    when he went: cjika chika chika chika chika chika i felt that

  • MedSou
    MedSou 2 days ago

    Who love *Logic* ?

  • jabdoy
    jabdoy 2 days ago +18

    * This song exists *

    Ogyxen: How is this possible

    • Koby Gates
      Koby Gates 13 hours ago

      Well you see, you don't need to breath ogyxen while rapping. However I don't know how they could rap without breathing in oxygen for so long. Maybe it's just really smooth cuts?

  • Niyamnow L
    Niyamnow L 2 days ago

    you should do more songs with him

  • Who Is She?
    Who Is She? 2 days ago

    Eminem of Slumdogs 😠

  • Sebastian Ituarte
    Sebastian Ituarte 2 days ago

    The em part low-key looks retarded

  • Sebastian Ituarte
    Sebastian Ituarte 2 days ago

    Logic.em.nd the holy trinity

  • deerty jhew
    deerty jhew 2 days ago

    just when you think eminem couldnt possible get any gayer.

    Eminem: hold my beer

  • artolauri
    artolauri 2 days ago +1

    Goddamn nigga shit

  • shagadelic3000
    shagadelic3000 2 days ago

    shoulda paid the first actor to do eminems part too...

  • Charlie Shupe
    Charlie Shupe 2 days ago

    I listened to this 100 times by now

  • Anthony Vang
    Anthony Vang 2 days ago

    At the end
    Of the video 😄😄

  • Lerie Taylor
    Lerie Taylor 2 days ago

    ah shiiiit didnt know elon musk was in this shit

  • teddyman94
    teddyman94 2 days ago

    they got a white guy to mouth the n word.