We LOST Colby In Haunted Witches Forest

  • Published on Jun 13, 2019
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    Sam and Colby stay overnight in the haunted witches forest for 24 hours. Corey and Jake encounter many paranormal things including losing Colby in the woods...
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  • Sam and Colby
    Sam and Colby  Month ago +17793

    NEXT VIDEO: Part 4.... A Mistake That Could End Everything: thexvid.com/video/2RSduC0slFo/video.html

    • Kathryn Barnhard
      Kathryn Barnhard 9 days ago

      Hey Sam and Colby just wanted to say I am one of your biggest fans ever

    • KingNori 07
      KingNori 07 19 days ago

      Sam and Colby it wasn’t gibberish it was Latin she was saying a spell and I think I know what she said

    • -red Elcipeslol-
      -red Elcipeslol- 21 day ago

      Next time! Doint ANSWER the phone cuz WHO EVER IT IS CAN TRACK YOU!!!!!!!!!!

    • Kyli Todd
      Kyli Todd 22 days ago


    • Maryssa Rai-lyn Dennis
      Maryssa Rai-lyn Dennis 28 days ago

      Pause at 10:06 at the left of sam

  • Alice V
    Alice V 11 minutes ago

    *plays the call from **8:02** in play speed 0.5*
    Me: *listens*
    Me: *Hell no song plays in my head*

  • Bryce The Dice
    Bryce The Dice 30 minutes ago +1

    Okay I give up it’s just too funny I have Corey’s number get pranked yoo

  • Madison Grider
    Madison Grider Hour ago

    at 8:08 i heard “your not safe.” so be cautious corey

  • CryingFear
    CryingFear 2 hours ago

    *You can call 911 even without service. Most of the time it will still reach.*

  • CryingFear
    CryingFear 2 hours ago

    The speed in which Colby yeeted himself out of that chair when he saw the shadow was inhuman.

  • MVP Mystery
    MVP Mystery 3 hours ago

    Burn the phone

  • MVP Mystery
    MVP Mystery 3 hours ago

    Project zorgo is messing with u

  • Dustin Marlo
    Dustin Marlo 4 hours ago

    Im telling ya. That spanish guy or darkwr skinned guy needs to leave. The redhead. The blonde. And the black haiired dude are good. That spanish guy is SO scared...he ruins it

  • BiTime
    BiTime 5 hours ago

    When Corey first answered the phone it sounded like Sam,Colby and Corey's voices on the phone

  • Marissa Kettle
    Marissa Kettle 8 hours ago

    i was just watching the video again but did anyone else notice at 7:21 a white figure in between the branches of the tree

  • freakout boy
    freakout boy 9 hours ago

    Guys at 6:43 look straight u will see a White thing
    Like please if ypu saw itt

  • Udita Sahdev
    Udita Sahdev 11 hours ago

    So Its a normal afternoon....today the day was sunny and as soon as I started this video a storm started and all the doors of my house started to bang..and it's not a normal storm.....it's a BIG storm

  • CharlieLovesYou
    CharlieLovesYou 12 hours ago


  • Lauren Cruz
    Lauren Cruz 14 hours ago

    18:14 ? Or am I just seeing things ?

  • Alfredo Petrone
    Alfredo Petrone 15 hours ago

    Corey represents the Shadow Man,,,, haha lol

  • Linda Desjarlais
    Linda Desjarlais 15 hours ago

    Im dead 16:17

  • John Daryl Ocampo
    John Daryl Ocampo 15 hours ago


  • John Daryl Ocampo
    John Daryl Ocampo 16 hours ago

    Corey: there's someone out there!!!!
    **Proceeds to walk into the dark woods to get killed**

    TRAVISDJ920 16 hours ago

    Anyone else see the flash that looked like lightning at 11:23 ?

  • Blanca Del carmen
    Blanca Del carmen 17 hours ago

    All the time i was having the chills amd kept on looking around cuz i was so scares and I wasent there omg imagine how they would fells i couldent even sleep. 😳😨😟

  • orange juicica
    orange juicica 18 hours ago

    Yoooo those random phone calls are probably scammers. I’ve had those phone calls for so long especially when I picked up one of them I got calls every single hour for a week or two. Did you guys not know this?

  • Noelle A
    Noelle A 19 hours ago

    Dude when they answerd the call I got scared like wth?

  • Emily Martinez
    Emily Martinez 21 hour ago

    Yall did the fire thingy to get rid of demonds i say yall should of put coreys phone in there so he stops getting calls😂😂

  • Hacker Hyena
    Hacker Hyena 21 hour ago

    8:16 “were all gonna die”

  • Grey Rose
    Grey Rose 22 hours ago

    Colby is fuckin dead hoe

  • TheOddOneOut
    TheOddOneOut 22 hours ago

    Slow the video down when Corey answers the phone it sounds like "You'll never she Corey Again. You'll never see Corey again. You'll never see Colby Again."

  • Grey Rose
    Grey Rose 22 hours ago

    Never stay on the line with an unknown number for more than 45 seconds because that’s how long it takes to track

  • Fortnite Default
    Fortnite Default 22 hours ago

    Iam super late but at 8:32 it’s the noise watch dogs 2 make when you start it the game

  • kazco シ
    kazco シ 22 hours ago

    Idk how the fuck y’all do this.

  • •Yepthatsme •
    •Yepthatsme • 22 hours ago

    Is nobody going to talk about how Colby and his chair fell over and then he did like a gorilla crawl backwards? Just me or.......

  • Jonathan Hayward
    Jonathan Hayward 23 hours ago

    Burn your personal object that's haunting you Coreys phone

  • Reese Chandler
    Reese Chandler 23 hours ago

    Ohhhh fucckkk

  • Christiney Williams
    Christiney Williams 23 hours ago

    My sister's name is Lilly and she puts lollipops in my room a lot and she once made a voodoo doll of me and my mom and dad.she put them upside down once and my hole family saw spirits in her room

  • johnna rose
    johnna rose Day ago

    13:00 there was a shadow in the background going back and forth for the whole minute

  • Nazhoni :-\
    Nazhoni :-\ Day ago

    what me and my mom do to bless our self/ not to have negative energy is we burn seeder and let it smoke and guide the smoke to our body

  • RaGn Bern
    RaGn Bern Day ago

    When they said something looked like a hanging baby I stopped the video and dove into the comments.

  • Kirsten Hackleman

    16:26 he flew out of that chair so fast

  • Lil Sis & Big Sis
    Lil Sis & Big Sis Day ago +1

    If they lost Jake.. it would have been worse because, well.. its Jake

  • Daiana Terranova

    sag the tint

  • V e n g e a n c e

    Guys 3 years ago I fucking dreamed of this shit happening am not kidding at the part where Colby sees the shadow everything was exactly the same

  • William Ward
    William Ward Day ago

    Also storytime
    So two nights ago i was staying up late and it was 12:00-1:00AM and all of a sudden i hear a thump or something moving and i dont see anything so i text my dad and i say "i heard somthing down here im scared". And then i realized that his phone is downstairs with me and im to scared to go upstairs to tell him so I stay there and i turn on the lights then i here a creaking sound coming from the kitchen and i immediately thought of my friend, and i remember she said that she saw someone walking in the kitchen😖 im scared

  • William Ward
    William Ward Day ago

    If you want to try to get the person to stop calling you change you number and if that doesn't work then get a new phone

  • Games lap
    Games lap Day ago

    Set up

  • Arianna Lancaster

    Somewhere around the part when they were talking about the camera saying sound off, as soon as he pulled the camera to the side a wired fog went past Sam...I would really check it out, that wasn’t regular fog it was too white..

  • Lira Woods
    Lira Woods Day ago

    Me: *sees title*
    Also me: *CRYS*

  • olivia hoyt
    olivia hoyt Day ago

    WAS THAT A DUCK. Last episode. lmfaooo

  • DarkSide Gacha and More!

    Did anyone else notice that Sam's pants looked like he peed himself?

  • Kim Jasken
    Kim Jasken Day ago +1

    13:13 He sounded like a Minecraft zombie

    • Ry Bug
      Ry Bug Day ago


  • Kim Jasken
    Kim Jasken Day ago

    Jakes hands is out touching something and brings it back towards him and then he gets a call ok😕😕😱

  • Kim Jasken
    Kim Jasken Day ago

    If this is all im their head then why can we see it 😕😕😱

  • Michelle Brookover

    Is it just me or it sad you are Going to fucking die.

  • •Ь3thálluяing•

    It’s 2:28AM and i’m scared wtf you two are going to pull all my heartstrings out

  • XxDᴇʟvilish ᴛᴇᴀʀsxx

    Shrek is love

    Shrek is life

    Shrek is their protector

    That’s why jake has him

  • Trace Smith
    Trace Smith Day ago

    How is noone talking about that thing that was in the the background going from right to left? Like what TF.

    • Trace Smith
      Trace Smith Day ago

      Nevermind. I went and looked on a bigger screen. It's just smoke. I didnt consider that lol.

  • Choycebro
    Choycebro Day ago

    Stop inviting Corey.

  • Andrea Ross Enerio

    Jake: Brings shrek

  • Pup Pup
    Pup Pup Day ago

    how me and the boys be otw to area 51

  • Lyric z
    Lyric z Day ago

    When they answers the phone and they actually spoke I was dead bruh I was scared as h3!!

  • Nicole Peterson
    Nicole Peterson Day ago

    Me and my friend are going to the witches forest when were old enough to be TheXvidrs

  • Tessak Kimberley
    Tessak Kimberley Day ago +6

    How many times did Cory say:-
    “DiD yOu JuSt HeAr ThAt?!?!”

  • Wren Brewer
    Wren Brewer 2 days ago

    that part when Colby sees the shadow and has a little stroke, I'm still laughing

  • Midnight Sniper
    Midnight Sniper 2 days ago

    Corey, just burn your phone and get a new one as well as a new number. also who the heck walks around in the woods alone without anyone else?

  • yuur momma .
    yuur momma . 2 days ago


  • Vee
    Vee 2 days ago

    You guys really need to buy a tazer or something in times like this for protection. You never know who's hanging out in scetchy places like this.

  • Prathamesh Shelar
    Prathamesh Shelar 2 days ago +3

    You fear of ghost, demons and such things but you forget that there could be *Cannibals* out in the forest.
    Take care guys😇👍

  • Kai Isaac
    Kai Isaac 2 days ago

    as much as i love these videos... i want you to stop ahah because i don’t want y’all to die. i need you guys to stay alive till i die because y’all are literally one of the only things that make me laugh

  • Selena Leenie Marie
    Selena Leenie Marie 2 days ago +1

    The woman literally screamed “the devil says you’re not safe anymore” .. like at that point my heart stopped beating.

  • Potato Queen
    Potato Queen 2 days ago

    Changed my mind Corey is my soul pet the scared one

  • Potato Queen
    Potato Queen 2 days ago

    Soooo Jake is gay?