🎺SHAQIRI! SHAQIRI!🎺 3-1! Liverpool vs Man Utd (Song Parody Goals Highlights 2018)

  • Published on Dec 17, 2018
  • Xherdan Shaqiri scores two past Manchester United!
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Comments • 2 909

  • Luda glava 546
    Luda glava 546 18 hours ago


  • Warith Rahman
    Warith Rahman Day ago

    Both of Shaqiri’s goals may have been deflections
    But it takes skill to get those into the back of the net

  • Edulathor
    Edulathor 2 days ago

    What is the real songs name?

  • Keith Francis
    Keith Francis 2 days ago

    Which song is this anyone ?

  • salman alfarizi
    salman alfarizi 3 days ago

    Good shaqiri 3-1 vs
    Good salah

  • _ SuperCrazyPizza675_
    _ SuperCrazyPizza675_ 3 days ago +1

    Big Shaq was here tonight!
    He lit up the ground tonight!
    Ah! Perfection!
    Ha! Defelections!
    Mane through! We led the mancs!
    Alisson caught it...
    ...like Loris
    There wasn't an inch!
    Thanks to the footballing grinch!
    Time for...
    Shaqiri! Shaqiri!
    Subbed on tonight!
    You know my thighs are wide!
    My shorts and socks are tight!
    2-1! Deflection!
    3-1! Deflection!
    Boom! Shaqiri!
    I've got a big erection!
    Boss, if you liked those deflections
    Check these!
    I'm not a fan of Shaqiri...
    Not be honest with you...
    They've knocked me off my bloody perch!!
    Take this, you little midget!
    No! Not my bloody burger!
    Ha! I'm lovin' it!
    Subbed on tonight!
    You know his thighs are wide!
    His shorts and socks are tight!
    2-1! Deflection!
    3-1! Deflection!
    That's right officer...
    An 8 foot Belgian!
    Big Shaq was here tonight!
    He lit up the ground tonight!
    Ah! Perfection!
    Ha! Deflections!

  • KiBo King
    KiBo King 4 days ago


  • OldIronKing1
    OldIronKing1 4 days ago

    Makes me forget the 2-1 last season.

  • Ismael Abubeker
    Ismael Abubeker 4 days ago

    Shaqiri got iPhone x hairline

  • Sean Tinacho
    Sean Tinacho 4 days ago

    2-1 Deflection 3-1 Deflection
    Shiqiri awesome 😋😋😋

  • Kane Burrows
    Kane Burrows 5 days ago


  • Kane Burrows
    Kane Burrows 5 days ago +1

    love this song and club

  • Fifa- Fortnite
    Fifa- Fortnite 5 days ago +1

    Congrats on 2.6mill 442oons
    From switzerland🇨🇭🇨🇭🇨🇭

  • Rayan Lesanalshariyati - Hillside Sr PS (1303)

    What’s that song

  • Meher k
    Meher k 6 days ago

    What song is this

  • BadAntoni9708 •
    BadAntoni9708 • 6 days ago

    Whats the original music?

  • Lionscrim Damn
    Lionscrim Damn 6 days ago +1

    SHAQIRI BEST....in albania😂

  • Yo Boi Fabian Here
    Yo Boi Fabian Here 6 days ago


  • Marcos Army
    Marcos Army 6 days ago +1

    Thats right office am 8 foot belgian:D

  • Jonny Leitch
    Jonny Leitch 7 days ago

    1.27 at this moment he knew he fcked up

  • Malcolm Mitchell
    Malcolm Mitchell 7 days ago +2

    shaqiri shaqiri

  • Artyom Sargsyan
    Artyom Sargsyan 7 days ago

    Who won the ucl like bancelona com. Pcheat

  • Halldor Helgi Hilmarsson

    And Shaqri

  • Halldor Helgi Hilmarsson

    I hate Liverpool

    • Franny YNWA
      Franny YNWA 2 days ago

      I love the MIGHTY REDMEN. .BOOM..LMFAO..XD

    • Franny YNWA
      Franny YNWA 3 days ago

      I love them and hate utd ..BOOM BOOM BOOM..THE MIGHTY REDMEN..YNWA..XD

  • Brandon MN.
    Brandon MN. 8 days ago

    What is the name of the original song????

    GAME PLAY TV 9 days ago +1

    Shaqiri its my favourites player

  • Mr Awsomeness
    Mr Awsomeness 9 days ago

    I can't believe he still didn't make a Jose sacked video

  • Henry Hill
    Henry Hill 9 days ago

    Shaquiri is an over-rated clown. Proved it at inter, Bayern, stoke.

    • Franny YNWA
      Franny YNWA 2 days ago

      WAAA WAAA Don't cry glory hunter the Swiss messi smashed your banter comedy club XD HAHAHA SHAQIRI DA MAN..BOOM

  • Flavio Kym
    Flavio Kym 9 days ago +1

    Fc Basel thanks for Shaqiri and Salah

  • Yusuf Baki Yarat
    Yusuf Baki Yarat 9 days ago

    Swett marouane+Afro=Marouane fellani

  • Amar Imeri
    Amar Imeri 9 days ago

    Best musik

  • Pedro Gonzalez
    Pedro Gonzalez 10 days ago +1

    Who will win the league
    Comment- liverpool
    Like man city

  • Plungedwolf999
    Plungedwolf999 10 days ago

    Shame he couldn’t do that for us last year

  • fut 19
    fut 19 10 days ago

    Shachiri like this not Shakiri

  • Veljko Rajkovic
    Veljko Rajkovic 11 days ago


  • Cameron Gibson
    Cameron Gibson 12 days ago

    Man City version “subbed on tonight he was absolutely shite” relax only having a laugh

  • Fernando Pizarro Villagarcía

    Piqué and Shaqiri LOL

  • Srbija Games Mihailo
    Srbija Games Mihailo 12 days ago

    Shaqiri is dick is albanian

  • Aldy Muliawan
    Aldy Muliawan 12 days ago +1

    I'm lovin it

  • Domagoj Loncar
    Domagoj Loncar 12 days ago

    What was real song

    • Cameron Gibson
      Cameron Gibson 12 days ago

      Domagoj Loncar Shakira hips don’t lie👍

  • Drago2005
    Drago2005 13 days ago


  • Patrick Nancanha Seidi

    Name of the music please

  • Tobias Paul Vassallo
    Tobias Paul Vassallo 13 days ago

    I don’t know what to say I just want likes

  • Mohamad Aboukar
    Mohamad Aboukar 13 days ago

    Which parody is this of?

  • leopold
    leopold 13 days ago

    I'm here to ask if we're going to see a toon for last night's defeat, Dean. Take your time, I know it'll be hard through the tears, mate ;)

  • Cesar Quevedo
    Cesar Quevedo 14 days ago +1

    Subed on tonight you know my thighs are wide my shorts and socks are wide

  • TheZkyツ
    TheZkyツ 14 days ago

    Comment: Man City

  • Muhammad Vika
    Muhammad Vika 14 days ago +1

    I'm just liking my own comment cause no one else will

  • Muhammad Vika
    Muhammad Vika 14 days ago +1

    Gutted just after City loss

  • Rume Begum
    Rume Begum 14 days ago +1

    Shaqiri isnt an 8 foot belgium
    He is a foot switzerland

  • Antonio Dybala
    Antonio Dybala 14 days ago

    Suscribe PewDiePie and stop T series

  • Tommy Clifford
    Tommy Clifford 14 days ago


  • jendagame cz
    jendagame cz 14 days ago

    Do a video Roma vs Plzeň

  • jendagame cz
    jendagame cz 14 days ago

    They are right

  • Slime_ Mania
    Slime_ Mania 14 days ago

    Can’t wait for Liverpool vs Man City tonight

  • MJAFC 1903
    MJAFC 1903 14 days ago

    Can you start doing some Scottish Premier League videos please

  • Mr.Genuine Retard
    Mr.Genuine Retard 14 days ago


  • Tottenham For life
    Tottenham For life 14 days ago

    Why do you hate Spurs and especially Hugo... he’s a great goalie u know

  • Dark Xros
    Dark Xros 14 days ago

    Which songs parody is this???

  • Jaden McCarthy
    Jaden McCarthy 15 days ago

    Gary Neville said he not a fan of shaqiri he wearing a shaqiri kit

  • Berecz Gábor
    Berecz Gábor 15 days ago

    0:14 Fabinho is number 3, not number 2
    Oppss... silly Dean xd

  • Conor McCarthy
    Conor McCarthy 15 days ago

    Anyone realize that they put fabhino as two instead of three

  • Евгений Кроитор

    What is music?

  • Austin Phillips
    Austin Phillips 15 days ago +1

    Shaqiri didn’t even play so why was this made

    • Franny YNWA
      Franny YNWA 3 days ago +1

      What?? He scored 2 goals you muppet..XD hahahHa..Smfh

  • Sumer Rana
    Sumer Rana 16 days ago

    Why does Fellaini sound like Mbappe

  • miltiadis athanasiadis

    And greek subtitles

  • Joris Harms
    Joris Harms 16 days ago

    The Gary Neville part is the best

  • Illuminati Gamer, Fortnite And More!

    Even though Stoke city, which is where I'm from, had to let Shaqiuri go I'm glad he's doing well at Liverpool

  • bosco pillai
    bosco pillai 16 days ago

    Klopp's voice😍

  • Matthieu Saunders
    Matthieu Saunders 17 days ago

    All jokes aside, it’s a good song. OR is that just me?

  • Blowared
    Blowared 17 days ago +1

    Big Shaq was here tonight!

  • Samson Gebremedhin
    Samson Gebremedhin 17 days ago


  • Mufc Fan14
    Mufc Fan14 17 days ago

    Feel bad for piqué ;(

  • Anirudh Shenai
    Anirudh Shenai 17 days ago +1

    0:27 "I've become Alexander-Arnold"

  • BiaSCPlover 21
    BiaSCPlover 21 17 days ago +1

    Which is this music's name? (the real music)

  • Meme TV
    Meme TV 17 days ago

    Moriniho is sacked

  • Marko Skoric
    Marko Skoric 17 days ago

    I hate shaqiri

  • Rosa Arsic
    Rosa Arsic 17 days ago

    Xherdan is albanian shit

  • Krystian Szostak
    Krystian Szostak 17 days ago

    When I play FIFA 18 pack opening I saw james Rodriguez 95 rating and shaqiri 82 rating

  • Finn Murph smurphy
    Finn Murph smurphy 17 days ago

    We are going to win the league and any Man U fans we have salah and you have shaw

  • Shawnm Khalid
    Shawnm Khalid 17 days ago +2

    I am saying liverpool Wining premier league 18/19

  • The Galactic Pickaxe
    The Galactic Pickaxe 17 days ago +2

    Chelsea 1-3 Liverpool
    Jose Sacked
    Man United 1-3 Liverpool
    Jose Sacked

  • Leart Shabani
    Leart Shabani 18 days ago +2

    Shaqiri did not score Albania scored

  • Dilan Machado
    Dilan Machado 18 days ago +1

    This is your best video

  • Ben Norvall
    Ben Norvall 18 days ago +1

    Why did you leave us big shak

  • Grady J
    Grady J 18 days ago

    What song is this a parody of? It sounds so familiar but I can't think of what it's called

  • marko prcevic
    marko prcevic 18 days ago

    Whats the name of original song

  • komal goolap
    komal goolap 18 days ago +3

    Thomassh *** Muller you will not win the chapions league vs liverpool 3 - 0

  • Sidh Guness
    Sidh Guness 18 days ago

    What is this song based on

  • Slipy
    Slipy 18 days ago

    Waiting for 5-1😂 against arsenal

  • Australia-ball
    Australia-ball 18 days ago

    Liverpool 5:1 Arsenal in a nutshell
    1. Salah will probably get transferred after this match..
    2. Mane deserved to be subbed off he couldn’t do crap
    3. Bobby was great during it with a hat trick
    4. Second half Liverpool barely did anything.
    5. Arsenal’s Defense was just annoying
    6. Liverpool taking to many chances from outside the box
    7. The ref can’t tell what a foul is.
    8. 11
    9. People singing (mo salah running down the wing) before he even did anything.
    10. Alisson could’ve easily saved that assist if we dived in the right angle and direction
    11. NO PENALTY
    12. 14

  • Mira Stojilkovic
    Mira Stojilkovic 18 days ago

    Shitiri in serbia

  • Kenin Adams
    Kenin Adams 18 days ago

    I love Liverpool yaaaaaa

  • Videos Fan
    Videos Fan 18 days ago +1

    0:13 buy my clothes

  • Ryvonell Onell
    Ryvonell Onell 18 days ago

    One of the clause in coutinho contract is.....after signing Philippe Coutinho....Barcelona are not allowed to sign any Liverpool player before 2020....

  • Fauzana Mohd Pauzi
    Fauzana Mohd Pauzi 19 days ago

    442oons why don’t you create the new man united manager

  • Dan Tran
    Dan Tran 19 days ago +42

    Who’s here after LiVerpool 5-1 ArsenaI (Last letter is uppercase i)

  • Leo Hankinson
    Leo Hankinson 19 days ago +2

    Make Firmino Hat-trick club video please.

  • Sue Kiernan
    Sue Kiernan 19 days ago

    Liverpooooool are the best team in the universt