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  • Lloyd Porter
    Lloyd Porter 3 months ago

    He's gonna be the Lakers next kobe if he play's in LA his whole career ,especially if he keeps working out with Kobe . LAKERS legend coming alive right in your face!!!!

  • 姜昊
    姜昊 3 months ago +1

    Reminds me of Kobe.

  • aaron berhane
    aaron berhane 4 months ago

    Fun Fact: Did you know Kyle kuzma has a ford logo on his arm

  • Young Money Entertainment

    Lake show

  • dranel valle
    dranel valle 4 months ago

    kuzma, tatum, mitchell, simmons, these guys are going to battle for league MVP one day.

  • Butter Johnson
    Butter Johnson 4 months ago


  • Butter Johnson
    Butter Johnson 4 months ago

    Kuzma's hookshot is awesome.

  • tommyboim
    tommyboim 4 months ago +1

    I don’t see why soo many ppl sleeping on Lakers... my god the lineup variations and possibilities. Let’s just ignore the new vets that are coming. Adding Lebron to this team,u got kuzma and BI who are both matchups nightmares. Hart or Kcp who can defend and shoot 3s. And Lonzo as the Perfect pg who can actually take the keys to the offense( something Lebron has never had.) for once Lebron can lay off the gas on offense and not have a %100 usage rate. He was responsible for almost all cavs offense. Now let’s add in the vets. I already said how much lonzo can relieve Lebron on PG duties. Fucking rondo though. Holy shit is that guy is the king of running an offense. Best assist man in the game. He makes any team better, Lebron has never ever had a player like that. Lebron will barely need to run the offense now. This will really save his legs, he’ll actually be able to focus on defense and scoring, not have to play45 min a game and all 82 games.

    • Devine Thought
      Devine Thought 4 months ago

      Exactly people are miss the point lol The depth on this team will wear out a lot of teams in the West and Kuzma ,Ingram and Hart appeared to have taking the next step in their development ,Lonzo has gotten stronger and looks like he modified his shot and svi looks like a big time sleeper this year can shoot like Kover and dribble like harden at 6'8!!!4 years in college and just turned 21 and is a 2 guard that use to play point man smh how we keep getting all these steals.

  • bballinboytmac
    bballinboytmac 5 months ago

    I'm not saying he's gonna be as good as Pippen, but the way he plays is very similar to Pippen

  • Miquitzli
    Miquitzli 5 months ago


  • TheGracious Fundamentalist

    Nets looking like "Ooh Shit" we fucked up....lmao!...

  • jeff ray
    jeff ray 5 months ago

    27th pick. that was a steal. biggest steal in draft of all time.

  • Mohamicide AvecClass
    Mohamicide AvecClass 5 months ago

    Laker got the best team in the league. they Got great talent and kyla kuzma going to be a Legend. he may be the best young rocky in the league even way better than ben!

  • ssimpson11234
    ssimpson11234 5 months ago +1

    Once his defense catches up with his offense it’s over

  • Mark Dagpin
    Mark Dagpin 5 months ago

    kuzma has a good touch on the basketball. his layups looks weird sometimes but ball goes in anyway,

  • Tahir Baksh
    Tahir Baksh 5 months ago

    Always loved this kid when I first seen him play. KUZZZZZ ftw.

  • Ricky Brown
    Ricky Brown 5 months ago

    How didnt he win ROY smh makes no sense

  • wzrdmgk562
    wzrdmgk562 5 months ago

    If kuz had finished that dunk on embiid...

  • DetroitHD
    DetroitHD 5 months ago


  • Wesley Bond
    Wesley Bond 5 months ago +1

    Welcome to the Timberwolves

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    Let's get it LAKERS

  • Emanuel Brown
    Emanuel Brown 5 months ago +2

    Better than Tatum🤔🤔🤔

    • Emanuel Brown
      Emanuel Brown 5 months ago

      SaintDude 🤔🤔🤔 I guess u right

    • SaintDude
      SaintDude 5 months ago +2

      Tatum is better than Defense i guess But kuz better than offense.

  • Delano Major
    Delano Major 6 months ago

    That floater he got smood af

  • monica93304
    monica93304 6 months ago +1

    He is so polished for a young player. Fearless, and he has the hook shot, the floater, can go to his left. Not afraid to take the big shot.
    Lebron is going to help him so much

  • Bachir 6 for 6
    Bachir 6 for 6 6 months ago +1

    2k wildin dude should at least be an 85

    JHONG SPORTS 6 months ago +1

    2017 draft is Special

  • metalac mentalni
    metalac mentalni 6 months ago

    Steal of the draft for sure. Everybody was talking about Tatum and Mitchell who did maybe had better season but those 2 guys were focal points in those teams while Kuz for most part were 6th man.

  • Mike Camacho
    Mike Camacho 6 months ago

    I still can't believe we lost Randle SMH!!!

  • Tony C
    Tony C 6 months ago

    He has a consistent hook shot in his game. Y'all sleep. King Kuzma

  • Kam Im
    Kam Im 6 months ago +1

    Sheesshhh that boy is a beast!!!!!

  • Lavar Ball
    Lavar Ball 6 months ago

    deep in the Q for 2!

  • JDVL2k
    JDVL2k 6 months ago

    TNT can make the nets vs the suns sound fun

  • JDVL2k
    JDVL2k 6 months ago

    Can’t believe he’s not gonna start

  • LSSJ Revan
    LSSJ Revan 6 months ago

    best floater in the game

  • Laura 2k17
    Laura 2k17 6 months ago

    he's so underrated bro the whole last year's summer league everyone was looking at lonzo and i his highlight videos kuzma always seemed to catch my eye more than zo did im sorry lol since then i've been a kuz fan

  • Kristoffer Villegas
    Kristoffer Villegas 6 months ago

    That hook shot is beautiful.

  • Ricky Tsang
    Ricky Tsang 6 months ago

    He acts really look like Paul George, future star will be. Lakers should keep him

    KALOK CHAN 6 months ago

    future all star

  • DeAndre Page
    DeAndre Page 6 months ago

    LeBron James demanded more & more SPOT-UP SHOOTERS EACH YEAR with Cleveland.😀😀😀
    He's already got one in Kyle Kuzma, only problem is Coach Luke Walton.

  • Christina Bugatti
    Christina Bugatti 6 months ago

    love me sum CUZ.....

    BMW CREW 6 months ago

    The new carmello Anthony

  • Bill Alpha
    Bill Alpha 6 months ago +24

    Kuzma is a rookie with the offensive repertoire of a 10-year veteran.

  • Rick Garcia
    Rick Garcia 6 months ago

    This boy niceeeee

  • Grady Ramirez
    Grady Ramirez 6 months ago

    I remember when the lakers drafted kuzma i was like who tf is this. At first i taught he was middle eastern lol

  • TJ and Alex
    TJ and Alex 6 months ago

    I almost forgot about that one time Kuz almost ended Embiid’s life with that poster....

    • Mike Larry
      Mike Larry 5 months ago

      He was shook asf too lol it was all on his face "like this nigga almost got me" lol but he still felt violated tho

  • criss bulang
    criss bulang 6 months ago

    Lebron James will be happy playing with kuzma, he played like Wade but much better 3point shooter.

  • carlos phillips
    carlos phillips 6 months ago

    Follow me on Instagram @carl_lariviere

  • pui hei lau
    pui hei lau 6 months ago

    Great to see such a young player perfected the old school hook shot and footwork. He is so fun to watch

  • 王小川
    王小川 6 months ago

    湖人新赛季加油 夺取总冠军!

  • How I made
    How I made 6 months ago +1

    scratches head....just his first year and his offense! wtf...couldnt get this from randle/clarkson in 3 years.

  • Politically incorrect
    Politically incorrect 6 months ago

    Who's the 7 haters that disliked this?

  • Steven Irizarry
    Steven Irizarry 6 months ago +7

    It brings joy to see these young bloods ballin. Mitchell, Tatum, Simmons, Embid, Kuzma, etc. The future of the NBA looking very bright

    • Good One
      Good One Month ago

      +toni jelecevic Theyre gonna be the next Dirk and Lebron of their generation

    • toni jelecevic
      toni jelecevic 5 months ago


  • Johnnie Jordan
    Johnnie Jordan 6 months ago +1

    LeBron at the 5 KK, AND B.I. at the forwards, Zo, and Hart at Guards..... Death Line-up

  • Dark Grand Priest
    Dark Grand Priest 6 months ago +1

    Reminds me of a more athletic taller Klay Thompson. Too bad he’s not as great shooter as Klay and klay’s Defense is A1. Kuzma needs a lot of work on defense. Horrible stance.

  • mo money
    mo money 6 months ago +3

    You telling me that lbj won't compete in the west with this guy?

  • Chris E
    Chris E 6 months ago

    Kyle kuzma game similar to lamar odom . probably more polished in terms of skill

    • mo money
      mo money 6 months ago

      Chris Z na Lamar Odom was a point forward kuzma is not

  • Antony Taylor
    Antony Taylor 6 months ago +6

    Kuzma already has a nice offensive repertoire. If he can improve on defense and as rebounder the Lakers could really challenge Golden State. This kid is a stud and has a dog in him. Can't wait to watch the Lakers this year. Lakers definitely got a steal with this one

  • Fijiboy Jay
    Fijiboy Jay 6 months ago +3

    Lakers starting lineup should be

    • HotGritz910
      HotGritz910 6 months ago

      Fijiboy Jay nah I want lebron at the 5. So lonzo, pope, Ingram, kuz, lebron

  • Brian Lee
    Brian Lee 6 months ago +15

    Are we going to act like he don't got one of the best shot fake in the league?

  • dester loko
    dester loko 6 months ago

    Thanks Brooklyn

  • Pat
    Pat 6 months ago

    Let the league continue sleeping on the Lakers cause it will be funny as hell when Lakers shake the shit out of the league. Lakers are literally the young version of the Warriors right now, and they're developing hella quick.

  • Markese Stephens
    Markese Stephens 6 months ago +2

    The nets can do nothibg right i swear 😑

  • Luke1too4
    Luke1too4 6 months ago +6

    Scary when the Laker young squad hit their prime .

    • Luke1too4
      Luke1too4 6 months ago +2

      cris rosales gonna be something else.

    • cris rosales
      cris rosales 6 months ago +1

      Luke1too4 imagine 6 years from now. Zo (26) B.I(26) and Kuz(29)

  • YBN Dwayne
    YBN Dwayne 6 months ago +1

    Kuz is a better scorer than Tatum . Kuz avg 16 coming of the bench and Tatum avg 17 starting

  • TheK1t3
    TheK1t3 6 months ago

    Definitely the steal of the draft.

  • BuGoY
    BuGoY 6 months ago

    My boy does it all!!!

  • Trevon Adams
    Trevon Adams 6 months ago +14

    Kuzma is why they were fine letting Randle walk.

  • David Ogden
    David Ogden 6 months ago

    Kuz is real, be grateful. period.

  • Devon G
    Devon G 6 months ago +7

    You know how you see videos of Kobe copying Jordan's moves and Taytum copying Kobe's? There's gonna be a kid someday copying Kuzma's moves. His bag of tricks is something else, he's not inventing new shots but the entire package he has from 3 to transition game to post moves will be studied.

    • Devon G
      Devon G 6 months ago +2

      Devine Thought true, I can't think of an area on the court were he can't score

    • Devine Thought
      Devine Thought 6 months ago +1

      mid range game as well as the season went on he showed that kobe fade away and his step back is wicked .

  • Unduh Cover
    Unduh Cover 6 months ago +2

    Lol teams shoulda been tanking for Kuzma/Mitchell 😂 even though that draft was loaded

  • SkullKid24
    SkullKid24 6 months ago

    Can you make a video for Lauri Markkanen?

  • AA AM
    AA AM 6 months ago

    This dude is a scoring machine.

  • ahiai barnes
    ahiai barnes 6 months ago

    Magic has funneled in a Ringer.

  • Kyle Kuzma
    Kyle Kuzma 6 months ago +1

    that hook is beautiful

  • Derek
    Derek 6 months ago +1

    Kyle was bench player some ppl slept on him

  • PSG !
    PSG ! 6 months ago +1

    SmithJr booker tatam kuzma bell😨😨😨

  • John Hatem
    John Hatem 6 months ago

    reminds me of a young Paul Pierce

  • LakersLegend 2414
    LakersLegend 2414 6 months ago

    Yall stp disrespecting my team like lebron aint come to us , lol this young core is going to be scary ... nd every unbiased person knows tht . 💯💪🏽 now we got lebron nd other great vets , its over

  • Vin Drake
    Vin Drake 6 months ago

    Better than Tatum?

  • Chen Liu
    Chen Liu 6 months ago +11

    NBA should fined Magic for stealing so many drafts this past couple years

  • DeAndre Page
    DeAndre Page 6 months ago +2

    Svi Mykhailiuk = Another STEAL

  • Grant Dowling
    Grant Dowling 6 months ago +13

    How can anybody say 16 points per game at #27 is overrated...sheesh go watch badminton or some shit since y'all don't understand basketball

    • Teddy Yddet
      Teddy Yddet 3 months ago

      Yeah he’s scoring more then lonzo that was a 2nd pic

    • Causatum
      Causatum 4 months ago

      he played off the bench and didnt get much minutes in a lot of games, cuz of Clarkson

    • Devine Thought
      Devine Thought 6 months ago +2

      exactly lol

  • sam kim
    sam kim 6 months ago +1

    2K is sleeping on my boy kuzma. He's too slow in the game :(

  • Fr3d013
    Fr3d013 6 months ago +2

    Whats crazy you could tell he got all those moves from the school yard and brought it to organized ball

    • Fr3d013
      Fr3d013 6 months ago

      This kid like ben simmons with a jumpshot, not as great passer but he gonna get better once he starts drawing defenses

  • QuessWhatUGoing
    QuessWhatUGoing 6 months ago

    I love that most the times you look at the score they're being blown out or losing

  • dailydopeshit
    dailydopeshit 6 months ago

    Make Ingram’s sophomore season compilation pls

  • #EyesDontLie Chosen 1
    #EyesDontLie Chosen 1 6 months ago

    So Brooklyn drafted him? I did not know that. Nets fucked up.

    VIEWS FROM THE TRIS 6 months ago +1

    Would anyone trade kuzma if it meant losing Deng’s contract?

    • Devine Thought
      Devine Thought 6 months ago

      Heck naw !!!!!!!!!

    • Magic Will Fix It
      Magic Will Fix It 6 months ago

      Deng gonna play this year

    • Tony Thomas
      Tony Thomas 6 months ago

      VIEWS FROM THE TRIS damn that's a good question bro.... I don't know. We need the cap space for next year but a future all-star. I guess I'll go with keep Kuz....but damn good question.

    • Los Gibbos
      Los Gibbos 6 months ago

      What exactly would be the point? The Lakers already have the cap space to acquire a second max contract for next season. There's absolutely no logic to trade away one of the youth just to cut $16 million for dumping Deng. There's absolutely no benefit as you couldn't acquire another player of Kuzma's caliber, ability, and youth for $16 million a year. The thing is the Lakers can afford to wait until next offseason to dump off Deng as teams looking to tank will seek expiring contracts to allocate their cap space towards. Once that happens Deng will maybe cost a few second rounders or maybe a first rounder to dump. If not he will sit out he rest of his contract.

    • Chris Webber4
      Chris Webber4 6 months ago

      VIEWS FROM THE TRIS for who though? Be tough to lose kuz

  • bruce lau
    bruce lau 6 months ago +61

    Kyle Kuzma was definitely a huge Lakers steal

  • karera lucas
    karera lucas 6 months ago +6

    Lol everybody saying LeBron gonna turn him into a spot up shooter just mad LeBron ain't on they team

  • Kelly Jocelyn
    Kelly Jocelyn 6 months ago

    Make one for ingram and hart

  • Balling Like I'm Tobe
    Balling Like I'm Tobe 6 months ago

    2k gave him a 78 and Tatum a 87 SMH

    • Mitsubishi Sony
      Mitsubishi Sony 6 months ago

      Balling Like I'm Tobe
      How is he a better player dumbass? Tatum is a better defender and shooter by far and he’s more efficient. You’re only saying kuzma is better because he averaged 2 more points and that’s because he took more shots on a shitty team.
      And wtf are you talking about? Tatum lead the Celtics I’m scoring during the playoffs

    • Balling Like I'm Tobe
      Balling Like I'm Tobe 6 months ago +2

      Mitsubishi Sony not just points look at the stats, he a better player. Also Celtics are in the east and had a better foundation for Tatum to succeed. Mitchell lead a team to the playoffs not Tatum.

    • Mitsubishi Sony
      Mitsubishi Sony 6 months ago

      Balling Like I'm Tobe
      Tatums alot better than kuzma. He almost took a team to the finals as a rookie.
      There’s more that goes into a 2k rating than how many points someone scores per game.

  • GoblinMV
    GoblinMV 6 months ago +12

    Also if you didn’t watch laker basketball and think Kuzma is better than Ingram, then stop it. Everyone got an opinion now that bron came there lmao

    • Omar Z
      Omar Z 5 months ago +1

      Some of y'all are dumb af. Brandon Ingram will be an all star next season

    • Korey Paul
      Korey Paul 5 months ago

      +Major Marketing Lamar Odom is what I see but I probably don't know ball lol 🤷🏽‍♂️

    • GoblinMV
      GoblinMV 6 months ago

      Major Marketing bro you don’t watch laker basketball so stop. And if you do and you think he’s a ball stopper, your opinion and b-ball iq is dumb as shit. Not tryna be a dick you just sound like a hater

    • Major Marketing
      Major Marketing 6 months ago +1

      BI is a ball stopper. People forget he should be a star already not later. Odom all over again. Nigga doin weed

    • GoblinMV
      GoblinMV 6 months ago

      its always weird injuries too. the good thing is its never been a serious injury or something that can be easily re triggered

  • GoblinMV
    GoblinMV 6 months ago +102

    Lol at y’all talking shit saying lebron is gonna get him traded or take away his playing time. Bron bron came here to ball out with these youngins. He’s been watching them all year and he knows what they’re capable of. Keep talking. Y’all only got 2 more months to do it

    • FnX Mantently
      FnX Mantently 17 days ago

      GoblinMV lol he probably getting traded for AD u were wrong

    • GoblinMV
      GoblinMV 5 months ago

      T Taylor agreed my g. Everybody and they momma got an opinion on the lakers now. A month left til the season and I’m ignoring all these fucks

    • TheGracious Fundamentalist
      TheGracious Fundamentalist 5 months ago +3

      Don't tell them shit.. let them keep sleeping on us... Bron know what it was...that's why he came... & until further notice, we good with what we got RightNow... let's get it...

    • DeAndre Page
      DeAndre Page 5 months ago

      Kuzma gives LeBron a Kevin Love-effect with 3-pointers.😀😀😀

  • Surge Vinooo
    Surge Vinooo 6 months ago +1

    We’re deep . Kuzzzzzzz!

  • NBA Library
    NBA Library 6 months ago

    Kuzma and Tatum are both talented players. Would like to see them play together

  • Jose Cardenas
    Jose Cardenas 6 months ago +22

    As a Celtic fan I can truly say great steal gonna love to see him duel against Tatum next season

    • The Equalizer
      The Equalizer 6 months ago +4

      Jose Cardenas, shout out for being classy. That's hard to find nowadays. Kuzma is my favorite player on the Lakers, but I can't deny that Tatum showed he's a superstar in the making. Hopefully soon the Celtics and Lakers will renew our rivalry for championships. You guys are ready right now coming out the East. The west is waaay tougher.Perhaps we'll be ready in a few years

  • Dominique Moran I Music Composer

    Why so much Kuzma hate all of sudden? He's a 27th pick in the draft and had a great rookie year. At the beginning of the season he was a pure scorer, but as the season went on he improved his rebounding, playmaking and defense. Give credit when credit is due. He will be a Star!

    • Tapiwanashe Mutsawuri
      Tapiwanashe Mutsawuri 5 months ago +1

      The more talented you are the more hate you get

    • DeAndre Page
      DeAndre Page 6 months ago +2

      Dominic Moran It's because Kuzma is stealing shine from FAN-BOY FAVORITE, Brandon Ingram who gets all TheXvid love, but Kuzma gets the T.V. Show guest appearances

    • Ero Sennin
      Ero Sennin 6 months ago +1

      Lakers Blockchain All the greats had huge egos except a few

    • Lakers Reaction
      Lakers Reaction 6 months ago

      Dominic Moran he’s not humble .. he thinks he owns LA, when really it is Jeannie Buss and company

    • Alexander TheGreat
      Alexander TheGreat 6 months ago +1

      yea mah boii and jayson tatum has similar game. looking like another celtics/lakers rivalry in the making.

  • Chrollo L
    Chrollo L 6 months ago +1

    Has insane defensive potential if he puts his mind to it

    • Devine Thought
      Devine Thought 6 months ago

      exactly his movement skills at his size alone with his 7 foot wingspan gives him a huge upside .He's getting stronger and he just needs to learn how to get in his stance and and play lower he will be fine .

  • Low Distortion
    Low Distortion 6 months ago +3

    Before 7/1/2018 i couldn't give af about this dude now I want nothing more from this dude other than success