What Khabib said to Artem Lobov ? (FULL TRANSLATION)


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    MMA FOCUS  5 months ago +24

    Full Video of Khabib & Artem altercation:

    • The Beyonder
      The Beyonder 2 days ago

      Just a point he got jumped by like 7 or so guys vs 1 and stand his
      round even low being abused by khabib then Khabib the bus thing was
      30 to 10 or something by conor lol so you hear lol taste of your own
      In ways he never called him a pussy he more like was asking

    • Dark side
      Dark side 23 days ago


    • AnActualBillionaire
      AnActualBillionaire 5 months ago

      Fantastic video !!!

    • robin212212
      robin212212 5 months ago

      in the octagon they are.

    • Jamie Chambers
      Jamie Chambers 5 months ago

      MMA FOCUS You know why Artem lobov takes so many L's? Because he's literally A L

  • Dee Lion
    Dee Lion 12 hours ago

    Let me be objective here...A dude is alone and is ambushed by a group of other dudes and the ring leader grabs him by the back of the neck, talks to him and then smacks (assaults) him and we are supposed to be alright with this?
    What Conor did was wrong BUT he is paying for it. I don't really hear anyone talking about what kbib did to Artum regardless of what he said. An assault is an assault especially from a dude who supposedly is so religious.
    Seems weird to me.
    Any way it is my opinion that Conor will expose kbib on his feet early and K.O him within the first 3 minutes.

  • Zinkor from Mars
    Zinkor from Mars 17 hours ago

    A fat Muslim pussy

  • Soem Kramawitana
    Soem Kramawitana 21 hour ago

    always was on conor side.. but.. it's khabib time now.. want a champ who will always fight and stay humble.. not some1 who will fight after 2 to 3 years.. thats no champ.. but.. i may be wrong.. still.. it's khabib time now

  • Ali Saleh
    Ali Saleh Day ago

    Artem looks gay

  • Feras Hindi
    Feras Hindi Day ago

    This guy handles situations like a mob boss. Need more this these days

  • MrJoefrazier85
    MrJoefrazier85 Day ago +1

    Shit in the bus

  • E W
    E W Day ago

    He already had his hands on em fuck that

  • Adriyan Slavchev
    Adriyan Slavchev Day ago +1

    The only bastard who created this situation was the one for the interview of Artem and then posted in TheXvid, if i am Conor I'll go and beat this asshole and jump in his head, i feel sorry for Khabib on 6th of October...

  • __1SportsGamer_ _

    I don't blame conor about the bus attack.. If one of us goes to war we all go to war

  • Saiyed Umar
    Saiyed Umar 2 days ago

    Artem is a coward and layer

    AZIM UD-DEAN 2 days ago

    khabib time baby.lobov shit his pants.

  • Ihsan Din
    Ihsan Din 3 days ago

    This video shows that lobov is chicken 🐓 and pussy

  • zeus slaughter
    zeus slaughter 3 days ago +1

    Atleast it lead to an epic fight

  • eazy mm
    eazy mm 7 days ago

    I never heard for Lobov, but now i know Lobov is great pussy.

  • fahad molla
    fahad molla 7 days ago +1

    Khabib shows in every fight wtf is bald headed bitch artem lobov talking about fuck mcquitter he already got his ass embarrased by floyd mayweather now this fool is gonna get another L from Khabib.

  • dj aziz
    dj aziz 10 days ago +1

    I didn't say this hahahahahahaha

  • RZ. lalrammawiia
    RZ. lalrammawiia 12 days ago

    where is daddy conor....lol

  • Mahdi Yusefy
    Mahdi Yusefy 13 days ago

    Fooock khabib he is too Fucking ugly 😂😂I'm gonna say that to his face

  • yung noe
    yung noe 14 days ago

    Artem should have swung on khabob

  • m h
    m h 15 days ago

    Don't forget khabib from Dagestan

  • i i
    i i 16 days ago +1

    I hope connor smashes bully khabibs face in...fucking douche bag

  • عمك سلام
    عمك سلام 17 days ago

    When khabib punsh you ! You will lose data from your memory lol

  • Joshua Aldaco
    Joshua Aldaco 18 days ago

    Artem A pussy

  • lauca6969
    lauca6969 18 days ago

    Why are they only showing the first part of the altercation? Why not show when khabib was begging lord artem for his life moments later. Media is fake as shit nowadays, i'm out !

  • triki ilyes
    triki ilyes 18 days ago

    Khabib is habib in Arabic .. just Russian accent turn it into "Kh" Also Muhamet in Turkish is Mohammed .. different accents but the origin is the correct

  • sam b
    sam b 27 days ago

    Khabib the merciful, talk shit and he bumps into you and slaps you and you go home to Connor.

  • Ilias Maglaras
    Ilias Maglaras 27 days ago +2

    Khabib is a school bully! He has bad attitude! That΄s why he will never be a great Champion! He will get punished for that.. Conors left is coming you monkeyface!

  • Bruce Banner
    Bruce Banner Month ago

    Khalabeeb vs. Artem please.

  • Aymane Mabrouki
    Aymane Mabrouki Month ago

    Artem's pride is broken now. He was afraid to confront Khabib, and he just says ''i didn't say that''. Now all Artem's fanboys that suck his dick say ''he didn't want to kill Khabib'' haha please stop being so shamefull with your ridiculous excuses, there is no excuses for this shit. KHABIB is the undefeated GOAT

  • Koala black
    Koala black Month ago


  • Eddie Segarra
    Eddie Segarra Month ago

    “I didn’t say such thing”

  • ツAte
    ツAte Month ago

    And where was khabib when conor attacked the bus? Hiding? Lul

  • sylenceexposed
    sylenceexposed Month ago

    He needs to shave that patchy poor excuse for a beard off asap

  • Choda Bikarbona
    Choda Bikarbona Month ago

    Artem looked like pussy.. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t like khabib... but artem was scared

  • Edgar Perez
    Edgar Perez Month ago

    What makes khabib a pussy is that he needed back up to confront the guy.

  • ashish sehrawat
    ashish sehrawat Month ago

    Team game😂😂.the same thing is done by Connor in accident 😂. atleast he confront him & his team😂.and khabib hides in bus inside rose small bra😂

  • irfan achakzai
    irfan achakzai Month ago

    Khabib❤️ the real fighter

  • Beny SukaSuka
    Beny SukaSuka Month ago

    now i understand what khabib said to him, khabib vs conor will be fun fight for khabib, couse as long as conor have no skill on the ground fight khabib will play him like dolls

  • Tattoo Chuey
    Tattoo Chuey Month ago

    He should have made the altercation bigger. That way Khabib would have lost his opportunity at the belt. 🤣🤣

  • liam owen
    liam owen Month ago

    Fair enough artem was slagging khabib off but why does khabib feel the need to have his team mates with him to confront him ?? Story might of been different if it was just 2 of them!! Artem prob would of admitted it obviously he ain't gonna say shit if they is about 10 of khabibs mates round him am I right ?????

  • m g
    m g Month ago

    If u not pussy why u don't get of bus yeh

  • Brun D. Beard
    Brun D. Beard Month ago

    Khabib proved that he is a fkn pussy ! He didn't come out of the bus 😂 all he can do is talkin to media

  • Mr. Leslie Chow
    Mr. Leslie Chow Month ago

    Worse thing u can do after u talk shit to someone is act like a bitch. If u man enough to say it to begin with then act like a man and back it up even if u get your ass beat. Dont get punked out.

  • Little Uzi
    Little Uzi Month ago +1

    Artem is a pussy man. Own up to what you said and stop being scared

  • Irfy - Nator
    Irfy - Nator Month ago

    Khabib the bully...khabib this...khabib that...artem is lucky khabibs team was with him...people are deluded lmfao...if khabib and his team are what people say they are then both artem and khabib would not be on the card fighting...khabib has dealt with hate since entering the US, so all the hate comments are not gonna help with conors mental warfare to give you guys hope lol, thats why conor had to go to extremes to get in his head with all his drama but still didnt work because he still beat tbe number one guy al laquinta...conor, tony, max, and the rest ran to the back of the queue putting al in the number 1 spot lmfao

  • Chevy Purdie
    Chevy Purdie Month ago

    Artem the GOAT. No chance Khabib. No chance.

  • h011ywood
    h011ywood Month ago

    Khabib is a pussy. Think about it. Khabib only confronts Artem with 10-15 guys behind him and slaps someone on the back of the head. He sees no problem with this right? Then when Conor confronts Khabib with 10 guys, he hides on the bus, scared like a pussy. Why didn't he come out and stand there like a man and let Conor slap him behind the head a few times? Then he says "send me location". Hilarious because the location was right there in barclays underground parking, you pussy.

  • timur kartalov
    timur kartalov Month ago

    lobov is a escort woman

    JESSÉ SÍLVA Month ago

    Lobov the best friend The McGregor

  • Elmucio Dingdong
    Elmucio Dingdong Month ago

    Al ya cunts dont know the shit abbout them both

  • Atai 22
    Atai 22 Month ago +1

    We have to thank Artem Lobov for making the fight happen between khabib and conor

  • Khalabib NoMcNuggets

    Khabib found and hit his target like a boss
    Conor McDumbass missed his target, hit innocent bystanders and got arrested
    Khabib = Real gansta
    McNuggets = Your average pothead street punk hahahahaha

  • elbones1982
    elbones1982 Month ago +1

    Mislims only hard if they're in a group, which is almost always.
    I dont like conor, he is a big mouth prick, but khabib is a muslim...
    Not real russian

  • roseslasher
    roseslasher Month ago

    Khabib looks like ultron here . maybe not.

  • what’s up 124
    what’s up 124 Month ago

    I mean he’s looking he only got “slapped”, khabib could have ripped his head off. But then again Artem might not have said all this...?

  • Andrew Smith
    Andrew Smith Month ago

    Conor has to sleep this bully

  • connormcguire18
    connormcguire18 Month ago

    Khabib proved he was a pussy by getting his 10 buddies to surround artem and be prepared to jump him if artem defended himself in any way

  • Jon Joyce
    Jon Joyce Month ago

    If khabib breaks a nail he pulls out

  • mike mik
    mike mik Month ago +1

    These dirty Muslim hypocrites are a fucking pussies. Only pussies go in groups and pick on one person with camera. .

  • Its Time!!!
    Its Time!!! Month ago

    wouldn’t of acted like that if he was on his own..Kebab

  • M Ayicenna
    M Ayicenna Month ago

    Artem "The Mastermind" Lobov. We should thanks to Lord Lobov for making Khabib vs Conor happens

  • Trym The Viking
    Trym The Viking Month ago

    thats not really a slap but more like ha playful grip like " ok i let u go with a warning" or something in khabib's eyes

  • deus ex
    deus ex Month ago

    A UFC fighter who talks crap on video and then says "I didn't say that". No respect for that, especially from a MMA fighter. A lot of people have talked trash in their lives and gotten called out and chickened out, it happens. But to have this go down with a UFC fighter makes me lose all respect for him. Your job is to be a fighter, if you can't admit to your own words then what are you? And do not start trash talking me saying "he could kick my ass" of course he could. But I don't talk shit and then chicken out. At least I have that, my dignity.

    • BehindTheScenesMMA
      BehindTheScenesMMA Month ago

      I bet it's hard for anyone to remember something that been told over 1 year ago. Lobov still GOAT.

  • Kamilla Azizova
    Kamilla Azizova Month ago

    What music is at begining of video is smbd know please type name of music

  • mrizak
    mrizak Month ago

    khabib with his muslim gang

  • Carlos Vicente Estrada Rodriguez

    Why didnt khabib get off the bus then?

  • Behaviour Animalistic

    You guys must understand. Whole khabibs team would have jumped on khabib to pull him of artem. They are not some teenage gang

  • RR T
    RR T 2 months ago

    Why is a fellow Russian acting like a bitch towards his own country man?

  • Ummah.needs .unity
    Ummah.needs .unity 2 months ago

    Loooll say to his face innit!!! Khabib time !!

  • Lars Paulsen
    Lars Paulsen 2 months ago

    Too much macho can really F... up your life.

    ROMAN REIGNS THE GUY 3 months ago +1

    khabib SMESH !!!!!!!!!

  • ぶくはアルフィー

    How the fuck is lobov letting Khabib put his hands on him like that?

  • Tiramisu #1P4PGOAT
    Tiramisu #1P4PGOAT 4 months ago +1

    Artem is such a fag. He talked all that shit but when he's face to face he's literally crying like a child getting scoled by his father. He should realise that he's the UFC only because he's Conor's personal cock holster.

  • Bergmann88
    Bergmann88 4 months ago +1

    "I clearly felt a slap"
    Artem Legend Lobov

  • Vaniano 404
    Vaniano 404 4 months ago +1

    You should say nothing ,or repeat your words if necessary... He deserved what he got , youre are fukin pussy, destroyed after head slap ... only chance to partially recover is Connor destroying khabib , if no then shame on you chickens

  • Павел Дуров
    Павел Дуров 4 months ago +1

    Champion Habib

  • Noble Eagle
    Noble Eagle 4 months ago

    So MMA is turning into like WWE with full of dramas & publicity stunts now?

  • Alexander Lischenko
    Alexander Lischenko 4 months ago +1

    Lobov is kinda bitch, Khabib is the real deal, real man.

  • dopamine orbitals
    dopamine orbitals 4 months ago

    Lobov is a major pussy

  • Ali Özdemir
    Ali Özdemir 4 months ago

    lobow bitch

    CAPTAYN FREEMAN 4 months ago +1

    Lord artem just dont repeat his words !! And he didnt want to slap back khabib cause the result might be their fight and he dont wanna risk his perfect 13-13 record to some "unballanced record" guy

  • alex geci
    alex geci 4 months ago

    khabib is a real pusy he need 12 guys to slap 1 one the back:)alah boy is a fucking pusy..i understand mcgregor anger this arab or rusian dude is a f pusy..wy he not go to that guy alone..puussyyyy chicken khabib i hope the guy ko hem

  • Martin J Falls
    Martin J Falls 5 months ago +1

    I think, sorry i know if conor fights Khabib it will be his last fight in UFC. He will retire out of shame cause Khabib will destroy him. Conor should jsut take his 100-200million and retire.

  • Henry Tongotongo
    Henry Tongotongo 5 months ago +1

    🤣🤣🤣🤣Artem got checked and dropped his nuts which means he turned into a super bitch🤣

  • bossaliniem$B tv
    bossaliniem$B tv 5 months ago

    Got one in real quick. Caught'em by himself

  • Roxy Reep
    Roxy Reep 5 months ago


  • Abdullah Teke
    Abdullah Teke 5 months ago

    Who is pussy now, we teach you pussy Russians to fight

  • Ali Özdemir
    Ali Özdemir 5 months ago +1

    lobov you are real pussy..khabib the Fighter

  • Chilli SPICY
    Chilli SPICY 5 months ago +1

    To russian a slap at the back of the head is like a tap to a shoulder it's normal

  • RagingUtai
    RagingUtai 5 months ago

    So conor mcgregor injuring lobov was his revenge on upsetting khabib.

  • Ali Özdemir
    Ali Özdemir 5 months ago

    khabib er love you..

  • Israel Uwnauich
    Israel Uwnauich 5 months ago

    I hope Khabib gets his assistant pounded by McGregor

  • The Real
    The Real 5 months ago +1

    I didn't say this, that's bullshit, I did not say this...I did not....oh hi Khabib

  • Hamza Al-Farra
    Hamza Al-Farra 5 months ago +2

    this reminds me of when i was talking shit and my dad caught me and taught me a lesson then gave me a slap. this is exactly what just happend. he couldnt stand up to his actions when it matterd. he was so scared!

  • Sexy Beast
    Sexy Beast 5 months ago

    Artem Lobov is the GOAT, 14W 14L 1D, the only reason why khabib slapped lightly was because he knew that if he slapped him hard artem would've made him pull out of the card

  • Will S
    Will S 5 months ago

    He wouldn't get off that bus for Connor tho lol.

  • Innsmouth Fisherman
    Innsmouth Fisherman 5 months ago

    Lobov refers to a "pain in Khabib's ass," which is borderline calling him a fag. That's one of the worst things you can say about a guy in Dagestan, which has a hyper-masculine and honor-based culture. He also calls Khabib a coward ("sykoon" means "(pants-)pisser").
    Furthermore, he says all of this in Russian, which places the conflict in the Russia/Dagestan framework. Again, the culture there is such that trash-talk will incite violence much quicker, and with no one valuing freedom of speech, you're not going to speak out if you can be silenced. Khabib would probably have let it go if it came from an American, because he would treat a person from that different culture differently.
    Of course, it's a dick and a bully move to mean-mug Artem with a crew of 15 people, but "dick" and "bully" are like badges of honor in Dagestan. It's a world that values aggression, oppression, and suppression, with everything working towards the center. Khabib feels like he's that center, so no one is going to disrespect him in Russian if he can help it. A Westerner will think:"It's 15 against 1, seems a bit unfair". A Russian or Dagestani will think: "Of course it's 15 against 1 - that's how you get a guy to shut up for good."

  • Vryaz Sanders
    Vryaz Sanders 5 months ago +1

    I didn't say that

  • nikhil thomas
    nikhil thomas 5 months ago

    These folks have cameras following them everywhere.