What Khabib said to Artem Lobov ? (FULL TRANSLATION)


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    MMA FOCUS  17 days ago +14

    Full Video of Khabib & Artem altercation:

    • PictureMeTrolling
      PictureMeTrolling 12 days ago

      Fantastic video !!!

    • robin212212
      robin212212 12 days ago

      in the octagon they are.

    • Jamie Chambers
      Jamie Chambers 12 days ago

      MMA FOCUS You know why Artem lobov takes so many L's? Because he's literally A L

    • Harald Haram
      Harald Haram 14 days ago

      Artem is a retard who wants to be like big brother Conor, that's why he said Khabib is a pussy in the interview.

    • Atlfan556
      Atlfan556 15 days ago

      MMA FOCUS artem just kill his own mems for being a pussy

  • bossaliniem$B tv

    Got one in real quick. Caught'em by himself

  • Roxy Reep
    Roxy Reep 2 days ago


  • Abdullah Teke
    Abdullah Teke 2 days ago

    Who is pussy now, we teach you pussy Russians to fight

  • Ali Özdemir
    Ali Özdemir 3 days ago

    lobov you are real pussy..khabib the Fighter

  • Chilli SPICY
    Chilli SPICY 4 days ago

    To russian a slap at the back of the head is like a tap to a shoulder it's normal

  • RagingUtai
    RagingUtai 5 days ago

    So conor mcgregor injuring lobov was his revenge on upsetting khabib.

  • Ali Özdemir
    Ali Özdemir 5 days ago

    khabib er love you..

  • Israel Uwnauich
    Israel Uwnauich 7 days ago

    I hope Khabib gets his assistant pounded by McGregor

  • The Real
    The Real 9 days ago

    I didn't say this, that's bullshit, I did not say this...I did not....oh hi Khabib

  • Hamza Al-Farra
    Hamza Al-Farra 10 days ago

    this reminds me of when i was talking shit and my dad caught me and taught me a lesson then gave me a slap. this is exactly what just happend. he couldnt stand up to his actions when it matterd. he was so scared!

  • hopeless gamer
    hopeless gamer 10 days ago

    Artem Lobov is the GOAT, 14W 14L 1D, the only reason why khabib slapped lightly was because he knew that if he slapped him hard artem would've made him pull out of the card

  • Will S
    Will S 10 days ago

    He wouldn't get off that bus for Connor tho lol.

  • Innsmouth Fisherman
    Innsmouth Fisherman 10 days ago

    Lobov refers to a "pain in Khabib's ass," which is borderline calling him a fag. That's one of the worst things you can say about a guy in Dagestan, which has a hyper-masculine and honor-based culture. He also calls Khabib a coward ("sykoon" means "(pants-)pisser").
    Furthermore, he says all of this in Russian, which places the conflict in the Russia/Dagestan framework. Again, the culture there is such that trash-talk will incite violence much quicker, and with no one valuing freedom of speech, you're not going to speak out if you can be silenced. Khabib would probably have let it go if it came from an American, because he would treat a person from that different culture differently.
    Of course, it's a dick and a bully move to mean-mug Artem with a crew of 15 people, but "dick" and "bully" are like badges of honor in Dagestan. It's a world that values aggression, oppression, and suppression, with everything working towards the center. Khabib feels like he's that center, so no one is going to disrespect him in Russian if he can help it. A Westerner will think:"It's 15 against 1, seems a bit unfair". A Russian or Dagestani will think: "Of course it's 15 against 1 - that's how you get a guy to shut up for good."

  • Delightful Gentleman
    Delightful Gentleman 10 days ago +1

    Khabib proves once again he's the biggest coward in fighting sports

  • Vryaz Sanders
    Vryaz Sanders 10 days ago

    I didn't say that

  • nikhil thomas
    nikhil thomas 11 days ago

    These folks have cameras following them everywhere.

  • Dirk Diggler
    Dirk Diggler 11 days ago

    Khabib has a scary look to him. He looks like a mongol.

  • Murad Mammadov
    Murad Mammadov 11 days ago

    Lobov sucks big time. He can not even be responsible for his own words.. Especially if you are a fighter, you have to. I do hope you guys all have seen the translation.

  • Abu Umar
    Abu Umar 11 days ago

    Artem lobov has 2 nicknames "GOAT" for english speakers and "Legend" Легенда for russian speakers and there are a lot of memes about this person

  • Nate Woods
    Nate Woods 11 days ago

    Its interesting, I think in his interview he is referring to Khabib calling conor a chicken and a pussy for not fighting him, when he says "whos the chicken and pussy fighter" in reference to how many times hes pulled out of fights.

  • Felipe Bolsonaro 2018!!!!

    Now, Khabib is the boss and he deserve it.... he is a tremendous humble guy.... and a hell of a fighter

  • FadiOnTehRoon
    FadiOnTehRoon 11 days ago

    khabib is A pussy, he comes to Artem with 15 guys and he expects him to tell him yes you are a pussy ? ofc not he will get beaten by those 15 guys, he did a smart move

  • trollking99
    trollking99 11 days ago

    Khebab isn't even Russian, he's a Muslim from Dagestan.

  • Thraxz666
    Thraxz666 11 days ago


  • helium 30
    helium 30 11 days ago

    Connor is yesterdays man,he has the money so should either retire and persue other business opportunities , or shut up,train like mad for a year,and fight his way up the rankings and prove he has the ability to be a great fighter again.Too much money and believing the hype has gone to his head via alcohol for sure,and maybe some peruvian pearl.He has made a show of himself and ireland,living up to all the cliches. Im Irish and a fan of mc gregor but he has tainted all the things he had achieved.

  • Terry Nicks
    Terry Nicks 11 days ago

    Artem backed off real quick! If Kahbib didnt have a fight he might have really hurt him. Obviously he knew Artem was scared. I would never let another man grab the back of my head like that unless I was petrified of him.😂. Artem should let Conor talk that shit and just worry about his career and quit kissing Conors ass. I actuall enjoy his fights but but he needs to focus on himself.

  • אורן כהן
    אורן כהן 11 days ago

    Khabib: "dont say my name" Listen to a little Red Communist Stalin, USA And Europe
    are democracy Everyone can say what you want about you.

  • Batman_TV
    Batman_TV 11 days ago

    HE IS NOT RUSSIAN HE IS CHECHEN !!! love u from turkey!°!!

  • Craig Dow
    Craig Dow 11 days ago

    Not looking good for Conor and Artems side... I actually wouldn't mind now if Conor got mauled for 5 rounds. There is a very good chance he'll KO Khabib in one round though.
    Brng it on.

  • rnold astillo
    rnold astillo 11 days ago

    yahh he did'nt say that khabib is pussy and chicken, he's askin who? maybe he is?

  • Jesse Wentworth
    Jesse Wentworth 11 days ago

    Oi! I love khabib's attitude.. Literally myself in highschool. Especially the slap to the back of the head. I slapped a sexual predator in the back of the head.. Shouldn't have stopped with the slap but I was at school.

  • jesuisko letemppassepas

    Hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh that make my day

  • bandy wadey
    bandy wadey 11 days ago

    What a pussy lobov was haha if it were Conor: So what now pussy! You gonna do something about it? Do somethin then!! Do sumthing! Ya'll do nothin!

  • JC Gaming and Guitars
    JC Gaming and Guitars 11 days ago +1

    And then Artem told his mummy AKA Conor McGregor, and mummy brought 30 of his inbred cousins together to teach Khabib a lesson. Shame they weren't listening and thought Khabib was the name of the bus.

  • Seaileanu
    Seaileanu 11 days ago

    Apparently, Khabib is too much of a pussy to take legitimate criticism...

  • Maka Heimuli
    Maka Heimuli 11 days ago

    For Artem punishment UFC should make him fight Khabib LMAO

  • maury9817
    maury9817 12 days ago +1

    Khabib and his teanmate intimidated a Artem thats why Connor get angry

  • lota bigs
    lota bigs 12 days ago

    Conor LIKES Artem

  • iaoin2009
    iaoin2009 12 days ago

    He wouldn't would have walked up to Conor if Conor's the one who said it

    • Black Villain
      Black Villain 11 days ago

      iaoin2009 Conor is in his division, so he would want to sign contract for him

  • mo hawk
    mo hawk 12 days ago

    Confronting someone man to man.... With 20 of your friends behind you. Lowlifes on both sides.

  • Carlos Marroquin
    Carlos Marroquin 12 days ago

    All i know if you are going to confront someone you´ll do that by yourself like a man, we all would feel untouchable with 5 of our friends behind our backs!

  • roadstar499
    roadstar499 12 days ago

    definitely not a strike,,, more like a father scalding his son for raising his voice to his mother...most definitely the incident does not warrant the attacking of the van the next day...

  • J o n a t h a n
    J o n a t h a n 12 days ago

    10 on to 1.

  • quazzie1
    quazzie1 12 days ago

    And yet Artem comes out of this whole bus ordeal looking like the biggest pussy of them all.

  • Spacebar Hater
    Spacebar Hater 12 days ago

    lol Artem seriously? when you have 20 irish men on your side you talk shit now that no one is going to back you up , you play like an innocent puppy shame on this "fighter" :( he talks trash but when the danger is there he pisses himself.. worst part is he told Conor that he got bullied or shit but it was just a little slap in the back of the head.. way to go sensitive guy.

  • ibrahim medina
    ibrahim medina 12 days ago

    Artem talks smack on video, Khabib talks face to face!!! Artem=Major PUSSY. Conor=Super PUSSY. Needs a 20 guy posse and attacks a bus, prior to an UFC event. PUUUSSSYYYYYYYY. Conor has to be fired. And Artem is a no body...

  • Bob Ayaiga
    Bob Ayaiga 12 days ago

    Eddie, love you man. Shut the F up, noones buying the narrative your gonna beat khabib. LOL sit down shut up. Next?

  • 247tubefan
    247tubefan 12 days ago

    Connor be like "you ain't disrespecting none of my Hoe's"

  • 247tubefan
    247tubefan 12 days ago

    Sounds like shit talkin to me.

  • EarthOne UPC
    EarthOne UPC 12 days ago

    Thanks for making this straight to the point video!

  • R0bbie
    R0bbie 12 days ago +1

    he would of admitted it if him and 8 of his team werent circling him. go ask him alone Khabib. what a bitch.

  • Ocean Windsong
    Ocean Windsong 12 days ago

    Short and to the point, no other bullshit content, no misleading title. Take my like and sub.

  • Og maco Sheesh
    Og maco Sheesh 12 days ago +1

    Smh how do you let another man bitch you like that and you dont have the balls to push back so you call up mcgregor to fight for you WOW

  • BMode32
    BMode32 12 days ago


  • samshubby1607
    samshubby1607 12 days ago

    McGregor's gonna bend him over real slow and make him say, " sure Mr. McGregor you can have my pussy". Get off the bus pussy I didn't see your boys stopping you when you confronted Lobov. Quit with the excuses your starting to sound like a scared little b#+$h now......

  • Judas
    Judas 12 days ago

    Jeez man have some self respect. At least be like "Ugh yeah I called you a pussy" and take that quick ass beating. Then when they pull him off you just whisper "Pussy"

  • Luciano Soprano
    Luciano Soprano 12 days ago


  • Константин Теплов

    But Khabib was with a big crowd of his men. Not that he need them, he is badass for sure. But so much aggressive men surrounding you, makes anyone nervous.

  • Ed Dobrzeniecki
    Ed Dobrzeniecki 12 days ago

    Lobov coulda saved face by pushing Khabib. It woulda probably been broken up very quickly (hopefully for Lobov). It woulda been short beating and over. Least he wouldnt have looked bad

  • java expertSA
    java expertSA 12 days ago

    Nobody will understand this, until he or she is from russia/caucasia. Insulting other people is not like in EU or US, if you insult someone you get punched until you say sorry.
    At this moment Khabib knew more than anyone, that he could be arrested. So he hold back and slapped him once. If you guys are cryng about one slap, you are some pussys and no more.
    Some people of his crew was next to him, that's what often happens. But dont worry, no one would attack him, because at some point we caucasians are dumb. We have to much mercy with our enemys. They wont let Artem get hurt.
    You guys from EU and US should realize, that every country outside have their own morals.

  • Serjohn
    Serjohn 12 days ago +1

    artem said why you call conor a chicken when you pull out of fights all the time

  • Miguel de la vega
    Miguel de la vega 12 days ago

    god that's humiliating. Artem talked a lot of shit online but when Khabib stepped up to his face there was not a mean bone found in his body. too scared to stand up behind his own words. then he ran to Conor and tattletaled like a little bitch. embarrassing

  • MasterPotatoJr
    MasterPotatoJr 12 days ago

    Artem can't even fight his own fights, need to call Conor down to help him confront Khabib, what a utter disgrace of a fighter. Why don't you call Conor to fight your fights too?

  • anothony peterson
    anothony peterson 12 days ago

    Stevey ,u don't know what youre talking about.

  • anothony peterson
    anothony peterson 12 days ago

    Lobov was scared and he knew he was wrong and couldn't answer to Khabib.

  • luis mendez
    luis mendez 12 days ago

    Khabib better watch out before Conor McGregor knocks hims ass out for talking to Artem like that lmao

  • Devil'sAdvocate
    Devil'sAdvocate 12 days ago +1

    Khabib called him out and he put his tail between his legs like a little bitch. I'm sure there was piss running down his leg. Then Conor attacks a bus, to protect his friend that got punked? lol. can't make this shit up. How embarrassing.

  • Dr. Feels Good
    Dr. Feels Good 12 days ago

    The true chicken appeared n unspoken
    Got slap on the neck lol
    Artem two ball sneak into his pelvis lol

  • Antwoord23
    Antwoord23 12 days ago

    Give us your lunch money kid!

    EX DUECE 12 days ago

    some childish grown-ups, it's like high school again lol

  • Guv Noir
    Guv Noir 12 days ago

    Lobov looks like a scared school girl. Shameful.

  • pstcontrl
    pstcontrl 12 days ago

    Khabib: You broke my heart Artem
    Then he kisses Artem one last time. The kiss of death.

  • Terrance badlerify
    Terrance badlerify 12 days ago

    Yeah nah khabib gas been exposed all he really gas is his wrestling like how Tito was the best ages ago khabib is a one dimensional fighter he's the new Ronda rousey lmao till his wrestling gets stopped like how chuck smashed Tito and how rondas ground game got exposed lmao

  • Astro Mars
    Astro Mars 12 days ago

    So who's the real pussy...Lobov u pussy

  • Terrance badlerify
    Terrance badlerify 12 days ago

    How is McGregor the bad guy In all this khabib rolled up on lobov like he was going to war bringing his entire team for one guy what a fucking bully man and then he has nothing to say when Connor flyes half way around the world to back up his friend who is the real bitch in all of this ??

  • Craterus
    Craterus 12 days ago

    Artem THE GOAT Lobov

  • Stokes King
    Stokes King 12 days ago

    Boys will be boys. But confronting someone with your crew in that manner is a good way to get stabbed. I dont blame khabib for confronting him-but it should have been done when they were both alone

  • Mark Nettmann
    Mark Nettmann 12 days ago

    this damn intro is too long.

  • draakmanz
    draakmanz 12 days ago

    t-rex lobov not so tough now. talk shit online. gets faced and then goes mob mode with his friends from ireland. gets pulled from the card. seeya artem!

    GEO RGIA 12 days ago +1

    Khabib respect iz tbilisi

  • Living In Paris
    Living In Paris 13 days ago

    Lobov is so done !!!!

  • dhalsim1
    dhalsim1 13 days ago

    Khabib is new boss of Artem now.

  • henry soo
    henry soo 13 days ago

    Khabib’s a legit badass.

  • TMT 1
    TMT 1 13 days ago

    Listen khabib didn't Stockton slap
    Him he talked shit and got confronted khabib and team
    Coulda rolled on him threw trash cans and didn't barely slapped back of neck to let him know he wasn't fucking around lot less than cyborg dropping that chick at UFC fight gym he had him out numbered but didn't use his force I see nothing wrong with face to face pressing some one when they talk shit and saying say it now but what Connor did was coward move if he really bout that he woulda caught him at hotel or coming out of hotel he had guys on the inside could have easily got the info the throwing shit is what fake gangster kids do at concerts there's nothing cornier than trying to pop off when security holding you back or someone's trapped in a bus the scrap and revenge you want can't fully happen regardless to go to weapons when you can't even see who your throwing it out is just pointless as it gets

  • Anantavijaya Das
    Anantavijaya Das 13 days ago

    kabhib should have kissed him to

  • Raul Luna
    Raul Luna 13 days ago

    Artem Lobov is the chicken and the pussy. Lobov did not have the balls to call Khaib a pussy and a chicken like he did on the video, and needed Connor McGregor to go and damage a UFC bus to defend Lobov's Pussy, and chicken ass.

    MR MOHAMMAD 13 days ago

    Artem is 🐔

  • Curtis k
    Curtis k 13 days ago

    Pussy Arab nigga

  • Jack Daniels
    Jack Daniels 13 days ago

    Ufc please don't go full wwe.

  • Trek Rios
    Trek Rios 13 days ago

    Well if we're arguing semantics, and if that translation of what Lobov said is correct, it was a rhetorical question using the previous context as justification. "If he , then who is the chicken fighter? Who is the pussy?" The whole confrontation was justified if you ask me, though I wanna see if the UFC brass do anything about Khabib's little slap - it'd suck for them to have to strip Khabib when they've been trying to make him champ for so long

  • KeoneArt
    KeoneArt 13 days ago

    Artem is suddelny a victim. Khabib is a bully. More like Artem is a pussy than can't man up to his words. Khabib simply set a pussy straight with one hand bring placed behind the neck. If people call Colby a pussy, then it's fair for them to call Artem a pussy.

  • Brandon Alvarez
    Brandon Alvarez 13 days ago

    Atrem is a coward. He called daddy conor to ambush fighters.

  • Steve C
    Steve C 13 days ago

    Why serious?

  • jimmy oneill
    jimmy oneill 13 days ago

    Kahbib said nothing to lobov he assaulted him the ptick up the irish conor mggreger

  • MMA Fantom
    MMA Fantom 13 days ago

    When an internet gangster meets a real one. The only sad thing about this whole situation is that we lost the GOAT. Lobov won't be fighting in the UFC any more.

  • Nikola Poiukov
    Nikola Poiukov 13 days ago

    this is fake lord artem would never say such nonsense. khabib said thank you mr lobov for letting me have my card im grateful and the goat said i will allow you to be champion by not fighting you

  • Glorified Truth
    Glorified Truth 13 days ago

    One track of shitty music just isn't enough. You should superimpose four different shitty music tracks, all playing at once.

  • Richard Matthews
    Richard Matthews 13 days ago

    Grow khabib you got what you deserved with Conor.

  • T J
    T J 13 days ago

    Khabib is just a one trick pony, Conor McGregor can destroy him anyday.