GSP Talks Khabib/McGregor, Fighting in 2018, Brock Lesnar, Demetrious Johnson Loss + More!


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  • Mer Trisha Ann
    Mer Trisha Ann 6 hours ago

    So much class and humbleness! GSP = GOAT

  • jamesrock27
    jamesrock27 2 days ago

    I would like to see GSP vs McGregor just for the fans GSP would actually outshine McGregor!

  • shokoohi123
    shokoohi123 2 days ago


  • Savino Arocha
    Savino Arocha 2 days ago

    Great roll model.

  • Ken Freeman
    Ken Freeman 3 days ago

    the greatest ..

  • Strong Girl – superheroine online

    Couldn't USADA start doing the weigh-ins too? People wouldn't need to cut for the weigh-in, only to stay in a healthy weight for a random test.

  • J J
    J J 3 days ago

    who wants to see Dana White vs 50 cent?

  • Nhat Tran
    Nhat Tran 3 days ago

    Pure class

  • Danny Velez
    Danny Velez 4 days ago

    16:27 unturrtainment

  • NoFuksGiven
    NoFuksGiven 5 days ago +1

    would gsp beat khabib is what i want to find out

    • Mer Trisha Ann
      Mer Trisha Ann 6 hours ago

      Khabib is such a good fighter but I dont want him to fight GSP. theyre both my favorite 😂 I think GSP will win tho. BUT i dont want khabib to lose

  • Ivanka Trump
    Ivanka Trump 5 days ago

    So humble, deserve a shot with Khabib...Khabib however loves him , and wouldn’t punch him

  • Jimmy B
    Jimmy B 6 days ago

    The "midget" in his hypothetical fight is Matt Serra

  • nick f
    nick f 7 days ago

    the great one. Fear also caused rocky marciano to be the best conditioned boxer to ever enter the ring.

  • Roof top koreans
    Roof top koreans 8 days ago

    Gsp you are a great athelete but i think You relinquished the belt because you are notba big mobey fighter like conor. You dont rely on prized fighting so you had no financial choice

  • apple seed
    apple seed 9 days ago +2

    how is GSP isnt the poster boy of the mma world, when i envision a fighter with a spirit, i see him. damn ufc is slowly becoming wwe.

    • Sylvain Boucher
      Sylvain Boucher 6 days ago

      Because he isn't american.. Just like hockey, french canadian guys are kept in the shadows. But we shine throught.

  • apple seed
    apple seed 9 days ago +1

    "Khabib has a chance to win that fight than conor" even the legendary Rush said it.

  • apple seed
    apple seed 9 days ago +2

    Thats why in islam, we fast during the month of ramadhan, good for your soul and good for your body. the body can only handle soo much, a month fasting trying to reset your body and regulate its worth it.

  • D K
    D K 9 days ago +2

    And the GOAT is right. Khabib ATE McNuggets.

  • Dre P
    Dre P 9 days ago +1

    great prediction

  • Tdot
    Tdot 10 days ago

    only GSP can give Khabib a great fight he's great in wrestling as well as Khabib

  • Sunil Raju
    Sunil Raju 10 days ago +1

    Man with the Class. True Athlete.

  • william sewell
    william sewell 10 days ago +1

    oh look, a martial artist

  • traveling with fun
    traveling with fun 10 days ago +1

    Fasting is a part of Islam. Alham.dulillah

  • slamandjam2
    slamandjam2 10 days ago +2

    What a humble dude. Especially for what a beast he is

  • doen johnjo
    doen johnjo 10 days ago

    The Doctor GSP motioned who helped heal him is Dr.Jason Fung he specializes intermittent fasting. Fasting is very beneficial research it.

  • Andreas Dengler
    Andreas Dengler 10 days ago

    Here's hoping GSP can cut to 155 so he can smash these punks in the lightweight division.

  • Mohamed Koshin
    Mohamed Koshin 10 days ago +1

    I really admire the behaviour of George St. And Khabib

  • Opt Zeus
    Opt Zeus 10 days ago

    Such a classy fighter. And he actually sells fights. We all love to see him in the octagon. Why do we have to live with McGregor's and Khabib's behaviour? What is happening to this sport? Figthers can be such great examples.

  • Tilak Dey
    Tilak Dey 11 days ago

    Khabib don't talk too much.He believe in fighting.He is emotional and play for respect not for dollars.In UFC good striking isn't all about.
    Khabib shows to Conor weakness.

  • Jemimah Federez
    Jemimah Federez 11 days ago

    A great fighter and a humble man!

  • Orlando Castro
    Orlando Castro 11 days ago

    GSP .....the best

  • Can Preston
    Can Preston 11 days ago

    miss you GSP!

  • Chris jT
    Chris jT 12 days ago

    This guy truly TRULY reminds me of Jean-Claude Van Damme.

  • Skeptically Skeptical
    Skeptically Skeptical 12 days ago

    his humility is inspiring!

  • Ricardo Thrash
    Ricardo Thrash 12 days ago

    unbeatable dude

  • Angel Quintana
    Angel Quintana 12 days ago +1

    down to earth

  • Sebastian
    Sebastian 12 days ago

    St Pierre vs Lesnar at catchweight of 190 😂

  • thomas dailey
    thomas dailey 13 days ago

    I still remember Holyfield smoking Carl Lewis in a 220, Superstars Comp.

  • nyoaz88
    nyoaz88 13 days ago

    Sorry GSP - learn your geography.. New Zealand is the furthest #2+2=4-1=3quickmath

  • Leon Roberts
    Leon Roberts 13 days ago

    Es like thee stock market...

  • Tomek
    Tomek 14 days ago +1

    I like this guy,so much positive energy.

  • Jason Becker
    Jason Becker 14 days ago

    You must
    hurt in order to Know
    Fall in order to Grow
    Lose in order to Gain
    Because life's greatest lessons are learnt through PAIN.

  • primeDecomposition
    primeDecomposition 14 days ago

    It may just be the shirt, but man, looks like he’s lost quite a bit of mass.

  • apex_machine
    apex_machine 14 days ago

    Khabib vs prime gsp would be a dream match

  • apex_machine
    apex_machine 14 days ago

    Gsp is like the nicest, humblest, coolest dude in ufc ever. He is so respectful and humble but yet such a dominate and amazing fighter. True personality of one of the goats

  • Morris Tang
    Morris Tang 14 days ago

    What a great but humble human being.

  • youtuber
    youtuber 14 days ago

    GSP... the Pacquiao of UFC.

  • binky boo
    binky boo 14 days ago

    He's a Good man

  • Joel Elliott
    Joel Elliott 14 days ago +1

    Other UFC fighters should learn from gsp. Always a class act

  • Dee Dee
    Dee Dee 14 days ago

    Sport hasn’t changed 90% of it is same ufc has changed. Don’t get It twisted ufc isn’t mma. Fucking eddy bravo and joe rogan could start up some shit with the old owners backing be just as big as ufc it could happen if ufc goes away people will still train and fight

  • Dee Dee
    Dee Dee 14 days ago

    Gsp is full of shit

  • Mehdi Lkabous
    Mehdi Lkabous 14 days ago

    GSP should write a book .

  • G 4 D FLOW
    G 4 D FLOW 14 days ago

    he looks soft , 🤭😂🤭

  • G 4 D FLOW
    G 4 D FLOW 14 days ago

    who the heck is George Saint Pear , ?

  • Mark Bartholomew
    Mark Bartholomew 15 days ago

    I can't believe people when they say Connor would beat GSP. The thing is GSP has fought a score of great fighters held on to a belt for years before retiring. Connor has beaten 2 top 5 guys in 2 weight classes. Give me a break. Connor needs to get a belt and hold on to it to be considered to be a GOAT. His goat status is years away.

  • Jose Moran
    Jose Moran 15 days ago

    GSP vs Connor

  • SometimeSomewhere
    SometimeSomewhere 15 days ago

    Who is this nerd looking dude ?

  • Harley Breakout Guy
    Harley Breakout Guy 18 days ago +1

    will that guy please stop nodding his head to every thing GSP said?

  • Harley Breakout Guy
    Harley Breakout Guy 18 days ago

    if i looked like gsp i'd be a porn star

  • Laycan Crow
    Laycan Crow 19 days ago

    Whao! George just had a press conference for him self?

  • Matt Wallis
    Matt Wallis 19 days ago

    Sal from impractical jokers on the left

  • Tyrone The Terrible
    Tyrone The Terrible 22 days ago

    My most favourite UFC fighter off all time after khabib, khabib is a real man who isn't changed by his success, and he knows to be the greatest you have to behave like the greatest, and greatest men are those who show humility, who know they are not the best of the best and things can go any way any time

  • aelketta aelketta
    aelketta aelketta 22 days ago

    the combination of smart, class and humility this guy has is a marvel to behold! GSP is the GOAT not because he fights well (some of his fights were boring), but because he's been consistently fighting in the most intelligent manner while conducting himself as a true gentleman. you almost expect him to say sorry everytime he throws a punch, and yet he's a total beast! the exact antithesis of Mcnuggets...

  • itunified
    itunified 24 days ago

    I've watched alot of UFC and watched most of GSPs fights..... This kabib or whatever guy... Man dude is 26-0 for a reason he might be able to take both Connor and GSP. I'm not for sure but I would without question buy a payper view of GSP fighting either guy and cheer on GSP until retirement.

  • J
    J 24 days ago

    GSP is the classiest humble and real guy in pro sports. Great today model for any young athlete comming up

  • Unbearable Suffering
    Unbearable Suffering 24 days ago +3

    What a *nice guy*

  • Cliff Kaumoana
    Cliff Kaumoana 25 days ago

    So much respect for GSP, his honesty about anything he speaks about is truly inspirational. A great man and a great fighter

  • Reuben McGregor
    Reuben McGregor 25 days ago

    NZ's further George lol Google that shit!

  • Mario
    Mario 26 days ago

    True Ambassador

  • Lokman
    Lokman 26 days ago

    I really like this man

  • Gio
    Gio 26 days ago

    We are witnessing a real human being, a fighter who is probably the G.O.A.T

  • Geoffrey Currie
    Geoffrey Currie 27 days ago


  • G S
    G S 27 days ago


  • valentin shapoval
    valentin shapoval 27 days ago +2

    why are all these Boxers and UFC ears are crazy looking? IS it bc they get punched too many times or what?

    • Mer Trisha Ann
      Mer Trisha Ann 6 hours ago

      Right. Its called Cauliflower ears, which is caused by blood clot on their ears which makes it look weird :)

  • Obaidullah Zahid
    Obaidullah Zahid 29 days ago

    Yes khabib INSHALLAH win the game and he will be the king of the cage.

  • Realistic Views
    Realistic Views Month ago

    Marty Truelove
    YOU SAID : " Oh yes , Canadians will fight in the trenches to the end.
    You know , throw someone's grandmother under the bus
    to look out for one another ".
    If that's the case , then good , it's the "Well--Run--Over" by the Bus....... what's the Grandmother Doing In the Trenches ????? She has NO Business Being In the Trenches !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I understand that You Have the "True--Love" for the Grandmother , but it was Her Own Fault For Being In the Trenches........too bad.....

  • ralloss
    ralloss Month ago

    I didn't know the guy, i don;t know much about ufc and mma, but he seems very intelligent person.. i hope the best for him..

  • DormantIdeas NIQ
    DormantIdeas NIQ Month ago

    GSP has a sharp mind and clever politics in this world of .....

  • Kimberlee Ellison
    Kimberlee Ellison Month ago

    gsp wants easier fight then woodley, connor or khabib, khabib will beat connor ,that is a given, woodley would destroy either one,

    • Sylvain Boucher
      Sylvain Boucher 6 days ago

      Woodley??? That guy lost to rory macdonald... No way je stands a chance with GSP..

  • Cheryl
    Cheryl Month ago

    What is this press conference for?

  • yung noe
    yung noe Month ago

    Gsp looks old

  • TheDonboklang
    TheDonboklang Month ago

    this right here is a top man... love this guy

  • K3ith Price
    K3ith Price Month ago

    Without fear you cannot be brave. You must feel one to be the other.

  • Tim Johnson
    Tim Johnson Month ago

    He's just such a legend.

  • Mubarak Khan
    Mubarak Khan Month ago

    GSP is a fucking legend.

  • François Morin
    François Morin Month ago

    Georges St-Pierre keeps on giving me such a nice opinion on him. First, he is a smart man and humble man. You can tell he like to cultivate a sort of wisdom from his answers on philosophical questions. Than I was surprise to learn he was diagnosed wih ulcer clitis. I hope he gets better and heals. Myself I was diagnosed at 17 years old and it most probably kept me form competing in Martial Arts or trying an action movie carreer, so I can relate to his ordeal, also that I am from around Montreal like him. My nephew was also diagnosed with ulcer colitis and he his almost 100% cured, at least he has no symptoms. Medicine is bette than in the days I first felt ill with this disease, I actually got operated. So I feel a lot of compassion and I hope George will get better. Anyways he proved he is a top Martial Arts athlete, and that is already such an accomplishement and he his being a good role model for younger athlete.

  • Versace Mr Krabs
    Versace Mr Krabs Month ago

    Gsp is the most Canadian sounding Canadian I have heard

  • K. R.
    K. R. Month ago

    Compare GSP and trash talker like Conor. Day and night.

  • Admiral Ackbar
    Admiral Ackbar Month ago

    The GOAT 👏🏼👏🏼
    And everyone who does not agree can go fuck himself/herself

  • Dee Dish
    Dee Dish Month ago

    I'd love to train at his place. The French Canadians are kind people they're intelligent and have serious work ethics. Everyone who know GSP loves him.

  • Jeremy Brown
    Jeremy Brown Month ago

    That shirt GSP is wearing is awful. He is ducking Caos Covington. That maple sucking nerd will get bashed.

  • Bobilator Realitywall

    The UFC will never let the GOAT completly dominate and destroy there cash cow .

    • Realistic Views
      Realistic Views 24 days ago

      That's why the GOAT---GSP and Tyron--Woodley won't get to Fight Coken---Mc-Cracken......

  • PsyintZ
    PsyintZ Month ago +3

    How much does Georges pay that guy to his left to strongly nod "yes" every time he says something?

  • Leon Maier
    Leon Maier Month ago

    Dam Aussies ask some top notch questions. Love GSP :) he goat

  • Lawn Farmr
    Lawn Farmr Month ago

    I would actually love to see either GSP/Connor or GSP/Khabib. Both are fucking awesome matchups

  • Ryan Jones
    Ryan Jones Month ago

    Imagine using gsp's voice as a GPS voice..

  • Chaos Tade
    Chaos Tade Month ago

    Damn this man talks so good every time. He is so humble. GOAT!!! My favorite ufc fighter definitely

  • Neww Cityy
    Neww Cityy Month ago

    Making weight is 100% choice, nothing more nothing less, and if you want to be a professional fighter in the UFC then act like a professional and handle your weight management like one. Tired of hearing ignorant fighters talk about cutting weight like it's some forced protocol for them and their jobs.

  • Cameron McLaughlin
    Cameron McLaughlin Month ago

    I think to make the ultimate fighter you either fuse Conor and Khabib (Conor's stand up and Khabibs grappling) OR GSP and Anderson Silva because of their well - roundedness.

  • Steve Jobs
    Steve Jobs Month ago

    This guy is such a liar. He lies a bout everything. He's lying about his "medical condition" just like he lies about why he retired the first. He's on steroids and he's a cherry picker. He's a pussy.