Happy as Lazarro | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix

  • Published on Nov 28, 2018
  • Winner of Best Screenplay at this year’s Cannes Film Festival, Alice Rohrwacher’s Happy as Lazzaro follows the adventures of a man living on the margins of his society who can seemingly travel through time.
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    Happy as Lazarro | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix
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Comments • 122

  • wet hole
    wet hole 3 days ago

    If you're not going to release films like this internationally on your service, yet still have international customers pay as much as any other country, then I might as well torrent this film and all the other ones I'm paying for but can't access

  • Joey Luu
    Joey Luu 4 days ago

    Quite artistic but rather depressing.

  • What a Weirdo.
    What a Weirdo. 5 days ago

    why isn't it on netflix in the uk? like wtf?

  • Nlop
    Nlop 10 days ago

    Does anyone knows where can I watch the movie???

  • Dana Bahrs
    Dana Bahrs 20 days ago

    I'll explain you. His name in the movie is Lazaro. That explain everything. In the Bible, Lazaro was a man revived by Jesus. So from this story his name is frequently used as a synonym of resurrection. That's why he didn't die ( well he was dead). It's like a "miracle resurrection"
    This biblical character Lazaro had been dead for four days and Jesus revived him.
    And also you can see when he was in the Church the music started following him.
    (If my English is awful, I'm sorry)

  • Nirlash Karki
    Nirlash Karki 21 day ago

    Happy as Lazzaro is one for the ages. The sheer clarity with which Alice Rohrwacher's vision translates to screen is astounding. As odd as the tale is, it never feels so. Sweepingly breathtaking yet earnestly soul-shattering.

  • tim
    tim 22 days ago

    give this movie a chance. it's really sad, but in such a beautiful way. i love the artistic choices in the narrative. it threw me off, but by the end of it it just all fit so well.

  • Iaroslav Byrka
    Iaroslav Byrka 25 days ago +1

    I think you made a typo in the name of this trailer. It's double z instead of double r, right?

  • Jimmy  P
    Jimmy P 26 days ago

    I watched the movie but got confused.

  • Sally Vee
    Sally Vee 29 days ago +4

    Ah, Netflix. You've released what has become my favorite film of the year. I felt everything during this movie. Please keep releasing these indie/arthouse/foreign films. This was a modern masterpiece.

  • Mercedes Palma
    Mercedes Palma Month ago +1

    I need pippo's ig

  • batatadrogada 666
    batatadrogada 666 Month ago +1

    Eu assistir. Não entendi porra nenhuma

  • WildwoodClaire1
    WildwoodClaire1 Month ago

    Hugely overrated and totally unworthy of its Oscar buzz.

    • Sally Vee
      Sally Vee 29 days ago +1

      +WildwoodClaire1 No. This film was beautiful and unpretentious. Original in this era of making the same films that have been done a million times.

    • WildwoodClaire1
      WildwoodClaire1 29 days ago

      +Sally Vee Both films are porcheria.

    • Sally Vee
      Sally Vee 29 days ago +1

      Bullshit. Massively underrated and totally overlooked by awards shows so far. Infinitely better than trash like A Star is Born (for the third time).

  • Nutmeg Macadamia
    Nutmeg Macadamia Month ago

    I knew the Prime Minister of Canada was a drama teacher but I didn't realize he had an acting career.

  • Ognjen Janic
    Ognjen Janic Month ago +6

    Tender, poetic, philosophical ('homo homini lupus'), allegorical tale of control and exploitation and funnily enough the picture of the absurd yet the-truest-that-I've-ever-seen state of contentment. The sheer atrocities of manipulation and shameless discrimination of the fellow earthlings is heart-wrenching and tough to watch yet the poetic whiff that imbues it draws an overwhelming feeling of self-realization and utter admiration and gratitude towards the author of this Film-classic that questions the destiny of innocence in the Contemporary world.

  • stephen
    stephen Month ago

    I wish I spoke a Italian so I wouldn’t have to read the subtitles lmaooo

  • Theo Kirkley
    Theo Kirkley Month ago +1

    I'm sorry, what?

  • Laki O'Reily
    Laki O'Reily Month ago +24

    Thank you for these "small" Europen films. Please continue with it, we are tired of all blowing, killing commercial movies!!!

  • LordManhattan
    LordManhattan Month ago +3

    This is the most Italian thing I've ever seen. However, I'd like more hand-waving to fit the stereotype better.

  • Andrew Owens
    Andrew Owens Month ago

    I imagine this as another movie where a director jerked off for a few months with someone else’s money to make a piece of self indulgent garbage they call art in the hopes of winning an award instead of making something the audience is actually going to enjoy.

    • tim
      tim 22 days ago

      i liked it a lot. it was artistic without being pretentious.

    • 82jpr Jall
      82jpr Jall Month ago +1

      Not at all. But don't even bother in watching it, the movie will still be awesome and we won't have to read your stupid comments about how you didn't like it.

    • Alexander Feustel
      Alexander Feustel Month ago

      It is not.

  • Uma Möstardaa
    Uma Möstardaa Month ago +1

    what day is going to launch more seasons of The walking dead ???

  • Kenneth Hernández
    Kenneth Hernández Month ago +1

    Can you add overlord to netflix

  • Elyzar  A. Aziz
    Elyzar A. Aziz Month ago +2

    Reminds me of the nickname my friend used to call me too.

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  • maaz amjad
    maaz amjad Month ago +1

    I don't like art films and secondly I don't like period films unless the period had something really interesting, dramatic, seismic happening like world wars or something like that.

  • David Rafael
    David Rafael Month ago +6

    this is how you do a trailer..really captivating

  • Severino Alves
    Severino Alves Month ago +1

    drop stranger things 3 trailer pls

  • hugo
    hugo Month ago +3

    You know when a song is this good you have to watch the movie

  • nia unnie
    nia unnie Month ago +3

    What is the piano song ?

    • nia unnie
      nia unnie Month ago +1

      Patrice Fragé thank you 😆

    • Patrice Fragé
      Patrice Fragé Month ago +7

      It's the instrumental version of an aria called Casta Diva

  • Alice Mason
    Alice Mason Month ago +7

    Waiting for it on Netflix Italy...

    • MNIMnoob
      MNIMnoob 26 days ago

      Alice Mason Netflix only got distributions rights for North and South America

  • Alice Mason
    Alice Mason Month ago +2


  • Sasa
    Sasa Month ago +10

    He looks like Justin Trudeau

    • M P
      M P 29 days ago +1

      finallly im not alone on this

  • Jeanine Heurtematte
    Jeanine Heurtematte Month ago +6

    That last shot with the two people in the middle of the bushes was breathtaking 😍

  • olimario
    olimario Month ago +8

    It's about people of all ages looking forlorn on various hillsides

    THAT CHILD Month ago +1

    I’m so confused with the story of some of the recent movie trailers Netflix has released.

  • einc70
    einc70 Month ago +1

    Oh no. "2 mph: The movie".

  • n i n a
    n i n a Month ago +6

    I’m highly confused but looks really good ;)

  • Jazi Millan
    Jazi Millan Month ago +1

    Movie of my hero academi \>:v/

  • Priya Barsa
    Priya Barsa Month ago +4

    What just happened ?

  • batatadrogada 666
    batatadrogada 666 Month ago +7

    Lazzaro é muito lindo😍

  • trunkbangking
    trunkbangking Month ago +1

    Can we get some throwback shows..family matters
    Fresh prince
    Boy meets world

    • trunkbangking
      trunkbangking Month ago

      +Breanna Perkins oh nice.didnt know that .thank you

    • Breanna Perkins
      Breanna Perkins Month ago

      Both Family Matters and Boy Meets World are found on Hulu.

  • Bobo Momo
    Bobo Momo Month ago +1

    Boring foreign movies must be banned.

    • Jimmy  P
      Jimmy P 26 days ago

      I watched it and it's not a boring movie. Well, for many people who like all the shit that Hollywood gives us, this movie can be boring.

    • Max Ali
      Max Ali Month ago +2

      Bobo Momo the movie is interesting not boring but weird as fuck .

    • Alexander Feustel
      Alexander Feustel Month ago +8

      So what about boring American movies? And that movie is great, not boring.

  • Holly Hodges
    Holly Hodges Month ago +1

    *these seems like something so different from what I’ve seen, this is rad*

  • Hector Morones
    Hector Morones Month ago +2

    Idk what I just watched but looks amazing

  • Sam
    Sam Month ago +1


  • Slytiger
    Slytiger Month ago

    Looks like a Euro gay film

  • Andrea
    Andrea Month ago +2

    Looks boring

  • Emma Soncini
    Emma Soncini Month ago +59

    this movie is amazing! i’m italian and i saw it a few months ago in the cinema. it’s very beautiful and complex, such a weird story! watch it, it’ll be worth it

    • Augustus Supremum
      Augustus Supremum 21 day ago

      +Carlos Masso , real men don't watch TV. They don't work for a paycheck. They don't speak. Real men live in caves, hunt for their food, and just grunt.

    • Carlos Masso
      Carlos Masso 29 days ago

      +Sally Vee also, any real man has control in every aspect of their life. Including our women.

    • Carlos Masso
      Carlos Masso 29 days ago

      Don't get your panties in a wad +Sally Vee . I'm just say that there's no ( real) man that is not gay that's watching this, honey.

    • Sally Vee
      Sally Vee 29 days ago

      +Carlos Masso Clearly your definition of masculinity is your way of staying in control of uncomfortable situations regarding aspects of your life.
      Anyone can watch anything. What people watch says nothing about their level of masculinity or femininity. It says nothing about their person other than they like what they like.
      If you're really so happy with your job and your life, you should have no reason to look down on gay people, "soy boys" (whatever the fuck that even is), and people who use different pronouns.

  • Léon D'Lotús
    Léon D'Lotús Month ago +3

    Netflix amor😘❤

  • manuel gomez
    manuel gomez Month ago +2

    Casta diva!!! 😍😍😍😍

  • ricardo sandí
    ricardo sandí Month ago +1


    • Chasity
      Chasity Month ago

      No both and Canada too

  • Rastafarai LaBemba
    Rastafarai LaBemba Month ago +1

    Oh shit. Didn’t expect Netflix to put this gem in their catalog. And they are also adding Evangelion and The big Lebowski. Couldn’t ask for more. Well maybe I could ask for the Suspiria remake. That would be the best.

  • Cassandra Anne
    Cassandra Anne Month ago +2


  • Sally Vee
    Sally Vee Month ago +65

    There is nothing quite like Italian cinematography. I'm perched for this one even if I have no clue what it'll be about.

  • Oh K
    Oh K Month ago +18

    0:37 pretty sure human being *are* animals 🤔

    • Sally Vee
      Sally Vee Month ago +2

      More a reference to savagery, violence, lack of self control.

  • Dan Xmas
    Dan Xmas Month ago +29


    • Alexander Feustel
      Alexander Feustel Month ago +3

      Dan Xmas I bet that it is better than the usual crap you tend to watch.

  • alfredo aleo
    alfredo aleo Month ago +18

    Love Netflix, but your shows keep getting weirder and weirder like tf is this?

    • What a Weirdo.
      What a Weirdo. 5 days ago

      its called art dipshit

    • Ivvie
      Ivvie Month ago +12

      often non American countries create art that is worth showing. it doesn't have to be U.S. repetitive schemes on everyone's screen all the time.

    • Yasmin Carli
      Yasmin Carli Month ago +3

      They want a Oscar and are investing on this plan with multiple films...

    • NEIhelon ROA
      NEIhelon ROA Month ago +9

      This is art!

  • J Nuy
    J Nuy Month ago +2


  • Savage 1
    Savage 1 Month ago +2

    Netflix sucks

    SARADA RB Month ago +3


  • StolenFortunes
    StolenFortunes Month ago +88

    At least the trailer didn't give away the movie.

    • J Nuy
      J Nuy Month ago +2

      That's for sure!😂😂

  • Cashy Alpha
    Cashy Alpha Month ago +1

    Season 3 for kibaoh klashers

  • Iris Pereyra
    Iris Pereyra Month ago +1

    This looks fantastic and it'll give me the opportunity to practice my Italian!

  • Gazkhuul
    Gazkhuul Month ago +135

    Not sure what I just watched.

    • Dana Bahrs
      Dana Bahrs 3 days ago

      +tim Si, esa es la explicación de porque el vuelve y revive.

    • tim
      tim 20 days ago

      +Dana Bahrs but you're giving an explanation as to why the film makers decided to do that not the explanation as to how the character came back which is what that person was asking soooo

    • Dana Bahrs
      Dana Bahrs 20 days ago

      +tim There is explanation.

    • Dana Bahrs
      Dana Bahrs 20 days ago

      I'll explain you. His name in the movie is Lazzaro. That explain everything. In the Bible, Lazaro was a man revived by Jesus, from this story his name is frequently used as a synonym of resurrection. That's why he didn't die. It's like a "miracle resurrection"
      This biblical character Lazaro. He had been dead for four days and Jesus revived him.

    • tim
      tim 22 days ago

      ​+Max Ali there's really no explanation it was just an artistic choice to be able to tell the story in two different time periods while keeping the same actor for both sections to tie them together and to not have that character lose any of his naive innocence for the second half

  • Timon
    Timon Month ago +9

    What is this

  • murdog Animation
    murdog Animation Month ago

    Yeet and visit my channel

  • Łěh Řïběïřø
    Łěh Řïběïřø Month ago +2


  • Killmodz
    Killmodz Month ago +1

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