I Tried 4 Different Personalized Style Boxes


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  • Safiya Nygaard
    Safiya Nygaard  11 months ago +6594

    HELLO FRIENDS!! happy thursday! what did you think of these style boxes?! would you try any of these? xox, saf 🖤EDIT: the clear thing i always around my wrist is a hair tie.... not a bracelet!

    • Jennifer Logan
      Jennifer Logan 9 days ago

      I tried Stich Fix a few years ago, and they had access to my Pinterest "wardrobe wishes" page as well. Like you, I was disappointed at what they sent. Not just one time, but 5 times! It seemed like they looked at my age and thought I should dress a little more conservative. 👎🏻

    • Xxxangel_norahxxX Gaming and blogs
      Xxxangel_norahxxX Gaming and blogs 9 days ago

      Love ya ps I know it’s not a brac;et my friend has hair ties like that

    • ImGrammy Rose
      ImGrammy Rose 26 days ago

      LOL it would be sad to be ghosted by the stylist I'm paying...

    • Shelly Summerville
      Shelly Summerville Month ago

      Hey Safiya, I like some of the items in Stitch fix & the trunk bug the other one not so much. Really loved the dress & knee boots, they looked AMAZING on you!! 💜😎😋

    • daretobedifferent
      daretobedifferent Month ago

      By the way the skirts you thought were the same length one of them actually stopped under the knee and one of them stopped over it

  • Bernadette Villoria

    Emily is a kind soul.

  • Sydney VT
    Sydney VT 17 hours ago

    Emily was the real MVP of this video.

  • Mrs J
    Mrs J 20 hours ago

    💛 the video and the last box was more u 😊

  • Alana Schirmer
    Alana Schirmer 23 hours ago

    the 1st box aived on my bday

  • GuitarSpark
    GuitarSpark Day ago

    15:20 u mean outside of the trunk

  • Leona Mulder
    Leona Mulder Day ago

    You know that the last box had some brands that said 'kut' ? It means pussy in Dutch ..

  • Emma Bragaglia
    Emma Bragaglia Day ago

    is it just me or when she said wantable I heard wannable

  • Dee Cookie
    Dee Cookie 2 days ago +1

    I actually really liked the trunk club one

  • Adora Veñez
    Adora Veñez 2 days ago

    The Asymmetrical hem top from trunk top really look good on you

  • serinrina
    serinrina 2 days ago

    is this the more mature older cousin of candid competition?

  • Michelle Cook
    Michelle Cook 3 days ago

    That last box that black white top yesss u said exactly what I was thinking female beetlejuice it looks so good on you i love it

    HEY DEBBY 3 days ago


  • Jaelyn Wallace
    Jaelyn Wallace 4 days ago

    That was so fun to watch! Great Friday afternoon, not going to class content!! haha

  • Caprial Graf
    Caprial Graf 4 days ago

    Lol I saw a fabfitfun ad before the video😂😂😂

  • CrimsonKitty
    CrimsonKitty 4 days ago

    5:25 what's on your wrist? XD

  • fuzzymozzy h
    fuzzymozzy h 4 days ago

    She looks fantastic in the red shirt from stitchfix

  • Kitten Jackson
    Kitten Jackson 4 days ago

    I have the same sneakers in black! 😋

  • Kate Hampton
    Kate Hampton 4 days ago

    Subscribe to PEWDIEPIE He needs our help!

  • Titanium Kuro
    Titanium Kuro 5 days ago

    So expensive ;v; i think i'll stick to my cheap clothes tyvm

  • Olivia Schulz
    Olivia Schulz 5 days ago

    I love everything about Safiya's videos except for safiya. She's so fuckin annoying.
    Was she a theatre kid in high school

  • Jasmine Fuertes
    Jasmine Fuertes 7 days ago

    Trunk Club was like the best one

  • Nereida Elyde
    Nereida Elyde 7 days ago

    omg you should have kept the romper it looked so cute on you !!!!!😭😭

  • Katherine M
    Katherine M 7 days ago

    Hi Safiya, The Trunk Club would be the only one that would interest me, if I could afford to have a curated trunk sent to me, but social security keeps me on a totally can't buy a thing ever budget.

  • Lilly Carver
    Lilly Carver 8 days ago

    The most I ever spend on a single piece of clothing is like 18 dollars 😂

  • Catherine Tuite
    Catherine Tuite 8 days ago

    Wow today is February tenth

  • Ajones624
    Ajones624 9 days ago

    Omg the place where you got your turkey vulture wingspan is right around the corner from my house!
    Ps-that's not all i got from your video lol you're awesome!

  • snake girl
    snake girl 9 days ago

    I shop at thrift stores so I will likely never do this but I am also curious so I am going to watch this

  • Xxxangel_norahxxX Gaming and blogs

    All the trunk club items looked good in her

  • Kebab Růžoví
    Kebab Růžoví 11 days ago

    The clothes are all terrible

  • Curly Bug
    Curly Bug 11 days ago

    i wanted her to receive a cape ;-;

  • Wafflesaregood Always
    Wafflesaregood Always 11 days ago

    I’m just choking that she spent $40 on a scarf.

  • Sahlea Tubbeh
    Sahlea Tubbeh 11 days ago

    Le Tote honestly seems so dumb. Why would someone pay $37 for something that is used?? Just go to a thrift store and buy something actually cute for like 7 bucks.

  • Sahlea Tubbeh
    Sahlea Tubbeh 11 days ago

    You should have done Frank & Oak! I've always been so curious about that one.

  • nandini Shrivastava
    nandini Shrivastava 12 days ago

    Please do another one 🙏

  • Al C
    Al C 12 days ago

    can you make more videos of hauls????? I love them !!!! I love "discovering" what you get with you... I watch them every time!

  • Ava Dill
    Ava Dill 13 days ago

    Lol she said she doesn’t wear bracelets that much but she’s wearing one in the video

  • Jenaye Moffatt
    Jenaye Moffatt 13 days ago

    Did anyone else notice that she first pronounced Trunk Club as, "trnk clb"?

  • Emmalene Kipfer
    Emmalene Kipfer 14 days ago

    That black jumpsuit is super cute!

  • Jolene Dunham
    Jolene Dunham 15 days ago

    I randomly stumbled across your channel a few weeks ago and can I just say how much I LOVE your personality!!

  • Molly Moss
    Molly Moss 15 days ago

    Says she doesn't wear bracelets that much as she goes on her laptop with the hand with a bracelet

  • RadioActive226
    RadioActive226 16 days ago

    for the trunk one her stylist' s name is Emily and at the bottom it says Emily is away..........does anyone else get it?

  • Vivian Silliker
    Vivian Silliker 16 days ago


  • Bethannie Ponton
    Bethannie Ponton 16 days ago

    1 month after this.. surprise BUZZFEED HAS POSTED THE SAME VIDEO!!!! 🙄

  • treeleaf
    treeleaf 16 days ago

    couldnt stop myself from laughing when i saw the brand kut lmao that means pussy in my native language

  • Dasia Nguyen
    Dasia Nguyen 16 days ago

    Safiya: is there anyone who prefers to buy expensive clothes?

  • Yumna Khalid
    Yumna Khalid 16 days ago +1

    You're so adorable, I can't 😂

  • Makenna Walker
    Makenna Walker 17 days ago

    I think le tote is trying to tell you something

  • Lili Cordge
    Lili Cordge 17 days ago

    u didnt try the boots........

  • Yanan Urekew
    Yanan Urekew 18 days ago

    I like trunk club's choice for you a lot! They all look good on you! Well, of course, the price is high up there.

  • Misty Swartz
    Misty Swartz 18 days ago

    I think I would go with Trunk Club! It I think that they would nail my style! I really enjoyed seeing how they complimented you and your shape!

  • Kelly Corless
    Kelly Corless 18 days ago

    4:47 *hides under $200 duvet*

  • Miss Leigh
    Miss Leigh 19 days ago

    I love how positive you are about stuff, even when you don’t love it so much. 😊

  • Miss Leigh
    Miss Leigh 19 days ago

    I love how positive you are about stuff, even when you don’t love it so much. 😊

  • Holo ;3
    Holo ;3 20 days ago

    No shade but these stylist's must be moms. My mother would wear all of those.

  • Marie Bitters
    Marie Bitters 20 days ago

    What does she do with the clothes she buys for most of her videos? These she can return but the others? XD she should start a store and see how many pople buy the things she doesn't keep!

  • Megan Smith
    Megan Smith 21 day ago

    I'm also half Scandinavian and I have the same body problems and proportions! How weird.

  • 100 Subscription Boxes

    Great video Safiya - thanks! I just unboxed my first Frank and Oak box, Natalie Attired box, and Trunk Club box and like you I'm torn on the value. I love the clothes I kept, but it's a bit pricier than buying things on sale. My Trunk Club stylist is great though, and I found things I would not have tried on my own. Love your videos!

  • Anna. St ._.
    Anna. St ._. 22 days ago

    The maxi dress from la tote looked exactly like the one Sheridan got in the ladylike unboxing video

  • Kaela Jones
    Kaela Jones 22 days ago

    The grey shoes from trunk club u could get from walmart for real i see them there for lik 20 bucks 😂

  • The flo Sisters
    The flo Sisters 23 days ago

    I really love mauve on you

  • APgt
    APgt 23 days ago

    I have reached the point where I watch most of youtube on 1.25 speed.. Safiya is one of the few who is exempt from that

  • sydney clements
    sydney clements 23 days ago

    the red satin tank top was so cute. most of the clothes were honestly

  • Melina Stiehl
    Melina Stiehl 23 days ago

    I have the same birthday as you

  • Roxy Jones
    Roxy Jones 23 days ago

    I miss her old intro song “This is Safiya Nygaard’s intro sooonnggg” 😆

  • Lorelei Mortimer
    Lorelei Mortimer 23 days ago

    I relate to Safiya's Scandinavian legs on a spiritual level

  • Starbucks 4Life
    Starbucks 4Life 23 days ago

    I do stitch fix and I have had a great experience with it , I still use it and it’s great

  • Jordan Kimes
    Jordan Kimes 24 days ago

    "There's nothing against bracelets and sweater I just don't wear em that often" wearing a bracelet. Lol

  • Jessica Opalinski
    Jessica Opalinski 24 days ago

    Le Tote has gotten too expensive but if you join and just keep pausing your subscription every few months you can shop their twice a year sales and the discounts are killer!

  • Moofy
    Moofy 24 days ago

    "...Its a shift, but on the bottom, its a badonk." almost spat out my drink hearing that

  • Rian Archer
    Rian Archer 24 days ago

    god all of these clothes besides the trunk club pieces were bland, hideous, or just so boring... so many prints that look like the stuff i bought at marshalls in 2011.... smh.

  • 707 choi
    707 choi 25 days ago

    You can get those gray sneakers you got from trunk club for half the price at payless lol

  • 707 choi
    707 choi 25 days ago

    Rocken those gray payless sneekers!

  • RequiemBeatz
    RequiemBeatz 25 days ago

    "I have nothing against bracelets and sweaters, I just feel like I don't wear them that much."
    *glances down to her bracelet*

  • Gurgle
    Gurgle 25 days ago

    Hey my name is Emily to! I only wish I was a professional stylist.

  • Zora Holcomb
    Zora Holcomb 26 days ago +1

    wait i just realized we literally have the same birthday ;P

  • Miah Frosty
    Miah Frosty 27 days ago

    They sent you the sneakers I have!!😊😄😂😋 (why I am so excited about that😂)

  • Lizzie
    Lizzie 27 days ago

    Me:Sees title of video
    Also Me: Sees thumbnail
    Still me: they didn’t do a good job. I see bright colors.

  • Ashley Hayes
    Ashley Hayes 27 days ago

    I didn’t realize you we a ‘92 baby! You’re only 3 months older than me? 😱 I’m a Halloween baby

  • Brigid McDonald
    Brigid McDonald 27 days ago

    Aw saf seemed so happy when she said "I think she likes me"

  • TheWeirdos44
    TheWeirdos44 27 days ago

    I'm sorry, did that say like 219 for just a pair of jeans? Hell no, going to walmart and getting a 10 dollar pair. Thank you.

  • h. j.
    h. j. 27 days ago

    I prefer the trill of the hunt way too much to want rando pre made boxes. They look kinda fun though. Dress up was always my favorite game. I love your name by the way. My daughter's name is Safiya.( Everyone says it WRONG). She is also of Nordic decent. Spooky.

  • LessTwix
    LessTwix 27 days ago

    I'm rewatching a bunch of your videos. I realized that your videos are some of the only ones that get views that are close the same or more than your subscribers. Good job.

  • Maria Thelin
    Maria Thelin 27 days ago

    I feel like the sad thing about these boxes is that they send expensive clothes

  • yeehaw hawhaw
    yeehaw hawhaw 28 days ago

    trunk club was such my style and i would’ve kept everythig tbh well apart from the price ranges we’ll forget that a second lmao

  • AddorableV
    AddorableV 28 days ago

    The trunk club stuff was awesome and looked really great :O Also I loved the moto jacket, now I want one ...

  • WOQ4
    WOQ4 28 days ago

    The math is confusing me here - why were the styling fees subtracted from each total? Shouldn’t they be added on?

  • emily kerr
    emily kerr 28 days ago

    Why didn't you keep the green dress, you looked so good in it

  • Tiffany Gibbons
    Tiffany Gibbons 28 days ago

    Do a makeup subscription box haul!!

  • Angel Masih
    Angel Masih 29 days ago

    Some of these outfits are really ugly

  • Sof.
    Sof. 29 days ago +1

    Did trunk club get their inspiration for their packaging from Habbo?

  • Sof.
    Sof. 29 days ago

    You know what would be awful? If you've taken the quiz but you didn't send it out yet and your laptop shuts down because the battery died.

  • charlotte graham
    charlotte graham 29 days ago

    I never thought I'd be watching one of those youtuber vloggers... but Safiya is so damn funny... I can't stop watching lol

  • Roses of Eden
    Roses of Eden 29 days ago

    Shouldn't it be $88.00 instead of $48.00 at 13:35?😄

  • Korbe Lorns
    Korbe Lorns 29 days ago


  • Ana Salazar
    Ana Salazar 29 days ago

    Saf, you do realize you look great in everything you wear, right?

  • Erin Playz
    Erin Playz 29 days ago

    Trunk Club's Item 6 is costs more than and the Bots and sneakers together

  • PurpleSkittle Slime
    PurpleSkittle Slime 29 days ago

    I love these kind of outfit try on videos from things like fashion nova or instagram or amazon!! Please do more and I absolutely love ur videos and so does my sister I watch you all day every day and I have seen a lot of you videos!!!🤗🤗

  • afrah nur
    afrah nur 29 days ago

    I hate how bland the intro music is

    MS SUNSH!NE Month ago

    LOVED THE LAST BOX OF THINGS!! You rocked everything!! Everything was right on, loved the jeans but they were WAY TOO EXPEN$IVE!!