US vs Japan McDonald's | Food Wars

  • Published on Oct 16, 2021
  • From calorie count to portion sizes, we wanted to find out all the differences between McDonald's in the US and Japan. This is Food Wars.
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    US vs Japan McDonald's | Food Wars

Comments • 5 488

  • George Japan

    I Love Teriyaki McBurger

  • Joe Avella

    Also, who thinks they should send me to Tokyo to try the exclusives irl? That’d be a good series, right???


    Japan: We have a juice with over 20 or 30 vegetables in it, a Japanese tea made from only healthy ingredients, a traditional Chinese tea that has a lot of health benefits, a salad as a side dish, edamame and corn and some yogurt

  • Ph . ia
    Ph . ia  +3

    McDonald's should have a poll for each restaurant every couple months to import menu items from around the world, it would be very refreshing.

  • JE
    JE  +187

    When I lived in Japan about 17 years ago, MacDonald's had a burger called the McGrand. It had a creamy Dijon mustard sauce and a thick beef patty along with lettuce, tomatoes, and so on. It was so good that I still think about it occasionally. I was really disappointed when I moved back to Canada and it wasn't on the menu here.

  • DB gaming
    DB gaming  +866

    Japanese sauces need to be a world wide thing, that looks so much easier than squeezing 😂

  • Uele-Senpai

    I'm so surprised that the US doesn't have mcfloats. Here in NZ, we call it spidas. Coke and vanilla ice cream is the best one but you can make spida with any ice cream and any soda/fizzy drink.

  • Harry Kersh

    Welcome to the Food Wars family George, you crushed it! Can’t wait to see the rest of the series. And don’t worry guys, I’m not gone forever 🙏

  • chuchuchuchia

    The way he dispenses the Japanese sauces one handed is incredible

  • 鉄の天狗

    As someone who's eaten McDonald's in about half a dozen different countries, I can say that American McDonald's is easily the worst I've had. By a lot. The quality of the ingredients just seems so much lower, and yet it's somehow more expensive.

  • Ch4osWe4veR

    A number of years ago McD did a limited "Global Menu" thing where they brought a few of their international exclusives to the US. I think the only thing they ever did before quitting it that I remember was a burger from Spain and a Stroopwafel McFlurry from the Netherlands. I don't remember trying the Spanish burger, it really wasn't anything that different. The Stroopwafel McFlurry was awesome tho, was sad to see it go. Anyway, I knew a little bit about the Japanese exclusive items, and was hopeful they'd continue it and do a run with a few of those here, the McTeriyaki Burger sounds awesome, and I'm surprised they haven't tried the McFloats here. Ice cream floats are a classic dessert in the US and it would be so easy. A Dr Pepper McFloat would be really good for US taste. I'm also kind of upset they ditched the Snack Wraps, probably a US exclusive you could have showcased here had they still been around. They had 3 that I remember, Big Mac, a barbecue crispy chicken one, and I think a bacon ranch one (?) wrapped in the same sized tortilla as the breakfast burrito. I think you got 2 per order, and They were a perfectly sized fast hot snack if that's what one was hungry for on the go.

  • SnowWhitejolee

    As a former McDonald's employee, a few things to note. I worked in a McDonald's in Oklahoma.

  • yokokazuo
    yokokazuo  +11

    I used to work as a manager at McDonald’s in Canada and I also travel to Japan often so when I do get McDonald’s in Japan, I often like to try something different there.

  • Anisa Sekarningrum

    Okay, lets take a moment to appreciate Japanese McDonald's packaging design, so cute!

  • AblissMusic

    As someone that's visited Japan and tried a teriyaki burger, I can say that it should be illegal to not try one if anyone's ever there. They will change your life!

  • きあ
    きあ  +175

    Let’s just take a minute to appreciate George for being a new co-host

  • Allaiya
    Allaiya  +12

    The Japanese packaging is cute. I’m also surprised Mcfloats aren’t a thing here. But the ice cream machines are always down, so maybe that’s a factor.

  • Cadaverous Ghoul

    I really want to try everything at a japanese McDonald's but if I had to pick I need those mini pancakes they are so cute! And I love how the sauce packets snap, also teriyaki burger sounds good along with the edimame and corn

  • Leticia Genao
    Leticia Genao 21 day ago +1

    So glad I found this series today. So entertaining!

  • Cubxr
    Cubxr  +3

    As a Canadian, I laughed so hard when they called syrup Canadian Salsa