Snakes Are Dead...until Monday!!

  • Published on Jul 19, 2019
    Use the code: HATFILMS for 10% off anything in the store.
    The T-Shirt will only be available until Monday so you gotta be quick, if you do get one we'd like to thank you for supporting us and congratulate you on your awesome new T-shirt!
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  • NinjaLemingZ
    NinjaLemingZ 23 days ago

    I ordered one of these ages ago (5th of July) but I got no email about delivery time or confirmation? - it is on my bank statement so the money is 100% with your store - was this a preorder or something? are the shirts going out all at the same time..?

    • Some Scrub
      Some Scrub 10 days ago

      @NinjaLemingZ As did I, rejoice we shall.

    • NinjaLemingZ
      NinjaLemingZ 11 days ago

      @Some Scrub I got an email just now saying that the shipment is on its way! - REJOICE

    • Some Scrub
      Some Scrub 12 days ago

      @NinjaLemingZ Yeah, same problem here. I'm sure they'll eventually ship them out but compared to the fish are friends t-shirt, this one is taking a while :/

    • NinjaLemingZ
      NinjaLemingZ 12 days ago

      as in, the money went out of my account but I got no email notifying me of my purchase or an estimated delivery time other than when I directly emailed them

    • NinjaLemingZ
      NinjaLemingZ 12 days ago

      @Some Scrub nah, I emailled the store and got a response saying that it was a pre-order, no idea when they are getting shipped - love the yogscast but their store isnt as transparent as id like it to be :p

  • H P
    H P 25 days ago

    Can anyone give context to the snakes are dead bit? Am I massively out of the loop?

  • CramLock
    CramLock 26 days ago

    There's still 40 minutes left of Monday but they've already gone and I want to cry

  • NinjaLemingZ
    NinjaLemingZ 27 days ago

    I ordered mine!

  • Exlaax
    Exlaax 28 days ago

    Caff and turps are the snakes, they be dead

  • Enitakii
    Enitakii 28 days ago

    ay just bought one, hope it fits lol

  • joshn2002
    joshn2002 28 days ago

    Two local men hold cute puppy hostage demanding people buy their shirts 2019 colourised

  • T Striker
    T Striker 28 days ago

    ...why does that shirt say "Hat Films" but in Thai? Am I missing something?

  • GamerSibbers
    GamerSibbers 28 days ago

    What does it say?
    Should have kept watching. I like Thai and Burmese.

  • EleniMeiMei
    EleniMeiMei 29 days ago

    i literally just saw this and i am now buying it because it makes me proud because my thai heritage

  • AlistairAI
    AlistairAI 29 days ago

    But... it says preorder 26th July... why would the books do this

  • ATetrisBlock
    ATetrisBlock 29 days ago +12

    Did I miss some context here? Why are snakes dead?

  • east asia republic of wolfgod

    ฟิล์ม หมวก

  • Julie Bee
    Julie Bee 29 days ago +8

    No, in Thai its Film Hat. Guys, Im serious.

  • DrowShadow
    DrowShadow 29 days ago +1

    Smith I just realized who you look like. Justin Roiland

  • crystalstorm9
    crystalstorm9 29 days ago +8

    Is it bad the only reason I watch is for the doggie? :) She's so cute!

  • Hellfire Heroes
    Hellfire Heroes 29 days ago

    Fuck I guess I gotta now, why are snakes dead though?

  • Aubrey Chapman
    Aubrey Chapman Month ago +11

    Mochi is the clickbait that I want to see

  • Oceanxkate
    Oceanxkate Month ago

    She is so freaking cute!!

  • james franxx
    james franxx Month ago +2

    I go to thailand every few months to buy a underage virgin for reasons..this tshirt will be nice to have!

    *Read more*

  • MoDRun
    MoDRun Month ago +6


    • sirBrouwer
      sirBrouwer 29 days ago

      @snakex555 ofcourse let it be a Dutch guy to see profit in it. But then it must be that he is going to sell it again for profit

    • snakex555
      snakex555 29 days ago

      @sirBrouwer Zylus

    • sirBrouwer
      sirBrouwer 29 days ago

      @Elemental Sheep that fast? who is the lucky basterd that got to buy 300 jars at once?

    • Elemental Sheep
      Elemental Sheep 29 days ago

      I think it was sold out from the start, you can't actually get it - this is incredibly disappointing

    • sirBrouwer
      sirBrouwer 29 days ago

      i am disappointed as well. I wanted to order enough to fill one bathtub

  • AwesomeAartvark
    AwesomeAartvark Month ago +3

    Unfortunately, I can't justify getting another t-shirt, haha, but I do wanna say that this one looks sooooo cool! I wish I could buy it, cuz I really like that design!

  • Owl
    Owl Month ago +5

    I bought it out of my love for Mochi

  • Soulless Husk
    Soulless Husk Month ago +5

    Mochi is just too cute and precious to be real, still not entirely convinced it's not some Japanese hybrid-cyborg-animatronic-robot-dog.

    • Kantina
      Kantina Month ago +1

      so in a way that would make her a soulless husk

  • Alex-On-Line
    Alex-On-Line Month ago

    Dammit I’m getting paid on Monday!!

  • JerkMeGently
    JerkMeGently Month ago

    got it

  • Sage Channel
    Sage Channel Month ago

    That shirt almost looks like Unitologist Script....
    Edit: Oooh, its in Tai is it? Must have inspired the folks a visceral.

  • Colin Hexr
    Colin Hexr Month ago

    Would love to get one but with shipping it's close to 50 dollars in my local currency. The shirts I can bear to wear are like 10 quid max.

  • Charlie [Chilli943]

    Goodbye turps so long CREEP

    • Ewan Gibson
      Ewan Gibson Month ago +7

      Completely unrelated and unnecessary

  • Timmo Warner
    Timmo Warner Month ago +2

    I've got to say, I usually HATE when TheXvidrs get a new pet and start sticking it in all their videos, but Mochi has been excellent and a great addition to everything so far! =oD

  • Pongsathon Boonrod
    Pongsathon Boonrod Month ago

    Gotta say that it's a decent font for Thai scripts. Not the best, but way better than Tahoma.

  • vagEEEta
    vagEEEta Month ago +3

    Imma buy it purely cuz it's in Thai and it sounds funny when you say it

  • mikgus
    mikgus Month ago +3

    so if i buy one and wear next week when i'm going there, will they beat me up?

  • George Alldred
    George Alldred Month ago +2

    Hairs looking good trott

  • Galifré
    Galifré Month ago

    it says pre order only? that its available from the 26th of july? is that right?

  • Nathan Stretton
    Nathan Stretton Month ago +100

    I went on the store the buy the shirt, and I saw that "Alsmiffy's enema water" is actually on there for £70.

    • sirBrouwer
      sirBrouwer 27 days ago +2

      @Harold Duggan don't ruin my hopes and dreams.

    • Harold Duggan
      Harold Duggan 27 days ago +3

      @sirBrouwer I'm not sure it was ever in stock.

    • sirBrouwer
      sirBrouwer 29 days ago +4

      @Jake Murray to bad it's already sold out

    • AwesomeAartvark
      AwesomeAartvark Month ago +2

      It is!!! I totally missed that! XD XD

  • Mitch Thomas
    Mitch Thomas Month ago +1

    Smiths Enema water is sold out in their store hahahaha lol
    Pre ordered myself one of those shirts

    • Sam J
      Sam J 29 days ago

      is it actually lmao

  • Osfrie
    Osfrie Month ago +16

    Fish are friends, Snakes are dead... What's going on?

    • Barnabus
      Barnabus Month ago +15

      Next they'll be trying to tell us that crabs are people

  • Maisie Corke
    Maisie Corke Month ago +4

    Mochi and Smith. Dream Team

  • Chris M
    Chris M Month ago

    Make all t shirts except the classic one limited edition, short batch and move on.

  • Seggins Productions

    I have a feeling this was somehow related to turps and that's why they can't give us any reasoning to it...

    • Seggins Productions
      Seggins Productions Month ago

      Hat Films oh good, I was worried for a minute. I hope you guys are all doing well, it must be a difficult and crazy few weeks for you all. Can't wait to see what comes in the future!

    • Hat Films
      Hat Films  Month ago +12

      Seggins Productions not at all, it’s a joke because we never had an explanation for our fish are friends design either.

  • MizuhoChan
    MizuhoChan Month ago +33

    I would, but I don't know the meme. Sooo... yeah....

    • Cheesepuff88
      Cheesepuff88 29 days ago +3

      You can't trick them into telling you what it means

    • Alex
      Alex 29 days ago +8

      How can you not know the meme? Everyone else totally understands it

    • Cole Moyer
      Cole Moyer Month ago +13

      MizuhoChan but snakes are dead. You need to buy one because snakes are dead.

  • Ciarán Lavery
    Ciarán Lavery Month ago +286

    Imma need to grab one of these bad boys because my other shirt...well ive only gone and covered it with dog shit haven't I.

    • Ciarán Lavery
      Ciarán Lavery 29 days ago


    • Davis Bradstreet
      Davis Bradstreet 29 days ago +2

      Ciarán Lavery someone watched ThatMadCat’s video

    • Ciarán Lavery
      Ciarán Lavery 29 days ago +5

      Your nose can't be 12 inches or else it would be a foot

    • Finnisam
      Finnisam 29 days ago +3

      Ciarán Lavery I shot milk outta my nose reading this

  • Qille
    Qille Month ago +68

    Clickbait Mochi made me buy a new shirt

  • Bigcat Kittycat
    Bigcat Kittycat Month ago +22

    But I like sneks alive

  • Reuben Benkel
    Reuben Benkel Month ago

    Are they going to be available at YogCon?

  • Elliott Bray
    Elliott Bray Month ago +5

    Is it the same fit and material as the "fish are friends" shirt? I love the designs but the shirts become quite coarse after like only 2 washes. If it's a nicer material I'll buy one

    • Sir Blu
      Sir Blu Month ago +1

      Then never wash it ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Alex
    Alex Month ago +6

    Why are snakes dead??

    • firefist x
      firefist x 28 days ago

      Because it was in bulk and in the clearance section lol

  • AlienZGamer
    AlienZGamer Month ago +3

    Who Else loves Hat Films? ❤
    By the way I'm close to 8.2k Subscribers