World’s Smallest Colored Pencils?

  • Published on Nov 3, 2018
  • Check out this set of super-small coloring pencils. Also includes a mini sharpener, eraser, and carrying case!
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    Fit an entire set of colors in your pocket and tote adorable Super Tiny Colored Pencils wherever you go!
    The credit card-sized set of coloring pencils includes 12 pencils from every hue of the rainbow as well as brown, white, and black. In case you accidentally tint a witch's skin purple instead of green, use the included eraser to correct your mistake. And if you've been shading a lot of light blue sky, sharpen the tip of your wooden pencils with the included safety sharpener.
    When you carry Super Tiny Colored Pencils, coloring has never been so handy… or cute!
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Comments • 1 130

    PANJIASMOROB 90 3 hours ago

    80% smaller 80% more expensive

  • Brielle Joy
    Brielle Joy Day ago

    Burning questions :
    Brielle Joy asks: “Do you still do it jumbo?”

  • Brielle Joy
    Brielle Joy Day ago

    What happened to
    “ we do it *jumbo* “ ?!?!!!

  • Palm Tree
    Palm Tree Day ago

    How my pencils look after a week of drawing

  • taesugaandkookies
    taesugaandkookies 2 days ago

    I have those too

  • Willow woe 009
    Willow woe 009 2 days ago

    I got a coloured pencil ad

  • Warm Milk
    Warm Milk 3 days ago

    Lol, we have these at a calligraphy shop down town where i live,

  • Maja P.
    Maja P. 3 days ago +1

    " It's cool, BuT DOeS It HAvE a BotTlE OPeNeR?! "
    Nah, but actually these are cool!

  • Sten Plays
    Sten Plays 3 days ago

    You can do smaller

  • uriesgalaxy
    uriesgalaxy 3 days ago

    These are for Barbies..

  • Bomblove & tyabobina Msp


  • abeledamoves
    abeledamoves 4 days ago

    Is the guy that drew scream Joey?

  • Anonimous BlooGamer
    Anonimous BlooGamer 4 days ago

    You get this in Emirates for free!

  • big nib dolphin
    big nib dolphin 4 days ago

    But does it have a bottle oppener

  • Natalie Chua
    Natalie Chua 5 days ago

    Why would I get these when I already have a ton of Super short small pencils?

  • Alex
    Alex 6 days ago

    *Am I the only one that watches the videos but never buys the products?*

  • Apple 17
    Apple 17 6 days ago

    Was \(^0^)/

  • Lee Seng Wee
    Lee Seng Wee 6 days ago

    Wait till you drop em

  • Snowhite Christmas
    Snowhite Christmas 7 days ago

    Nothing new. I've had similar when I was a kid. Like 5 tiny ones in a smol keychain bag.

  • Dogggirl363
    Dogggirl363 7 days ago

    wouldnt it be easier to use the bigger ones.. its easier to control and you get way more led

  • ThePigQueen1908 Owo
    ThePigQueen1908 Owo 7 days ago

    I’ve had smaller xd

  • Vincent Pham
    Vincent Pham 7 days ago

    Maybe the pencils are normal size and the paper is enormous

  • Jaylen Nguyen
    Jaylen Nguyen 8 days ago

    Whistler's mom's face is derivative.

  • Permanent State Of Awe

    I've bought a set from hakubundo before.

  • Shannon Payne
    Shannon Payne 8 days ago

    Does anybody Else realize we’re watching ads?

  • BobThe Gamer
    BobThe Gamer 9 days ago

    To be honest, I think your just running out of ideas and you want a quick cash 💰 grab.

  • Tabaruk Aladeli
    Tabaruk Aladeli 9 days ago


  • Tabaruk Aladeli
    Tabaruk Aladeli 9 days ago

    I LO

  • PaulinapinkGacha YT
    PaulinapinkGacha YT 9 days ago

    You should make more things small

  • Tania Zirwhe
    Tania Zirwhe 9 days ago

    They are useful, at least to me. The possibility of carrying them to everywhere is soo important to me

  • Paul Brady
    Paul Brady 9 days ago

    So cute and cool

  • Crystal P
    Crystal P 9 days ago

    I had a pack of mini coloured pencils from a cracker, back in the 90s. Shame it was only 4 colours.

  • Karima El mohamadi
    Karima El mohamadi 9 days ago

    Love 💗

  • Opera Browser
    Opera Browser 9 days ago

    Normal pencils cost less

  • Opera Browser
    Opera Browser 9 days ago


  • Dasha Khvatkov
    Dasha Khvatkov 10 days ago

    I have a set of them

  • XBlueFlame
    XBlueFlame 10 days ago

    designer: what size would you like the pencils?

    manufacturer: my dick lmao



  • Ahmed Khanani
    Ahmed Khanani 10 days ago

    The first video i watched i thouth Jhon was the boss

  • Priscilla the pusheen lover

    I had those pencils when I was little but i lost it now I am happy that I can buy these

  • CPRSS Friends
    CPRSS Friends 10 days ago

    So cute

  • secret channel pls subscribe

    no it can use for arts lile small arts that u can't color

  • Tove Hjalmarsson
    Tove Hjalmarsson 10 days ago

    The ”worlds largest” pencil existed 4 yers ago😂

  • Brooke Freskos
    Brooke Freskos 10 days ago +1

    Why would anybody use this? Regular colored pencils are way better! Is Vat19 running out of ideas?

  • PineAPPLE StrawBERRY Dizon

    Me:**Goes to Vat 19 after this video** I LOVE MINIATURE THINGS

  • antmoe342
    antmoe342 11 days ago

    Vat19 you are so cool 👍🏾❤️🍉

  • Evan Selfridge
    Evan Selfridge 11 days ago

    Why would anyone need this

  • Maddy. The local
    Maddy. The local 11 days ago

    They have those at the dollar store lol

  • Riley K
    Riley K 11 days ago

    I have that!

  • Spanky Bruh
    Spanky Bruh 11 days ago

    Running out of ideas ey? Not surprised

  • PhIxUnEr
    PhIxUnEr 11 days ago +1

    Smaller and cost 5x as much

  • GetScope Gaming
    GetScope Gaming 11 days ago

    It cost more than a big colour pencil

  • Honey's Daily Vlogs
    Honey's Daily Vlogs 11 days ago

    My sister have it. She buy it in Japan

  • Dave Miller
    Dave Miller 11 days ago

    Jazza should use this

  • Slime Boy
    Slime Boy 11 days ago

    But don’t give it to your babies and kids because you know!

    Choking hazard..

  • Bob Bottom
    Bob Bottom 11 days ago

    I guess we don't do it jumbo anymore

  • Lancer ,
    Lancer , 11 days ago

    Why would I buy these

    I can’t even draw with a regular colored pencil

  • Alyssa Tam
    Alyssa Tam 11 days ago

    I want this now

  • Marina Jones
    Marina Jones 12 days ago

    OH MY GOSH! I own one of these! I bought it for 7$ at Granville Island, BC, Canada! They are pretty cool!

  • Zexer **
    Zexer ** 12 days ago


  • 2cool4schooljk 2323
    2cool4schooljk 2323 12 days ago

    Drawing with jazzy is _so going to review this_

  • Sarah Bobara
    Sarah Bobara 12 days ago

    so this is where Jazza got his pencil crayons :00

  • Mark games
    Mark games 12 days ago

    Big show at 0:20

  • Gaming Victoria Chicken Nugget

    I never knew that vat19 are great artists your better than my sister! :0

  • EquineCrazy123
    EquineCrazy123 12 days ago

    What’s the point though? 🤣 just buy pencils

  • IAmStill WaitingForMyLifeToExist

    Um ya thanks i guess i will just buy my £1 normal sized pencils that don't run out as fast nor do i struggle with them..

  • Izzy D
    Izzy D 12 days ago

    Have fun with hand cramps.

  • Tom Sutherland
    Tom Sutherland 12 days ago +1

    Burning questions “by pugzrcool can you draw a big undetailed photo in the same time you can draw a small detailed photo with them

  • Goldnut gamer
    Goldnut gamer 12 days ago

    Wasnt that a MET museum souvenir???....

  • Precious Narvaez
    Precious Narvaez 12 days ago

    I've seen smaller and they're so cute either way

    ORIGAMI KID18 12 days ago

    What's the point of small pencils?

  • Jasmine Rusmane
    Jasmine Rusmane 12 days ago

    Vat19: But can you make suerious art with them

  • Mills
    Mills 12 days ago

    Yes they still cost more than larger pencils...

  • Dilly Mackey
    Dilly Mackey 12 days ago +1

    What's next? Microscopic Colored Pencils? Can ants use it?

  • OB1 KenoB
    OB1 KenoB 12 days ago

    Not really that impractical though, i mean it’s the only TINY thing on the internet that’s useful. For those that carry a pocket notebook or journal and who sketches on it with just a pen, this might make it more colourful.

  • 2vid Wynd
    2vid Wynd 12 days ago


  • IronicLea
    IronicLea 12 days ago

    The plus side of this is that we get to reach that extremly tiny corner that you have to make your color pencil so pointy to reach it

  • yasmin shams
    yasmin shams 12 days ago

    The guy in the cover photo looks like Prince William with hair

  • Angel wong
    Angel wong 12 days ago

    I want it how mach it is

  • Blue blurr
    Blue blurr 12 days ago

    I've got smaller coloured pencils o-0

  • Syanelle Heriani
    Syanelle Heriani 12 days ago


  • Amelia Ilsley
    Amelia Ilsley 12 days ago

    Ur really good at drawing

  • Nguyen Jason
    Nguyen Jason 12 days ago

    lol I have these!

  • Aliya Hayward
    Aliya Hayward 12 days ago

    I can see my self getting a finger cramp real fast 😂

  • yong cui
    yong cui 12 days ago +1

    You can buy them in moma

  • Narutoisdabest :p
    Narutoisdabest :p 13 days ago

    Me: **looks at price**
    Me again: I rather stick to regular 1$ colored pencils :)

  • Luna flashbear
    Luna flashbear 13 days ago

    I have one of those but it cost about a $20 ;-;

  • Marshmellow Jello
    Marshmellow Jello 13 days ago


  • AubreytheUnicorn unicorn

    When you realize you could just get regular colored pencils and sharpen them till they're tiny😣😮

  • Atomic Recker
    Atomic Recker 13 days ago

    I started watching vat19 2 years ago and I forgot about it, later I remembered vat19s items they sell, but couldn’t remember “vat19” this is the first video of theirs I have seen in a year

  • Lightstar_Twitch
    Lightstar_Twitch 13 days ago

    8 dollars? Haha regular colored pencils cost 2 $

  • Some Bird
    Some Bird 13 days ago

    I will stick to normal color pencil.

  • Rafay Mufty
    Rafay Mufty 13 days ago +1

    What's that picture showing

  • Zx_Gaming
    Zx_Gaming 13 days ago

    Jontron : cool....... BUT WHY???

  • Maddie_ LOL
    Maddie_ LOL 13 days ago

    Is cute, but just imagine what will happen if you drop them all over the place..

  • splo1nger
    splo1nger 13 days ago

    Finally! Coloured pencils i can store in my tear ducts.

  • Ott Einassoo
    Ott Einassoo 13 days ago

    U GUYS draw Sooo gooooooooooooooooooooood!!!
    Like if u agree

  • Omar The boss
    Omar The boss 13 days ago +1

    What do I say that will get me a lot of likes hmmm 🤔

  • Nurain Nabilah Nazri
    Nurain Nabilah Nazri 13 days ago

    Whoa! How could Joey do that tiny cutie art? Amazing! :D

  • Alien Bomb
    Alien Bomb 13 days ago

    But why?