[MV] Onestar(임한별) _ I can't take my eyes off you(넌 나의 전부)

  • Published on Dec 4, 2019
  • [MV] Onestar(임한별) _ I can't take my eyes off you(넌 나의 전부)
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Comments • 197

  • edtin ramasari
    edtin ramasari 8 hours ago

    Another 'my wedding songs' after Paul Kim's Me After You. This song deserves more recognition!

  • hans_ ot7
    hans_ ot7 3 days ago

    I hope this song will recognise by people before 2020 ends it’s such a good song

  • HOANG MINH Nguyen
    HOANG MINH Nguyen 4 days ago

    what's the girl's name? her smile is just so beautiful

  • JSB 9492
    JSB 9492 5 days ago


  • Joseph Lopez
    Joseph Lopez 10 days ago

    Please add this song to Apple Music (if it’s there I can’t find it)

  • Jay Lee
    Jay Lee 11 days ago

    They need this on apple music asap

  • 김초랭이
    김초랭이 11 days ago

    요즘같은 시대에 뜨기위해 사재기를 택하지 않고 오로지 실력으로 승부하는 갓한별...

  • Matthew Chan
    Matthew Chan 21 day ago +1

    The MV is so sweet! The girl is so loving to his partner!


    Please add this in Spotify :(

  • 정가윤
    정가윤 24 days ago

    내인생곡이다 ㄹㅇ로

  • 614엘리엘리
    614엘리엘리 28 days ago +11

    Baekhyun is really unique. He likes this kind of music but he also likes songs like Dean's Bony and Clyde. I find this very rare and unique. Baekhyun ia amazing 💛😭 im happy that they both, bh and hanbyul are very close friends 💛

    • White Rose
      White Rose 22 hours ago

      Dean bonnie and Clyde? baekhyun say he like it? where or when? I just wanna know.

  • 614엘리엘리
    614엘리엘리 28 days ago

    Sounds so sad uu but i like it

  • edtin ramasari
    edtin ramasari Month ago +1

    This MV shows that not only/should the guy who always makes surprises, buys flowers. Girls, don't be afraid or shy to show your loved one affections :)

  • choco clumsy
    choco clumsy Month ago +1

    The stories continue at Chen shall we 😂😂😂

  • 나는사탄숭배자였다

    아름짱! ㅋㅋㅋ 여기서 보다뉘 ㅋㅋㅋ 유튜브 빨랑해져ㅜㅜ

  • d i s n e y k i n o
    d i s n e y k i n o Month ago +2


  • d i s n e y k i n o

    this peaceful is an artt

  • kim jsooaaa
    kim jsooaaa Month ago +24

    Can we actually for real have this song in Spotify I've been waiting since the day it was released till now...

    • Jana Safi
      Jana Safi 17 days ago +1

      i just searched it now, and i didn't find it, I'm so disappointed

  • 픽업 무비 Movie
    픽업 무비 Movie Month ago +1

    솔직히 말해서 이형은 대놓고 사재기해도 아무도 의심안할듯

  • 진아
    진아 Month ago

    내 생일날 나온 노래라 진짜 행복했음요 ㅎ ㅎ ㅎ(っ'-')╮=͟͟͞͞♡

  • Anisa Amira
    Anisa Amira Month ago

    Jong mingkyu 💜💜💜
    You nice eonnie 😍

  • Tirsa Sho
    Tirsa Sho Month ago

    I was listening to The way to say Goodbye, and found this newly uploaded song of him. Thank you Han Byeol!

  • Ratri
    Ratri Month ago

    Im Hanbyul never disappoints!


    Thank you han byul for this song ♡

  • SeL Ha
    SeL Ha Month ago +7

    Need this on Spotify please!!

  • SeL Ha
    SeL Ha Month ago +2

    Thankful to TheXvid recommendation. Loving this song. He needs more recommendations ;) ‘cause this is sooo good!

  • bae minjii
    bae minjii Month ago +1

    I'm here because bae jinyoung listening this song so i recommend too for you to listening this song❤️☺️

  • Maura Sousa
    Maura Sousa Month ago

    I love 임한별usic Luke voice very much

  • Wan Nur Afifah
    Wan Nur Afifah Month ago

    I came because TheXvid recommend after watch davichi mv

  • Mutia Khusna
    Mutia Khusna Month ago

    Lihat postingan baekhyun udah dr seminggu yg lalu, tp baru sempat kesini sekarang

  • Spong Giff
    Spong Giff Month ago +1

    Baekhyun sweet teste💕🐶 he's recommend this song.

  • Chi Squishy
    Chi Squishy Month ago

    What's the name of the female actor for this MV? She looks so beautiful

  • Rojo Tujuh
    Rojo Tujuh Month ago +1

    this song is so good, i love it.. thanks to baekhyun's recommendation

  • Dandi Inplant Guspandi

    Spotify pleaseee

  • hara Grey.
    hara Grey. Month ago +2


  • Tiara Rahmadani
    Tiara Rahmadani Month ago

    You are my everything i’cant take my eyes off you... deep😔

  • sri._. cici
    sri._. cici Month ago

    Han byul voice is always amazing. Proud of yaaa

  • 썬-L
    썬-L Month ago +3

    임한별 당신은 대체..

  • 김지성
    김지성 Month ago +1

    이 형도 사재기네..

    우리 팬티에 싸재끼네..

  • Tiara Rahmadani
    Tiara Rahmadani Month ago

    Baekhyun oppa thank you for this song 😍

  • CB泡菜魚の啵啵虎

    Thank Baekhyun for recommending a nice song

  • 늘 너의곁에 · 1년 전

    백현님의 홍보 쌀별이형이 글로벌로 거듭나고 있다!!!

  • WIZ쌈무지
    WIZ쌈무지 Month ago

    확실히 백현처럼 탑아이돌이 추천하니 외국인들이 많이 오네

  • blue rose
    blue rose Month ago

    i came here because of baekhyunnie but i already a fan of hanbyul from last year 😍

  • 나가
    나가 Month ago

    밑에 가사

    너무나도 소중한

    해맑은 너의 미소를 기억해

    You are the only one of mine

    세상을 준대도 너야

    달빛 가득 내리는 이 밤에

    널 품에 안고서

    두 눈에 가득 담아

    이대로 모든게 멈췄으면

    이 밤을 삼킨 저 별처럼

    넌 나의 전부

    I can’t take my eyes off you

    넌 나의 모든 이유 내 삶의 노래

    그렇게 니가 나에게 기적이듯

    난 너에게 기쁨이 될게

    너와 나의 내일에 내일을 모두 더해

    I’ll promise you 네게 영원을 약속해

    넘치게 나를 찾아와준

    니가 고마워

    밤새 너를 꿈속에 그리다

    잠결에 눈을 떠

    두 팔로 가득 안아

    너란 빛으로 나를 채울게

    니가 더 밝게 빛나도록

    넌 나의 전부

    I can’t take my eyes off you

    넌 나의 모든 이유 내 삶의 노래

    그렇게 니가 나에게 기적이듯

    난 너에게 기쁨이 될게

    너와 나의 내일에 내일을 모두 더해

    I’ll promise you 네게 영원을 약속해

    넘치게 나를 찾아와준

    니가 고마워

    너를 만난 이후로

    내 모든게 너로 물들어가

    온통 너로 말야

    I can’t take my eyes off you

    넌 나의 모든 이유 내 삶의 노래

    그렇게 니가 나에게 기적이듯

    난 너에게 기쁨이 될게

    너와 나의 내일에 내일을 모두 더해

    I’ll promise you 네게 영원을 약속해

    넘치게 나를 찾아와준

    니가 고마워

    벅차게 너를 사랑할게

  • 나가
    나가 Month ago +1

    임한별 진짜 야무지다...

  • ShelzRkive
    ShelzRkive Month ago +1

    oh my... YT recommended and I was just captivated.....
    Beautiful lyrics, MV, melody....

  • nadya maharani
    nadya maharani Month ago

    I'm here because BAEKHYUN recommended🧡 this is song very very sweet

  • Nelly Deokman
    Nelly Deokman Month ago

    Baekhyun really like Onestar

  • Marisol Guzman
    Marisol Guzman Month ago +1

    I literally couldn't stop smiling watching this video the lyrics are so beautiful.

  • Ana Paula Campos
    Ana Paula Campos Month ago +8

    I'm here because Im Hanbyul is my favorite singer ❤ and I'm happy that Baek is promoting him ♡ so y'all can stop sleeping on this amazing artist.

  • Ana Paula Campos
    Ana Paula Campos Month ago +1

    I want this song on spotify 😡❤

  • Michelle Treadwell
    Michelle Treadwell Month ago


  • 늑대장
    늑대장 Month ago

    노래, 뮤비 완벽

  • Ale MitocondriaL
    Ale MitocondriaL Month ago +1

    Gracias Hanbyul, está hermosa la canción!!!
    Y gracias Baekhyun oppa por tu gran recomendación!! Te amo!!:)

  • 루오아데
    루오아데 Month ago +1

    I'm here because... Hanbyul
    All of his song really suits with my style.

  • Teguh Darsono
    Teguh Darsono Month ago

    bond between man and woman , are beautifull

  • Ezen Ams
    Ezen Ams Month ago +1

    Yeah.. thanks to Baekhyun for recommended this beautiful song. It feels like you're fall in love while listening to it. ❤❤❤🥰

  • Jasmine
    Jasmine Month ago +1

    I’m in love with every of your song💕

  • Najwa awatif
    Najwa awatif Month ago

    이 노래가 너무 줗아요