Carbon XPRIZE Finalist Films

  • Published on Apr 15, 2021
  • The finalist teams competing in the $20 Million NRG Cosia Carbon XPRIZE are making valuable products from carbon dioxide emissions.
    XPRIZE is an educational (501c3) nonprofit organization whose mission is to bring about radical breakthroughs for the benefit of humanity, thereby inspiring the formation of new industries and the revitalization of markets that are currently stuck due to existing failures or a commonly held belief that a solution is not possible. XPRIZE addresses the world's Grand Challenges by creating and managing large-scale, high-profile, incentivized prize competitions that stimulate investment in research and development worth far more than the prize itself. It motivates and inspires brilliant innovators from all disciplines to leverage their intellectual and financial capital.

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  • Guardian presence Robotics

    Convert it into crystal diamond structure and use it to build roads that provide energy to the grid that charge cars

  • mojaverockets

    In five months this only has 3,066 views? In my lifetime I've planted over 100 trees, some that have grown to over 18" in diameter, most that have gotten their water from what little rain we get in the Mojave Desert. Lots of simple things we can do for 'Spaceship Earth'.

  • iloveplayingpr


  • Rajeev Kumar Jha

    Can i participate now???

  • Todd Smith
    Todd Smith Year ago

    Carbon cure!

  • wellthi
    wellthi Year ago +1

    "air protein" the best on is not in the top ten

  • Nick king
    Nick king Year ago +2

    We need to make synthetic algea that reproduces rapidly and secretes oil. We can use that oil to make bioremedial consumer plastics.

  • TodayPerson
    TodayPerson Year ago +2

    The odds of air captured carbon being cheaper than mined, oil sourced or recycled carbon are zero.

  • Brahms O
    Brahms O Year ago