Why isn't Brazilian Football Better?

  • Published on Oct 31, 2018
  • That the Brasileirão is a hotbed of excitement and prodigious talent, is surely one of the biggest myths in domestic football across the globe, and it is about to be debunked.
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  • Myhandsspeak
    Myhandsspeak Day ago

    Shithole country

  • zaddu zaza
    zaddu zaza 3 days ago

    Al wada is in the united arab emirates not saudi arabia

  • Ali mowina
    Ali mowina 5 days ago

    This isn't the logo of Al wihda of Saudi Arabia, this logo belongs for Al wihda of UEA 🇦🇪

  • Hawk Who Knows All
    Hawk Who Knows All 5 days ago


  • Diego Ackley
    Diego Ackley 6 days ago +1

    and this is also the reason I don't see Brazil winning another World Cup for a long time. We're shipping our most promising talents to Europe way too young for them to develop our way. Then when World Cup comes around we have a squad of "european" players that will never beat europeans at their own game. the whole identity of each club having its number 10, the guy who lays the team on his back and gets the job done, and those guys coming together as a team in the seleçao... those days are over. Brazilian players never do anything unpredictable anymore. it's annoying to watch. We desperately need clubs to hold on to the young guys, at least til their mid 20s. The clubs will make a lot more money when they finally sell the player, plus all the money they'll make with season tickets and ticket sales, merchandise... and the player wont lose the Brazilian identity.

  • Victor Leal
    Victor Leal 6 days ago

    Corinthias Cabeçuda KKKKKK

  • jorgin da silva
    jorgin da silva 6 days ago

    in minute 2:03 the Corinthians symbols are wrong

  • João Fernando
    João Fernando 9 days ago

    Brazil sell players, and european buy players, because brazilian players are better. How many english men plays in Liverpool, how many spanish men plays in Real madrid?

  • Deibson Marques
    Deibson Marques 10 days ago

    👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏 you r , indeed, completely right

  • BeetleSauce
    BeetleSauce 11 days ago +1

    We need back the old school 80s 90s Brazil dominant team

  • Axxess Mundi
    Axxess Mundi 13 days ago

    It's ineptitude and 3rd world tribal mindset that keeps Brazil from being a top league. The talent is there in plenty but the mafia CBF are horrible in order and progress. They still play in state leagues. 5 five World Cup country can't pay as rewarding as the Chinese, Ukranian, Russian, Arabian leagues.. the player agents rule the league.

  • Chiemeka Eribenne
    Chiemeka Eribenne 22 days ago

    The Chinese invented football. They called it Cuju.

  • Sultan Dhaheri
    Sultan Dhaheri Month ago

    You put the al wahda uae logo not the alwahda Saudi logo

  • Theobaldo Coelho
    Theobaldo Coelho Month ago

    Eurocentrism, they take every good player from us, Brazil is the third most sucessfull country in the Champions League when it comes to goals made, it's NOT our country's fault that Europe take everything from us, we still can make decent teams even with that money difference, back when there were no such thing, Brazil would beat the shit out of European teams at the Intercontinental Cup, Brazil is the most sucessfull country in Club World Cups together with Spain (Real Madrid 2018 reached us).

    • alan.14242
      alan.14242 6 days ago

      Theobaldo Coelho even now China are getting Brazilians plus since Brazil players are always good likewise with Argentina they are all wanted in the Champions leagues

  • Ronny B
    Ronny B Month ago

    They are divers 1st party animals 2nd soccer players last

  • Uruguay y Nigeria
    Uruguay y Nigeria Month ago

    Because it has been too good now

  • Andersonho Magic
    Andersonho Magic Month ago


  • Jono
    Jono Month ago

    2:49 Managerial Swops > Managerial Swaps

  • Mohammad Karim
    Mohammad Karim Month ago

    Al Wahda club is a club in UAE not Saudi!

  • Leon Tan
    Leon Tan Month ago

    Why isn't the Selecçao better?

  • The Whiz Kid
    The Whiz Kid Month ago

    Difference in culture

  • alber guti
    alber guti Month ago

    You are misleading. The calendar are irrelevant compared to the fact that you are simply selling the any player that is above a certain level meaning the cream of brazilian football will practically never play in theri home country. The rest is simply the consequence of this. I explain you this because is exactly the same for Argentina. And any other poor country. You seem to be the only one believing that Brasileirao is so good....

  • Pedro Pedro
    Pedro Pedro Month ago

    Vai se fude, nós somos os melhores no footbool sim, nossos clubes nao, mas nos sim então vai se fude :C

  • Guel09
    Guel09 Month ago


  • Tilson Antonio
    Tilson Antonio Month ago

    Could u talk about girabola (Angola league

  • G Arantes
    G Arantes Month ago

    Flamengo is gonna change it, mark my words! Thank to Jesus haha. I hope to see a new video about Brazil this year, Great Channel, I'm subscribing

  • santiago carreño
    santiago carreño Month ago

    Why do you think? they sell their best players to Europe

  • reallorn
    reallorn Month ago

    Cuz Europe is more flashy and better to watch?

  • Scratchin' Samurai
    Scratchin' Samurai Month ago

    They don't play on sand as kids and teens anymore

  • teeranit
    teeranit Month ago

    Same go for the French ligue... home of the best talents but their league is well behind major European leagues

  • enter a name here
    enter a name here 2 months ago

    Brazilians didn’t perfect shit. They create exceptional talent, athletic and talented scorers. But Italians perfected it tactically, the Germans perfected leagues structurally and the English perfected the fandom. South Americans just give birth to crazy talent. Probably the top three best of all time are Brazilian and Argentinian( Messi has Italian parents)

  • Ultimate Beast
    Ultimate Beast 2 months ago +1

    Do why isn’t Mexican team better

  • Sean Day
    Sean Day 2 months ago

    It seems like a large portion of this problem could be solved if Brazil (and the rest of the americas) adopted the European calendar football year. Then, no one would have to worry about players leaving midway through the season.

  • a reader
    a reader 2 months ago

    I am just watching the video, but the title doesn't make much sense. How much better can Brazilian football be? They are the top footballing nation in the world by far.

  • Cyber Monk
    Cyber Monk 2 months ago

    Corruption and greed

  • Britonbear
    Britonbear 2 months ago

    Why don't you do a video on the real inventors of the modern game? The Scots that is.

  • Sergio Manteca
    Sergio Manteca 2 months ago

    I think it's funny when people say that un South American league's are only second class players and first class are in Europe and that's why their teams are "bad" but... they played first in South America and those who are called second class become later un first one but they are actually the same players -Vinicius wasn't an important player in Flamengo and not because of his age. It's about press and popularity. The real problems are the little times of work. Teams changes all the time but not only players but managers.
    About Brazil is curious they poor performance in south american competitions out of the '80 and '90. Their club área knowed for being wheepy, claim to the referees in excess, to fall under preasure and hard marking and being not inteligent for claim and play. It's popular the vision of Grêmio as the "most argentinian-uruguayan club from Brazil".
    It's interesting how an stranger see the regional leagues as "pointless". They in fact are not. Understand that Brazil is almost a little confederation. I see as pointless that a country with so many clubs center it's structure in the typical form of leagues. That kills competition, kills regional football (rivalries, clubs and development) and makes the big bigger and the small smallest.

  • Mateus vlogs tube
    Mateus vlogs tube 2 months ago +1

    Gente é Brasil e Brasil é palmeiras

    ADITYA SANTHOSH 2 months ago


  • Brooklyn Montgomery
    Brooklyn Montgomery 2 months ago

    Unfortunately, it’s because Brazilians have poo-poo brains. Electing people with poo-poo brains - it’s why they continue to fall behind Europe. The country is, and I cannot stress this enough, poo-poo.

  • Prod Capostylw
    Prod Capostylw 2 months ago

    short answer europe have money brazil not

  • canofrockstar
    canofrockstar 2 months ago

    because of the party culture and most high profile players are divas

    • canofrockstar
      canofrockstar 2 months ago

      i thought it was going to talk about national team...

  • Crypto BR
    Crypto BR 2 months ago

    Great Summary. Im Brazilian and this is absolutely true. We used to have one of the best leagues in the world in the 50' s all throughout the 90's . Up to when in the late 90's Marketing and Globalization of Football players got swallowed by only the major and more financially powerful clubs. Destroying talents and swooping them too early from their base. Weakening the league and the players progress , considering a lot of them return back after years of bench and loans, when they return, they are totally demotivated. Only a few make it really because o coach preferences. Its a lot of things that need to work out. HOWEVER, we are witnessing a u turn on professionalism on management level in the big clubs. This is reflecting on a better league in 2019.

  • Adam G
    Adam G 3 months ago +2

    Every excuse made here applies to the Portuguese Primeira Liga. Benfica, Porto and Sporting lose half their squads and their managers every year to clubs in Europe with more financial power and better wages, and YET...the Portuguese league is regularly rated among the top 5 leagues in Europe (and consistently performs better than French clubs). Porto & Benfica regularly punch above their weight class.
    The true reason that the Brazil league is weak is they are focused entirely on individual skill and not the rest of the game. This is the reason Brazilian managers are in very low demand.

  • marmaduke hussy
    marmaduke hussy 3 months ago

    Greed .

  • Lucas Souza
    Lucas Souza 3 months ago

    Funny thing is constant managerial changes are becoming more and more common in European football as well. Watford and Valencia just fired their managers yesterday after only 5 games into the season.

  • WhateverYour StoryBro
    WhateverYour StoryBro 3 months ago

    2:54 check the spelling of swaps

  • Ahmed Mahmoud
    Ahmed Mahmoud 3 months ago

    You summed it up perfectly....hopefully 1 day it can turn around and it's not our talent coming to play in Europe.....the other way around

  • KWGamer
    KWGamer 3 months ago

    The emblem you used for Al wehda (Saudi team) is wrong and belongs to Al wahda (UAE team).

  • _ KIXR _
    _ KIXR _ 3 months ago +1

    because europe comes and fucks them. same with argentina.

  • Ahmed El-Mustafa Tagelasfia

    The badge you showed is for the UAE wahda not the Saudi Arabian

  • Sniper Lewis 16 • Aberdeen fan

    Scotland invented passing

  • matheus tobaldini
    matheus tobaldini 3 months ago

    Tifo you used the wrong Corinthians logo fuck sake

  • matheus tobaldini
    matheus tobaldini 3 months ago

    State Championships are not pointless

  • Russell ward
    Russell ward 3 months ago

    The opening quote is a big part of the problem. They continue to live in the past and dont evolve. Clubs are playing very unimaginative style of football. Focused on athletes and winning cheap free kicks. Its not just that talented players leave. Its that clubs want them out of the league as soon as possible so there growth isnt stunted playing dark ages football. Firing the managers every 3 months doesnt help.

  • Theo
    Theo 3 months ago

    The bigger issue at least for me is the Seleção now longer resembling their predecessors. This has happened for two reasons. Firstly the game has changed; it's much more physically demanding. Second, Brazil caters for European clubs. Changes in tactics have brought changes in player development. Kids need to be physically good as well as contribute to multiple phases of the game. Those that are technically sound though apathetic defensively or/and physically inferior don't have a place in today's game, where's in the past there were players of this description that were household names.

  • Oliver Okazaki
    Oliver Okazaki 3 months ago

    CURINTIAS CABEÇUDA!!! LOL There are so much more to know, so many political, culture and social issues to solve and grow... Soccer isn't that important for us anymore.... Brazil gotta grow as a whole country and nation, on education, health, and respect among us.... after that our sports league will be naturally settled.

  • Abu Hadrami
    Abu Hadrami 3 months ago

    Because they can't show me the...... MONEEEEEEEY

  • Mike cee
    Mike cee 3 months ago

    Football was invented in Scotland if it was'nt for us you'd be playing rugby still........

  • just me
    just me 3 months ago +1

    Yet they have a strong national team, meanwhile we complain that the Premier League hinders local talent at the expense of the national team..