Ranking the WORST Haircuts in the Premier League

  • Published on Dec 10, 2019
  • Ranking the WORST Haircuts in the Premier League - Including Paul Pogba, Hector Bellerin, Harvey Elliot, Jack Grealish and more!
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  • Thogden
    Thogden  Month ago +172

    Who is your club's player with the worst haircut?

  • Izzy C
    Izzy C 3 days ago

    Not gonna lie, I don’t mind Harvey Elliots hair 😂😂😂

  • Benjamin Chater
    Benjamin Chater 3 days ago

    i like cantwell’s hair tho😂

  • ᗯIᒪᒪ ᒍOᑎEᔕ

    his dads haircut is dusty

  • ᗯIᒪᒪ ᒍOᑎEᔕ

    wtf ia wrong with this channel/video this video is wrong
    listen to yourself you are ranking hair styles just let them have what they want

  • jon titcombe
    jon titcombe 5 days ago

    Southampton worst is romeu

  • Nic Soul
    Nic Soul 5 days ago

    Tellitoppy😅😂 lol

  • Daniel 989
    Daniel 989 8 days ago

    Do part 2!

  • Callum Jones
    Callum Jones 8 days ago

    That picture of Andy Carroll was from about 10 years ago, his trim now isn't as tragic as that

  • Callum Jones
    Callum Jones 8 days ago

    It's pretty unfair to say David Luiz has a bad haircut

  • Hmcstea 7
    Hmcstea 7 8 days ago

    How dare you do that to Carrol. He is the sexiest and best football player alive

  • Jake Kenny
    Jake Kenny 9 days ago

    What about bong

  • lj-h-ot potato
    lj-h-ot potato 10 days ago

    Thanks for putting a smile on face. I love your vids big up then and thogdad.

  • William day
    William day 12 days ago

    What’s wrong with long hair

  • Charlie Nolan
    Charlie Nolan 13 days ago

    The Isaac Success one was about four years ago

  • Luis Pleasant
    Luis Pleasant 14 days ago

    This annoyed me when u said pogba he did it to take the mick out of Man City when we did the comeback and he started bragging - on the other hand I love the vids

  • LynX Gigabyte
    LynX Gigabyte 14 days ago

    Guendoozi Arsenal?

  • El1as V.
    El1as V. 14 days ago

    Ethan ampadu, bur he is out on loan som i guess willian

  • Ets Vs Ams
    Ets Vs Ams 16 days ago

    Disgrace you two

  • Ets Vs Ams
    Ets Vs Ams 16 days ago

    Your hairline looks like my nana stretch marks

  • Eddie Tiller
    Eddie Tiller 16 days ago

    For me- short,back and sides is too bland.

  • grealish 4 life
    grealish 4 life 16 days ago +2

    . .

    and also thogdads hair looks like he swept hair up of off the barbers floor wet it and shoved it on his head @Thogden

    • Jake Kenny
      Jake Kenny 9 days ago

      Ur a grealish fan u can’t say much

  • Rayan Shafqat
    Rayan Shafqat 16 days ago

    Jack Grealish has a good hair cut

  • Travis Salisbury
    Travis Salisbury 16 days ago

    I support Leicester and I’m saying Perez

  • Itz Astra
    Itz Astra 17 days ago

    Elliot hes the best liverpool youngster

  • IamKaspian
    IamKaspian 17 days ago

    harvey elliott is shit anyway lol

  • Freaky Freestylers
    Freaky Freestylers 18 days ago

    Rangers Alfredo Morelos

  • SkullZiX
    SkullZiX 18 days ago

    mate if your saying man buns are bad why not van dijk hes got nice hair and its a man bun

  • ALL YouTube of gui
    ALL YouTube of gui 18 days ago

    Odysseyas vlachodimos

  • 4M1RY
    4M1RY 18 days ago +3

    Some of these haircuts weren’t even that bad

  • AlEx DuDe
    AlEx DuDe 18 days ago

    Nice vid

  • TUgameZ MELON
    TUgameZ MELON 19 days ago

    My club (Juventus) worst haircut goes to cr7 with his samurai haircut

  • LC HG
    LC HG 19 days ago

    I stopped playing football some years ago, but I had Cantwells haircuts along time and i don't bother me at all.

  • Ekho
    Ekho 19 days ago +2

    I can’t understand why all long hair is a bad trim just because they’re men

  • Owen 071
    Owen 071 19 days ago

    Jack Grealish’s Haircut is mint

  • Steve Unwin
    Steve Unwin 20 days ago

    How dare you say that to harvey

  • Viljam_i
    Viljam_i 20 days ago

    Did u know that Santa calus means joulupukki in finland and in finland we have Teemu Pukki

  • Jayden Fieldson
    Jayden Fieldson 20 days ago

    If u like this comment u want the thogdad haircut

  • Xcisco99
    Xcisco99 20 days ago

    You look like nick from big mouth

  • eXotic Woody
    eXotic Woody 21 day ago

    Carrolls is legendary hed look really weird if he cut it off

  • Archie Smith
    Archie Smith 21 day ago

    Guendozi? Instead of David Luik maybe

  • Daggermandan
    Daggermandan 21 day ago

    I'm that person with the man bun.

  • marc leighton
    marc leighton 21 day ago

    I love jack grealish's hair 🤷🏼‍♀️

  • Bailey James
    Bailey James 21 day ago

    Theo talking as if he has a good trim

    TRUE MEME 21 day ago +2

    8:55 thogdad midle finger

  • Groot the powerful tree


  • Sam Taylor
    Sam Taylor 21 day ago

    Vestergaard has shorter hair now

  • Jay Mills
    Jay Mills 21 day ago

    Thogdads a nonce

  • Adidas allstars Keegan

    Don’t roast pukie because of his hair or enything he’s scored some major goals

  • James the Leicester fan

    Ranking the best trims

  • James the Leicester fan

    Cag is a legend

  • Trampoline__OGbtw
    Trampoline__OGbtw 21 day ago

    I think yedlins is actually okay 😂

  • Zac_LFC2001
    Zac_LFC2001 21 day ago

    Andy Carroll suits the manbun and you'd probably moan about him looking weird if he cut it off

  • Football Fails
    Football Fails 21 day ago

    Mine is Tom Davis of Everton
    (I support Everton)

  • JessMears
    JessMears 21 day ago +1

    Harvey Elliott is a great player

  • Harvey's productions

    These people are talking absolute s**t. Sort yourselves out dickheads

  • Henrick Larsson
    Henrick Larsson 21 day ago

    Look up Bayo Haircuts Celtic

  • Tommi Jokinen
    Tommi Jokinen 22 days ago +1

    Teemu Pukki!!!!!!!!!¡!!!!!! Suomi

  • little Grace
    little Grace 22 days ago

    I think will grigg from Sunderland

  • Kian Begley
    Kian Begley 22 days ago

    Do the Scottish league