Why We Didn't See These Characters In Avengers: Endgame

  • Published on May 5, 2019
  • The Marvel Cinematic Universe is a vast narrative that grows more expansive and complex with each movie. Directors Joe and Anthony Russo managed to work a healthy chunk of that universe into Avengers: Endgame, but there isn't always room for everyone. As much as we may have wanted to see them, here's why we didn't see these characters in Endgame.

    Stellan Skarsgård’s Dr. Erik Selvig can't boast any magical powers or high-tech suits of armor, but he was integral early on the MCU. Appearing in the first two Thor films as well as the first two Avengers movies, we last saw Selvig in 2015's Age of Ultron helping Thor recapture his vision of the Infinity Stones.
    A week before Endgame's premiere, Skarsgård confirmed he wasn’t part of the cast.
    "I've done four [Marvel films] and they have me contracted for five and they haven't called me yet. They usually call me when they need some weird plot to be explained in a quasi-scientific way."
    Selvig entered the MCU as part of Thor's entourage, but that was before the game-changing Thor: Ragnarok, which was the first entry of the Thor franchise to not involve him, Natalie Portman, or Kat Dennings. It was also unquestionably the most successful in that franchise. Ragnarok's success made Skarsgård part of a Thor paradigm that the MCU may not be interested in anymore.
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  • Lowe-san
    Lowe-san 6 days ago

    were was vison and quicksilver?

  • parodysam
    parodysam Month ago

    Kat Dennings was good though

  • Akshat Gupta
    Akshat Gupta Month ago

    What about the other? He should have come from 2014 with thanos army as he was not dead at the start of guardians of the galaxy vol.1

  • Bahama Jackson
    Bahama Jackson 2 months ago

    i'm not asking. the film was great without these dicks. and you know phil coulson died. what a stupid video this is. why do you care about dead man odin? he died in thor ragnarok. it's already good without them. i don't care they didn't appear in the film. eitri left the mcu. we don't need and deserve that.

  • Sal Scalici
    Sal Scalici 3 months ago +4



  • Eric Mesias
    Eric Mesias 3 months ago

    Also why we didn’t see Hulk love interest from the Incredible Hulk movie in the avengers movies

  • Daves GoldenDuck
    Daves GoldenDuck 3 months ago +1

    No Quicksilver, Lady Siv, Vision, Asgardians, and soooo many more

  • Sage Turmelle
    Sage Turmelle 3 months ago

    Am i a joke to you?

  • Siddharth Bhatia
    Siddharth Bhatia 3 months ago

    Either Dead or unnecessary. There I saved you time.

  • Luke Moran
    Luke Moran 3 months ago +1

    Sif should be in GOT3 or Thor 4 or even a Disney plus show and reunite with Thor

  • Marlon  Moncrieffe
    Marlon Moncrieffe 3 months ago +1

    Sif should have been at the end of Endgame!
    Stupid Disney!

  • Carmelo Shoto
    Carmelo Shoto 3 months ago +1

    Btw where's kraglin

  • Somdet Deenok
    Somdet Deenok 3 months ago +1

    What about Lupita from Black Pantherm

  • One Punch Man
    One Punch Man 4 months ago +1

    Vision : "what about me"

  • J Cast
    J Cast 4 months ago

    Why weren't M'BAKU & NAKIA not in Avengers: Endgame???
    I loved both Lupita Nyong'o & Winston Duke's characters.

    THE ICHI 4 months ago +1

    What about thor sister.
    And thor took his hammer from the past. Shouldn't that affect the future?....

  • Kumar Tillay
    Kumar Tillay 4 months ago

    Avengers know coulson is alive even if he was dead to audiences...lol

    OMG BOI 4 months ago +1

    Vision:Am I a joke to you?

  • Leigh Silver
    Leigh Silver 4 months ago +1

    Really no explaination about Emily Van Camp Sharon Carter?

  • Tom Ryan
    Tom Ryan 4 months ago

    You forgot vision

  • Phill Collier
    Phill Collier 4 months ago

    To put this long narrative into one short simple sentence:
    These characters mentioned weren't in endgame because no one outside of total comic nerds really gave a shit about them.

  • Boss Lax316
    Boss Lax316 4 months ago


  • Brian Weyne
    Brian Weyne 4 months ago

    What about hela and ultron?

  • Elijah Augustine
    Elijah Augustine 4 months ago


  • mgs771
    mgs771 4 months ago

    sif appeared in marvels agents of shield on earth not knowing who she was

  • NotoriousNoe
    NotoriousNoe 4 months ago +1

    No Agent Coulson in Endgame was probably one of the very few disappointments in the movie for me.

    DEATHSTROKE 4 months ago

    and sharon carter is nowhere to be found

  • Ernest Mackoi
    Ernest Mackoi 4 months ago +1

    Wtf! The real question is WHERE IS M'BAKU?

    • Ashley Dann
      Ashley Dann 4 months ago

      Ernest Mackoi he was in the battle you saw him briefly

  • Francis Texson
    Francis Texson 4 months ago

    How about lupita from black panther, u know black Panthers love interest?

  • Awsome boi
    Awsome boi 4 months ago

    Ummmmmmmmmmmmm what about vision?

  • Fisher Theo
    Fisher Theo 4 months ago

    What, you didn't see this Coming?

  • Fullyactive Records
    Fullyactive Records 4 months ago

    I wanted to at least see luck iron first and dare devil once maybe even ghot rider

  • Isaac the Worship Warrior

    I dont know about you guys, but when the final battle begins and both armies are colliding, I swear I saw Sif in the corner of the screen next to the Asgardian soldiers

  • Adam Grinberg
    Adam Grinberg 4 months ago

    You forgot someone else missing. THE FRIGGIN ANTS! I mean what the hell??? They were a big part of the antman movies. The guy can command an army of ants. I guess thag could have been useful in the big battle to have an army of giant ants... They were also missing from civil war btw.

  • 世界初男性バーチャルコメント

    Don't forget Sharon Carter

  • JB
    JB 4 months ago

    Sif is rumored to have a Disney+ series.

  • EnvisionerWill
    EnvisionerWill 4 months ago +1

    Holy crap, Adam Blampied is with Looper now?

  • Alexis Varacolacci
    Alexis Varacolacci 4 months ago

    Sif WAS in the final battle. She had a brief cameo when the Asgardians appear.

  • MDMFRF Davud
    MDMFRF Davud 4 months ago


  • Samus Aran
    Samus Aran 4 months ago +4

    Yup, Lady Sif should have been on that "girl power" scene during the final battle.

    • Leon SZ
      Leon SZ 3 months ago

      Samus Aran and ghost imo

    ASSEMBLE 4 months ago

    Skarsgard, Asgard

  • humair jahangir
    humair jahangir 4 months ago

    It was not avenges...it was only cap, iron man, and antman who has contribution in this film...that's why infinity war was far better than endgame...sorry but I don't appreciate this mavie...

  • TwinTerrors 04
    TwinTerrors 04 4 months ago

    3:35 my last brain cell😵

  • Drew B
    Drew B 4 months ago

    I'm pretty sure that a picture of Erik Selvig was shown at the beginning of Endgame, as one of the victims of the snap

  • Wyntah B
    Wyntah B 4 months ago

    What about black Panthers girl friend

  • Ernest Sanchez
    Ernest Sanchez 4 months ago

    What about Sharon Carter Agent 13???

  • Green Battosai
    Green Battosai 4 months ago


  • starzandearth
    starzandearth 4 months ago

    Endgame was bad

  • Leon Evelake
    Leon Evelake 4 months ago

    Frigga actual had a fair amount o screen time in dark world considering what happens two or three scenes than a fight

  • BijinXOXO
    BijinXOXO 4 months ago

    Jaime Alexander should have been Wonder Woman.

  • TLoula MacCrue
    TLoula MacCrue 4 months ago +1

    Would love to see Lady Sif return. Now Thor is no longer King . woukd love to see them fight side by side once again

  • dario202f
    dario202f 4 months ago

    Avengers!!!...assemble. Followed by a glorious charge to victory.

  • Mobster Monkey
    Mobster Monkey 4 months ago

    What about Betty Ross like I want to see her and Bruce not blackwidow and hulk like come on she is still in the mcu

  • 7th Prime
    7th Prime 4 months ago

    Uhmm, Nick Fury faked Coulson's death in Avengers, and Maria Hill know about it. So it is clear that Coulson is alive even after Avengers.

  • MonkeyBomb 918
    MonkeyBomb 918 4 months ago

    I wish we saw Lady Sif in the final battle against Thanos. That would have been so cool!

  • Jason Cecil
    Jason Cecil 4 months ago +1

    Um,coulson showed up in age of ultron to help save ppl with the helicarrier, you said he has been dead cinematically sense avengers?

  • Ron Kantrowitz
    Ron Kantrowitz 4 months ago +1

    Jaime Alexander would have been a perfect Wonder Woman

  • A.E.E.N 5th
    A.E.E.N 5th 4 months ago

    Its a disgrace Sif is not on MCU, Me and Adam Warlock are in love with her

  • Koby Mathews
    Koby Mathews 4 months ago +9

    Sif is Thor's best love interest by far and also who he's supposed to be with, in Norse mythology Sif is Thor's wife

  • Ayes 96
    Ayes 96 4 months ago

    IDK I really like the narrator's accent 😂