Every Marvel/DC Movie from Worst to Best (Rotten Tomatoes Scores)


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  • Ichigo Kurosaki
    Ichigo Kurosaki  2 months ago +3480

    Update: Since I posted this video, the Rotten Tomatoes score for Venom went from 32% down to 30%

    • Coolster HD
      Coolster HD Day ago

      Actually Venom Is Great. Why? Because the movie is the backstory of venom I like it a lot

    • Anthony Delgado
      Anthony Delgado Day ago

      I honestly loved venom

    • _ DEScended
      _ DEScended 2 days ago

      In all honesty, Venom was not the best, but it was fun to watch. I liked it. My friends liked it. People I know like it. Apparently not those people whose house is a river of marvel comics.

    • Mr.6pixel
      Mr.6pixel 2 days ago

      NOW SPIDER-MANl: INTO THE SPIDER VERSE IS 98% at one point it was 100%

    • why do some people hate multifandom stans?
      why do some people hate multifandom stans? 2 days ago

      TBH Venom was not bad at all SRSLY
      Its just that I really hate Venom being an over possesive symbiote,more like an overpossesive boyfriend to Brock. Can he just give us villain vibes?

  • Wrestling Anime 4life
    Wrestling Anime 4life 25 minutes ago

    The Dark Knight is on a different level ,black panther is nowhere as good as that masterpiece.

  • Aaron Fong
    Aaron Fong 46 minutes ago +1


  • azog s
    azog s 6 hours ago

    Spiderman homecoming the worst mouvie ever

  • Iza I
    Iza I 7 hours ago

    When you realize that spider-verse has a 98, that passes every single movie in this list. But is not even a MCU movie. Nope... just went down to a 97. How dare they!?

  • sean Macguire
    sean Macguire 8 hours ago

    Wakanda forever

  • Emu The Great
    Emu The Great 8 hours ago

    Some of the ratings of rotten Tomatoes are actual Shit

  • some random channel
    some random channel 10 hours ago +2

    Then comes spider verse with 100%

  • Queen Davis
    Queen Davis 10 hours ago

    Marvels movies are better in movies but Dc’s shows are better

  • Pixel Invader
    Pixel Invader 10 hours ago

    Black Phanter is the highest rotten tomato scores?!

  • ZachMaster97
    ZachMaster97 12 hours ago

    Wakanda Forever

  • 7soon
    7soon 13 hours ago

    Black panther😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Mr Fade Rodriguez
    Mr Fade Rodriguez 16 hours ago

    You enraged me when you dragged Logan, Infinite wars and Winter soldier along with all of dark knight trilogy and Deadpool 1 below Black Panther for ur social reasons,
    Well hats of to Kill monger for being great in his own but when taking it as a whole film noways.O damn.,,,this is quite hilarious
    At least for me on personal lvl,
    Serously, if I started on this then there's no end but to cut short I think films like guardians of galaxy2, black panther, Ant-Man & Wasp and A Few Others while are overall pretty good but still overrated, not only here but pretty much everywhere I see, and films such as man of steel and BVS are always quite underated,atleast it was better than suicide squad in most ways apart of Harley darkchik looks and slangs what did S.squad had I don't know.
    It's just that at certain places it was a bit more dramatised,.....😂🤣 As u see(Maternal Issues , and bats overly dudes manners) but still as it was required too to some extent as the demand of situation of those guys as it was the plot point afterall,
    But still in no way below any such bullshits...

  • nicholas acquah
    nicholas acquah 17 hours ago

    Black Panther's box office is doing way better than dark night...
    Wakanda forever

  • Karl Marx
    Karl Marx 17 hours ago

    Dc only had 2 movies above 90% that weren't from the 1900

  • 10_Jonathan_YT
    10_Jonathan_YT 20 hours ago

    Who here thinks that the Spider-Man and avenger movies are the best movies

  • John Maniatis
    John Maniatis 21 hour ago

    V the 2nd best movie what the fuck?

  • gautham umamageshwaran
    gautham umamageshwaran 23 hours ago

    Hulk(2003) got 62

  • evilhappyface
    evilhappyface Day ago

    i dont like that logan wasnt number 1

  • Đạt Nguyễn Công

    Cannot believe that Black Panther got the highest score out there.

  • Mega_Crysis_Cmg1 aka Chris

    Wakanda Forever!!!!!!!!

  • evilhappyface
    evilhappyface Day ago +1

    you should have made this video after spider man: into the spider verse

    • Jack Jack
      Jack Jack 6 hours ago

      Iza I I know but it can't be compared to these it only can compared to other animated superhero movies

    • Iza I
      Iza I 7 hours ago

      It is still basically an superheroe movie. And it is great!

    • Jack Jack
      Jack Jack 22 hours ago

      evilhappyface nope that's animaited Movie

  • Peter Salhab
    Peter Salhab Day ago

    Screw rotten tomatoes

  • Dim mary
    Dim mary Day ago +1

    X-MEN movies ( including W) and Spider-Man movies were great one.
    But the last X-Men movie is less liked because Wolverine isn't there.

  • Skeli928 A
    Skeli928 A Day ago

    Venom was good

  • Coolster HD
    Coolster HD Day ago +1

    Actually dark knight was good but black panther is more good

  • Alexander Bagelz
    Alexander Bagelz Day ago +1

    Note : Marvel Movie - Spiderman Into the Spiderverse / 100% Rotten Tomatoes

    • Jack Jack
      Jack Jack 22 hours ago

      Alexander Bagelz it's 97%

  • Captain Nemo
    Captain Nemo Day ago

    Blackpanther over the darknight and Logan? Wtf is this BS. The only good thing in Blackpanther was the villains...

  • TheMultiverse Plays

    Logan or Dark Knight should be number 1 gtfo with this libcuck shit

  • Big Belly Productions

    Marvel Fans: Bash DC fans in the comments
    DC Fans: get pissed off over reviews from one of the stupidest sites on earth.
    Me: What if I told you... you can like both Marvel AND DC?


    The librarian said

    Read more

  • Yanxi
    Yanxi Day ago +1

    Spider Man - Into the spider-verse - 98%

  • Chris Xeffino
    Chris Xeffino Day ago

    Spider verse destroyed all of these.

  • korazon Re
    korazon Re Day ago

    0:58 is that Vitas

  • Napoleon Bonaparte

    Honestly, i hate people who base their opinion of a movie on critic opinions, they are nothing but wannabe professionals, their opinions are just as subjective as everyones and should not be values any higher

  • Mr laden.
    Mr laden. Day ago

    FOR ALL THOSE WHO ARE WONDERING WHY VENOM WAS RATED LOW WAS simply because lady ga ga fans wanted to save the movie so they chose venom to target and get people over to
    Blah blah you know

    BIZZYBRON Day ago

    So daredevil was better then venom?😂

  • mtmiller1210
    mtmiller1210 Day ago

    Rotten Tomatoes is so full of SH*T. Superman Returns was not better than Man of Steel. Black Panther was good, but no where near as good as Infinity Wars, Civil War or even Guardians of the Galaxy. They put Black Panther on top to be Politically Correct.

  • Tarek Mridul
    Tarek Mridul 2 days ago

    where is steel ?

  • Tarek Mridul
    Tarek Mridul 2 days ago

    1.the dark knight rises
    2.the dark knight
    3.iron man
    4.batman begins
    5.spider man
    6.xmen future past
    7.the avenger
    8.the wolverine
    9.x men
    10.incredible hulk
    11.batman returns
    13.iron man 2
    16.spider man 2
    17.fantastic 4 (jessica)
    19.superman 3
    20.and the rest ...........

  • Pradyut Bhuyan
    Pradyut Bhuyan 2 days ago

    what the hell is this ? infinity war is the best

  • crazyninja 1125
    crazyninja 1125 2 days ago

    Harry Potter deathly hallows pt 2
    98%.... Hahahahaha😂😂😂😊😊😊😊
    Harry Potter fans like👇👇👇👇

  • Bruce Wayne
    Bruce Wayne 2 days ago

    How is black panther 97% it was the worst mcu movie

  • Ahaan Shetty
    Ahaan Shetty 2 days ago +5

    Black panther was decent but the dark knight is the greatest superhero movie by far in my opinion

  • Manju prince
    Manju prince 2 days ago

    Marvel movies best

  • Kaden Harmon
    Kaden Harmon 2 days ago +2

    The Dark Knight and Spiderman 2(2004) are the greatest superhero films of all time.

  • rusty
    rusty 2 days ago +1

    black panther wasn't thaat good you're just racist if you criticise it

  • rusty
    rusty 2 days ago

    theres a howard the duck movie??

  • Venom Fan2008
    Venom Fan2008 2 days ago

    Where’s Nick Fury

  • Poke
    Poke 2 days ago

    Chicos ese es la importancia de ser negro siempre serás mejor que todos
    :v me ofendí yo mismo

  • Mr.6pixel
    Mr.6pixel 2 days ago

    NOW SPIDER-MANl: INTO THE SPIDER VERSE IS 98% at one point it was 100%

  • Catus Fearus
    Catus Fearus 2 days ago

    Why the hell did venom get such a terrible rating? I mean its definitely not the best Marvel movie but WHY IS IT 32% WHAT DID IT DO TO GIVE IT SUCH A TERRIBLE RATING

  • TheLonelySpaceman 101

    Spider-Man 3?

  • DeathstrokeClub
    DeathstrokeClub 2 days ago +1

    Rotten tomatoes is full of crap

  • Ariel Ludueña
    Ariel Ludueña 2 days ago

    Venom👍👍 99 pet no 32 😔

  • Ariel Ludueña
    Ariel Ludueña 2 days ago

    8:00 hulk Predator vs aliens

  • Tomi Astrada
    Tomi Astrada 2 days ago

    Batman & Robin is better than Justice League bye

  • mj mclaugh
    mj mclaugh 2 days ago

    Listet, you can't EVER go solely by Rotten Tomatoes. They are not accurate, and surprise surprise, are biased... who knew coming from a bunch of online critics from Hollywood (or wherever) it would be biased?! The only way you'll know if you like is if you go see it yourself.

  • *Tony the Iron Man* *Stark Da Goat*

    Top 10 Best movies in The history
    1. Avengers infinity war
    2. All Marvel Movies
    3. " " "
    4. " " "
    5. " " "
    6. " " "
    7. " " "
    8. " " "
    9. " " "
    10. " " "

  • Giorgi Abzhandadze
    Giorgi Abzhandadze 2 days ago

    1. The Dark Knight
    2. Logan
    3. V For Vendeta
    4. Spider Man
    5. Thor: Ragnarok
    6. Doctor Strange
    7. Dead Pool 2
    8. Avengers: Infinity War
    9. The Dark Knight Rises
    10. Guardians of the Galaxy

  • Derenzz
    Derenzz 2 days ago

    Wait a min... why was spider man 3 so high?

  • Necmo Gamer
    Necmo Gamer 2 days ago

    I’m a hardcore marvel fan and I agree dc sucks balls. But man of steel is one of the best movies ever (2nd best cuz of infinity war)

  • Harry Magar
    Harry Magar 2 days ago +1


  • the gothic pirate
    the gothic pirate 3 days ago

    i dont go by what RT rate the movies, they know shit and they sure do have something against DC movies too, RT are just a bunch of wank, if you ask me

  • Alexander Murcia Calderón

    que ranking mas malo

  • Sheppard
    Sheppard 3 days ago

    Its obviously a pretty bad rating system LOL XD dahhhhh

  • Dark Star
    Dark Star 3 days ago +1

    Watchmen and Man of steel are criminally underrated films. Batman Returns also should have higher ratings

  • Ricardab Ramos
    Ricardab Ramos 3 days ago +2

    Black Panther was only popular because the protagonist was black
    *Change my Mind*

  • Страж Готэма

    Black Panther is better than The Dark Knight? Fuck this world, I'm done.

  • JR The Animator
    JR The Animator 3 days ago +2

    I don't think that any DC Movie can be placed above Avengers: Infinity War

    • Jack Jack
      Jack Jack 2 days ago +2

      JR The Animator nice try

  • Dr Krelzak The Destroyer Sr. XXI

    I liked venom

  • Stelus Studios
    Stelus Studios 3 days ago

    Spiderman deserves to be at most 40%. By far one of the shittiest marvel movies

  • Stelus Studios
    Stelus Studios 3 days ago

    Rotten Tomatoes is by far the worst movie review organization I have ever seen. Who puts black panther over deadpool or infinity war. There were too many bad decisions to count but that one ticked me off

  • Wbuff_ Savage
    Wbuff_ Savage 3 days ago

    Black panther or Superman should not be higher than the dark knight and the dark knight rises

  • General G.
    General G. 3 days ago

    also IW should be WAY higher

  • Tazer TO
    Tazer TO 3 days ago

    is the dark night so good? i never saw that movie..

  • Snoozy Sleeps
    Snoozy Sleeps 3 days ago

    Black panther sucked

  • Aakashdeep Sharma
    Aakashdeep Sharma 3 days ago

    Is there anyone in this universe that thinks that black panther was the worst marvel movie😬..the cgi and all was good but the story and acting was bad as fuck..is there anyone who agrees with me although this is really controversial 🤣

  • Trigger _
    Trigger _ 3 days ago

    The Dark Knight should be rated higher than Black Panther

  • Alfred Jørgensen
    Alfred Jørgensen 3 days ago

    RIP fantastic four

  • Partyskull 22
    Partyskull 22 3 days ago

    How did u get adds with that curse word on 1997?

  • Aliefe İşbilen
    Aliefe İşbilen 3 days ago


  • Sandro Lopez
    Sandro Lopez 3 days ago

    4:28 VENOM 32%?????????!?!??!?!

    • Jack Jack
      Jack Jack 22 hours ago

      Sandro Lopez actually it's 28% now

  • David & Lori McGaughey
    David & Lori McGaughey 3 days ago +2

    Expect to see DC at the bottom,
    Expect most MCU to be over 80%

  • johobo Playz
    johobo Playz 3 days ago +1

    Venom was such a good movie

  • Andrei
    Andrei 3 days ago

    The fact that the ant-man and the wasp movie and black panther have a similar score to captain america winter soldier, the dark knight and spider-man (2002) actually shows rotten tomato rating means absolutely nothing.

  • Abraham Soymilkerman

    Why did the amzing spider man 2 only get 52% its a rlly good dc movie

  • Roxie Brookes
    Roxie Brookes 4 days ago

    Like = Marvel
    Comment = DC

  • Sirio Sini
    Sirio Sini 4 days ago

    Justice league higher than venom, WTFF?

  • Holdy Macksalad
    Holdy Macksalad 4 days ago

    Avengers end game will destroy all movies

  • Badboy Arsalan!
    Badboy Arsalan! 4 days ago +3

    Avengers End game
    Btw Find 8!

    • Jack Jack
      Jack Jack 22 hours ago

      Badboy Arsalan! But you don't have enough reason to improve that it is the best

    • Badboy Arsalan!
      Badboy Arsalan! 2 days ago

      +Jack Jack Bro I Think You Are Drunk Avengers Series Is Favourite oF Whole world!!!!!!!!

    • Jack Jack
      Jack Jack 2 days ago

      Badboy Arsalan! So you want that movie to be the best for no reason

  • Wermath SS
    Wermath SS 4 days ago

    Marvel action movie nowadays are more like comedy type , so disappointed

  • ItsOscar_Ok?
    ItsOscar_Ok? 4 days ago +1

    6:58 Who sees hidden face

  • Rouge Nargacuga - Gaming & More!

    Disliking cause Thor ragnarok wasn't number 1

  • Grisel Baez
    Grisel Baez 4 days ago

    Rotten tomatoes is a joke . No way in hell Black Panther is the best super heroes movie. It should be around the middle.

  • EdgelessShark The God

    Marvels biggest mistake: Fantastic 4
    Dc’s biggest mistake: Creating DC

    • Jack Jack
      Jack Jack 2 days ago

      EdgelessShark The God wow what a hater

  • Leon GAMER
    Leon GAMER 4 days ago +1

    Spiderman of miles morales 99%

    • Jack Jack
      Jack Jack 2 days ago

      Leon GAMER it's 98% now
      Edit: it's 97% now

  • cutedits
    cutedits 4 days ago +1

    i refuse to believe wonder woman is better than infinity war

  • VanTae J. Renoir
    VanTae J. Renoir 4 days ago

    I never realize constantine is DC heroes, i should play check

  • carnage fandom
    carnage fandom 4 days ago

    amigo entiendo q no entiendas y posiblemente no me entiendas pero los 4 fantasticos venom xmen no las hiso marvel studios y algo q todos saben es q las pelis de marvel superan por mucho alas de dc