Every Superhero Movie from Worst to Best (Rotten Tomatoes Scores)


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  • Ichigo Kurosaki
    Ichigo Kurosaki  7 days ago +2463

    Update: Since I posted this video, the Rotten Tomatoes score for Venom went from 32% down to 30%

    • KidFury avb
      KidFury avb 4 hours ago

      +Wolfistic Entertainment YEA

    • Wolfistic Entertainment
      Wolfistic Entertainment 5 hours ago

      100% for Venom! :D

    • Ms.Peacock ·
      Ms.Peacock · 5 hours ago

      Jesus Christ its just a movie
      Why so srs about the critics? They might be right!
      Have you considered reading one of those critics that they had wrote?

    • KidFury avb
      KidFury avb 5 hours ago


    • CoastLineLocal Gaming
      CoastLineLocal Gaming 5 hours ago

      Venom is not from marvel it's from sony u should change the thumbnail

  • Mandeep Puppala
    Mandeep Puppala 4 hours ago

    what about 100%

  • DL Jarman
    DL Jarman 4 hours ago

    Okay. People. You do realise that RT is just basing it's percentage on the number of favourable reviews by critics. Stop blaming the platform and look at the reviews behind the percentage and the critics. However, just watch the film's and make your own minds up..

  • DL Jarman
    DL Jarman 4 hours ago

    Green Lantern was so shit.

  • Athindr Sudev
    Athindr Sudev 4 hours ago

    Am I the only one who thought Antman and the Wasp was garbage?

  • Munna Rameez
    Munna Rameez 4 hours ago

    Why people hate venom....... . I love him

  • Efrain Gonzalez
    Efrain Gonzalez 5 hours ago

    Black panther only because they're all black I would give it somewhere in the mid to high 80s

  • ExtroierX
    ExtroierX 5 hours ago

    I focus on the audience score. Critics don’t know anything.

  • Simon Thonfors
    Simon Thonfors 5 hours ago

    wtf black panther was good but its not better then civil war, homecoming, or The Dark Knight

  • Sreevats Kamarapu
    Sreevats Kamarapu 6 hours ago

    Many mistakes rotten eggs!!!!!k

  • Spawn
    Spawn 6 hours ago

    This is not right, Roger Corman's Fantastic 4 in front of Venom? Wtf

  • MarvGaming26 Canlas
    MarvGaming26 Canlas 6 hours ago


  • Vedant Sarva
    Vedant Sarva 6 hours ago +1

    What The Crap! V For Vendetta Is Rated Higher Than Amazing Spider Man 1 Rotten Tomatoes Is Shit!


    Venom was a really nice movie

  • ThatGamer065
    ThatGamer065 6 hours ago +1

    I don’t understand how venom got a 30 I thought it was good

  • Magni Thorson
    Magni Thorson 6 hours ago

    I actually liked Venom though....

  • Retr0n
    Retr0n 6 hours ago

    You probably don't know what "every superhero movie" means.

  • Tutro zon
    Tutro zon 6 hours ago

    1) Superman returns
    2) Man of steel

  • fonk u
    fonk u 6 hours ago

    venom > thor, iron man 2, spiderman 3, xmen 3, all fantastic four movies, all batman movies except the trilogy, dr strange, all superman movies except thr 1st and some others i didnt put 🗣🤷🏽‍♂️

  • Dorian Hancox
    Dorian Hancox 6 hours ago

    I don’t understand how so many movies were rated better than infinity war, shit’s a masterpiece.

  • aung thurein min aung thurein min

    Rangnarok 92% I’m done. I leaving the world. Bye

  • Ming Yutuzuni
    Ming Yutuzuni 6 hours ago

    Honestly in my opinion the big 3 best superhero movies that will always be the bread and butter of the ganre will be The Dark Knight, Spiderman 2, and Iron Man. These movies made the biggest impact and have each left big marks on the ganre.

  • simão fonseca
    simão fonseca 6 hours ago

    Ant man and the wasp was trash comparing to many of these movies

  • aung thurein min aung thurein min

    Antman 88% really?? What the hell is happening??

  • Linh Nguyễn Tăng
    Linh Nguyễn Tăng 7 hours ago

    Nah, I don’t think Black Panther is that good. 59% is good

  • Domix32123
    Domix32123 7 hours ago

    how rotten tomatos score work?

  • KawaiiToilet
    KawaiiToilet 7 hours ago

    Venom didnt deserve that rating tbh...the audience could rate it a whole lot higher than the dumbass critics

  • Linh Nguyễn Tăng
    Linh Nguyễn Tăng 7 hours ago

    Wait, you changed your profile pic?

  • Mandrake de Angelis
    Mandrake de Angelis 7 hours ago

    This is one of the worst charts i've ever seen, in my opinion. Sorry

  • SteelDluffy
    SteelDluffy 7 hours ago +1

    Man of Steel the best

  • Dictator6214 Studios
    Dictator6214 Studios 7 hours ago

    I had no idea how high Black Panther was. I honestly thought The Dark Knight would have been the highest.

  • Francisco Felices
    Francisco Felices 8 hours ago

    Watchmen loses to thor the dark world WTFFFF

  • Emil Østergaard
    Emil Østergaard 8 hours ago

    What the hell is this order

  • Swim SwimmerGaming
    Swim SwimmerGaming 8 hours ago

    Avengers INFINTY should be HIGHER

  • Levi Bowden
    Levi Bowden 8 hours ago

    No one takes rotten tomatoes movie scores seriously anyways

  • Burp Nugget
    Burp Nugget 8 hours ago +1

    How are green lantern and Batman vs super man over 5%

  • Bongcraft Gaming
    Bongcraft Gaming 8 hours ago

    I think the worstes super heroes movie is green lantern but it just my opinion

  • Michael Petrovich
    Michael Petrovich 8 hours ago

    Black Panther? Even we in god damn Sibiria know that that is BS

  • Ammini Ittyaviarh
    Ammini Ittyaviarh 9 hours ago

    THOR Ragnarok is far better than spiderman 3

  • Dennis tristan
    Dennis tristan 9 hours ago

    nah infinity war should be number 1

  • handoyo catur
    handoyo catur 9 hours ago

    What are Rotten tomatoes

  • home 9
    home 9 9 hours ago

    Since the a game of go not

  • Have You Heard Of The High Elves?

    Lmao right after I've got to Venom's score I've got an ad saying "Venom" is the best hero movie xD

  • Satvik Garg
    Satvik Garg 10 hours ago

    Ant man and the wasp better than dark knight rises. Nice

  • emberock z
    emberock z 11 hours ago

    If the same super girl was released note it would probably be 80% with everybody going crazy.... all this bitch feminist agendas going on lately

  • AliceinAnderland
    AliceinAnderland 11 hours ago +1

    This video was made in MS PowerPoint and that's just hilarious to me. No one can change my mind.

  • MindStrider34
    MindStrider34 11 hours ago

    Ah..Venom isn't a superhero

  • Sumant Chaudhary
    Sumant Chaudhary 11 hours ago

    That is the problem people just can't accept any movie can beat the dark knight I am not saying dark knight was bad it was an epic but people have to understand constant improvement is necessary and i personally liked black panther more anyways.

    LIFE4RBG 11 hours ago

    Wakanda Forever!!! LOL!!! You butthurt biii*hes

  • Minekids Gamingz
    Minekids Gamingz 12 hours ago

    Are you serious??? Avengers infinity war is better than the dark night...

  • PiggyThY Ranga
    PiggyThY Ranga 13 hours ago

    Marvel just dominates the 80%- 100% range

  • Kvng Kaycee
    Kvng Kaycee 13 hours ago

    A big shout out needs to be given to the Editor of this video. He did a very amazing job. It's not easy compiling all those movies and ranking them. I tried to do it once and failed woefully. Big thumbs up to the Editor.

  • Sci-Fi At War Epsilon
    Sci-Fi At War Epsilon 13 hours ago

    How in God's name did black pnather get first it was the worst marvel movie ever it was boreing and slow

  • Joel Edwards
    Joel Edwards 13 hours ago

    I just wanna say my 2 cents about Black Panther. I really honestly believe that this film won’t have anywhere near the same impact for you if you are anything other than black. What I mean is that the entire film is structured around black culture and pushes a black narrative that makes it more relatable for those viewers. It inspires a sense of Afro pride which has largely been lost by the community as a whole. For me growing up, I always saw other ethnic cultures being “cool”, it was the European knights, the Japanese samurai etc. For the first time in my life I became interested in (and proud of) African themes which is something that I feel the movie should be praised for. But from a writing and screenplay standpoint the Dark Knight completely and utterly is the single greatest super hero film of all time.

  • Dante_Hunter
    Dante_Hunter 14 hours ago

    Spiderman 3 63%, spiderman 2 54%.... HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA thats a funny joke

  • Ron -
    Ron - 14 hours ago

    Most underrated: Antman
    Most Overrated: Black Panther
    Best franchise: Xmen
    Best DC movie: The Dark Knight
    Best Marvel movie: Logan
    Best movie: Logan

  • Aidan
    Aidan 14 hours ago

    1. The Dark Knight
    2. Infinity War
    3. Spider-Man 2

  • Mithu Dutta
    Mithu Dutta 15 hours ago

    Infinity war

  • Jeffy Fernando Beltran
    Jeffy Fernando Beltran 15 hours ago

    Your dumb infinity war is best movie ever thats should be in 100% so yeah

  • sin nombre
    sin nombre 15 hours ago

    watchmen 64%??? wtf

  • Jeffy Fernando Beltran
    Jeffy Fernando Beltran 15 hours ago

    Is spiderman 3 in the best zone because if its not thats dumb because that movie was the best

  • Jeffy Fernando Beltran
    Jeffy Fernando Beltran 15 hours ago

    Theres no way that that venom is that low is was a very good movie

  • AfifZ 7
    AfifZ 7 15 hours ago

    Better watch at 2x speed

  • RaveGaming Channel
    RaveGaming Channel 15 hours ago

    Rotten Tomatoes is a branch of Disney

  • RaveGaming Channel
    RaveGaming Channel 15 hours ago

    Fantastic four better than half of these movies

  • elsolitario102011
    elsolitario102011 15 hours ago

    Black Panther better than The Dark Knight ??? hahaha 😂😂😂

  • Aidan
    Aidan 15 hours ago

    I don’t understand how venom scored so low?

  • Juan Sosa
    Juan Sosa 15 hours ago

    worlds goes to shit when u see venom 32%

  • Kamaldeep
    Kamaldeep 15 hours ago

    Rotten Tomatoes is full of shit

  • Earthly Alien
    Earthly Alien 15 hours ago

    How tf is black panther on top? That film was boring as hell

  • A TV
    A TV 15 hours ago

    Shazam, Wonder Woman, Aquaman and Joker easily pass 65%.
    Captain Marvel and Infinity war 2 are two heavyweights. How easy 80% can spend.
    We'll see what movie will give with everything, for now Marvel had a good year.

  • Moso Hm7
    Moso Hm7 16 hours ago

    I think antman an the wasp is really not that good

  • Crystal_Rain ceSa
    Crystal_Rain ceSa 16 hours ago

    Black panther was so worst

  • Anti hero-4132
    Anti hero-4132 16 hours ago

    Hahahaha black panther with the highest rating.... they must be all black critics... or white guilt ones

  • A Fwiend
    A Fwiend 16 hours ago

    Black panther got a black lead 97% if venom was black 100%

  • oddalys maldonado0805
    oddalys maldonado0805 16 hours ago

    No sé porque todos se dejan llevar por esa página no mames

  • Sorrowx
    Sorrowx 16 hours ago

    Remember children: Tons of people hate the word parasite

  • Nandaffa Rizki Putra
    Nandaffa Rizki Putra 16 hours ago

    Venom didn't deserve that 30%. The movie had problems, but it was kinda decent

  • Double H
    Double H 16 hours ago

    Can we all just agree that rotten tomatoes rates are shit and should be reincarnated

  • Brolin labrecque
    Brolin labrecque 16 hours ago

    Venom was good

  • Stefan Dragonetti
    Stefan Dragonetti 17 hours ago

    The order of ratings and including non super hero movies such as Howerd The Duck and Constantine. Makes this list absolutely bizarre. Boils down to the boys at Rotten Tomatoes have taken the opinion of what their boss likes...... Very sad, very sad indeed!!

  • Tony Benedetti
    Tony Benedetti 17 hours ago

    Venom should be way higher

  • Jean Guerrero
    Jean Guerrero 17 hours ago

    I regret watching thia video im raging sooo bad (u get like tho) super women suuuuuucks it should be 28% or so like what??? And infinity war less than winter soldier? Like what ? Omg ... The movies from 50% and up are so incorrect omg

  • Moises Salazar
    Moises Salazar 17 hours ago

    Why did you put infinity war after. You should put it like the best

  • Héctor Loza
    Héctor Loza 17 hours ago

    SUPERMAN RETURNS 75? Wtf that movies should be max a 40

  • Steve Marten
    Steve Marten 17 hours ago +1

    🔵 *VEN0M ᴴᴰ (2OI8)* Fᴜʟʟ Mᴏᴠɪᴇ: t.co/8Frhr6ufqn
    Amazing film 👍🏻
    Novi trending filmovi, preporučljivo je gledati !!

    • Neel Singh
      Neel Singh 15 hours ago

      This is technically film piracy, you do realize that right?

  • FiterBoys 321
    FiterBoys 321 17 hours ago


  • Cleon Pierre
    Cleon Pierre 17 hours ago

    Yet haters say panther was overrated 🙄😶😏

  • Andy Wandy
    Andy Wandy 17 hours ago

    How is black panther 1 it wasn't even that good

  • Nayar Araiza
    Nayar Araiza 17 hours ago +1


  • head hunter1915
    head hunter1915 18 hours ago

    Blade is way too low

  • Wonder
    Wonder 18 hours ago

    Never trust Rotten Tomatoes.

  • Sargento Mantequilla
    Sargento Mantequilla 18 hours ago

    Esa misma página califica arriba a superman el regreso 9:15 y abajo a el hombre de acero 6:45, así de confiable es

  • Joey Mangelli
    Joey Mangelli 18 hours ago

    Spider man 2 was on 2 times like 50% appart

  • Damian G
    Damian G 18 hours ago +1

    How does Venom have 30% rotten tomatoes? I loved that movie!

  • Clara Bowlby
    Clara Bowlby 18 hours ago

    Black Panther at the top??? Sorry, but that movie was not that good. The villain was solid, but the characters were pretty weak. Likable, but weak.

  • Retash Pradhan
    Retash Pradhan 18 hours ago

    Moral of the video marvel>>>>>>>>>>>>>>dc

  • Ferret Child
    Ferret Child 18 hours ago

    How the HELL did Black Panther get so high? Sure, it was an amazing movie, but BEFORE Ragnarok? Iron Man? The Dark Knight?! This is unreal. I know you followed the weird Rotten Tomato thing, but a LITTLE common sense could be used here!

  • Will Morrow
    Will Morrow 18 hours ago

    While I am also surprised by some of the scores, I don't think a lot of people in the comments understand how rotten tomatoes works. A movie getting a 90% doesn't mean it's a masterpiece, it means that 90% of critics gave the movie a positive review.

  • Aaron Raz
    Aaron Raz 18 hours ago

    How is venom lower than daredevil lmao