Every Marvel/DC Movie from Worst to Best (Rotten 🍅 Scores)


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  • Ichigo Kurosaki
    Ichigo Kurosaki  4 months ago +4532

    Update: Since I posted this video, the Rotten Tomatoes score for Venom went from 32% down to 30%

    • DragonFangs
      DragonFangs 8 days ago +1

      And you need to add the Aquaman movie

    • hi .
      hi . 15 days ago +1

      And it still made over a billion dollars

    • Eighthnickel 151
      Eighthnickel 151 15 days ago

      it’s now 29%

    • John Loliful
      John Loliful 16 days ago

      It is a solid 74 percent from me it was nice

    • Sean 69
      Sean 69 18 days ago

      Feels bad

  • brant sanderfoot
    brant sanderfoot 14 hours ago

    1. Infinity War
    2. The Dark Knight
    3. Spider-Man 2
    4. Spider-Man Into the Spider verse
    5. Thor Ragnarok
    6 Black Panther
    7. Civil War
    8. Logan
    9. Winter Soldier
    10. Spider-Man Homecoming
    Comment your thoughts

    • Jack Jack
      Jack Jack Hour ago

      brant sanderfoot wow what a marvel fanboy

  • Elias Bustamante
    Elias Bustamante 16 hours ago

    Constatine era de dc

  • melvin Toms
    melvin Toms 22 hours ago +1

    *Deadpool watches Green lantern*
    Deadpool:OH MY GOD, THATS ME

  • Akshat pundhir
    Akshat pundhir Day ago

    How can Ant man and the wasp be better than Infinity war

  • Madhu Raghavan
    Madhu Raghavan 2 days ago

    If the video is about critics then critics sucks.

  • Tanbir Tonmoy
    Tanbir Tonmoy 2 days ago

    spiderman (2002) - 90%
    spiderman homecoming - 92 %

  • TheScientificAsian
    TheScientificAsian 2 days ago

    Why tf does this video have so many dislikes it’s not like the dude who runs the channel did the ratings

  • Joshua Carvajal
    Joshua Carvajal 2 days ago

    green lanturns that forgetable that you forgot to put it on the list

  • Larry Diaz
    Larry Diaz 3 days ago

    I hate dc

  • Larry Diaz
    Larry Diaz 3 days ago

    Dark night trash

  • Star Falchion
    Star Falchion 3 days ago

    Take a shot every time you read a comment that portrays Rotten Tomatoes scores as actual ratings and not ratios

  • Patrik Kolenovský
    Patrik Kolenovský 4 days ago

    How could Black Panther and Infinity War get such a high ranking? They are the most average comics movies ever

  • Rodrigo Garcia
    Rodrigo Garcia 4 days ago

    1. Batman begins
    2 The Dark kNight
    3 The Dark knight rises
    4. Avengers Infinity War
    5. Deadpool 2
    6. watchmen
    7. guardians Of The galaxy

  • Keerthan Kamath
    Keerthan Kamath 4 days ago

    Venom deserve s way better

  • Anupam Bhartiya
    Anupam Bhartiya 4 days ago

    Venom and suicide squad were good
    But batman v superman and justice league rating is correct

  • #DC #Marvel
    #DC #Marvel 4 days ago

    Some of these are un known

  • montoya BROs bubby
    montoya BROs bubby 4 days ago

    Wolverines awesomeness

  • Mr bendy and Gabe the doge

    So 97% highest wow well done marvel

  • A Seyed
    A Seyed 5 days ago

    Watch the video in x2 if u wanna save time

  • R Works Production
    R Works Production 5 days ago

    Me at first one: DAMN

  • Preston Workman
    Preston Workman 5 days ago

    I watched fantasic 4 2015 and it was great

  • Lincoln Parkinson
    Lincoln Parkinson 5 days ago

    WAKANDA forever

  • Lax God
    Lax God 5 days ago

    Doctor strange should of rated higher let’s be real

  • darth_frager
    darth_frager 6 days ago

    Underrated: punisher 2004, X-men origins, apocalypse, wolverine
    Overrated: deadpool 2, DP 1, GoG 1, 2, Doctor Strange, Ragnarok, WW, Superman, Black Panther

  • Zilla {Godzilla 2019 }

    Howard The Duck Is Marvel?!?!

  • Daniel Diaz
    Daniel Diaz 6 days ago

    CASI TODAS de Marvel son bnas

  • Cody Crowley
    Cody Crowley 6 days ago


  • Cody Crowley
    Cody Crowley 6 days ago

    I Expected Suicide Squad, Venom, And Batman Vs Superman To Be Higher

  • Secton Unity
    Secton Unity 7 days ago

    The best Marvel movie made last year.
    Best DC movie made 1978.

  • Edi
    Edi 7 days ago +1

    Black Panther was good, but there is no way in hell it should be rated higher than The Dark Knight

  • ItsThatSimple
    ItsThatSimple 7 days ago

    Wtf is this bs are these even the real ratings

  • Liam Krauser
    Liam Krauser 7 days ago

    Venom was way more fun and better than critics say. I can't trust reviewers after they gave Iron Man 3 great scores.

  • Kisame Gaylord
    Kisame Gaylord 7 days ago +1

    Black panther is higher than tdk, logan, avengers, spider man 2 and ironman? Hmm ok

  • Mysterious Ninjster
    Mysterious Ninjster 7 days ago +2

    My list top 5:
    Spiderman homecoming
    Black panther
    The Amazing Spider-Man 2
    Incredible Hulk

  • David Duncan
    David Duncan 8 days ago

    Black Panther is that high of rating because companies like Rotten Tomatoes are terrified of not being PC.

  • Tezzy Boi
    Tezzy Boi 8 days ago

    Venom was hard

  • 100 subs with no video ?

    For me the best comic movie is The dark knight rises ,what do you think of it ?

  • Sydney robert-traeger


  • Mr. 8
    Mr. 8 8 days ago +1

    *Petera Negra kkkkkkk*
    Esse pessoal tão sendo MT puxa saco desse filme

  • ShE0l X
    ShE0l X 8 days ago

    where the heck is WATCHMAN??????

  • Daniela Argueta
    Daniela Argueta 8 days ago

    Thor Ragnarok should at least be the second to last one

  • Gurpreet Singh
    Gurpreet Singh 9 days ago

    Most marval movies you showed are tatti Sala BC Mc DC ki chatana vala

  • Sahneequa Ramsche
    Sahneequa Ramsche 9 days ago

    Wakanda forever. A real story about black culture.

  • Atharva Joshi
    Atharva Joshi 9 days ago

    I’m gonna say this once
    Rotten tomatoes is shit

  • Enzo Nuñez
    Enzo Nuñez 9 days ago

    1, 2 & 3 = DC's Trinity

  • BonelyNibba
    BonelyNibba 9 days ago

    Ant man and the wasp wasn't even that good, I'd give it a 74 at best

  • agario Rafael
    agario Rafael 9 days ago +1


  • SouthBayJay
    SouthBayJay 9 days ago

    Movie with
    -all black female cast
    -made before 1990
    *rotten tomatoes employees cream themselves

    CIÊNCIA NATURAL 9 days ago

    Batman D+😎😎😎

  • bolay
    bolay 9 days ago +2

    The dark knight & spider-man 2 are tied for first place in my opinion.

  • Avatar xD
    Avatar xD 9 days ago

    Khe berga con los kritikoz :v

  • 1990 Nissan Skyline GT-R

    Nice. 8:15

  • Noah Culp
    Noah Culp 9 days ago

    In case you needed further proof that Rotten Tomatoes is complete bs

  • pistikepowa87
    pistikepowa87 10 days ago +1

    Black People be like: i got no superhero to feel with
    Marvel: makes a good movie with black culture and people, get highest rating of all time.
    Women: i got no superhero to feel with
    Marvel: hold my beer
    Seriously, they have to rate that movie 100 too because it would be sexist otherwise

  • TheCrookedGuy
    TheCrookedGuy 10 days ago

    AQUAMAN was 👌 it deserves 💯

  • Khairul Irfan
    Khairul Irfan 10 days ago

    Batman v Superman :27 Captain America Civil War(cp.america v iron man):91

  • Илья Якимов
    Илья Якимов 10 days ago

    Man thing?

  • Nikita Chekalkin
    Nikita Chekalkin 10 days ago +1

    Dark Knight 100% should be.

  • Abirama Hendriady
    Abirama Hendriady 10 days ago

    Bleach was 105%

  • Sohail shaikh
    Sohail shaikh 10 days ago

    Marvel fans like here

  • Anônimo
    Anônimo 10 days ago

    hulk and justice league better than venom? okay...

  • Ace Cabbage
    Ace Cabbage 10 days ago

    I haven’t seen The Dark Knight and I can say it’s better than Black Panther

    BUCKY FAST 10 days ago +1

    1. Batman TDK
    2. Batman TDKR
    3. BVS
    4. Watchmen
    5. Infinity War
    6.The Winter Soldier
    7. Iron Man 1
    8. Aquaman
    9. Guardians of The Galaxy
    10. Man Of Steel

  • Yeetus Bobeatus
    Yeetus Bobeatus 10 days ago

    What does the rotten tomato rating mean?
    The higher the percentage is the worst the movie is??
    Please reply.

  • MO2
    MO2 10 days ago

    Rotten tomatoes is garbage, IMDB is much much MUCH better

  • SuiSide
    SuiSide 10 days ago

    lol old superman movies sucks why they are so high

  • Matthew Rzepecki
    Matthew Rzepecki 10 days ago


  • Matthew Rzepecki
    Matthew Rzepecki 10 days ago

    It's so slow, so when I turned up the speed a ton it was finally good.

  • Carlos Eduardo Lopes
    Carlos Eduardo Lopes 11 days ago

    My top 5 is:
    1- Batman The dark knight
    2-Avengers infinity Wars
    3-Spider-man 2
    5-Thor Ragnarok

  • canal do JAMES
    canal do JAMES 11 days ago

    So let me get this straight: bad CGI should be rewarded to an oscar just because they have black people on the cast, BUT good pratical visual effects shall not. Can we at least argue that having an oscar of best actor in a super-hero movie is just way bigger than having an oscar of special effects, which again, in my opinion, BLACK PANTHER doesnt deserve either?

  • canal do JAMES
    canal do JAMES 11 days ago

    According to Rotten Shits: V for Vendetta, one of the most clever super-hero movies of all time, is worst than "Iron Man 3", "Superman Returns", "Age of Ultron", "Ant-Man and the Wasp", "Guardians 2" and "Doctor Strange.

  • Ubb/Kid Buu The Greatest

    black panther did better than all these movies because it's a better movie not because the cast are mostly black. It's a even ball game because every other superhero movie had mostly white characters so ya that an even game! it's not our fault that black movies are better than white movies, black didn't complain when white superheroes movies did well. so why complain when black hero movies do well. so stop being racist and hatred towards black panther because it did better than most of the white dominated superheroes movies. What proves that you guys are racist is because ya get upset over the black movie being hire than dark knight but not the other super hero movies smh

  • A. Creed
    A. Creed 11 days ago +1

    I think ghost rider would have gotten a better rating if Nicholas cage didn’t play him.

  • A. Creed
    A. Creed 11 days ago

    31% for venom? You kidding me? Venom was a great movie. Rotten tomatoes are just being VERY biased because his names not Deadpool, Thor , Batman, Superman or anyone else that’s known the world over.

  • Su Fauz
    Su Fauz 11 days ago

    Lol just like the name. "Rotten" review

  • The Fresh Prince
    The Fresh Prince 11 days ago

    I agree that Black Panther shouldn't be that high but Wonder Woman isn't that of great movie just because a Woman or a Black Character is in the leading role that doesn't mean the movie should get ranked that high. I think now that if in your Movie you get a minority to play the leading role you automatically get a good rating

    SHAHZAAD KHAN 11 days ago

    but wonderwoman was copy of first avenger

  • w e n d e
    w e n d e 11 days ago

    why is venom so low hUh

  • Ninjitsu Blazing
    Ninjitsu Blazing 11 days ago

    How is superman 2 better rating than infinity war

  • Ninjitsu Blazing
    Ninjitsu Blazing 11 days ago

    I dont agree on this shitty rating

  • Ninjitsu Blazing
    Ninjitsu Blazing 11 days ago

    How is venom low. I dont agree on this lisy

  • I’m a Wheelchair
    I’m a Wheelchair 11 days ago


  • Gideon74
    Gideon74 11 days ago +1

    Velocidad al 2x ;)

  • DatGuy
    DatGuy 11 days ago

    Marvel >

  • The cousin crew :0
    The cousin crew :0 11 days ago +1

    Venom was great and much better then justice league

  • Locus Focus
    Locus Focus 11 days ago

    Homecoming shouldn't crack the 90s same as how Black Panther shouldn't be the top of the list though I love both movies

  • Galináceo Gammer
    Galináceo Gammer 11 days ago +2

    Rotten Tomatoes=trash

  • Galináceo Gammer
    Galináceo Gammer 11 days ago +1

    Thor is better than age of ultron? Ok rotten, ok...

  • 28 Warlock
    28 Warlock 12 days ago +1

    I rate the 'Rotten Tomatoes' 7.0 out of 10
    And IMDB 6.5 out of 10

  • street kings officiel
    street kings officiel 12 days ago

    Am i the only one thinking Infinity war was the best?

  • The Lightning ASH
    The Lightning ASH 12 days ago +1

    Racists will not agree with number one( I'm not tho)

  • Hater Hater
    Hater Hater 12 days ago +3

    Black panther really?

  • Hriday Gohel
    Hriday Gohel 12 days ago

    Homecoming so high?
    Like how?

  • Adrian Sarmiento Espinoza

    14:40 wtf and why

  • Oscaritohn
    Oscaritohn 12 days ago

    1 dark knight best movie ever , civil war 2 ,infinity war 3, logan 4, wonder woman 5, and can believe constantine is that way back on the list man, Other thing THE shitty superman returns better than man of steel and justice league WTF!!!!!

  • Black Widow
    Black Widow 12 days ago

    No way is Venom a 32% movie. And Black Panther is overhyped. It should not be even in top 10. Movies like Ironman, Spiderman 2, Thor, Avengers, Avengers infinity war, CA Winter soldier and Civil war, Dark Knight, Wonder Woman and even some of the Xmen movies are all better then Black Panther.

  • · Perimast ·
    · Perimast · 12 days ago +1

    justice league was good for me tbh

  • · Perimast ·
    · Perimast · 12 days ago

    glad i didnt watch venom

  • Retaliate
    Retaliate 12 days ago

    The Avengers 2012 should be #1