this is me

  • Published on Nov 28, 2021
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Comments • 3 138

  • Marleigh Jo Parker
    Marleigh Jo Parker Month ago +854

    The voice acting is really good in this one! It really feels like someone is telling the story to me personally, which is something that I love.

  • Foxie Pix
    Foxie Pix Month ago +205

    This was a different and bizarre yet extremely beautiful and emotional story you've ever made, this story was genuinely made to spread awareness that Animals can love like human too. Most of your stories are based on rivalry between siblings, and sure, lean has a rivalry with her gorilla brother, Grumpy, I loved how he even had a name. Also shout out to the animator and voice actor of this story, The voice actor was awesome and she showed a lot of emotions through her voice, Keep making such amazing stories

  • LeamingGM
    LeamingGM Month ago +259

    This story means "Its not about the amount money in your bank account ,its about the happiness of life and remembering what you live"

  • Rainbow Sugar
    Rainbow Sugar Month ago +1

    Okay this was a sweet story and all but~.. can we just talk about this amazing art and work in to the animation like how is this artist so talented? 😳

  • Dill GCLM
    Dill GCLM Month ago +5

    Title at first: “Im the only human, in a monkey family.”
    Title today: “This is me.”

  • 𝙒𝙞𝙨𝙩𝙚𝙧𝙞𝙖

    I mean as much as this story is ridiculous (i mean let's be real u ain't tarzan that wild animals are gonna love you and keep you safe that is not happening) i still enjoyed it a lot 😂

  • The Viewer
    The Viewer Month ago +3

    I’ve been on TheXvid for 17 years and I’ve never seen something this good 😍
    Keep up the good work brother

    • Hu
      Hu 14 hours ago

      @okcool LMFAOO

    • okcool
      okcool 10 days ago

      TheXvid is 16 years old. And your account is literally a year old

  • Zen Saluja
    Zen Saluja Month ago +40

    Family doesn’t require blood only love - dhar mann. Even though it was hard, I’m proud of her parents for supporting her choices.

  • Tiktok___world
    Tiktok___world Month ago +13

    Her voice is so calming and beautiful 🥺

  • Ren Editz
    Ren Editz Month ago +1

    Again amazing work! You put so much effort into your drawings and animation! Love it! Keep up the good work no awesome work!

  • Beefy_Smudge
    Beefy_Smudge Month ago +247

    I love how she didn’t even bother to look to look for her parents or any surviving people

  • Aarya🧚‍♂️
    Aarya🧚‍♂️ Month ago +10

    In my story animated history this was the only story in which there was good qualities all together the parents were rich,kind,supportive and loved their daughter ❤

  • Hayley
    Hayley Month ago +6

    Now yes the end of the story has arrived at least for you that ACTUALLY sounded like a real person was telling the story

  • ☆Misa_Innit☆
    ☆Misa_Innit☆ Month ago +4

    i love how the gorilla just watches her running in circles 1:01 lol. but it was so sad when she left the gorillas😢

  • Lavanya Dondero
    Lavanya Dondero Month ago +5

    Omg! It’s been forever since I have heard her voice!!

  • Bianca Beldie
    Bianca Beldie Month ago +653

    This is basically an alternate story of Tarzan except we get a female Tarzan which is so cool 😎

  • The Art of Lolita
    The Art of Lolita 6 days ago

    What I was thinking during the whole thing is that how could she submit her story if she is on a island 🤣
    And those gorillas are so sweet🥰

  • Gigi Toefa
    Gigi Toefa Month ago

    The voice actor is soooooo good
    The person voice is sooo soothing and beautiful

  • Michelle
    Michelle Month ago +8

    I love the voice behind this story 😌😊😌😌its so calm, subtle and gentle🥰😌💛

    ARSUN NOORAIN KHAN Month ago +1

    I had another idea without Lian leaving her parents sad that as they were rich they could buy a house in that jungle and live with their daughter 🙃

  • Becky Kennedy
    Becky Kennedy Month ago +482

    Family doesn’t require blood only love - dhar mann. Even though it was hard, I’m proud of her parents for supporting her choices.

  • mikavy
    mikavy Month ago +2

    the title randomly changed 3 times, first it was “I’m in a family full of monkeys” then it became “This is me” and now it’s “I am bullied because i am too pretty”

  • Fawzia Hasan
    Fawzia Hasan Month ago

    "Until one day" this words giving me My Story Animated vibes

  • ˏˋ°•*⁀➷chip vibez #roadto250

    👑This is:masterpieces,styling,wildin,living it up in the city :D

  • Tighber
    Tighber 7 days ago

    When I saw the lady's son, It got me reminding of AJ My cousin he was just like him 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • 🕊 Royal angel gaming 🕊

    I love it when the gorillas have a beautiful life for Leanne.❤️

  • Light Gray Gaming
    Light Gray Gaming Month ago

    To be honest, this one was the most goofy story ever

  • DreamToon - Official Channel

    Praying that everyone falls asleep quickly and has a peaceful sleep. Hope you all wake up happy and well rested 😘😍😜

  • Narjis3571
    Narjis3571 Month ago +2

    I kinda miss the other animation although this one is good

  • 랜Matt
    랜Matt Month ago +1

    4:08 i find this part so funny i dont know why-

  • KelticJosh KelticHunter

    I wish that there was a part 2 to this story.

    • Electric
      Electric Month ago +1

      They never did a Part 2 for the last few months

    • This Life Stories Animated
      This Life Stories Animated Month ago +1

      You can write part 2 and send to the creators, all imaginations are welcome

    • Chris Barone
      Chris Barone Month ago +9

      NEXT STORY: My Mom Woke Up From A Coma After 15 Years To Get Revenge! - PART 3

  • B Hufana
    B Hufana Month ago

    The story is just so beautiful

  • Vivian Harris
    Vivian Harris Month ago

    Watched this video three time already because its beautiful.❤❤❤

    • Francis Campbell
      Francis Campbell Month ago

      Hello Vivian how are you doing and how is the weather over there with you

  • Justluc
    Justluc Month ago +1

    This story is so unrealistic that it’s halarious 😂

  • Isabella N
    Isabella N Month ago +1

    Do you know what’s funny??

    How some of the stories say that their from real people and that you can submit a story.... there is no way on earth that this is true

  • Claire
    Claire Month ago

    I love this story❤️

  • Miss Nothingness
    Miss Nothingness Month ago +3

    Hello! So I have a very good stories which is actually based off my life that you can use.

    Title: They think my brother is a perfect angel..
    Character: Age 11, Dark brown hair, Brown eyes and a feeding tube in nose

    Hello! So I am Lily and everyone thinks my little brother, Jack is a perfect angel kid but really he isn’t. One day I was on a walk with my friend when my little brother decided to tag along, My little brother is like a angel to most people but unfortunately I see differently. We were walking up the path behind my house when jack completely interrupted me and my friends conversation and started acting as if I weren’t there! I told him I would pay him if he stopped but he refused and continued to be rude to me, Later on when we were walking back down he got angry that I told him to be quite and tried to slap me! Now most people would just move on but it has happened so many times that I am not just gonna let that slide. Once we were at my front door I told my friend she could go back home and I would call her later, After that I headed back inside and stormed off to my room and started crying, I have anxiety and I get upset when people embarrass me in front of my friends because this has happened so many times I can tell my friends find it annoying and I’m scared I will be lonely all because of him!! After a while I wiped my eyes and went into the living room to grab my iPad, Before we had left we had started decorating the tree but jack kept shouting at me so we decided to go on a walk, As I went to grab my iPad my mum shouted at me “Why did you just storm down here!?” And continued to shout at me, After a few minutes of shouting she got me to clean up the mess that jack had made with the tree and told me if I wasn’t going to finish it then I had to put it all back. I started cleaning and then she asked me why my eyes were all red and I burst into tears which made her more annoyed, I told her what happened and she gave Jack into trouble and sent him to his room but I knew this wasn’t the end of it, He always does stuff like this and always gets away with it!

    I hope you liked this story and hopefully you use it! It would be a dream come true, Tysm

  • Tiajungla Aier
    Tiajungla Aier Month ago +1

    Me: Yay! a story where there is no twist
    Story Animated : Until one day.
    Me: What the what!!

  • Atharv Thakur
    Atharv Thakur Month ago +1

    Plot twist : how did she send the story to my story animated while being in a jungle 🤔🤔

  • Kid Kraken
    Kid Kraken Month ago +225

    Leanne: I live in a family of monkeys
    Me: As John Cena once said, "are you sure about that?"

    • Raphael Chan
      Raphael Chan Month ago +5

      Me: They are apes
      My story animated: they’re the same picture

  • NyanCat&Dog
    NyanCat&Dog Month ago +1

    Animals are beautiful creatures

  • Snowycrystal7
    Snowycrystal7 Month ago

    New animater? Looks quite good!

  • Soumen Bhattacharya
    Soumen Bhattacharya Month ago +1

    Your videos are beyond my words☺️

  • Froggy FNAF •^•

    This is pretty cool I like it! Your so good at drawing!

  • a dog named pepper
    a dog named pepper Month ago +1

    Make a part two pls bc i loved that story

  • Sami Tawia
    Sami Tawia 28 days ago +2

    wow what a good story u really went on a adventure😄

  • Kiara Lynn TV
    Kiara Lynn TV Month ago +1

    This is story is so unique. Nothing similar to tarzans story 🙂

  • YL Mompreneurs
    YL Mompreneurs Month ago

    I find this funny how she says "dared me" as if it actually could do that-

  • Red Radiation Studio
    Red Radiation Studio Month ago +240

    There are lot of cases were people grew up around animals...great story!

  • Chloe Lin
    Chloe Lin Month ago +1

    The title: this is me
    The story: i was rich then got stranded on an island without my parents suddenly a gorilla looked at me and followed me and it even gave me a coconut a few years later i became part of a gorilla tribe then my parents found me but i still missed the gorilla life so i went back.

  • Riya Heddurshetti
    Riya Heddurshetti Month ago +5

    when she said for us this is just the beginning I felt so good!!!! it's definitely 10 times better than saying and then they lived happily ever after--

  • JOSÉ Nobrega
    JOSÉ Nobrega Month ago +1

    The title was : I am the only human living with monkeys (I forgot) the title now : this is me

  • ANDY
    ANDY Month ago +1


  • Duke Lewis
    Duke Lewis Month ago +470

    Well if I'm being honest I guess this video shows. That humans and animals have a very unique bond. Do you consider any animals to be your family or friends?

    • BellaFlashingStars
      BellaFlashingStars Month ago +1

      @ShiningEmma Omg lmfao

    • LunoX GamerPH YT
      LunoX GamerPH YT Month ago +2

      Well, I wish, but I cant, because I didn't seen the animals, I want to have a pet but I don't have responsibility of caring one, so I just go to not gonna take a pet

    • Bridget Lyons
      Bridget Lyons Month ago +2

      Yes my cats and dog and geckos

    • Akhter Nasreen
      Akhter Nasreen Month ago +2

      @ShiningEmma Everyone's saying Cats and Dogs and after reading your comment, just burst out laughing so hard omg xD

    • glazespie
      glazespie Month ago +1

      🐈 😺

  • Mero Bts
    Mero Bts Month ago

    Lian's teacher reminds me reminds me of chloe's evil professor from we bears bears

  • Flavia Ochuizen
    Flavia Ochuizen Month ago

    They should have called this "Leanna of the jungle"😂

  • Rosie Moonshine
    Rosie Moonshine Month ago +1

    i could watch these stories all day.

  • Londy
    Londy Month ago


  • Nya's SoftHeartBeats
    Nya's SoftHeartBeats Month ago +98

    I just love this channel I can’t get enough of it

  • happy hours
    happy hours Month ago

    This really really needs to have a second part...... So, My story animated please make a part 2

  • Shaurya Panzade
    Shaurya Panzade Month ago

    awesome story different from others and the best ever

  • Jam Codm
    Jam Codm Month ago

    Rocky looks like baji from tokyo revenges from the back 😂

  • Abhisha
    Abhisha Month ago +1

    Title before- I'm the only human in the family of monkeys
    Title now- this is me

  • JadaDxn
    JadaDxn Month ago +195

    From this point its getting weirder and weirder but I love it 😂

    • Paul Pinto
      Paul Pinto Month ago +1


    • Marlon Medley
      Marlon Medley Month ago +2

      @JadaDxn tell dem😎

    • Marlon Medley
      Marlon Medley Month ago +2

      @JadaDxn yaaadd

    • JadaDxn
      JadaDxn Month ago +1

      @Darkastic what weird is that you're responding to a Jamaican and we're kinda disrespectful

    • kitty😻
      kitty😻 Month ago


  • Antonis Apostolakis
    Antonis Apostolakis Month ago +1

    Would you do part 2 please!!

  • Naisha’s singing
    Naisha’s singing Month ago

    I think that the guy is ugly but I love how they animated the video’s,the story is great since it shows the bond between humans and all sorts of animals like gorilla’s.

  • Thedogiscute Andcat
    Thedogiscute Andcat Month ago +1

    10:21 wow she really took short shorts to the next level

  • Elizabeth Varghese
    Elizabeth Varghese Month ago +6

    Fact: Once u start seeing this channel's video u will be addicted to it.

    • Francis Campbell
      Francis Campbell Month ago

      Hello Elizabeth how are you doing and how is the weather over there with you

  • The Cosmic Freeway - Story & Animation

    This is basically Tarzan...glad Rocky went after his love and now they get to live on beautiful island together.

    • Kai animate
      Kai animate Month ago

      @Strawberry Crepe cookie I though it was like jungle book but it’s a bit like Tarzan

    • Tejasvi Tikoo
      Tejasvi Tikoo Month ago +1

      And doing what ? 😭 They really said these two are living on the island as if they are just changing states. Going to meet them sometimes would still be okay this is just funny

    • Troy Boyce
      Troy Boyce Month ago

      Me looks at the coconut Mother Nature we need to talk

    • 랜Matt
      랜Matt Month ago

      Lyanna is tarzan, rocky is jane

    • GreenHillSonic_2020 Roblox
      GreenHillSonic_2020 Roblox Month ago +1


      Plus the part where they capture her is similar to that scene in Tarzan and Jane.

      You know, the Netflix series.

  • all nighter
    all nighter Month ago +1

    this gives me "George in the Jungle" vibes

  • emestriadarkdilockz

    one of my favorite stories yet

  • Reine Mazloum
    Reine Mazloum Month ago

    The voice acting is really good in this one! it really feels like samoane is telling the story to me personally, which is something I love.

  • × Unknown dot cat ×

    Your story's are.....i....just don't know what to say it's to good!!

  • Not Cherish
    Not Cherish Month ago +70

    “As years passed, I began to forget my previous life*

    *Yeah because you turned into Tarzan*

  • Autumn Tielbur
    Autumn Tielbur Month ago

    Bro this is my favorite story it deserves 5 star and a part 2 pls make a part 2 pls

  • Jaymark Laude
    Jaymark Laude Month ago

    i literally searched up "This is me" the song, and this came 😂

  • Jollyn Vinzlee
    Jollyn Vinzlee Month ago +1

    We need a part 2

  • Aayan Iqbal
    Aayan Iqbal Month ago

    The title went from "I'm the female Tarzan" to "This is me"

    Why did they change it.

  • Simin
    Simin Month ago +193

    It really makes me anxious hearing this😄

    • AnimeLuver
      AnimeLuver Month ago +6

      Dont worry I'll say it for you

      Until one day :(

  • pearl Izumi UwU
    pearl Izumi UwU Month ago

    I love this story 😍

  • botgamer
    botgamer Month ago

    8M congrats 🎉🎉

  • Childhood Dreamer
    Childhood Dreamer Month ago

    You're the female version of Tarzan. 😃

    NIKIII NIKOO Month ago +1

    Bro- this might be the funniest most ridiculously story ever

  • Not Cherish
    Not Cherish Month ago +128

    “I’m the only human in a family of monkeys”

    *Girl, this ain’t The Jungle Book*

  • It's me Aby
    It's me Aby Month ago +3

    This is the most beautiful story 😊❤️

  • cherry_blossom
    cherry_blossom Month ago

    this is literally the female version of Tarzan!

  • calmdevill
    calmdevill Month ago

    this is probably the most ridiculous story i've watched, but it is quite entertaining..

  • Muny Hort
    Muny Hort Month ago

    Oh my god so funny 😂😂

  • Bekithemba Ntini
    Bekithemba Ntini Month ago +115

    Can we talk about how much the editing has changed love it

  • fluffy_pastel_bunnyz

    Love how the title was I’m the only human in a family of monkeys and now it’s “this is me”

  • @unknown.princesss
    @unknown.princesss Month ago +1

    I smile even if my heart hurts🙂💔

  • Cat Lover
    Cat Lover 12 days ago

    So let me get this staright. The gorilla incident and everything happened when you were 8 and ten years later your parents found you so your 18 living with your parents and jumping on cellings?

  • Akhter Nasreen
    Akhter Nasreen Month ago

    My Story Animated just made a modern Tarzan movie. Good job! Even better than the original one tbh!

  • Becky Kennedy
    Becky Kennedy Month ago +52

    You know this story is different from most stories lately. Usually it’s about a girl with a condition and there’s usually a guy and a love rival or bully to our protagonist. And usually a crazy parent, sibling or both are involved too.

    • S1Ldnn_.x
      S1Ldnn_.x  Month ago

      @Francis Campbell weirdo but okayyyy

    • Francis Campbell
      Francis Campbell Month ago

      Hello Becky how are you doing and how is the weather over there with you

  • Jayden Hite
    Jayden Hite Month ago

    How are they standing up and even staying in their seats without seatbelts, while the plane is crashing

  • Rehan Anwar
    Rehan Anwar 10 days ago

    No one literally no one
    Animated story: life was great until one day 😂

  • Ming Ma
    Ming Ma Month ago +1

    Wow great story
    It reminds me of my life with the wolves

  • Joyce Ramirez
    Joyce Ramirez 3 days ago

    "Ok it was beautiful,but I was starving~" man hahahahaha

  • roblox lialuv
    roblox lialuv Month ago +122

    This is the most calming story ever!

  • Minha Muneer
    Minha Muneer Month ago

    Tbh... I loved the story and all but it is really funny that I fell from the bed!
    Great work by the way MY STORY ANIMATED! I will continue to support u 😊