Truth or Drink with Roommates

  • Published on Jan 11, 2022
  • I played truth or drink with my roommates... time to expose ;)

    Instagram: elliotchoy

    @ur mom ashley
    @Kelly Wakasa

    If you're reading this, comment your guesses to the questions we drank for.

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  • Funnykat1221
    Funnykat1221 16 hours ago +3

    I learned more about Ashley lately more than I have in my 4 years of subbing to her

  • vickyy
    vickyy 16 hours ago +3

    literally such a surprise that ashley is the most ballsy responder in this game lmao you'd think it would be annemarie or kelly lololo

  • Luisa Rosero Ocaña
    Luisa Rosero Ocaña 16 hours ago +3

    Loving Annemarie and Elliot's friendship.

  • Zafzeb Agha
    Zafzeb Agha 16 hours ago +3

    Anne Marie: The mature, witty one

  • samfromNJ
    samfromNJ 16 hours ago +3

    The chemistry in this group is fire

  • Blue
    Blue 14 hours ago +247

    THIS IS CONTENT......nice little wash over to tell us a few uncovering secrets whether they drank or not.....good show

  • G1A
    G1A 19 hours ago +3

    the kashley vibes are strong in this video... also how is it that all of their outfits have such different aesthetics, but they all match?

  • Bababababananna
    Bababababananna 16 hours ago +1

    I haven't laughed this hard in a while. Amidst finals week, this was much needed relief!

  • indi
    indi 16 hours ago +1

    annemarie's compliments about the roommates were so wholesome 🥺

  • Dario Kesegi
    Dario Kesegi 16 hours ago +509


  • meep moop
    meep moop 16 hours ago +1

    Ashley’s answers shocked me because asheley never talks about any of that kind of stuff on her channel

  • Rampage
    Rampage 14 hours ago +55

    loved this one

  • g.
    g. 19 hours ago +4


  • Stephanie Nguyen
    Stephanie Nguyen 14 hours ago +243

    I find Elliot’s “Ashley’s my wife” and Ashley’s “Elliot’s my husband” really endearing. I’m just mentally catching this and adding it to their good dynamics after seeing them about with the Dyson Air Wrap gift lol

  • itslittlenat
    itslittlenat 12 hours ago +18

    In all honesty, I love you all. You guys are the only creators I enjoy watching. I feel that other youtube creators are just on the same boring shit I can't find anything to watch. However, with you all, I look forward to each one of your guy's videos. I greatly appreciate this group of wonderful people.

  • Michael
    Michael 16 hours ago +445

    I really liked Kelly’s comments on his favorite thing about each roommate. It was, surprisingly, really genuine.

  • NoOtherChance
    NoOtherChance 16 hours ago +897

    I just love how Elliot's face gets redder and redder as the video goes on lmao

  • OT Pocket
    OT Pocket 16 hours ago +40

    This vid made me happy ngl

  • Salman Shakeel
    Salman Shakeel 19 hours ago +1

    We need more wholesome vids like this. LOVED IT!!

  • Han N.
    Han N. 16 hours ago +522

    Ashley's laugh in Kelly and Elliot's videos today are so contagious