Super Soft & Fluffy Zebra Cupcake

  • Published on Jun 2, 2018
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  • Hassan Sajjad
    Hassan Sajjad 9 days ago

    Zban nai hy muh main

  • F Fa
    F Fa 12 days ago

    Please,can l make it with Nutella filling?

  • asmaa tazi
    asmaa tazi 19 days ago


  • الكاتشوفة كنشوفها

    Wonderful keep going

  • Monu Dev
    Monu Dev 23 days ago +1

    A fool proof recipe... I tried it out n Love d texture n softness! I added some chocolate chips to it got an Amazing result! Thank you so much for sharing this recipe.... Much luv!

  • nahed mahmoud
    nahed mahmoud 24 days ago

    حد يترجم الفيديو

  • cristiane francisquini

    Receita em português Brasil por favor

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    Uzma Foods Month ago

    Very good and great

  • Saadia Khalid
    Saadia Khalid Month ago

    Will u or any other tell me at which temperature the eggs are cold or at room temperature

  • Luisa Arias
    Luisa Arias Month ago

    Hola Josephine, no hablo tu idioma pero me gustaron mucho los cup cake, admiré mucho los tulipanes que bellos en mi país. no se dan porque ellos son de clima bien frio; saludos desde Venezuela

  • Wasina Akter
    Wasina Akter 2 months ago

    Api promin gulo gram e na diye, spoon or cup e dela valo hii

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  • Fathima Firoza
    Fathima Firoza 3 months ago

    can i use coconut oil?

  • Maggie Yeo
    Maggie Yeo 3 months ago

    Very nice demo. Did you cover the tray of cakes before baking, thanks.

  • Saleha Shaikh
    Saleha Shaikh 3 months ago

    Very nice😙😙and your home is very beautiful😍😍

  • Well wisher19
    Well wisher19 3 months ago

    you added condensed milk?

  • Mohs Joah
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    مرحبا بكم

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    C v visiter ma chêne je suis nouvelle sur TheXvid 😍

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    OMG THE PERFECT VIDEO i always watch videos on how to make some cupcakes/muffins and they are like always for A LOT of cupcakes but this is THE BEST like super duper amazing!!!

  • Kavitha Yuka
    Kavitha Yuka 3 months ago

    Hi friend did u using normal fresh milk or condensed milk

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  • Ольга Ходыко

    Очень красиво, но сделайте пожалуйста перевод на русский язык👍❤️

    • Ольга Ходыко
      Ольга Ходыко 3 months ago

      @Natalia Mangion спасибо за ответ, но моё время по обучению английского уже прошло, на пенсии нет ни времени, ни денег

    • Natalia Mangion
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      Ольга Ходыко Учите английский. Пригодится не только для этого рецепта.

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    Amei A Receita. (Brasil) 👏👏

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    💕 your husband is a lucky guy!

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    Wowwwww very nice. ☺ 👍 🍓

  • Pauline Crawford
    Pauline Crawford 4 months ago +1

    The highlight of your video is you guys eat what you bake... and so funny to watch. Haha…

  • Summer Sky
    Summer Sky 4 months ago

    Thanks for sharing the recipe I will try this btw the music is so calming 🥰

  • Summer Sky
    Summer Sky 4 months ago

    Since before I do watch your video and I just subscribed now😘 those tulips though 😍😍😍

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  • Yvonne Van der ELBURG
    Yvonne Van der ELBURG 5 months ago

    What is crème tartar

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  • Nusrat Nadira
    Nusrat Nadira 5 months ago

    Nice recipe..
    The place is so beautiful..
    Where is it?
    So neat and peaceful..
    Want to be there...
    Badly need that peace..
    Where is the place???

    JECA SVAŠTARICA 5 months ago

    Beautiful cake,bravo👏👏🍰🍰Do you want to support my channel? Thanks😊😊🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️

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    Liliana Pik 5 months ago

    Hallo. Können Sie Creme of tartar auf deutsch übersetzen? Ist Backpulver? Vielen Dank!

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  • Sueli Fatima Menegucci
    Sueli Fatima Menegucci 6 months ago

    Suas receitas são muito preciosas obrigada.

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    Analine miranda 6 months ago

    Execelent! Beautiful vou fazer!

  • With souka
    With souka 6 months ago +1

    Welc from maroccoo i like zebra cape cake

  • Sueli Fatima Menegucci
    Sueli Fatima Menegucci 6 months ago

    Acabei de fazer a receita , o sabor, a fofura da massa é maravilhosa ! Parabéns
    Obrigada por compartilhar sensacional o sabor desmancha na boca. Impossível comer 01 só .....

    • Andreia Silva
      Andreia Silva 6 months ago

      Sueli Fátima, oque é creme tártaro? Este bolo não vai fermento?

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    Very nice 👌

  • Pi La
    Pi La 7 months ago

    on less egg and some spakeling water has the same effect. And it is not like gummy - so much easier to eat

  • sister 1
    sister 1 7 months ago

    Why can't we directly heat cake

  • sister 1
    sister 1 7 months ago

    Can we skip water bath