My 1 Year Transformation || Tristyn Lee


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  • jakob novak
    jakob novak 2 days ago


  • Kieran Barkovsky
    Kieran Barkovsky 2 days ago

    Low key gross

  • Ionic Enforcer
    Ionic Enforcer 2 days ago

    That kids on riods, doesent matter people dont get that far naturaly, he is on somthing.

  • bluberry
    bluberry 2 days ago

    oh god this is not natural its kinda scary

  • Robert Mcintyre Sr.
    Robert Mcintyre Sr. 3 days ago

    Wow, I personally trained many young men his age through martial arts and military training regimes; this is not a natural form for boy his age. I have 4 boys, and 2 girls; my boys and I have been in sports/athletics for years and neither of us have ever developed to this jacked level. I pray someone wises him up before it's too late.

  • Δημήτρης Τσεμεντζής

    You was better

  • Syed Chishti
    Syed Chishti 4 days ago

    I’d rather enjoy my life eating whatever I want than eating salad 🥗 on daily basis to that body and be famous . YOU LIVE ONCE SO ENJOY IT

  • Flare
    Flare 4 days ago

    Tristan motivated me to work out 😁

  • K S
    K S 4 days ago +1

    Music at 1.25?

  • Sankari Db
    Sankari Db 5 days ago

    I love you

  • Lightning Vibez
    Lightning Vibez 6 days ago

    When you see a good looking girl so you start flexing 1:31

  • Leonardo Costa
    Leonardo Costa 6 days ago

    Nothing without doping

  • Jack B
    Jack B 6 days ago

    All natural

  • Svetlana Klimova
    Svetlana Klimova 6 days ago

    Я тоже хочу быть качком

  • The V Channel
    The V Channel 10 days ago

    I can see that drugs are going through his veins at this age shouldn't be there.

  • Mert Boşnakoğlu
    Mert Boşnakoğlu 10 days ago +1


  • Cici
    Cici 10 days ago

    Tristyn you're a beast!

  • Alex Jimenez
    Alex Jimenez 11 days ago

    sorry but no natty bro

  • Dominikatus
    Dominikatus 12 days ago

    2017 he look like 8 y.o
    2018 he look like 15/16 y.o

  • KashiiGotVibes
    KashiiGotVibes 20 days ago

    Am I the only one that thinks his wrists are gonna break or looks out of place??? Cus I strongly feel like they shouldn’t stick out that much.

  • Raicon dias Dias
    Raicon dias Dias 21 day ago


  • Jaime Pantoja
    Jaime Pantoja 21 day ago +1

    Real Life Krillin 🤣

  • MidgetAzzy
    MidgetAzzy 23 days ago

    yo trustyn, how did u get such big lats man. and how do u eat so much when u have a smaller frame. i am 5'5" adn about 56kg 123 lbs liek 3500 cals a day dude that's nuts for someone our size.

  • Colonel John Matrix
    Colonel John Matrix 23 days ago

    He looks eight years old

  • Fol Bros
    Fol Bros 23 days ago

    This guy is stacked

  • Gemma fitzgerald
    Gemma fitzgerald 24 days ago

    I kinda like is natural physic more

  • logan poul
    logan poul 24 days ago

    What gold's gym do you go to

  • Drinking Outta Cups
    Drinking Outta Cups 25 days ago

    I’m grossed out

  • Jindřich Dlabal
    Jindřich Dlabal 28 days ago

    U are destroying you.

  • Les DiDon
    Les DiDon Month ago


  • American Ninja 2007
    American Ninja 2007 Month ago +1

    Can you do pec pop

  • Farid Sifuentes Garro
    Farid Sifuentes Garro Month ago +2

    Con cuantos pinchazos creciste?:v

  • Alex Andrei
    Alex Andrei Month ago


  • Maniac Mind
    Maniac Mind Month ago

    You all buff but you short asf

  • Hunter Official
    Hunter Official Month ago

    What is the song in this video? I want to know

  • Gomer Gilligan
    Gomer Gilligan Month ago

    @3.05 - how can u triple leg mass and get so shredded without gear????

  • VMID Gaming
    VMID Gaming Month ago


  • 이우진
    이우진 Month ago

    Every bodybuilding video that i watch has someone saying steriod

  • muhammad idrees
    muhammad idrees Month ago

    Please guide about how to gain muscles

  • ابو رودينا&

    Kalak Expire play, Omar Hadid

  • Gomer Gilligan
    Gomer Gilligan Month ago

    "...and all without any juice - okay, a little juice - ALRIGHT, a lot juice... assholes "!!!

  • Áron Tápai
    Áron Tápai Month ago

    Lol so many haters

  • תומר פרוינד

    He is not natural he 16 year old and 1.60 cm and he can do at one year this tranforme

  • KB MTB
    KB MTB Month ago +6

    The only part of his body that didn’t change is his head

  • Mike fly
    Mike fly Month ago

    Great work!

  • Gisela Paz
    Gisela Paz Month ago

    Baki are you

  • Gustavo Magalhães
    Gustavo Magalhães Month ago

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  • Ruqiyo Omar
    Ruqiyo Omar Month ago

    The Guy's not human

    DEADSHOT GAMINGYT Month ago +1

    He should have done each and every thing in moderation

  • Eshwar I
    Eshwar I Month ago

    Golds gym of course

  • hieu phan
    hieu phan Month ago

    Does anyone know what's the name of the song he used at 1:17?

  • James Chen
    James Chen Month ago

    Who know the song 1:34

  • hazmahhamzah
    hazmahhamzah Month ago


  • vvvs 2145s
    vvvs 2145s Month ago

    I mean he’s like 5’1 and not that big really, just lean. Put him next to an average guy even and he’ll look very small in comparison. It’s very possible he’s natural

    EL JORGEYT Month ago +1

    Usas esteroides

  • JrMk
    JrMk Month ago

    For this age using steroid is so stupid

  • Roy Oswaldo
    Roy Oswaldo Month ago

    Eso no es natural

  • Lełun Melun
    Lełun Melun Month ago

    Patryk 28zl na mopiei tak powie że naturalnie mama brala steroidy xD Pati daj łapkę łachu ;)

  • Kai i s Real
    Kai i s Real Month ago

    U will face the growth issue because you are too young to do this thing

  • Joe Champion
    Joe Champion Month ago

    People saying this kid got good genetics how has he good genetics for building muscle means having high testosterone and being sensitive to it and this kid looks like a girl with short hair his doctor put him on GH because he 5’3

  • Santiago Robless
    Santiago Robless Month ago

    Ah no mames en un año!?? Un año de inyectarse Esteroides😅😅😅

  • Oreo man
    Oreo man 2 months ago

    Bruh that was like 3 years

  • Sintax
    Sintax 2 months ago +1

    h o w

    THE ABHILLER 2 months ago

    Did your height grow

  • hamer time
    hamer time 2 months ago

    I didnt even know that the human body had that many veins...

  • Jasmine Le
    Jasmine Le 2 months ago

    Song? 1:38

  • Jacqueline Nash
    Jacqueline Nash 2 months ago

    No no nôooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The way you have done ✅ it all over again I just wanted your attention your own and you are so amazing 😉 I can get you and you get done ✅ I have to say it and you get done ✅ I have to say it and you get done ✅

  • Jacqueline Nash
    Jacqueline Nash 2 months ago

    No no no no no

  • Samuel Serrano
    Samuel Serrano 2 months ago

    You dopping

  • great ph
    great ph 2 months ago +1

    1:33 what is the title of the music?

  • Micheal mok Mok meng
    Micheal mok Mok meng 2 months ago


  • Sam Norris
    Sam Norris 2 months ago

    This is weird.

  • x_Skelly_x
    x_Skelly_x 2 months ago

    When you realize that he is so short because he worked out to much when he was younger so he ruined his growth playes

    Leo O'DONNELL 2 months ago +1

    Guys, he's natural watch Greg Doucette videos , he'll prove you wrong!

    LCD MAN 2 months ago


  • Josh.nrobinson
    Josh.nrobinson 2 months ago +1

    ! dem legs

  • Big Might___
    Big Might___ 2 months ago +1

    Facially: 12
    Body: Arnold Schwarzenegger


    Also how does he look like hes 8 in 2017 and actually 16 in 2018? This guy kinda fishy ngl

  • chim toy
    chim toy 2 months ago

    this made me remember jungkook😂

  • Ahmed Hassan
    Ahmed Hassan 2 months ago


  • Strwberry
    Strwberry 3 months ago +1

    I feel bad for him, ruining his life this early on. He looks really innocent. Sad