Ultimate Game Jam - Round 1 ( Game Jam Devlog )

  • Published on Mar 25, 2020
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    Thanks for watching! Please check out the other contestants and host. This has been a fun experience so far and I look forward to more.
    The Ultimate Game Jam is a 3 round game development competition. In addition to making a game, each contestant creates a devlog to show their process.
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Comments • 209

  • AniMesuro
    AniMesuro 2 years ago +357

    I personally find it ok to have a black screen as a game ending. Some games even have just a "You win" text as endings and are considered great games. I think it's more of a build-up to the end that overestimates a satisfactory game over.

    • Anonymous One
      Anonymous One Year ago +1

      @Vimlark you look like Jonah from David Dobrik

    • Not an NPC
      Not an NPC 2 years ago +21

      Fading to black is ambiguous to the user though.
      Is something loading? Did something crash? What's going on?
      As a practice, you should at least let the user know what's going on, even if you just say "game over".

    • Vimlark
      Vimlark  2 years ago +51

      It's more that it wasn't supposed to. Plus it soft locks you on the black screen. If there was a way to get out of it that would be one thing but I'll fix it in the future and it should be good.

  • puffcap
    puffcap 2 years ago +130

    Tip for your artwork: You were drawing in a size that allowed you to mix pixel sizes and move in increments smaller than a pixel. Keep brush size consistent, movement of pixels locked to a grid, and dont draw assets in one "pixel resolution" but say UI in another.

    • puffcap
      puffcap 2 years ago +34

      @Vimlark oh if its intentional and you like it go for for it lol

    • Vimlark
      Vimlark  2 years ago +48

      I'm doing it intentionally. It lets me get some fine detail while keeping the aesthetic I want. It also makes animating easier. I know there are people that hate it but I'm having fun with it. Thank you for looking out though!

  • Furiousd - Game Developer
    Furiousd - Game Developer 2 years ago +123

    You made a lot for such a small time period! Nice job!

  • Ric
    Ric 2 years ago +28

    The special character in the file NAME that makes things not work is what nightmares are made of

  • Geraud Greyling
    Geraud Greyling 2 years ago +71

    Create variations of floor tiles - one that does actually disappear if you stand on it too long, one that deals damage to you the longer you stand on it(or one that gives you health). I feel like variations in floor types could really help you setup interesting levels and particularly make the boss battles more interesting and difficult which would increase the sense of accomplishment after beating it. Good luck with the rest of the jam!

    • Vimlark
      Vimlark  2 years ago +10

      I like the idea. Not sure what I will need to do as part of the rules for the next round but I will keep different floor tiles in mind. Thanks!

  • Yannick
    Yannick 2 years ago +59

    Thank you :D
    I really enjoyed your game.I must admit, that it was a little bit to tough for me. So I never reached the boss but now I think that was by design haha 😄

    • Vimlark
      Vimlark  2 years ago +7

      LOL. I really liked your game as well. It got super tricky at parts but was a lot of fun. Can't wait to see what happens next.

  • AnasMations
    AnasMations 2 years ago +87

    2:15 wait you made this game? i played it a while ago and it's dope!

    • JMVR
      JMVR Year ago +7

      I think I remember seeing that game on CoolMathGames, and it was very cool.

    • Vimlark
      Vimlark  2 years ago +17

      Yep, that's awesome that you have played it!

  • DualWielded
    DualWielded 2 years ago +8

    When I player your game it felt like I was playing an actually finished game! The feel, the visuals, the great feedback, the audio. It all felt super polisched! Very well made and you definitely deserved to proceed to round 2 :)

    • Vimlark
      Vimlark  2 years ago +1

      Thank you so much! I enjoyed yours as well. I was jealous the way your projectiles looked and the character was super cute!

  • Highfly
    Highfly 2 years ago +28

    Been waiting for new devlog. Your videos always inspiring to create my own devlogs.

    • Vimlark
      Vimlark  2 years ago +2

      Thanks! My normal devlog day is Monday. This is a bit of an odd one so I just tried to space it out. Not sure if I can actually make 2 videos every week yet.

  • smashyz
    smashyz 2 years ago +35

    9:37 LOL, that made me laugh a lot. Good video anyways, hope to see some more in Monkeys with Guns!

    • R4zorcl4w77
      R4zorcl4w77 2 years ago

      Lol ikr

    • smashyz
      smashyz 2 years ago +1

      @Vimlark Yeah I know they are but I'm just expecting them to be quality

    • Vimlark
      Vimlark  2 years ago +1

      Yeah, I could see myself losing hope with everything I listed. But I got most of it in so I'll count it as a win. MWG devlogs are Mondays. Can't do more than one of those a week.

  • Zawazuki
    Zawazuki 2 years ago +1

    This was such a fun journey, thank you buddy!

  • Matt Bull
    Matt Bull 2 years ago +4

    Thanks so much for participating: glad you're in the next round!
    I'm sure it's only gonna get more tense from here!
    Hopefully my hosting skills were... good enough? (i hope lol)

    • Vimlark
      Vimlark  2 years ago +1

      Thanks for putting it on, it was a lot of fun. Host was all good!

  • Ric
    Ric 2 years ago +9

    Oh man, I've been struggling using Trello too!
    I would set it up, then always do something completely different! I guess I'm more of a paper guy

    • Vimlark
      Vimlark  2 years ago +2

      Yeah, I try but to no avail.

  • TheFritoNation
    TheFritoNation 2 years ago +5

    Good video! I’m a new video game developer and I was curious how were you able to get the wand to rotate with the mouse and stay attached to the player character?

    • TheFritoNation
      TheFritoNation 2 years ago +1

      Vimlark awesome thank you so much I’ll try that!!!

    • Vimlark
      Vimlark  2 years ago +3

      Thank you. With construct you can ad a behavior called Pin which just locks one object to another. So I pin the wand's position to the player and then every tick set it's angle toward the mouse. That let's it move with the player but still rotate.

  • Me
    Me Year ago +1

    Me: I want to watch some Devlogs today
    Vinlark: I gotchu fam

  • skunkgirl456
    skunkgirl456 2 years ago +1

    I just finished my first game Jam and hoo boy I now know how you felt, on the last day I had so much to do but so little time, and everything kept breaking and I couldn’t figure out why. By 4:30 (the deadline was 7:00) I was just so tired, so I did a few bug fixes and sent it in at 4:50, it was super stressful. 😔

  • Robert Butchko
    Robert Butchko 2 years ago

    Your game looks great. I can't wait to see part two.

  • Zyger
    Zyger 2 years ago +7

    Awesome video, and awesome game !!!!

    • Vimlark
      Vimlark  2 years ago +1

      Thank you so much!

  • Marshall
    Marshall 2 years ago +3

    Nick, You're super inspiring. Thank you for sharing your dev experiences. As a young father myself, i've been slowley teaching myself how to make games in my spare time, but most days I'm finding that I can only devote 1 hour or so to anything. Was this a problem for you when your daughter was younger ?

    • Marshall
      Marshall 2 years ago +1

      @Vimlark I've taken your advice and going to work as much time aroun dfamily life as i can. I was a little more fortunate than you and your wife in that the UK gov have offered to pay 80% of my wage but i dont im not permitted to work through this pandemic. I will be taking part in as many game jams as im able to. I hope you and yours are doing well and youre able to find some stability soon.

    • Vimlark
      Vimlark  2 years ago +2

      Thank you so much for the kind words. When I got into game design my daughter was already 10 so I had more time to spend. But when she was young and I was becoming a photographer/retoucher, yes it was very limited time for anything else. I just did what I could and probably sacrificed more sleep than I should have. If you can find ways to keep learning while being a good parent that's the goal. I used to watch/read tutorials while I rocked her to sleep or while she had play time, then try to utilize what I learned when I got the chance later. Best of luck in your journey and enjoy your time with your child, they go by fast.

  • Alexander Viera
    Alexander Viera 2 years ago

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts I feel like there is so many deep things to learn from your process. I hope that we can keep seeing you grow. Keep us posted and kudos.

  • Reece Geofroy
    Reece Geofroy 2 years ago +3

    Nice video man! Keep up the work 😉 Love working on smaller projects as well. Keeps things fresh and interesting instead of working for months or years on one project only. ❤️

  • Heissayen
    Heissayen 2 years ago

    You basically went through every state I experience every jam I participated in. Except that I usually just give up and call myself a failure since it's easier.
    Props to you for committing till the end, the struggle is real!

  • S
    S 2 years ago +3

    I think you should list common errors that you encounter, and how to fix them. It has saved me lots of precious time, specially after a long break from which you are likely to forget precisely the 'small', 'silly' things. Also, it motivates me seeing how many issues I solved: it's also a trophy room, some took quite a lot of effort to figure out.

    • Vimlark
      Vimlark  2 years ago +1

      That's a great idea. Thanks!

  • ButWhyLevin
    ButWhyLevin 2 years ago +2

    Nice game, even though it didn't turn out as well as you hoped I think it's still impressive that you were able to make that large of a game in a jam.
    Btw is there like a main discord channel or something that all the game Devlog channels are on, because id love to participate in something like this if it happens in the future!

    • Vimlark
      Vimlark  2 years ago +2

      Thank you so much. This one was an invite only thing so there isn't a discord I can give out for this one. But if you are looking for game jam communities I am part of one called 8 Bits to Infinity that does a jam every month.

  • Josh J
    Josh J 2 years ago +2

    Awesome work!

  • xStrafez_ c;
    xStrafez_ c; 2 years ago +4

    Love these devlogs c:

  • Hoa Pham
    Hoa Pham 2 years ago +1

    Congrats on 2nd place and good luck on your next one!

  • Androkon
    Androkon Year ago

    For me it helps a lot to just write organization things in a big text file. The usual tools are too inflexible for my taste.

  • Kayque Fagundes
    Kayque Fagundes 2 years ago

    I like how you made one of the non used player sprite as a enemy!

  • Ground Development

    i just started a year ago in this area and am a Pro athlete. you sir have a great mind set and work ethic !!

  • Michael Jensen
    Michael Jensen 2 years ago +3

    I know you don't want software suggestions, but have you considered using a physical kanban board? Like you just need a white board and some sticky notes that you move between the three sections. The reason it's effective and works is because you don't have to open software to use it. It's right in front of you like a physical reminder.
    For me, on smaller projects, I go one step easier and just make a paper based checklist that I keep on my desk right in front of me.

    • Vimlark
      Vimlark  2 years ago +2

      I like the idea. I got a white board a while ago and still need to hang it up. That's some incentive. Thanks!

  • Games By Saul
    Games By Saul 2 years ago +1

    Great video! I loved how different your game is! As like you said most of us...did health (myself included)

    • Games By Saul
      Games By Saul 2 years ago

      @Vimlark Oh yeah! There is no originality left in this world xD

    • Vimlark
      Vimlark  2 years ago +1

      Thanks, the funny think is I thought the floor falling would be unique and Tons of Hun did it as well lol. No idea is really original.

  • Xgamesvideos Officiele kanaal

    Nice video!
    I have never heard of that game engine. Really funny to see people using different stuff than just Unity and Unreal on TheXvid.

    • Xgamesvideos Officiele kanaal
      Xgamesvideos Officiele kanaal 2 years ago +1

      @Vimlark So true! I started like 10 years ago with Game Maker 7! Those good old time...
      Since I have to create games with no game engine in C++ on my school... Well... Coding games hasn't been soooo dramatic! 🤣🤣🤣
      But visual coding is a very nice way to start. After that I really recommand Unity with the C# language as the next big step. Unity has a very good documentation and community support!
      But you don't have to switch, if this is fun enough, keep it like this. ;)
      But once you make the switch... Believe me... You can't go back when it clicks! 🤣

    • Vimlark
      Vimlark  2 years ago +1

      Thank you. There are a lot of small engines out there that can do great stuff. They let people like me with no coding background get into this great hobby.

  • E D
    E D Year ago

    this is really inspiring - how do you find the energy?

  • Angela Lewis
    Angela Lewis 2 years ago +6

    I love the vids and hope mwg is getting together well.

    • Angela Lewis
      Angela Lewis 2 years ago +3

      Btw remember me when you get big

  • Rambozo_FPV
    Rambozo_FPV 2 years ago

    Thanks for sharing this. That hash in the filename issue is so relatable. lol

  • rat
    rat 2 years ago

    Woah... The likes on this video, for such a small channel, is pretty big in one month! Anyway, I find this very entertaining to watch. Keep up the good work, you've earned a like

  • A t t i
    A t t i Year ago

    Looks cool, what programs are used for the game making?

  • Wojtek
    Wojtek 2 years ago +2

    to clarify, will the mechanic that you have to add in round 2 and 3 be random like the theme?

    • Vimlark
      Vimlark  2 years ago +1

      No clue yet honestly. I should probably start figuring that out lol.

  • JJWasp
    JJWasp 2 years ago +2

    I just completed the game it was real fun but it was quite hard good job

    • Vimlark
      Vimlark  2 years ago

      Thank you for playing. It's definitely not balanced lol.

  • Butter
    Butter Year ago

    Continue working on the game it’s really really good game

  • Jod
    Jod Year ago

    Cool game, mixels really bother me though after spriting for some time lol

  • Joel Mayer
    Joel Mayer 2 years ago +3

    Tried out many planning tools too but the only one that works for me is a whiteboard and markers ;)

    • Vimlark
      Vimlark  2 years ago +1

      I need to try that. I have a white board but I need to set it up near my computer.

  • TornanBlade
    TornanBlade Year ago

    mate you inspired me to not procrastinate with making my game with my fear of it not being good.

  • jason morgan
    jason morgan 2 years ago +1

    Looks like the Demonaire project remade like mine. Awsome!

  • Rose Juliette
    Rose Juliette Year ago

    Considering how fast you work I find it very strange how long you stared at that thesaurus page for. Your true kryptonite?

  • Nick Niles
    Nick Niles 2 years ago +3

    I like the way you went about drawing the sprites, they all are in a similar style and fit the game very well!

    • Vimlark
      Vimlark  2 years ago +1

      Thank you very much!

  • Adam Rab
    Adam Rab Year ago

    Vimlark, you’re the best.

  • Super8BitRafa
    Super8BitRafa 2 years ago

    Excellent work

  • Kevin Evason
    Kevin Evason Year ago

    Amazing video, I can see myself so much in the "lack of planning" part or wanting to do everything instead of narrowing down on a few :') Thank you and I think it turned out really awesome :D

  • Paraxodon
    Paraxodon 2 years ago +2

    Great video!

  • Jordan
    Jordan 2 years ago +1

    hey Vimlark, i didn't know where to put this, but there is a bug where the menu buttons still make noise when you hover over them, even when not visible...
    Great game tho, just now finally beat the boss

    • Jordan
      Jordan 2 years ago

      @Vimlark no problem, I'm happy to help!

    • Vimlark
      Vimlark  2 years ago +1

      Made a note. I will hopefully be able to fix some of the issues in the next round. Thanks

  • ZloTip
    ZloTip 2 years ago +6

    Well if the next mechanic is blackout at the game end, then you got it ;)

    • Vimlark
      Vimlark  2 years ago +1

      Fingers crossed.

  • zomb lord
    zomb lord Year ago

    Does anyone know what website he's using? it seems really cool and id love to be able to make games with it.

    DARKANGEL 2 years ago +1

    I do not like seeing this channel having 9k this deserves more

  • William Turner
    William Turner Year ago

    "Decay" I think 1st of a field that wears down as you play and 2nd zombies... with his wanting to make a top-down shooter that would be great. Maybe I should do that. Zombie battle royal as you try to climb back up to the surface instead of falling down into the pit... yeah, that would be great.
    Oh, he thought of the floor too. Makes sense. My thought was that the floor decay was automatic though so I still have a project idea.

  • Bryceson Breaux
    Bryceson Breaux 2 years ago

    My friend Todd Weiss was also part of the jam and I knew some people who join but I didn't realize bigger youtubers join which I thought was cool cause the host is a pretty small channel.

  • Alex prine
    Alex prine Year ago

    I'm spreading word on my game jam
    The name is infinity jam.

  • TaythanGD
    TaythanGD Year ago

    Is anyone else excited for him to quit his job and do this full time

  • Micho Schmidt
    Micho Schmidt 2 years ago

    That big ghost looks scary :D GJ !

  • Ender Ben
    Ender Ben 2 years ago +1

    A fellow construct dev!

  • artist
    artist 2 years ago +1

    Looks fun

  • Noah F
    Noah F 2 years ago +1

    Why do you use Construct as opposed to Unity or Unreal? You are the only person I have seen on TheXvid that uses construct and it actually looks super simple, I might check it out tomorrow.

    • Noah F
      Noah F 2 years ago

      @Vimlark ohh okay. That makes sense then. Thanks for the reply!

    • Vimlark
      Vimlark  2 years ago +1

      I'm a graphic designer and had no experience with coding before I started using Construct. I've tried Unity and I don't really like the coding aspect of it. I just want to make games not be a programmer so it works for me. There are a few others on TheXvid that use Construct but it is definitely a smaller engine. Tim Ruswick from Game Dev Underground also uses it.

  • Rare Raven
    Rare Raven 2 years ago +1

    DUDE. Should have made a ladder down, beneath a certain tile. :)

    • Rare Raven
      Rare Raven 2 years ago

      @Vimlark Yeah, but a ladder instead of falling to your death, makes sense right? Anywayz, nice going and I love to see people making progress. They stimulate me to keep creating.

    • Vimlark
      Vimlark  2 years ago

      I thought about that but kept getting stuck on the fact that falling down is what you are trying not to do so going down to progress felt wrong. I think I had been playing too much Stardew Valley and really just wanted to make the mines lol.

  • Ginja Ninja
    Ginja Ninja Year ago

    What program are you using to create this game?

  • blue_birb
    blue_birb Year ago

    What are you using to develop the games? That doesn't look like unity or regular game engines

  • Kris 21
    Kris 21 Year ago

    What platform are you using to make your games??

  • Muhamad Fathi Zuhaili
    Muhamad Fathi Zuhaili 2 years ago

    Do they scale down as they fall ?

  • Brani_Dev
    Brani_Dev 2 years ago +1

    like your edit i will keep watching you ;)

  • Armon J
    Armon J 2 years ago

    I haven't seen someone use Construct in a long time

  • Mysda
    Mysda Year ago

    I think the main issue here is the difference between movement that are limited by the platforms but the goal doesn't ask you to move back to places you made holes in it.
    One idea: point A give something you have to move to point B. If B lack the "thing" from A, tiles fall even more. And maybe putting the "things" in B put some tiles back. The difficulty get higher and higher not with ennemies and shoting but with traps that add up each time you make one travel.
    That way movement is your main mechanic and keeping tiles is important, as much as navigating between the holes.
    If you want a theme for this idea : point B is the dungeon monster, point A is the brick factory. Your little mage can take the bricks in A and give them to B to restore the dungeon. If B is hungry, he destroy tiles to eat the bricks and calm down until the next time he is hungry.
    If you want to keep the shooting maybe use the bricks. On the way back you can stunt traps or ennemies by shooting some of your bricks.
    Well, I hope you like the concept, I don't think anyone would ever make it but it was fun

  • Orbit
    Orbit Year ago

    This video consists of
    It took longer than I thought
    I took way to long doing blank

  • Untitled Gamer
    Untitled Gamer 2 years ago

    What software do you use because I’ve been watching lots of different videos of people making really cool games and now I wanna try being a game dev so if you could give a me a couple tips, I would really appreciate it thx!!!

  • RubberDuckyDJ Private

    you should have called it crumbling cantrips

  • Andi Dukagjini
    Andi Dukagjini 2 years ago +1

    Which game engine does Vimlark use??

    • Vimlark
      Vimlark  2 years ago

      I use Construct 3.

  • Kewin
    Kewin 2 years ago +1

    Interesting video buddy

  • Muhamad Fathi Zuhaili
    Muhamad Fathi Zuhaili 2 years ago

    How long have you been using construct ?

  • Onyxle
    Onyxle 2 years ago

    What program did you use this on? And is it free?

    • Sunil Nambadon
      Sunil Nambadon Year ago

      Its is gdevelop, a free game engine. No coding experience needed.

  • Cameron H
    Cameron H Year ago

    What game engine is this made on

  • Carlos Alberto
    Carlos Alberto Year ago

    Whats the songs used in this videos, they are amazing!

  • Virus 655
    Virus 655 Year ago

    with eyes:cute
    no eyes:badass

  • Richard Ikin
    Richard Ikin Year ago

    I don't think I could participate in game jams. I can do the coding, I'm just too methodical (slow) with my coding to complete in 7 days. Also, I don't have a library of code, yet, to make use of.

  • Duplicake
    Duplicake Year ago

    Gotta say the boss not lookin good :/

  • SomeWhatSavageGaming
    SomeWhatSavageGaming 2 years ago

    What do you use to make games (I want to try using it)

  • Mothuzad
    Mothuzad Year ago

    Title: It's Dangerous To Go At All

  • Christian Gallo
    Christian Gallo 2 years ago

    What game engine did you use? 😜

  • ahmad hazwan kamarudin
    ahmad hazwan kamarudin 2 years ago +1

    What game engine did you use?

  • HelloNew KungFu
    HelloNew KungFu Year ago

    I dont even know how to code but one of my dream's is to make a game and learn how to code! :/

  • Mr Penguin04
    Mr Penguin04 2 years ago

    The word real is his slept in the final game

  • Burningforthegame
    Burningforthegame 2 years ago

    what did you use to make the game

  • John Barbosa
    John Barbosa 2 years ago

    What IDE is he using?

  • Batuhan Rahmetov
    Batuhan Rahmetov Year ago

    you should consider there would be people with photosensitive epilepsy watching this video

  • Ekansh Tardeja
    Ekansh Tardeja Year ago

    Which game engine did ya use?

  • Level 1 Mikey
    Level 1 Mikey Year ago

    What game engine do you use sir?

  • MrHekko
    MrHekko Year ago

    are you using block programing?

  • Bowler
    Bowler 2 years ago +4

    Look guys! He called me awesome :D

    • Vimlark
      Vimlark  2 years ago +2

      You are awesome!

  • Failed
    Failed 2 years ago

    What game engine is that?

  • Peemis
    Peemis 2 years ago +1

    What game engine do you use?

  • Sosasees
    Sosasees Year ago +1

    Why did you put the Link in the Description when the password is still required?
    It should've said something like ,,GAME UNAVAILABLE - I made it private" at the Top of the description.
    EDIT: I went to your vimlark.itch.io page, and there's the game again,
    but this time it's Featured and WITHOUT the password requirement.
    How does Uploading the game Twice even work?!

  • DBT
    DBT Year ago

    The title could of been tread lightly