The Best of the Best: Toy Story 4 Edition | Pixar

  • Published on Jun 22, 2019
  • Tim Allen, Tom Hanks, and the cast and crew of Toy Story 4 discuss the best things about being part of Toy Story 4.
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Comments • 303


    Spañis como sera rn 2234 pixar

  • Jaylen Mark
    Jaylen Mark 23 days ago

    The greatest duo team

  • SONIC Zmwooq
    SONIC Zmwooq 25 days ago

    Toy Story 5 2020

  • heloisa Pereira
    heloisa Pereira 25 days ago


  • mrdonutz
    mrdonutz Month ago +1

    Toy Story - 1995
    Toy Story 2 - 1999
    Toy Story 3 - 2010
    Toy Story Toons - 2011
    Toy Story of Terror! - 2013
    Toy Story: That Time Forgot - 2014
    Toy Story 4 - 2019

  • Eduardo Lopez
    Eduardo Lopez Month ago


  • UnrealXIII
    UnrealXIII Month ago

    Please Toy story 5!!!!!!!!

  • Otaku_Dude8153
    Otaku_Dude8153 Month ago

    I couldn’t be more upset by the ending of this film....

  • Ricardo Condori
    Ricardo Condori Month ago +1

    Love TOY STORY 4

  • George Morgan
    George Morgan Month ago

    Tim and Tom are the duo I surprising needed in life

  • BowlofIndoMee
    BowlofIndoMee Month ago

    They should feature the toys most formidable enemy - iPad.

  • Sinish
    Sinish Month ago

    Sims 3 melody.. ?

  • Rhombicosidodecahedron

    I didn't realize Annie Potts was Bo Peep until a few weeks ago, and I found out Wallace Shawn was Rex last weekend. Meemaw, Vizzini, and Dr. Sturgis are some of my favorite characters and this just makes them so much better!

  • Juan Gg
    Juan Gg Month ago

    Is it the last toy Story movie

  • Rodny_ Roblox
    Rodny_ Roblox Month ago +1

    Toy story 5

  • Rodny_ Roblox
    Rodny_ Roblox Month ago +1

    Toy story 5

  • Rodny_ Roblox
    Rodny_ Roblox Month ago +1

    Toy story 5

  • Rodny_ Roblox
    Rodny_ Roblox Month ago +1

    Toy story 5

  • Jane Choi
    Jane Choi Month ago +1

    I dont like the way they seperated woody and buzz pls remake the movie its too sad even for young kids

  • Savataric 2004
    Savataric 2004 Month ago

    Spolier alert for people didn’t watch toy story 4 yet when Buzz was going to the highway by going on one of the rides I heard one of the old music that made me want to cry because it was so beautiful and I didn’t heard it for a long time

  • Sappora
    Sappora Month ago

    Omg my childhood voice actors are getting so old Dx EVERYONE JUST STOP! JUST STOP AGING!

  • Mark Miller Jr.
    Mark Miller Jr. Month ago

    Just watched this film. Toy Story has been a staple in my life since I was 2 years old. This movie, after Toy Story 3, gave Woody an ending I didn’t know I wanted to see him have. This movie gave me closure for Woody as a character, and shows his growth since the first film. I loved it so much.

  • Michael De santa
    Michael De santa Month ago

    Is woody gonna stay with bo peep in toystory 5 ?

  • albaleria
    albaleria Month ago

    I loved Toy Story 4 ♥

  • A Diseny Fan
    A Diseny Fan Month ago +1

    I like toy story but love WALL.E. This looks like one of your best movies yet.

  • Fausto Molina
    Fausto Molina Month ago

    To Infinity

    ....And Beyond

    N3RDYG0GGLES Month ago

    Anyone else getting a Sims vibe from the music? XD

  • Heike E.H
    Heike E.H Month ago

    the sims 3 buy mode soundtrack?

  • P0taTo
    P0taTo Month ago +2

    The ending was so sad 😭 why woody why !!!!!!! ~*i had watch the movie*~

  • Louis
    Louis Month ago

    sims 3 music?? why?

  • get the fuck out
    get the fuck out Month ago +1

    Hey.. I hear a Sims 3 background..
    Like when your in buy mode..

  • BOOM BOOM Fiyah
    BOOM BOOM Fiyah Month ago

    What is the background music used in this video?


    *Not gonna lie this movie made me play with my toys for one last time*

  • Rach G
    Rach G Month ago

    Just found out what the ending is. Not sure if I want to watch it now. 😭😭

  • Sure Loves Pocket Polly

    I would take my polly pocket on a road trip~~~

  • The 90's Boy
    The 90's Boy Month ago

    interviewer's voice is so attractive mmmm Hot

  • natdomo
    natdomo Month ago

    Is that TS3 music at the first place? 😆

  • lara croft
    lara croft Month ago +4

    amazing movie with the magic of the originals

  • Music and Game
    Music and Game Month ago

    Tom hank and tim allen are really friend

  • Sean Sutton
    Sean Sutton Month ago +2

    Emotions felt after Toy Story 4 > Emotions felt after Endgame.

    TOY TOY Month ago

    Toy Story is so much fun!

  • code red Luke
    code red Luke Month ago

    Watching this tommorow

  • Ana Hoffman
    Ana Hoffman Month ago

    Spoiler free! Don’t worry!

  • Rionaldy Wijaya
    Rionaldy Wijaya Month ago

    The Sims 3 Soundtrack!

  • SwedlePOP
    SwedlePOP Month ago +1

    Who else cried while watching the movie. I remember my mom playing toy story 1 and 2 on the DVD player when I was little. It’s just so emotional to see this again.

  • Reed Birmingham
    Reed Birmingham Month ago +1

    Pixar I want Toy story 5

  • Drew Russell
    Drew Russell Month ago

    I know where all Pixar Fans here, but do you think Toy Story 4 should get nominated for Best Picture like 3 did back 2010?

  • Drew Russell
    Drew Russell Month ago

    I hope these Two are in a Live Action film eventually. These guys just go together like Honey and Bread.

  • Thiago Oliveira
    Thiago Oliveira Month ago

    Hhahaha Man, I love that.

  • AshyPanteloons
    AshyPanteloons Month ago

    Got to see it early. It is such a sweet movie! But after 10+ years it's honestly time to focus on a new cast of toys/kid or just let this storyline end in the high note to TS4.

  • Swanie .blr
    Swanie .blr Month ago +4

    Did anyone notice that Sims music is playing in the background?
    No? Just me?

  • TheLolofc
    TheLolofc Month ago

    Just watched the movie yesterday and I have been crying out of the movie theater but it was a nice ending

  • Anna Freeman Cassell

    Too cool thank you 😆😄

  • Toaster The Gamer
    Toaster The Gamer Month ago

    Good pun in the end... Now PLAYING!

  • Arfan Eka Diandra
    Arfan Eka Diandra Month ago

    Isn't it strange that Tom Hanks starred in Apollo 13 the same year as Toy Story?

  • Molly Rose
    Molly Rose Month ago

    I still haven't recovered from seeing this movie

  • Harry Robins
    Harry Robins Month ago +2

    "This is Buzz Lightyear"
    _"Yeah, well I suppose you're also Santa Claus"_
    "Well actually..."

  • Maria Pilar Rubert
    Maria Pilar Rubert Month ago


  • Mad Family TV
    Mad Family TV Month ago +2

    Toy story 4 is a beautiful movie and made my family very happy ✌️😊 🖖

  • Seth Macfarlane
    Seth Macfarlane Month ago

    Where I live this movie will be released in September. I hate it here.

  • Gyaso Gyadi
    Gyaso Gyadi Month ago

    Tom Hanks is so funny😂

  • King Hisham
    King Hisham Month ago +5

    Toy story 4 was probably the best movie ever made.

  • Saud Saad Al-Enezi
    Saud Saad Al-Enezi Month ago

    Good but not good as First 3 seasons

  • Hapк Invisiblе
    Hapк Invisiblе Month ago


  • pokemon master
    pokemon master Month ago

    Make a toy story 5 for bo and woody

  • Siti Jakarta
    Siti Jakarta Month ago

    I wish Tom Hanks & his costars of TS sing Overdose at Kids Choice Awards

  • OlymphiaRose
    OlymphiaRose Month ago

    What's with the sims background music? 🤔

  • RandomThings!
    RandomThings! Month ago

    Is it just me who’s 50/50 with this film!? Maybe because am ill?! 😭😭😭🤔🤯😷❤️❤️❤️😇 xxx

  • Colin Mcknight
    Colin Mcknight Month ago

    I am going to see toy story tomorrow night in 4dx

  • Anandhu Gopan
    Anandhu Gopan Month ago +43

    Avengers Endgame is the most emotional film ever made!
    Toy Story 4: *Hold my cowboy hat*

    • Yeety McGeety
      Yeety McGeety Month ago

      Bruh, neither of those movies are even in the top 10 most emotional movies of all time

    • natdomo
      natdomo Month ago +1

      Yeah it was emotional but TS4 kinda makes it on another level 😭😭😭

  • dino man618
    dino man618 Month ago

    Lieutenant Dan ice cream

  • Ragdoll Productions Fan 2005

    Will there be a video game of toy story 4

  • ahmad faizal
    ahmad faizal Month ago

    There's a snake in my boot.. To infinity and beyond!

  • Владислав Булаев

    Brilliant movie.

  • Truegryphon
    Truegryphon Month ago

    Music from The Sims. Interesting.....