The 3 Hour Game Jam - Trijam Devlog

  • Published on May 27, 2021
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    My game made with the Construct 3 game engine.
    Construct theme: PROCSS

Comments • 172

  • Vimlark
    Vimlark   +63

    Start your free trial on GameMaker Studio 2 here:

  • Shodan1610
    Shodan1610  +144

    This is one of the best games you’ve made. But that Boulder is an eyesore 😭

  • Zachary Kirby

    Vimlark got second place and I got fifth. I’ll take Vilmark down next time ;)

  • Underfunded Scientist

    Legend has it , Vimlark is already working on another game jam

  • SamiTheAnxiousBean

    The trijam is one of the most stress free friendly jams ive seen, they're pretty chill about stuff and is one of the few that doesnt keep me up at night working on stuff

  • clonethirteen

    This has become of my favorite games of your and you've Inspired me to do the TriJam. Another great devlog!

  • Oldenword
    Oldenword  +14

    You consistently make great and unique games in such short time spans. Love the concept of this one.

  • awesome soda opinions

    This is probably the coolest game jam game I’ve seen on a mechanical level

  • Techy Shadow

    I swear he is going to participate in 10000+ (game jams) before he is even 50

  • Jordan Marshall

    This seems like a really interesting one. I love it.

  • Nils Müller-Cleve

    So much thanks for this devlog!

  • Villains

    My favourite youtuber is doing game jam again! And I love it! Great devlog and game :)

  • muw

    one of your best videos yet imo.

  • Critters
    Critters  +10

    One day Vimlark will game jam a game where a game jammer game jams a game while eating jam

  • Skeffles

    Spacetime is a tricky theme but I think you smashed it! I love the cute style of the game but the giant boulder would be terrifying.

  • Games By Saul

    Nice work! I really like the colour scheme and the key art, it's really quite nice and fun honestly!

  • Daniel David

    This game is super stressful and SUPER fun. I love this one!

  • Nic The Thicc

    That's quite some content for a 3 hour jam! Props!

  • V00D0O
    V00D0O  +1

    Good job on your placement in the jam 👏🏻👏🏻

  • Paanch Tanmatra Studio

    Yes, Trijam is an amazing place to test your skills.