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  • Published on Jul 15, 2019
  • In 2020, they will become kings. Watch the new teaser trailer for The King's Man now. See the film in theatres February 14, 2020.
    As a collection of history's worst tyrants and criminal masterminds gather to plot a war to wipe out millions, one man must race against time to stop them. Discover the origins of the very first independent intelligence agency in The King's Man.
    Director: Matthew Vaughn
    Based on the Comic Book “The Secret Service” by Mark Millar and Dave Gibbons
    Produced by: Matthew Vaughn, David Reid, Adam Bohling
    Cast: Ralph Fiennes, Gemma Arterton, Rhys Ifans, Matthew Goode, Tom Hollander, Harris Dickinson, Daniel Brühl, with Djimon Hounsou, and Charles Dance
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  • TJ fernandez
    TJ fernandez 9 hours ago

    1917 hands down the best only world war 1 movie out there won best picture / soundtrack but Kings Man might just take there place for best picture & more as set in 1914!! Cant wait.

  • insorte diaboli
    insorte diaboli 3 days ago

    I am stoked for this movie, it looks like it has the means to take a more serious note than the others and i always thought it would be cool to get an origin story for the kingsman movies. I have high hopes for this movie

  • Jaydie Domalaon
    Jaydie Domalaon 4 days ago

    I think This movie is the origin of kingsman

  • Jose Hernandez
    Jose Hernandez 4 days ago

    February 14? Nice thats when Tame Impala drops their new album

    • Dan M
      Dan M 3 days ago

      It has been pushed back to December

  • Connor
    Connor 5 days ago

    1:35 I’m not blind, there’s no one in that car right

  • Kertiseee/Kertis333
    Kertiseee/Kertis333 6 days ago

    1:19 reminds me of eggsy shooting a pistol

  • Joseph Dellen
    Joseph Dellen 6 days ago

    Anyone know if the violins are from a specific song?

  • omor abedin
    omor abedin 7 days ago

    Origins of kingsman???? If it is reserve my ticket now

  • Wiggels
    Wiggels 7 days ago

    This sequel to 1917 looks pretty good

  • Sociedade dos Heróis

    0:48 the Work is done
    I Won

  • Rex Factorem
    Rex Factorem 10 days ago

    Finally a franchiste with good storytelling and visuals! Hats off Fox!

  • ۵ χ ۵
    ۵ χ ۵ 10 days ago +1

    Harris Dickinson Come To Me I SUMMON YOU 😍💯

  • mavz
    mavz 11 days ago

    WWI era movie? F*ck I am in, I want to see this and 1917.

  • hazard
    hazard 15 days ago +2

    They added a space and a word for the new title

  • I love DC
    I love DC 16 days ago +1

    So this is Kingsman First Class

  • gamee girl
    gamee girl 18 days ago

    Wont be the same without egzzy

  • Jessica Stiner
    Jessica Stiner 21 day ago

    For those who were confused this is the prequel to the first movie we get to see how it all started 🔫🔫🔫🔫

  • Adrian Syahputra
    Adrian Syahputra 26 days ago

    This is new adaptation...??

  • 1 AM GROOT
    1 AM GROOT 29 days ago

    See I disliked the first two kingsman movies. Thought they were too childlike and stupid. This is how it should of looked like from the off...looks good.

  • Røbi
    Røbi Month ago +1

    Theory: this movie shows the history of Kingsman. Eggsy’s great grandparents are involved. End of the movie we will be back in present day and Eggsy walks in a room (doesn’t matter what room) and the movie ends.

  • Jackal Reviews
    Jackal Reviews Month ago +3

    You have to love the british.
    We have a good sense of humour, style, and personality.

  • We Are All Clowns
    We Are All Clowns Month ago +1

    Just imagine your fighting in France then out of nowhere,a flipping ninja with an umbrella just begins murdering everyone on the battlefield

  • Yagati Gawa
    Yagati Gawa Month ago +1

    So this is like *minions* came after *the despicable me* ! *the kings' man* after the *KINGSMAN* !
    It's just the BACKGROUND STORY !

  • Rumman Rahman
    Rumman Rahman Month ago

    Voldemort is Kingsman?

  • Umair Arif
    Umair Arif Month ago +1

    honestly, it feels like new begginings we don't need in kingsman

  • Luke Kiely
    Luke Kiely Month ago

    I haven’t heard that scream since Harry potter

  • Princess Costales
    Princess Costales Month ago +1


  • Im Roo
    Im Roo Month ago

    I can't wait to watch it

  • lord war
    lord war Month ago +1

    white people 0:19

    • Jackal Reviews
      Jackal Reviews Month ago

      In the words of Frankie Boyle, "gun beats spear".

  • Yoga Tanaya
    Yoga Tanaya Month ago

    kingsman or james bond ? which one u choose ?

    • Jackal Reviews
      Jackal Reviews Month ago

      Considering the direction bond is going in. KINGSMAN, definitely KINGSMAN.

    • Train3440
      Train3440 Month ago

      Yoga Tanaya Kingsman

  • roger smith
    roger smith Month ago +1

    Too Bad World War 1 was a scam pushed by the TALMUDIC Babylonians and rothchilds for oil.. the entire war where 20 percent of population died was a scam.. that is the real genocide not the fake one out there , that is protected by Babylon.

  • roger smith
    roger smith Month ago

    Too Bad World War 1 was a scam pushed by the TALMUDIC Babylonians and rothchilds for oil.. the entire war where 20 percent of population died was a scam.. that is the real genocide not the fake one out there , that is protected by Babylon.

  • Harman Farwah
    Harman Farwah Month ago

    What song is it?

  • Shadow Banned
    Shadow Banned Month ago

    Really looking forward to this one and I cant say that about much these days.

    STORM Month ago

    Kingsman turning into assasin’s creed
    And i like it

  • Savita Naiyapat
    Savita Naiyapat Month ago +1

    I just noticed that Ralph Fiennes always in war movies.

  • Ussuz Adamlar
    Ussuz Adamlar Month ago

    Maybe this young man will be Harry 💁🏻‍♂️

  • saurabh raj
    saurabh raj Month ago

    It's a prequel

  • Unkn0wn G4m1ng
    Unkn0wn G4m1ng Month ago

    This is essentially a prequel to the kingsman movies

  • Lucas Sam
    Lucas Sam Month ago

    Que filme meus amigos

  • TomSee
    TomSee Month ago +1

    No this isn't the 3rd kingsman, it's a prequel. For those confused from research on the internet the franchise is in this order.
    1) Kingsmen - The Secret service. *Released
    2) Kingsmen - The golden circle. *Released
    3) THE KING'S MAN (prequel film) *in post production.
    4) Kingsmen 3. (title TBA) *in pre-production.
    5) Statesmen. *In development/planning stages.
    obviously the order could change. But from what I researched (readily available on the internet) filming will start on Kingsman 3 sometime in early/mid 2020. Right off the back of this prequel film's release/end of production. The King's man is the origian of the Kingsmen and the Kingsman 3 is rumoured to be the last part of Eggsy & Harry's story arc. :)

  • platinum1111
    platinum1111 Month ago

    great, what nobody needed, a woke kingsman movie

  • Surya Narayanan.B
    Surya Narayanan.B Month ago

    I am eagerly waiting for this movie

  • Sky
    Sky Month ago

    I hope that in the bossfight with Rasputin is gonna be playing Boney M. Rasputin

  • daiko
    daiko 2 months ago

    I didn't know that the prince from maleficent was part of the Kingsman

  • Marie Gizmo
    Marie Gizmo 2 months ago

    It doesn't look as good as the first two movies tho

  • Chloé lumley
    Chloé lumley 2 months ago +1

    Can here looking for some Eggsy actions but like ok kinda popped off but still sad no hartwin in this dooooo

  • Julian Salas
    Julian Salas 2 months ago +1

    I can't wait to see how the kingsman became kingsman, and i better see younger harry

    • Train3440
      Train3440 2 months ago

      Julian Salas they push it back to September 18, 2020🥺😠😤

  • Van Morgan
    Van Morgan 2 months ago +1

    “Hey, How much slow-mo do you want?”

  • woodeok yoon
    woodeok yoon 2 months ago

    I just hope this will be better than the disappointing sequel.

  • مينا القباني

    i don't like that ... this not kingsman ?!

  • Drop the Reich
    Drop the Reich 2 months ago +1

    Man this is the Weirdest Battlefield 1 trailer I've ever seen

  • Zech Merquise
    Zech Merquise 2 months ago +2

    Dark Fate: shows whole movie, nobody sees it.
    King’s Man: not sure what is showing, TAKE MY MONEY!!!

  • Zech Merquise
    Zech Merquise 2 months ago

    Only realized what it was when he twisted the head on the statue and the hidden door open. Brilliant!!!

  • kholiful hasbi
    kholiful hasbi 2 months ago


  • joshua moore
    joshua moore 2 months ago

    So I guess we've never heard of a prequel?

  • The Epic G
    The Epic G 2 months ago

    So Prequel?

    I don’t get it

  • Thekingsman
    Thekingsman 2 months ago

    20 century fox: but we got a spin-off
    Me: I just wish we had a third one 😞

  • Thekingsman
    Thekingsman 2 months ago

    Me: even the franchise was good
    20 century fox: sill no

  • Thekingsman
    Thekingsman 2 months ago +1

    Me: why
    20 century fox: don’t know and don’t care
    Me: the second one was so good
    20 century fox: mmmm no