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  • K
    K 18 days ago

    Lol all the triggered vegan hippies

  • Hossenur Rahman
    Hossenur Rahman 21 day ago

    Faltu .........

  • Kyle Pingol
    Kyle Pingol Month ago

    I'm sorry that looks so dry than the Sahara Desert

  • Faith Nope
    Faith Nope Month ago

    me: oh wow a tofu vegetarian turkey i wonder what its made of if not of meat
    me: wait

  • Sparkly84
    Sparkly84 Month ago

    I don’t even like tofu. I’d rather eat actual turkey, it tastes more real.

    • Faith Nope
      Faith Nope Month ago

      i agree but this made me laugh because, no shit it tastes more real, its the actual thing

  • Amez
    Amez Month ago

    I’m vegetarian and there is NO need for this I-

    MJSLXY S1 Month ago

    that how my shit looks after to much cocaine

  • ohohoho
    ohohoho Month ago

    Can't say much for the appearance or the texture, but I am still curious as to what it tastes like.

  • Toxy the Pirate Fox

    The dislikes won

  • MyNamesJeff
    MyNamesJeff Month ago

    day look like a burnt chicken nugget

  • lis_
    lis_ Month ago

    The NERVE of this@!

  • Gabriel Salomão
    Gabriel Salomão Month ago

    Please vegans, stop trying to recreate meat eaters food

  • Daisy Watkins
    Daisy Watkins Month ago

    Who thought this “turkey” would be good??

  • Kevin Douglas
    Kevin Douglas Month ago

    Looks Disgusting! If you don't eat meat why would you want to make something that attempts to taste like meat?

  • Maxence Drapeau
    Maxence Drapeau Month ago


  • Creative Drawing tips

    I have seen a lot of bad comments about this stuff but tofu is really tasty!

  • Creative Drawing tips

    I have to make this next thanksgiving! One thanks giving I just ate mashed potatoes and watched the rest of my family eat turkey this would make being vegetarian on thanksgiving so much easier!

  • PurpleSprite
    PurpleSprite Month ago +1

    Look up "How to Make Tofu Turkey | Vegetarian Holiday Dish | Down to Earth Hawaii" for a Tofurkey that doesn't look like plastic.

  • Maxwell Gottlieb
    Maxwell Gottlieb Month ago +2

    Making fun of people who want to help the environment and save animal lives is rude and insensitive. That did nothing to you. The point of this recipe is try to make a similar looking thing so vegans aren't left out.

  • Kialessa Sunstrider

    the best way to do vegan/vegetarian food is to celebrate vegetables and fruits and spices to the best of their capabilities, not to pretend they are what they aren't. You'll always fail at trying to make something into what it isn't. Tofu can be really tasty done right but this... This looks painful, consistency-wise.

  • Starcat productions
    Starcat productions Month ago +1

    More dislikes than likes?!?!

  • Jaguar Expert
    Jaguar Expert Month ago +1

    Andrew Gruel would be proud

  • Destiny Garrobo
    Destiny Garrobo Month ago

    That looks so gross no one is gonna try making it!!!

  • Skif The Pirate
    Skif The Pirate Month ago

    I actually like it lol it’s just a tofu and bean loaf with stuffing. I love stuffing. Some people want tofurkey, some people don’t. I guess this is for the people that do want it. Thanks for all your hard work Rachel!

  • Noah LauHee
    Noah LauHee Month ago

    It's funny how they are making a vegan recipe in the shape of they miss meat so they make fake meat. Love you Tasty but ...come-on now🙃

  • JudaiTsukki
    JudaiTsukki Month ago

    I don't get why people want to create "vegan meat".

  • Erin Huang
    Erin Huang Month ago

    In Asia we do actually use bean, tofu or other kind of vegan protein to mimic the flavor of meat (some of them taste really good). Personally I’ve not tried this recipe but the idea make sense for me. Just wanna say please don’t judge just because the idea is new to you

  • weckfurt daigre
    weckfurt daigre Month ago


  • Quentin Pestner
    Quentin Pestner Month ago

    ... did this person really just not put any seasonings in this and call it a recipe? Come on, salt and garlic only (and a little onion powder) are not seasoning enough!

  • eylül aralan
    eylül aralan Month ago +1

    Ben anlamıyorum madem vegansınız neden ete benzeyen şeyler yiyorsunuz.

  • Panda_Cat 95
    Panda_Cat 95 Month ago

    Dang, I mean I wouldn’t eat it but all y’all being just a tad bit rude, none of you have even tried it you don’t know if it’s gross.
    It’s also a very rare occurrence when vegans and meat eaters come together to hate on a meal 😂

    DHIKRA ZAIN Month ago


  • Chunky Mammal
    Chunky Mammal Month ago

    It's kind of artistic...

  • Rosie The Pawesome Mutt

    I’m good...

  • Odd Flex
    Odd Flex Month ago

    A dog wouldn't even eat that...

  • Fiona Russ
    Fiona Russ Month ago


  • irene sendejas
    irene sendejas Month ago

    This ain't in chief

  • DiddleTheSkittle
    DiddleTheSkittle Month ago

    Just eat proper turkey!

  • Ruby R
    Ruby R Month ago


  • Scarlett Mckeown
    Scarlett Mckeown Month ago

    This reminds me of the Everybody Loves Raymond episode where Marie and Deborah try to make a tofu turkey.

  • Anime is my Life
    Anime is my Life Month ago much hate in this comment section!

  • Antonia Gummerus
    Antonia Gummerus Month ago

    If Gordon Ramsay saw this he would say

    _”This is why I’m not vegan”_

  • Tasvir Mahmood
    Tasvir Mahmood Month ago


  • loyalty 1011
    loyalty 1011 Month ago

    Throw the whole kitchen away

  • Dragon Power
    Dragon Power Month ago

    Vegans, vegetarians, and all others.
    Can we come together and agree that this thing is a monstrosity to food kind?

  • Zibee Yui
    Zibee Yui Month ago

    Okay... I'm actually quite curious how it tastes like?

  • Aeyo Toshi
    Aeyo Toshi Month ago

    If this is on the table of my next Thanksgiving or Christmas party meal I'm fighting someone.

  • walkwithred
    walkwithred Month ago

    This is an abomination

  • The Anti-Parents Organization

    The guy who made this is probably tripping in meth

  • lisha penn
    lisha penn Month ago

    So dry

  • NigthMirish K
    NigthMirish K Month ago

    ew dude what the fuck

  • Shin Yeon Ji
    Shin Yeon Ji Month ago

    You can't just copy the shape and call it a turkey. They taste different...

  • Queen Sundus
    Queen Sundus Month ago

    my dog wouldn't even eat this

    He eats EVERYTHING!

  • r8ed Rm
    r8ed Rm Month ago

    Wow more dislikes then likes...

  • Erin In Underland
    Erin In Underland Month ago

    This made me very unsettled

  • Nabila Hasen
    Nabila Hasen Month ago

    Nice effort on making this but I kinda feel nauseous by looking at it. There’s just something about it that isn’t ....right

  • Shannon Marvella
    Shannon Marvella Month ago


  • Edward Coe
    Edward Coe Month ago

    if someone said we were having turkey for dinner, and then served me this, I would be very disappointed.

  • Kasia Paradowska
    Kasia Paradowska Month ago

    You guys did so many awesome vegan dishes, this one is not one of them unfortunately, it looks really off putting

  • вy૨ѳท
    вy૨ѳท Month ago

    Everyday...we stay further from God

  • Hansani Lanka
    Hansani Lanka Month ago


  • EyesOfDead
    EyesOfDead Month ago

    stop with this shit - no one eats this garbage

  • c woolfork
    c woolfork Month ago


  • Nimisha S
    Nimisha S Month ago

    Why does this video have a lot of views?

  • Lady Shaunamarie
    Lady Shaunamarie Month ago

    I’ve never hated something so much in my entire life

  • Hafidz Moech
    Hafidz Moech Month ago

    dont put the *OOooH YEsH* at the end, it doesn't look that delicious to me 🤣

  • Sasha Dale
    Sasha Dale Month ago +1

    Yes,this vid right here

  • Judith Majoro
    Judith Majoro Month ago +1

    *Now That's a lot of damage*

  • Meat is murder, sin brings hell after death

    Please searc.h these vid in youtbe and save yourself from h.ell. :) God bless you.. :)
    Every single moment counts.
    mWy951VYnBI - 1:11

  • Meat is murder, sin brings hell after death

    I am here to tell you that non veg is sin. Why; animals have same parts, they cry with pain and blo o d, humans still slaughter them.
    If we'll not stop we'll have to go for 'judgement day' which tells us about our karma. So why kill and eat "meat is murder".
    God bless you. :)

  • Classic Combo
    Classic Combo Month ago

    I thought this was a turd in the thumbnail

  • Kris
    Kris Month ago


  • billy McAllson
    billy McAllson Month ago

    Shit looks like the adventure time say people shit

  • MLS
    MLS Month ago

    I’d cut someone if they served me this...😂

  • Connor m
    Connor m Month ago

    Lol, when they put the "stuffing" in the "Turkey" they just put tofu in tofu lol

  • Polly Kolly
    Polly Kolly Month ago +1

    looks like three blobs of poop

  • TheHitman™
    TheHitman™ Month ago

    Ohhhhh..... No!

  • TheHitman™
    TheHitman™ Month ago

    Fuck Vegans and fuck this recipe.

  • Fabian Vasquez
    Fabian Vasquez Month ago

    Rather make the sin of breaking my 15 years of being vegan than to eat this.....

  • October Primavera
    October Primavera Month ago

    Mmmm nutritional yeast...y'all are nasty.

  • AZ120807
    AZ120807 Month ago


  • Anonymous Person
    Anonymous Person Month ago

    I'm sorry, but vegan or not, you have to agree that that looks like shit. Yes, I look before I flush.

  • Christine I Guess
    Christine I Guess Month ago +1


  • sameera
    sameera Month ago

    *vegans have left the chat*

  • Anila Fariab
    Anila Fariab Month ago

    T O F U R K Y ?

  • Teresa Everich
    Teresa Everich Month ago

    Just make a normal vegan dish. You don’t have to pretend to eat meat.

  • Nisha Torres
    Nisha Torres Month ago

  • la mer verte
    la mer verte Month ago

    although I don't eat meat, I don't understand that vegans imitate their food like meat.

  • Federal Bureau Of Investigation

    Youre almost gonna hit the rock bottom tasty stop doing these weird gay ass recipes and go back where you were before you've got more dislikes than likes

    • 1bwash
      1bwash Month ago

      Younes Younes gay recipes? Grow up with your insecure ass.

  • Conan Li
    Conan Li Month ago

    looks like shit!

  • Neal
    Neal Month ago

    dislikers are haters, cant wait to try this!!

  • Bettye's Cooking Channel

    A simple Tofu Turkey recipe. Thanks.

  • Shigi skaria
    Shigi skaria Month ago

    Likes : 2.2k

  • Keren icehand
    Keren icehand Month ago

    No. just no. and i am a vegetarian😳

  • AM 4444
    AM 4444 Month ago

    Ive seen better turferky at great big story

  • TSA Mario
    TSA Mario Month ago

    Too late

  • comic nerd
    comic nerd Month ago

    Is this a joke?

  • Talah Al
    Talah Al Month ago

    Shame i think this a good recipe but you really should have like coated it with panko or something at least to make it crispy and make it look A LOT more appealing

  • Jaurf
    Jaurf Month ago

    Føj. For. Helvede!