Kacey Musgraves One-On-One Interview | 2019 GRAMMYs

  • Published on Feb 11, 2019
  • Kacey Musgraves is interviewed in the one-on-one room by Ted Stryker at the 61st GRAMMY Awards on Feb. 10, 2019, at the STAPLES Center in Los Angeles.
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Comments • 75

  • harris fathir
    harris fathir 3 days ago +1


  • Betty Altman
    Betty Altman 5 days ago +1

    Kacey is so real. Her music hits home and expresses the feelings of many people. She is a story teller and reminds me of earlier female artists. Kacey will be a HUGH star. Cannot wait for her to soar.❤

  • B. K
    B. K 5 days ago

    Her first album was better.

  • James Del Gatto
    James Del Gatto 6 days ago +1

    she's so gorgeous!

  • Christy D
    Christy D 6 days ago

    She looks like a young Demi Moore or Kyle Richards but better.m.

  • Christy D
    Christy D 6 days ago +1

    So glaf the grammys recognized Kasey

  • Shevan gomis
    Shevan gomis 7 days ago +1

    She deserved it

  • Tyson Wheeler
    Tyson Wheeler 7 days ago +1

    Well deserved.

  • Elizabeth Ortega
    Elizabeth Ortega 7 days ago +1


  • storm coming.
    storm coming. 7 days ago

    Kacey Musrat sucks

  • Chris Sadd
    Chris Sadd 7 days ago +5

    The only one besides Gaga that won that actually has vocal talent.

    • Vannah K
      Vannah K 6 days ago

      And lyrical talent. Both write their own songs!

    • Kathleen Slaughter
      Kathleen Slaughter 6 days ago

      rewatch brandi carlile's performance i had no idea who she was and i was in disbelief by the end

    • Ryan Herd
      Ryan Herd 7 days ago +3

      Have you heard Brandi Carlile? 3 grammys

  • Kassy Gtz
    Kassy Gtz 7 days ago +12

    I'm so glad she won, country music for the win!!! Although she sings "new" country she still keeps it country! As it should be, love her!!

    • Kassy Gtz
      Kassy Gtz 6 days ago

      +Kelli Powell i agree!! I love old country i hate the new stuff on the radio, like FGL and that stuff, but Kacey is truly great!

    • Kelli Powell
      Kelli Powell 6 days ago +2

      It has more roots in true country compared to mainstream country today!!

  • Pin Wei
    Pin Wei 8 days ago +1

    She winning the award means singer's vocal is not what you need to win a grammy. Not distinguishable, not unique, nice to listen but thats that.

    • Richard Lug
      Richard Lug 7 days ago +6

      You can not be serious. I could pick her voice and style out everytime if I was asked. If there was a knock on her IMO it would be that she needs to step out of her comfort zone and try something different, but if she does not I will still be a big fan.

    • Ann M
      Ann M 7 days ago

      Who do you think should have won?

  • Promise EDEN
    Promise EDEN 8 days ago +1

    No ideah who she is but let me check

  • tyrone johnson
    tyrone johnson 8 days ago +1

    looks like Grammys are trying to support Trump voters and southern values......where are you peta??

    • Лена Колчук
      Лена Колчук Day ago

      She actually hates Trump, she gave a lot of hints on other interviews
      - what would you say to Donald Trump if you ever met him?
      - I don’t know, I hope I’ll never be that close.

    • artellia1
      artellia1 Day ago +1

      Lol she is literally being boycotted by the country radios due to her liberal views

    • Richard Lug
      Richard Lug 7 days ago +2

      Maybe you should check your ingnorance at the door. First she is on the record of her dislike of trump and she is a gay rights advocate I doubt to many anal trump lovers are fans. 2nd what couldpeta do they are an animal rights outfit. Did her songs offend animals? LOL!!

    • Patricia Vasquez
      Patricia Vasquez 7 days ago +3

      I'm not sure if she supports Trump, Its not my business, but I do know she writes a lot of songs that go against the conservative norms. She's has even come out saying she supports the LGTBQ+ community. You ought to check them out!!

  • Sukanya Sarma
    Sukanya Sarma 8 days ago +33

    Same Trailer Different Park
    Pageant Material
    Golden Hour
    All of them are quite close to my heart..... Thank you Kacey.. For creating the soundtrack of my life.... I know all your fans feel that way ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    • Vannah K
      Vannah K 6 days ago

      Sukanya Sarma same hurt in every heart, same trailer different park ❤️❤️❤️

  • issafamilyshow orisit
    issafamilyshow orisit 8 days ago +5


  • P K
    P K 8 days ago +4

    Album of the Year !!

  • nomnom nom
    nomnom nom 8 days ago +3

    who is she

    • Ann M
      Ann M 7 days ago

      A winner and an amazingly talented woman!!

    • Johnzel Sarono
      Johnzel Sarono 7 days ago +5

      The queen of the cowgays and cowgirls.

    • Cassandra Tejeda
      Cassandra Tejeda 8 days ago +10

      She's our yeehaw queen

    • Dman444
      Dman444 8 days ago +3

      buzz buzz an Angel

  • Natasha Bednell
    Natasha Bednell 8 days ago +15

    I'm so happy she's won. She deserved it so much. And she released a video for rainbow today

  • Marina Silveira Silveira

    Well deserved, Kacey! The album is amazing!! Literally can not stop listening to it, and just KNEW it would win best album!! Congratulations on the four awards! 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽💖🙌🏽

  • Nancy James
    Nancy James 8 days ago +9

    So glad she won.

  • Gavino Verduzco
    Gavino Verduzco 8 days ago +13

    my talented yeehaw queen.!!!

  • laura
    laura 8 days ago +5

    so deserved 💞

    LOVER LINK 8 days ago +25

    I fk with rap but i also fk with this album

  • N Flores
    N Flores 8 days ago +36

    This album was a pure work of art she’s so deserving

  • Su Hugo
    Su Hugo 8 days ago +31

    Don’t know her...but I like her. I'll need to check out her music and see what it all about

  • King Malone
    King Malone 8 days ago +1


  • Robert Grimes
    Robert Grimes 8 days ago +96


  • Liz Figueroa
    Liz Figueroa 8 days ago +32

    One of my favorite albums ever, so happy and proud of kacey ❤

  • Kevin Mesch
    Kevin Mesch 8 days ago +42

    I have a feeling it was neck and neck with Golden Hour and Dirty Computer.

    • Daniel Glaister
      Daniel Glaister 7 days ago

      Asy'Ari Zainol totally agree but like i said i’m glad if anyone else it was kacey

    • Asy'Ari Zainol
      Asy'Ari Zainol 7 days ago +1

      They couldve at least given it to Janelle since Kacey already got a 3 out of 4 grammy. I stan both am finally glad that Kacey got the really big recognition that she deserved.

    • Jack Delaney
      Jack Delaney 7 days ago

      yeah definitely

    • Daniel Glaister
      Daniel Glaister 7 days ago +4

      Kevin Mesch me too, but i think both were excellent. i have a preference of dirty computer but that’s probably just down to the fact i prefer r&b to country

  • Shwetlana
    Shwetlana 8 days ago +154

    Golden Hour is amazing, it's quality music. Kacey is even more incredible. Well deserved.

  • Luis Perez
    Luis Perez 8 days ago +1


    • Daniel V
      Daniel V 8 days ago +4

      I hate the gays that can’t respect talent. 🙄

    • madalynn
      madalynn 8 days ago +5

      Jealousy makes you green

    • Jonathan Aqua
      Jonathan Aqua 8 days ago +2

      She's a goddess 😇💕💕

    • laura
      laura 8 days ago +1

      takes one to know one xoxo

    • Eden Gallagher
      Eden Gallagher 8 days ago +1


  • Rhaegar Dameron
    Rhaegar Dameron 8 days ago +49

    ALBUM! OF! THE! YEAR! ♥️💘💛💚💙💜💗

  • Tanner Vargas
    Tanner Vargas 8 days ago +22

    golden hour golden night

  • Kimora Rose
    Kimora Rose 8 days ago +146

    Ignore the people that are mad, Kacey and don't take it personally. The same thing happened when Fearless by Taylor Swift won in 2010. At the end of the day, talent won. Congratulations.

  • XxPhtevenxX
    XxPhtevenxX 8 days ago +27

    Glad she won. I really loved “Golden Hour.”

  • TaylorSwift Nation
    TaylorSwift Nation 8 days ago +10


  • Bratty
    Bratty 8 days ago +41


    • Kimora Rose
      Kimora Rose 8 days ago +2

      She is such a queen.

    • Wilian .S
      Wilian .S 8 days ago +3

      so deserved, four awards, golden night