Top Four (4) Power Problem Repair Of Induction Cooker - Very Useful


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  • Amit patel
    Amit patel 9 days ago

    Nice, very usefull vidio

  • Roshitha Sukumar Reddy
    Roshitha Sukumar Reddy 11 days ago +1

    Sir my induction is not accepting the power I am not able to start the induction can u help me

    • Creative World
      Creative World  7 days ago

      what's happening, when you give the power of your induction cooker ?

  • Gopal Borle
    Gopal Borle 21 day ago

    Indication me lock dikhaya hai kaise nikale prestige pic 10.0 model no

  • Gopal Borle
    Gopal Borle 21 day ago

    Please send contract number

  • spadix sharma
    spadix sharma 25 days ago +1

    Sir, my induction gets on!! But doesn’t sense the cookpan!!! Instead produces sound in a regular interval... when paused the sound disappers!! Can you help ?

  • Rajkumar jangid
    Rajkumar jangid Month ago


  • EXAM-X
    EXAM-X Month ago

    Sir,Mera Hewells ka induction hai....Ek bar Jada Power supply ghar meh aane ki wajah se karab ho gya...Aur On karne par kuch respose nahi dikhata kya karu...koi proper shop bhi nahi hai jaha repair properly karta ho

  • ratna chandawa
    ratna chandawa Month ago +1

    Thanks for your suggestion I got the fault

  • Nicky DIY
    Nicky DIY 2 months ago +1

    I found Boom!!! when pluged, then open the cover and found fuse exploded. What should I check first?

  • Rising Devil
    Rising Devil 2 months ago +1

    Again nd again fuse is melting

    • avichal dixit
      avichal dixit 26 days ago

      Tecno- ujjwal change MOSFET as in problem 2

  • Deepak sharma
    Deepak sharma 2 months ago +1


  • Bittu Singh
    Bittu Singh 2 months ago

    Rico Induction cooker ka cabinate alag se on line mil jayega kya if yes please call me my no is 6202266295

  • Rana
    Rana 2 months ago +1

    Mera prestige induction hai power on.nahi ho raha...kya mothrboard prblm ho sakta hai ? ek.jagah dikhaya karne kah raha hai kaha k mothrboard prblm hai .

    • Creative World
      Creative World  2 months ago

      it may motherboard problem, ac cable problem, or fuse blown,

  • Jakup Berisha
    Jakup Berisha 2 months ago +1

    VERY GOOD VIDEO, you could also speak would be better, nice work

  • Rupesh Jaiswal
    Rupesh Jaiswal 2 months ago +1

    मेरे इंडक्शन के फैन से बहुत आवाज आती है क्या फैन को निकाल देने से इंडक्शन काम करेगा या फैन जरूरी ही है

    • Rupesh Jaiswal
      Rupesh Jaiswal 2 months ago

      @Creative World ,just buy before 10 days sir noisy from starting day ,is there any low noise fan available in the market

    • Creative World
      Creative World  2 months ago +1

      you should change the cooler fan

    KIRAN KUMAR 2 months ago +1

    Super anna

  • Supriyo Bhat
    Supriyo Bhat 2 months ago +5

    Your 1st 3 problem solving are very nice but 4th one are not a correct solution's...need replace fuse with proper amp for safety of PCB & also user

  • anuj pratap singh
    anuj pratap singh 2 months ago +1

    Sir mere philips induction me jab on karta tha to power button kabhi kam karta tha or kabhi nhi to mene power button change kara liya hai lekin 1 din bad he fir se same problem start ho gayi hai kon se part me kami hai?

    • Creative World
      Creative World  2 months ago

      you should change all switch of panel board,,
      it will be better.

  • Kiran Tupe
    Kiran Tupe 3 months ago +2


  • Васян Васяныч
    Васян Васяныч 3 months ago +1

    Что-то термо пасты мало, надо было пол тюбика уебать.

  • Valdecir Aparecido pereira

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    • Valdecir Aparecido pereira
      Valdecir Aparecido pereira 3 months ago

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    • Valdecir Aparecido pereira
      Valdecir Aparecido pereira 3 months ago

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  • sheri williams
    sheri williams 3 months ago +1

    Thank you. I would have loved to do this work.But in school, girls were not taught basic life skills and how to fix and make a living. We learned how to make , vanilla pudding, cinnamon toast. Sewing a skirt- which I got a D in which is almost fail. The reason why, my engineering brain said the full skirt mafe me look like an umbrella, so I took the skirt apart the night before, and learned pleating with mathematics for a circle, and then stitched from waistband down exactly 7 inches. Omg it so beautiful and perfectly sewed. That was in 1965. I recently graduated from Academy of Art University, - via computer classes with physical tests and items sewn and mailed in. I graduated Summa Cum Laude. Hahaha!
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    ANOOP DIXIT 3 months ago +1

    Sir ye tube kis kaam aata hai aur ise kya bolte hai
    Hamara bhi induction heat nahi ho raha hai kya yahi pareshani ho sakti hai aur ise igbt bolte hai kya please reply

  • Francis Dias
    Francis Dias 3 months ago +1

    Glass broken of the Induction
    Where to get the Induction glass

    • Creative World
      Creative World  3 months ago

      you can't buy from anywhere.
      any company don't sell those induction glass

  • prodip debnath
    prodip debnath 3 months ago


  • Bishnu prasad
    Bishnu prasad 4 months ago

    i like...very much

  • Ganesh Achariya
    Ganesh Achariya 4 months ago +1

    Mera switch JAL gaya kya induction direct start hoga????

    • Creative World
      Creative World  4 months ago

      you should change the switch, then it will work

  • Pramod Kumar Sinha
    Pramod Kumar Sinha 4 months ago +1

    agar sahi me repair hints dena hai to bolkar bataye sath hi kaun sa spare kaha milta hai

  • Cốm TV
    Cốm TV 4 months ago +1

    Thank thank cái lol ngu như bò

  • Dolan Roy
    Dolan Roy 4 months ago +1

    Mera induction Maha fan power danaka time ak ber fan chalta ha fir koi button dabana sa koi reding so nahi hota hit v ho raha ha pls

    • Dolan Roy
      Dolan Roy 4 months ago

      @Creative World kavi on hota ha kavi EO ata ha kavi switch Kam korta ha kavi nahi korta job switch ko short kor data hu tab chalu ho jata ha leken power button sa off nahi hota pls reply

    • Creative World
      Creative World  4 months ago

      now check the fan ?

    • Dolan Roy
      Dolan Roy 4 months ago +1

      @Creative World 16v

    • Creative World
      Creative World  4 months ago

      check the voltage on fan socket

    ANOOP DIXIT 5 months ago +1

    हमारा induction कम हीट होता है क्या करे

  • gitubaliyan
    gitubaliyan 5 months ago +1

    Infection bna rha h ya music bja rha h mental

  • Jyoti prakash Nayak
    Jyoti prakash Nayak 5 months ago +1

    Bajaj induction icx 8 Mai igbt bar bar failure horahai kya problem hai. I have replace capacitor, 8050&8550 ,pwn resistor .

  • Prince Shrestha
    Prince Shrestha 5 months ago +1

    Mere pass himstar ka model no. ft 17 fuse Nahi hai Kay kare

  • Dipankar Gayen
    Dipankar Gayen 5 months ago +1

    My induction cooker IC damage

  • jagat adhikari
    jagat adhikari 6 months ago +2

    Mere induction m power supply dene par sound aa ra h but on nahi ho rahi h

  • Subash Kumar Chary
    Subash Kumar Chary 6 months ago

    Brother EO error coming what I can do plz help me

  • Tam Reingam
    Tam Reingam 6 months ago +1

    Hey bro I got a power but it's not heating why it's like that can you help me?

    • sheri williams
      sheri williams 3 months ago

      what would you be looking for in the heating coil? Plug wiggled out?

    • Creative World
      Creative World  6 months ago

      check the heating coil

  • ESE Casarrubios
    ESE Casarrubios 6 months ago

    one of the two condensers of 8 microfarads is destroyed, can it be the cause of another electronic component? thankyou very much.

  • kali muthu
    kali muthu 7 months ago


  • Michael Andersen
    Michael Andersen 7 months ago

    Another video out of India, they should learn to clean their irons.

  • Shabeer Sirain cad
    Shabeer Sirain cad 7 months ago

    Induction cooker not working and not display any code,power code and fuse ok, capacitor 4,7 uf/450v broken change to 10uf/450 v and 23 ohmz(ROBG) resister not in range both side, cange to 22 ohmz(RRBB) but burn resister, what I do next

    • Creative World
      Creative World  7 months ago

      you can buy from on line

    • Shabeer Sirain cad
      Shabeer Sirain cad 7 months ago +1

      Am from kerala, my nearest cities not get same resister, any substitute

    • Creative World
      Creative World  7 months ago

      use same value resistor and check the IGBT & Bridge Rectifier Diode

  • Ayyappan A
    Ayyappan A 7 months ago +1

    Fuse fire agathu what issue

  • ravi v
    ravi v 7 months ago +1

    thank you

    RAJIV SHARMA 7 months ago

    phone no dena

  • Mani K.A
    Mani K.A 8 months ago +1

    Line is on but is not working

  • koyasait mohamed
    koyasait mohamed 8 months ago +1

    My induction stove main on after fuse

  • Nabin Swain
    Nabin Swain 8 months ago +1

    Glass tutgeyi hai kounsa glass use karu

  • praveen's tech
    praveen's tech 8 months ago +1

    Can i use 12.5amps fuse

    • praveen's tech
      praveen's tech 8 months ago

      @Creative World thanks bro

    • Creative World
      Creative World  8 months ago +1

      you can use easily

    • praveen's tech
      praveen's tech 8 months ago +1

      Bro one suggestion iwill already replace an new fuse the inbuid fuse is 12.5 amp i will change new 15 amps it is ok for induction stove the stove wattage is 2000

    • Creative World
      Creative World  8 months ago +1

      yes, you can

  • sukh swaich11
    sukh swaich11 9 months ago

    Are bhai gunga hai kya

  • Mallikarjun Kubasad
    Mallikarjun Kubasad 9 months ago +1

    Sir. IskaPartskhamilega

  • Karthick Kr
    Karthick Kr 9 months ago

    Super use full thank you

  • Pete Smith
    Pete Smith 9 months ago

    Awesome work =)

  • Ajayverma Verma
    Ajayverma Verma 9 months ago

    Bar bar i g b t kharab ho Jaya hai

  • viper 08
    viper 08 9 months ago +8


  • suraj rsia
    suraj rsia 9 months ago

    Display pe e7 falt

  • suraj rsia
    suraj rsia 9 months ago +1

    Bhai e7 ka falt bata sakte ho kya

  • V.Panchapakesan Iyer
    V.Panchapakesan Iyer 9 months ago

    Prestige Pic 2.0 beeps and switches off (i.e. - - on panel). What could be the problem?

  • Suresh Saini
    Suresh Saini 9 months ago +1

    Bhaai induction ka plug bord me lagate hi mcb niche gir hati ha to induction me kya falt hai

  • sudhakar reddy
    sudhakar reddy 9 months ago +1

    My induction is typing why