Unswitchables: Too Anxious To Switch

  • Published on Nov 28, 2018
  • Tommy’s a fashion blogger who’s always looking for new trends, but switching to a new phone makes him anxious. After trying on the Pixel 3, will he make it a permanent part of his look?
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  • Oli Os
    Oli Os 2 months ago

    Why google gotta beg people to switch....

  • Kevin Davis
    Kevin Davis 2 months ago


  • Sheri W
    Sheri W 10 months ago

    Checked out the pixel 3 nice phone but 🤔 you have to turn up The Screen Display to full brightness to actually see the pictures , so the battery life wouldn’t be good.

  • ItsInvis Something
    ItsInvis Something 10 months ago

    Is there an unwatchable switching from Galaxy to Pixel, because I could use the example.

  • Vox Populi
    Vox Populi 10 months ago

    This mans fashion sense is as weak as this mans chin.

  • joseph d.
    joseph d. 10 months ago

    was that an iPhone X?

  • Ultimate Charizard
    Ultimate Charizard 10 months ago

    What's the song?

  • Paulo DeOliveira
    Paulo DeOliveira 10 months ago +1

    Dude looks like frozone with that turtleneck

  • Rufus Landscaping
    Rufus Landscaping 10 months ago

    A trendsetter who is afraid to try a new brand of phone 😂😂

  • Rufus Landscaping
    Rufus Landscaping 10 months ago


  • Random Cabbage
    Random Cabbage 10 months ago +1

    These adds keep activating my google homes 😂

  • Sharon FromTv
    Sharon FromTv 10 months ago

    This outfit!

  • Maftuna Mekhrojiddinova
    Maftuna Mekhrojiddinova 10 months ago

    Is he a boy or girl

  • Mazaharul Alom
    Mazaharul Alom 10 months ago

    Yeah you are right the Notch is unswitchable! 🤪👐👐🤪

  • remarkably weird Marcus
    remarkably weird Marcus 10 months ago +1

    James Davis reminds me of those sells man that forces you to buy something 😂

  • 森秋子
    森秋子 10 months ago

    these ads make me want to kill myself

  • Hayden Maslar
    Hayden Maslar 10 months ago

    Can’t other phones do this

  • Kaz
    Kaz 10 months ago

    Tommy sounds like Ninja a little Lmfao.

  • Ro F
    Ro F 10 months ago

    How many billions has Google spent pushing this product? LOL

  • OfficiallyEdi
    OfficiallyEdi 11 months ago +1

    Eh, the phone looks kind of cool but... THAT CAPE??? I NEED IT IN MY LIFE IMMEDIATELY

  • SamHMusic
    SamHMusic 11 months ago

    who the fuck watches and enjoys this

  • Ace_Wolf
    Ace_Wolf 11 months ago


  • Ace_Wolf
    Ace_Wolf 11 months ago


  • Troy Moore
    Troy Moore 11 months ago

    I got this ad when I was watching a video on my phone so it starting doing what the guy told Google

  • RandomGuyOn Youtube
    RandomGuyOn Youtube 11 months ago +1

    I would still keep the iPhone after that

  • Lianny Tú Bendicion
    Lianny Tú Bendicion 11 months ago

    An iphone x

  • Laura Armenta
    Laura Armenta 11 months ago

    He Sounds gay

    • Playah
      Playah 11 months ago +1

      you don't say

  • Hi There
    Hi There 11 months ago

    Other phone a.k.a iPhone X

  • Asaph Bake
    Asaph Bake 11 months ago

    No cap That fit at the end too fye

  • Exquisite
    Exquisite 11 months ago

    Did he just throw an iPhone X/XS into that box? I could see the two cameras with the flash in the middle.

  • Bucky the Duck
    Bucky the Duck 11 months ago

    One sentence: honey where is my super suit

  • Elias Wilson
    Elias Wilson 11 months ago

    “The phone has integrated into my life”says no one over 16

  • Elias Wilson
    Elias Wilson 11 months ago

    Maybe tommy is just fine with his phone

  • Elias Wilson
    Elias Wilson 11 months ago +2

    “I currently love my phone”said no one

  • Elias Wilson
    Elias Wilson 11 months ago +1

    The guy looked way better before the cape

  • RavenzDiary
    RavenzDiary 11 months ago

    i want to love the pixel 3 but the sharpness of its photos point out so much bad details on (my) skins: facial hair even i didnt know exists, imperfections, rinkles, pores, bad skin texture, dryness, etc

  • MvT NTW
    MvT NTW 11 months ago +1

    pls subscribe to my channel

  • Terrible Guy
    Terrible Guy 11 months ago

    Hey google , when u officially open a google shop at Malaysia?

  • Ro
    Ro 11 months ago

    I need a cape.

  • DrägøN KnîghT
    DrägøN KnîghT 11 months ago

    Hey google I've a suggestion for you : stop paying people to hide that mf notch and 4GB ram lol and start improvement of products with that money.

  • shubhankar munshi
    shubhankar munshi 11 months ago

    Google even u know that your phone sucks so stop making 🦆🦆 ads

  • kaSh
    kaSh 11 months ago

    Why do you need to google translate it to chinese when a real Chinese person who can translate it, is sitting right in front of you.😂😂😂😂😂

  • Giuseppe Botta
    Giuseppe Botta 11 months ago

    I wonder how much he was paid

  • priyesh pushp
    priyesh pushp 11 months ago

    so google wants your iPhone so that they could copy stuffs next year 😂😂 an giving you a phone which ram is bad like WTF BAD RAM 😂😂😂😂😂😂 do some work google We love you as well just make a better hardware and we are there

  • karthik harilal
    karthik harilal 11 months ago

    2:38 the greatest fashion designer known humanity, Edna Mode has said no capes !!! #nocapes

  • Mitchell Igbafa
    Mitchell Igbafa 11 months ago

    Big lie, i am his friend, he has been using imessage, and i know it is not from his computer

  • Mitchell Igbafa
    Mitchell Igbafa 11 months ago

    Why does he keep on saying "my old phone", we all know it is an "iphone"

  • Gabriel Leung
    Gabriel Leung 11 months ago

    omg as much as I love the Pixel lineup, this video is straight up cringe.

  • Omar
    Omar 11 months ago

    Okay so you want me to buy that phone to stop people on the streets and take some photots of thier clothes like a creep :)

  • Maniesh Ramanayake
    Maniesh Ramanayake 11 months ago

    How many memes could be made from this video?

  • Animesh Meshram
    Animesh Meshram 11 months ago +2

    "This phone is for you, accept the gift please." Opens up the box, notice the *Notch* and throw it away. XD

  • Deepam Kumz
    Deepam Kumz 11 months ago

    I m ready to switch.. Bt its too costly for me

  • Volker Pöppelmann
    Volker Pöppelmann 11 months ago

    They somehow made a video that actually makes it seem like a huge hustle to switch that ll take 3 weeks

  • Bayu Wiratsongko
    Bayu Wiratsongko 11 months ago

    Too expensive to switch...

  • Abdullah Waheed
    Abdullah Waheed 11 months ago

    Omg this is so cringy......this is so scripted

  • Mohammed Raidan
    Mohammed Raidan 11 months ago

    Mine shuts down at 60% battery life! And occasionally turn off for no reaaon! And it's only two weeks old!!! Maaaaan really!!

  • Jamie Haenraets
    Jamie Haenraets 11 months ago

    I wonder why everything is in a soft pink colour....

  • New Day
    New Day 11 months ago +1

    thexvid.com/video/msOp9Y3EizA/video.html pixel 3 song here

  • yasin shamrat
    yasin shamrat 11 months ago

    Google is so generous. Can I have a pixel 3 as a gift?

  • Hari Haran
    Hari Haran 11 months ago

    I’m ready to make the switch if you give me one pixel 3. I’d love that.