I Beat Fundy's NEW "IMPOSSIBLE" Difficulty in Minecraft (first try)

  • Published on Jun 29, 2020
  • I Beat Fundy's NEW IMPOSSIBLE DIFFICULTY in Minecraft on my first try! Fundy's Impossible Mode is too easy! About a week ago I made a video "I Beat Minecraft on Impossible Difficulty", the new difficulty in Minecraft created by Fundy. Since then Fundy has created a NEW Impossible++ difficulty for minecraft and claims it is ACTUALLY IMPOSSIBLE! However I managed to beat it first try! That's right wadzee beat the impossible difficulty in minecraft AGAIN!
    This is a plugin that makes minecraft EVEN HARDER! Today I decided to take on fundy's challenge AGAIN and beat the "impossible" once again!! If you guys want to see more impossible minecraft challenge videos make sure to subscribe!
    Fundy's Minecraft Impossible++ Difficulty:
    Check out the video above to find out how to try Fundy's Minecraft Impossible Difficulty Mod for yourself!
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    I use a bunch of music but a lot of it comes from
    Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
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Comments • 18 370

  • WadZee
    WadZee  Year ago +32423

    I lose game sound about half way through the video, my apologies, at least my voice is still there!

    • Jack
      Jack 4 days ago

      6:53 you relax that's sus

    • Multipaps
      Multipaps 10 days ago

      Bro i never cared about the sound, i didn't even notice

    • Colleen Rice
      Colleen Rice 26 days ago


    • Snapped
      Snapped 2 months ago

      @fei fei meow

  • Michael Han
    Michael Han Year ago +3885

    Wadzee: Beats it again
    Fundy: New difficulty called "Don't even Try", you immediately die after starting.

  • internet person
    internet person 11 months ago +627

    Fundy who reduced the accuracy of bows:

  • Generlc Human
    Generlc Human 11 months ago +66

    With the new updates, Fundy could make an "Impossible++++" difficulty, it'd be really cool having to either be near a light source or wearing leather armour to survive the colder biomes

  • Hedwig
    Hedwig 11 months ago +1459

    WadZee in 2025: so i beat the fundy’s new hardest difficulty impossible +++++++++++ in minecraft

    • Kai The Kai
      Kai The Kai 4 months ago

      its not impossible +++++++++++ the difficulty is now HELL++

    • Nicci boi
      Nicci boi 6 months ago

      @Im Me armor

    • Nicci boi
      Nicci boi 6 months ago

      @Im Me gas mask

    • Laststand PG3D
      Laststand PG3D 7 months ago

      @Cohen777-1 what have I ever done to you

  • Aha
    Aha 6 months ago +7

    “Burning in hot places when wearing armor”
    Speedrunners: I don’t have such weaknesses

  • Dhwaneel Kapadia
    Dhwaneel Kapadia Year ago +3279

    The secret of WadZee to beat anything is staying hydrated.

  • Nathan Hon
    Nathan Hon 4 months ago +22

    We need a “True Impossible difficulty” which comes with all the rules in Impossible+ along with these new rules:
    Water in cauldron evaporates instantly
    Water evaporates in desert and no more desert wells
    Only Cows, no more chickens pigs and sheep
    Increased tripping rate
    Any fall damage causes slowness for 5 seconds
    All fall damage is significantly increased
    Increased chance to break tools
    Significantly increased chance to break shields
    “You are scared of the dark”: Entering into any place with low light level teleports you back into the light
    “You feel bad for murder”: Whenever you kill a mob, you take damage from guilt
    “You are too filled with adrenaline to shoot”: Upon entering the End, your arrows have a chance to shoot in random directions
    Oh, and you no longer have natural regeneration. 😂
    I don’t think this is even possible. 😂

    • PDS ALEX
      PDS ALEX 18 days ago

      does dream approve?

    • xPqnda
      xPqnda 23 days ago

      and blaze rods and pearls have a 1/20 drop rate

    • Yesha Macarubbo
      Yesha Macarubbo Month ago +2

      I just imagine dying and seeing "You died from guilt" LMAO this should added, specially the last four

    • Sarthak Sharma
      Sarthak Sharma 4 months ago +3

      Bro you actually gave quite good suggestions

  • Mega Lukas
    Mega Lukas 10 months ago +1931

    thanks for the hydration message ✨

    • Louie The Mal-Shih
      Louie The Mal-Shih 4 months ago +1

      @Grygorii Ovsianikov watt up

    • Yasin Yasin
      Yasin Yasin 7 months ago

      Wow youre here

    • Mega Forever-_-
      Mega Forever-_- 7 months ago

      Wassap checkmark who I haven’t seen once in my life 🤠

    • JustAKomiFan
      JustAKomiFan 7 months ago

      Is that… THE
      mega Lukas
      Bro I actually love your work
      I grew up with you and now I’m me
      I mean I’m kinda shit
      But you shaped the person who I was with undertale animations
      Because you got me through some tough times bro
      Thanks :3

    • orbe 55
      orbe 55 7 months ago

      Ikr constapation is a really bad

  • Roopesh Malviya
    Roopesh Malviya 11 months ago +25

    Can we just appreciate that he took no damage in the end

  • tired. _gremlin
    tired. _gremlin 8 months ago +13

    I love how the most frustrating thing to wadzee is tripping

  • I do the funnies
    I do the funnies Year ago +6370

    He’s so lucky his shield didn’t break in the nether.

  • K MacD
    K MacD 9 months ago +4

    The next mode called "Wadzee Proof Mode" can be activated by typing a kill @e command in a repeat command block and putting it in always active. This mode is turned on right when you confirm the changes.


    Everybody is gangsta till wadzee speaks an village to existence

  • yoriii
    yoriii 7 months ago +6

    this man can literally beat anything in any difficulty and gamemode, and then there's me who drowned trying to make a beetroot farm

  • ToBeWan (Minecraft Pixel Art)

    Let's take the moment to appreciate how effort he puts into the content for us

  • SuthMaster
    SuthMaster Year ago +13722

    This is just a series of “no u” between Fundy and WadZee

  • 58th precept
    58th precept 8 months ago +1

    If you haven't already, you should try RLCraft on hardcore. I think that'd be an interesting challenge, as it's one of- if not THE hardest- modpack available for Minecraft.

  • Ryan Jagpal
    Ryan Jagpal 10 months ago +46

    Fundy: *makes something impossible*
    Wadzee: *now see that’s where you’re wrong kiddo*

  • Alexandra Brown
    Alexandra Brown 6 months ago +1

    I'm rewatching this video about a year later and wow all the memories. It made my day :)

  • Squiffy
    Squiffy 4 months ago +1

    For the part if you eat too much, try to eat a food that matches your hunger. For example, a carrot restores 1 and a half of those drumstick things in the hunger bar, so eating a carrot right after you stop healing will not trigger the slowness, but maybe i'm wrong.

  • Aoxl66
    Aoxl66 Year ago +2182

    Fundy: this is ACTUALLY impossible.
    WadZee: hold my water checkpoint

  • Liam Allison
    Liam Allison Year ago +4

    13:56 this is so hilariously edited. Epic job WadZee.
    BTW I am also from Australia 😁😁

  • FireEyeZOfficial Plays
    FireEyeZOfficial Plays 11 months ago +689

    wadzee: doesnt die once in impossible++
    me: drowns while looking for diamonds

  • DistractionCat
    DistractionCat Year ago +5

    A ball that defies physics, just like me when I see a WadZee video.

  • stormy the protogen
    stormy the protogen 10 months ago

    can we talk about how good WadZee is?

  • Wahrheit
    Wahrheit Year ago +1897

    Fundy: "My disappoinment is immeasurable, and my day is ruined."

    • Wahrheit
      Wahrheit Year ago

      @Sofía Roura it's one of my favorite

    • Wahrheit
      Wahrheit Year ago

      @Sofía Roura oh i just like it :)

    • Wahrheit
      Wahrheit Year ago +2

      @j1rd no u

    • Corona
      Corona Year ago +1

      @Frykster isn't that the point?

  • Afghanistan Ball
    Afghanistan Ball 8 months ago +24

    Fundy: ye ghasts are invisible
    Wadzee: I'll pretend I didn't hear that

  • Jamie Kuo
    Jamie Kuo 11 months ago +87

    He’s lucky his stone pickax never broke randomly wow

    • Mia Thompson
      Mia Thompson 8 months ago +2

      it did tho-
      and with lots of durability 3:43

    • I game I do research too
      I game I do research too 8 months ago +2

      @A Cheater • 6579 years ago Stone has a very low durability to begin with

    • A Cheater • 6579 years ago
      A Cheater • 6579 years ago 9 months ago +1

      @sud maybe but most of time we can see that his pickaxe is on low durability and it means it didn't break yet

    • sud
      sud 10 months ago +4

      It did and most tool breaks were probably edited out

  • Tania Dunn
    Tania Dunn 7 months ago

    Can we just acknowledge that he’s out here at 4:00 am on a Sunday on Twitter? Now that’s commitment

  • NotNipNeb
    NotNipNeb 7 months ago +1

    In hardcore I’m sure that it makes things even stronger along with one life

  • PastaFactory
    PastaFactory Year ago +5449

    *2 days later*
    Fundy: the enderdragon can’t die

    • I do shoutouts
      I do shoutouts  6 months ago

      hes gonna glitch it and he is gonna win

      BLAST GAMERX 7 months ago

      @Adam Badini I always say pasta when in sticky situations I am in brawl stars

    • the synthesized one
      the synthesized one Year ago

      *beats the wither as a final boss*

    • YTWmike
      YTWmike Year ago

      That would mean, the difficulty would be truly impossible

    • Nadine H
      Nadine H Year ago

      Zadwee:are you sure about that?

  • Ghost GD
    Ghost GD 9 months ago +8

    But wasn’t the end supposed to be like the moon, and the phantoms didn’t spawn when you shot the end crystals

  • NoopieTheGamer
    NoopieTheGamer 10 months ago +11

    11:19 Absolutely beautiful.

  • BeeBarb28
    BeeBarb28 8 months ago +4

    WadZee: this is actually kinda perfect
    Never gonna give you up
    You just got rickrolled

  • Plasma Snow 2nd account

    Love how he hardly expected him to get to the end so the end isn't really changed

  • Bruno Rodrigues
    Bruno Rodrigues Year ago +1191

    Fundy: This is actually impossible
    WadZee: I thought it was meant to be hard

    • Kaszonkl
      Kaszonkl Year ago

      Bromac yooo, you must be so cool, quoting subreddits outside of reddit

    • cag
      cag Year ago +1

      @Bromac you didn't use the wooosh right you overcooked corn dog

    • Joona Porkka
      Joona Porkka Year ago

      @Bromac lol what?

    • Marshall McElhaney
      Marshall McElhaney Year ago

      Guys chill out

    • Obadiah Jerrin
      Obadiah Jerrin Year ago +1

      @Bromac lol

  • osu!droid | nekoli
    osu!droid | nekoli Year ago +1

    "telling Dream to speed run a minecraft world, but it secretly had Impossible++ Mode"

  • Orlando Wong
    Orlando Wong 11 months ago +41

    He’s beating impossible while I’m struggling on creative

  • SlimeTime1
    SlimeTime1 11 months ago

    to do it EFFECTIVLY on survival but u dont die so its technically hardcore (not rly tho) u would need to change the difficulty to hard (and lock it if u want to to remove the temptation of changing it back.) but with the way ur doing it u dont have as much/the pressure of doing it on hardcore so yea
    hope that made sence

  • Alaina Titus
    Alaina Titus 11 days ago

    WadZee is so kind checking in on our hydration and stuff. That’s so nice. Thanks bro!

  • FlopTheHop
    FlopTheHop Year ago +1898

    WZ: *Beats impossible ++ in first try*
    Fundy: So you have chosen death?

  • ItsErfan11
    ItsErfan11 Year ago +77

    Wadzee: trying to beat fundys new impossible difficulty
    Me: struggling to find food

  • Tomasz Kielar
    Tomasz Kielar Year ago +1

    Imagine "Minecraft but i get shocked every time i take damage" on this difficulty.

  • Beanie
    Beanie 6 months ago

    The real impressive thing isn’t the fact that he beat this. It’s the fact that he did it at 4 am.

  • Alicia Benningfield
    Alicia Benningfield 10 months ago +7

    If it can be beaten, how is it supposed to be impossible?

    • Lukyluk_py
      Lukyluk_py 2 months ago

      You're taking things to literally, stop being so dense

    • Liam Tandy
      Liam Tandy 7 months ago

      That’s cause they don’t really mean impossible, they mean improbable.

  • 『Gender Theft』
    『Gender Theft』 Year ago +3299

    WadZee: you wanna see me beat minecraft impossible?
    Fundy: **makes more difficult**
    WadZee: you wanna see me do it again?

  • hecker's sister🍄
    hecker's sister🍄 Year ago +5

    wadzee: dude my shots are so awful
    also me: can't even hit a end tower after 10 times of trying

  • junobull
    junobull Year ago

    other than the slipping on moss in the nether, this is pretty realistic. irl you do wake up hungry, and if you eat too much, then you feel like you're going to explode

  • DanielMan
    DanielMan 11 months ago +18

    Fundy after watching this video be like:
    Am done with this

  • Stefan B
    Stefan B Year ago +1

    actually Fundy have to one more little thing to make this difficulty impossible: always a raid when you enter a village

  • RC James
    RC James Year ago +850

    Fundy: "This is impossible ++++++++, where you spawn in and die instantly! No one can beat it!"
    WadZee: *beats it first try*

    • X
      X 11 months ago

      @koother Bruh it's a sub from reddit, that's why they said that.

    • Mohid Mahmood
      Mohid Mahmood Year ago

      @koother lmao

    • Slendy
      Slendy Year ago +1

      koother poother whoosh is a reference to the subreddit nice try though

    • Some random Dude
      Some random Dude Year ago

      Uses fodmode glitch and lives

  • Kian
    Kian 9 months ago +1

    when i look back,i realize how fast his channel grow and also fundy too

  • PoirierDev
    PoirierDev Year ago +1

    @WadZee is it ALL armor that damages you in the Nether, or only ore-based ones? (e.g. you'd be fine if you had leather)

  • LOL XD
    LOL XD 4 months ago

    Great challenge! Let Fundy know to make harder challenges!

  • Liana Reap
    Liana Reap 9 months ago +2

    -thx for the hydration reminder,
    -ofc✨✨ ur videos are the best.
    So far my brother and i watched almost every video here👌🏻✨
    Keep urself safe and stay hydrated too!

  • Where queen
    Where queen Year ago +558

    Fundy: sees this video
    *few days later*
    Fundy: I have made impossible+++++++

    • GM4N
      GM4N Year ago +1

      You mean Impossible+++++++++++ XTREME

    • Derpy Shadow
      Derpy Shadow Year ago

      That is probably going to happen

    • Kristina
      Kristina Year ago

      U can tel the futureeeee

    • Ipercrayy
      Ipercrayy Year ago

      every mob, even a mere zombie, insta kills you. also any sword you make instantly gets turned into a wooden sword, and bows get instantly turned into sticks.

    • _GreenBoy_
      _GreenBoy_ Year ago

      It's like intel 14nm but minecraft

  • the legs on the bus go step step step

    WadZee: "I'm freaking out right now 😐"

  • Sapphire1434
    Sapphire1434 2 months ago

    I personally think he modified the village. It is impossible to get a chest in the fisherman’s room, and the blacksmiths chest is extremely over powered.

  • Anirudh Sai
    Anirudh Sai 13 days ago

    WadZee: It was mildly infuriating
    Also WadZee: This is fun

  • Andrew Childs
    Andrew Childs Year ago

    Great job, but I think you and I have different definitions of "easy" haha

  • Oliver R.
    Oliver R. Year ago +373

    Wadzee: *Completes Impossible++*
    Fundy “What Did It Cost”
    Wadzee: “Everything...”

    • Rick Pastry
      Rick Pastry Year ago

      Hey I heard they saw the car I saw you haha was the day you I got to go to see you haha was the day you I got to go to see you haha was the day you I got to go to see you haha was the day you

    • Rick Pastry
      Rick Pastry Year ago

      He should create an impossible+++

    • Sentry
      Sentry Year ago

      more like nothing

    • Spiked the Dude
      Spiked the Dude Year ago

      no it is: wadzee: ez

    • iranam 100
      iranam 100 Year ago

      Um... what exactly did he lost?

  • R3dR4t
    R3dR4t 4 months ago

    this mod makes the game far more realistic actually. kinda cool.

  • Help Me Get To 5k With No Videos

    I feel like this whole series is Wadzee and Fundy pulling uno reverse cards

  • ElectroSquirrel
    ElectroSquirrel 6 months ago +1

    i subbed literally just because of the water reminder. You sir, are an absolute LEGEND.

  • Sam Morris
    Sam Morris Year ago +1

    That "next minute" clip had the vibes of 2004-era-memes and I loved it

  • Anonymous Monkey
    Anonymous Monkey Year ago +2341

    "I'm actually in shock. I'm freaking out right now, I'm shaking."
    Pretty sure Fundy is too, for different reasons.

    • HBegaming YT
      HBegaming YT Year ago +1

      Rahman Faizee Now he just needs to make Manhunt videos and he really will be

    • Man.
      Man. Year ago +1

      @Nicothec Just give him a week to try.

    • Nicothec
      Nicothec Year ago +1

      he won’t beat nightmare it fine

    • Man.
      Man. Year ago +1

      Wadzee will be shaking and crying again soon, for different reasons.

    • G
      G Year ago +1

      @Incognito_2005 fruitberries, Technoblade and game night are pretty good too

    TENACIOUS 9 months ago +3

    “you slipped on some moss”
    Fundy predicting future updates

  • Qwzl
    Qwzl 7 months ago +1

    Fundy 1 week later be like:
    Minecraft but the ender dragons health covers your screen

  • Duane Wilbur
    Duane Wilbur 4 months ago

    So I realized after making this comment that you also had a nightmare difficulty that I missed. But I still feel like another one of these would be fun if fundy is down for another shot. Perhaps making drowned home in on you and always spawn with tridents, Or beds explode like they do in other dimensions. Idk

  • Some Random Cool Guy
    Some Random Cool Guy 6 months ago

    Haven’t watched for a while, but because of that water checkpoint, you earned my sub.

  • VPBox
    VPBox Year ago +358

    WadZee, if you keep this up Fundy’s going to have to make like ten more “Impossible” difficulties.

    • Scott _theDog
      Scott _theDog Year ago

      Just delete the and and nether

    • Laise Wendler
      Laise Wendler Year ago

      Next: Impossible ++++++++++++: you die instantly when you create a new world

    • Koolminer1243
      Koolminer1243 Year ago

      Exactly lmao

    • MausTheTank9
      MausTheTank9 Year ago

      Hes gonna do like tnt explodes every 5 secon near the player

    • Scorp
      Scorp Year ago

      If he does then Fundy's just gonna Make RLcraft

  • Toast Riot
    Toast Riot 10 months ago

    Then he gets world record speedrun
    Damn that would be cool

  • Stevelocks100
    Stevelocks100 7 months ago +1

    I can hear fundy laughing maniacally.

  • Cristina Krupka
    Cristina Krupka 7 months ago

    1:51 "you won't regret it" Indeed. I don't regret even after almost 2 years!

  • Saturn's Moon
    Saturn's Moon Year ago

    “As long as we have food we’re safe”
    “Safe” huh. we’ll try eating a bit more and you’ll get slowness so your obviously not safe from that

  • Kyojin
    Kyojin Year ago +936

    Imagine if Dream and George tried speed-running this

  • memories
    memories 2 months ago

    1:40 i like how he says this mode is "annoying" instead of "hard" or "impossible"

  • Prakashba Solanki

    Fumby and wadzee are two different people...fumby is the person who mods and wadzee is the person that beats every hard difficulty humanly possible

  • This Is Fxncy
    This Is Fxncy 11 months ago +1

    Petition to help make Dream speedrun Impossible++ difficulty in Minecraft

  • a b s x n t
    a b s x n t 9 months ago +2

    6:32 since when do chests spawn in fishermen huts?

  • arjun shah
    arjun shah Year ago +176

    Fundy: Good luck, you’ll need it.
    WadZee: so when’s the next?

  • Gabriel Burden
    Gabriel Burden 7 months ago

    Fun fact: *This man can beat a impossible difficulty but he cant even tell a sheep or a pig apart of a player or the actual mob.*

    • Gabriel Burden
      Gabriel Burden 7 months ago

      And if your not familiar with what i said just search up Minecraft Ultimiate Hide & Seek

  • Daniel Hahn Conradsen
    Daniel Hahn Conradsen 7 months ago

    You can just see fundy becoming more and more desperate to make the impossible difficulty

  • Preston's Book Review
    Preston's Book Review 7 months ago

    This is something I couldn't do if my life depended on it.

  • Chaos_Bright
    Chaos_Bright 7 months ago

    Fundy's definition of impossible is very flawed.

  • TheGreatKnowing
    TheGreatKnowing Year ago +365

    Fundy: "Aha! This is truly impossible!"
    Wadzee: *Beats it*
    Fundy: *_mission failed we'll get em next time_*

    • Tender and Moist
      Tender and Moist Year ago

      Next Impossible Mode +++++: you die when you spawn in

    • Vic_tory
      Vic_tory Year ago

      Impossible +9.99e999^999, minecraft but everytime you pick up an item, you die

    • Not Nimblz
      Not Nimblz Year ago

      Fundy:*makes demonic mode*

    • humanoid
      humanoid Year ago

      maybe fundy will make impossible+++

    • Kumara Prabath
      Kumara Prabath Year ago

      Fundy : i will get tou next time
      Wadsey : there won't be a next time

  • Lord ShadowT
    Lord ShadowT 7 months ago

    Helpful Hint for trading:
    If you wanna trade alot of items, you don't need to click the Trade everytime. You can select the Trade with the Tab Key (The one with 2 Arrows pointing in different directions on the left side of your Keyboard), press Space to trade, shift the Emeralds (or whatever you wanna get) in your Inventory, press Space again to trade and so on. It's way easier than clicking the Trade. (You can press Space too, if you're holding Shift, so that's no problem)
    Hope, i can save some time for you while trading alot of sticks.

  • NotHaider
    NotHaider 9 months ago +1

    He: Don't dies On impossible++ Difficulty
    Me: Dies on easy difficulty

  • AMX-30 B2 BRENUS
    AMX-30 B2 BRENUS 10 months ago +1

    He should’ve made the eyes of ender break every time

  • Subasu David
    Subasu David 10 months ago

    It's not an impossible difficulty, it's just like real life!

  • Pierce
    Pierce Year ago +2343

    Wadzee: * in the nether *
    Fundy: "YoU sLiPpEd On SoMe MoSs"

  • Jeremiah Weiland
    Jeremiah Weiland 8 months ago +1

    I'm surprised it wasn't the feature that Capt sparklez did where when he slipped on moss his whole inventory spilled out

  • Zoidslayer81
    Zoidslayer81 10 months ago +2

    “You slipped on some moss”
    Me: he’s in the end. There is no grass or trees

  • Availability _
    Availability _ 4 months ago

    i like that wadzee does the water checkpoint, a lot of people need it

  • Aiden Chapman
    Aiden Chapman 8 months ago

    Bro this man makes it look so easy lol 😆 😂 🤣

  • Samuel Ditta Sarmiento
    Samuel Ditta Sarmiento Year ago +833

    *[Next day]*
    Fundy: The armor is too heavy. You can merely walk and jumping in the water from high heights still hurts you. Also, you're gonna drown if you try to swim wearing an armor.

    • Malk
      Malk Year ago

      @TyoCre oh no

    • Sir Daisy
      Sir Daisy Year ago

      Eyes of Enders break every time you throw

    • RedFlame 1030
      RedFlame 1030 Year ago

      Samuel Ditta Sarmiento also beds explode like they do in the nether and end

    • g235
      g235 Year ago

      Don’t give him ideas! 😂

    • diego plata
      diego plata Year ago

      so rlcraft?

  • Renu the potato
    Renu the potato 9 months ago +1

    Yo WadZee u cn just hold like a piece of wood or anything u like and the "i should make some tools" wont appear and you wont take damage

  • Ghosta
    Ghosta 8 months ago

    He had one more challenge to truly master Ultra instinct....

  • Gogi Poggers
    Gogi Poggers 7 months ago

    Fundy: Here's the new imposibble+++Ultra Max
    Wadzee: Ez