• Published on Nov 30, 2021
  • good job fortnite

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  • Tenzi
    Tenzi  +997

    Chapter 3 better the only way to save the game

  • four bfb
    four bfb  +83

    I like how it starts off as just the chapter 2 trailer but turns into this sick place and it looks amazing

  • Cringe Child

    Rest in peace, Lake Canoe, you were my first drop in chapter 2 and have always been helpful with fishing challenges, gonna miss you.

  • Grow and Glow

    This takes

  • Brahmleen Papneja

    I have a theory that when the zero point rearranged the matter when the black hole happened some of the matter was put onto the chapter 2 map and the other was put onto the chapter 3 map because chapter 2 and chapter 3 are in the same reality. So theoretically the biomes like the snow, dessert and jungle might be on the chapter 3 map. This might also be why we can catch a glimpse of the dessert biome when the map flips over. Catch you on the flip side😏

  • G.S.I Labs
    G.S.I Labs  +762

    The chapter 2 map will always be with us… under our feet

  • YutoTheSaiyan

    Queen used the pyramid to create a tear in reality and bring the whole alien fleet to the map. But since the map flipped over, it destroyed the beacon causing the tear to go back to normal. (Credit John Jones on The Camping Rushers video)

  • ABowlofcereal 25

    Haven’t played in awhile but I’ll definitely be playing Saturday and streaming the event! Hope ch 3 is good!


    Jonesy about to drown with intense music

  • Silver iPad Games

    I love how it’s so intense at the end and then I hear this nice guy shouting people out

  • IkonikBlazer

    This event looks really good especially with the Island flipping over

  • Atharva Rane

    Abrupt transition but holy hell that looks clean. Super hyped for the event.

  • MovieMind - Reviews&Rankings

    This makes me feel very hyped and the canyon Area of the new map look really good.

  • kristy gutierrez

    I saw the old map when it flipped! This is going to be the best chapter!!

  • CrossOver Z Gaming

    Jonesy about to drown with intense music

  • Eric Rudolph

    Looks like the unreal engine 5 is doing it’s job well.

  • Aarnav Srivastava

    This is BEATIFULLLL!!!!!! The way the music, visuals, story come together; it's beautiful!!!

  • Bowman Hann

    I have one word to describe this trailer: beautiful.

  • Abu Zubair

    thank you chapter 2 for a lot of fun especially season 2 and 4