Everything GREAT About Alien: Covenant!

  • Published on Sep 9, 2017
  • Alien: Covenant didn't get the best reception, but I think it's been picked apart a lot more than it deserves, just like Prometheus... Be honest, do you always remember your space suit on alien planets? Here's everything right with Alien Covenant.
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  • PlayerOne198
    PlayerOne198 18 hours ago

    9:58 Bestiary. People who played The Witcher know this word

  • Conal Wheeldon
    Conal Wheeldon Day ago

    I think I know why chestbursters don't have arms but these previous generations do (this is literally just a guess, so take it with a grain of salt)
    First, every generation of xenomorph gets smaller and smaller during birth (Deacon about half height of human, neomorph about small cat sized, proto-xenomorph about snake sized) and ages slower.
    Second, every one of those generations takes varying amounts of time to have to learn to use their arms and legs and is too busy focused on aggression.
    While the other ones take a while to get up and start moving (shrugging free of body, pulling out of yolk sack, quickly having to learn to use their limbs) so they can start attacking, Xenomorph XX121 is a creature meant for escape upon birth. While the other ones seem to more be for attack whoever's closest in the name of survival, they very clearly seem to take a moment to test their legs so they can skedaddle, which is plenty of time for someone to stab it or something. However, a more snakelike form simply has to slither away in a quick efficient movement rather than have to learn motor control on the spot, when it could instead grow those limbs and learn to use them on its own.
    In conclusion, it doesn't have legs because it doesn't need to start with them, it just has to get away so it can survive and worry about limbs later.

  • Mad Max Rockatansky
    Mad Max Rockatansky 2 days ago

    I really wanted to see the Xeno kill those dumb Neomorphs. But the Neo ambushing the Xeno and the Xeno effortlessly overpowering to show the Xeno IS the ultimate killing machine. So sad it never happened.

  • Clement Martinez
    Clement Martinez 7 days ago

    Dave is just another tool like all tech. All tools are the extension of the body which are the extension of the mind and we're the universe trying to understand itself.

  • brastmonkey
    brastmonkey 11 days ago

    Hidden Easter Egg: David is Veidt from Watchmen which is why Billy Crudup is there and there's an ongoing reference to Ramses II/Ozymandias.

  • sean cairns
    sean cairns 12 days ago

    Walter: dead dude?

  • The Sprawl
    The Sprawl 14 days ago

    The two unequivocal successes in this movie were:

    1. David
    2. the aliens

    • The Sprawl
      The Sprawl 14 days ago

      To expand:

      The Xenomorph has never looked more impressive. Never. I only noticed watching this video how great it looks, and how frightening it is, when it transitions from standing up perfectly straight, to running on all fours. The scene where it enters the coliseum and begins chasing the departing ship is a work of art.
      Showing it in daylight doesn't ruin it: that rule only applies to ordinary cinema monsters. The Xeno is far too beautiful and elegant for that, and seeing it hissing and chittering on the windshield is another example of the consistent, unheralded brilliance of the effects team for this film. That shot, of it in its spidey stance, literally smashing its head into the cockpit, sold the movie in the trailer, and rightly so.
      The Neomorph was also extraordinary, and will grow on people I think. It's hard to improve on the brilliance of the Xeno's design, and the Neomorph doesn't - but it comes surprisingly close. There is a mountain of symbolism bound up in its appearance too.

      And David was even better in this than he was in Prometheus. A cracked demi-god, with far too many notes out of place. Both performances from Fassbender were excellent but David's role is by far the meatier.
      I wasn't fond of his campier moments, like 'don't let the bedbugs bite'(who's he talking to there? robot AI casting directors who watch spaceship CCTV footage?), or the bits where he was talking about making friends with a horse, all while an eight foot blob of anorexic terror-monster hucked and chittered in front of him, and a severed head floated nearby. Forget horses David, just forget them. Look at that fucking thing; it's not a horse.
      But they were isolated moments. And there was something magnificent about the scene with the birth of the Xenomorph(a scene that could have been comical if Fassbender had played it wrong, and if it hadn't been presented properly), with David's beatific smile and the beautiful score swelling in the background. It was so ridiculous it came out the other side and became majestic.

      ...So if you set aside all the heartbreaking damage the film does to the air of mystery and wonder established by the original Alien, set aside how badly it rips back the curtain on so many storyline-related things that should have remained unexplained or should have at least been explained in less straightforward, boring fashion; set all that aside, and it gets those two very, very big aspects very, very right.

    KOAHUNT3R 14 days ago

    I think my biggest problem with this film is that it throws a wrench into the whole timeline.
    In Alien they mentioned that the Space Jockey was fossilized and he was there for at least a million years. That would mean Xenomorphs have been around longer than the 50ish(?) years before Alien when David claimed he created them.
    Of course in the setting for the Space Jockey in Alien there would be no real way for him to actually Fossilize; or properly decay, so it's possible the ship crashed within that 50(?) year window. This then creates the problem of how the Engineers got ahold of Xenomorphs to begin with. I doubt David and the Engineers would work together.
    This also creates the issue of the fact that they showed a Xenomorph mural in Prometheus, showing that the Engineers knew of them. Then that begs the question of why the Engineers, a technologically superior race, would bother even carving that mural in the wall of one of their science facilities? Everyone claims they are a "weapon," but why would you carve out such an intricate mural for a walking space knife? On top of that, why is an advance race's science/ weapon facility just a cave? Where is all the space gizmos, worn down machinery, or actual hallways? Like sure you could argue it was maybe a secret facility to hide from enemies, but what enemies? Their enemies were apparently humans, who at that time we were a bunch of hairy people clubbing mammoths to death. How were we going to find it, and why even allow us to draw a crude map of how to get there? Maybe the enemies were other Engineers? Like maybe the ones in Prometheus were a terrorist group that hated humans, and they were running from a strike team... but then why weren't the black goo canisters then confiscated from said strike team?
    I digress, I got off track with Prometheus, the point I was making was that the Engineers had an idea what Xenomorphs are, so why is David claiming he created them? Of course obviously there's multiple different species now, so possibly the mural is the Didact creature feom Prometheus that was born from the Engineer after his late night with C'Thulu baby. So they knew of the Didact, and the Xenomorph is just a perfected subspecies and David; being the dick he is, is just claiming ownership of the whole species now?
    Ugh!!! I'd still take Covenant over Prometheus any day though.

  • Max Headshot
    Max Headshot 15 days ago

    Is this a trolling common sense video ?

  • Daryl Wathen
    Daryl Wathen 16 days ago

    I didn't like this movie the first time I watched it. I was disappointed in the direction this movie took, killing Shaw and the engineers and then focusing on David. I think I need to give it another go to appreciate it for what it is.

  • Richard Wicks
    Richard Wicks 17 days ago

    A fairly decent addition to the Alien cannon. My only issue is it isn't an actual Alien movie just Prometheus 2. By that, I mean that the actual threat is not a bio-mechanical killing machine from another world, its the machine that came from ours!

  • Talon T
    Talon T 17 days ago

    I can’t be the only one who watches these movies just for David right? Idk why but I’m so interested in him

  • Spectator Unhinged
    Spectator Unhinged 18 days ago

    I enjoyed this video alot and the focus on David! The loss of the Engineer's motive for wanting to kill the humans in this video can be answered here.

  • Joshua Brown
    Joshua Brown 21 day ago

    I’ll never get over how Scott caved for this film. Prometheus was a work of art that’s themes and characters deserved exploring. But the way the Xeno was shoehorned into this movie and previous things from Prometheus were dropped to make way for it and retreading the same old action set pieces.. breaks my heart man. Could have been something special.

  • Tim Knispel
    Tim Knispel Month ago

    Trying to justify bad plot decisions made in previous films of the same series, like killing major characters off screen, by doing it again, doesn't make the decision better, on any level. Alien 3 was a terrible movie, compared to the first and 2nd films, and the decision to kill one of the main characters off screen was one of the reasons why, so I don't see why Ridley Scott thought it was a good idea for this film.

  • Jub Jub
    Jub Jub Month ago

    The drawings in David’s home, the engineer and the alien life. Sooooo cool.

  • Jason Reliford
    Jason Reliford Month ago

    How do you make a classic sci-fi horror franchise boring? {points at Prometheus} I love science and the idea of ancient, tech advanced civilizations trekking across the galaxy....and if they had not incorporated any of the Alien mythos I probably would have let it slide. But Prometheus I and II were not worthy of the Alien franchise. And definitely not as a prequel. Just mark it as another reboot/prequel/sequel we didn't ask Hollywood for.

  • Kuro Nyra
    Kuro Nyra Month ago

    That movie and prometheus were stupidly bad. But points for trying.

  • Alex Kerley
    Alex Kerley Month ago

    A sad excuse of what could have been a good alien movie...

  • ChrisMorray
    ChrisMorray 2 months ago

    Hey friend I noticed you mentioned Asimov's laws and please, let me save you some embarrassment: They are not real laws. Those 3 laws of robotics come from a science fiction book and, even in the book they originate from, they are horrendously flawed and literally impossible to follow. Actual AI developers and robotics experts ignore the laws as they are just not possible to follow. Take for example the laws and apply them to the common train situation. 1 person is tied to a track, 3 people are tied to another track next to the first one. The train is heading towards the 3 people. You control the switch. According to the laws of Asimov, the robot is not allowed to pull the lever, since it would kill the one person. But the robot would also not be allowed to not pull the lever, as 3 people would die. The laws of Asimov are paradoxical by nature, and they were paradoxical for the sake of the story. I cannot stress it enough: THEY'RE NOT REAL LAWS, THEY'RE FROM A SCIENCE FICTION NOVEL IN WHICH THEY ARE PROVEN TO BE STUPID. My brother used to talk about them as if they were real laws and I have programmed some simple AI as part of the course, it always annoyed me when he brought them up. You have a ton of subscribers, so I hope you won't perpetuate the same nonsense. Yes, it's used in movies. Yes, those writers are dumb too.

  • bruce wayne
    bruce wayne 2 months ago

    Movie was bas ass

  • a cats
    a cats 2 months ago

    The second best Alien movie in my opinion

  • alex:r.c
    alex:r.c 2 months ago

    Wow defending the stupidity of the crew with such a poor argument. You lost me right there, fucking stupid chill.

    • a cats
      a cats 2 months ago

      whats a chill

  • Tentons O'fun
    Tentons O'fun 2 months ago

    Godlike bio perfect super smart Engineers create puny human
    Puny human creates hyper intelligent strong immortal android
    Android creates basically the perfect killing machine
    I feel like we got the crappy end of that deal. Where's our 9 foot tall super bodies? Where's our acid blood and super speed? Where's our all knowing internet connected super computer brains? Wtf engineers you are shit creators you asses

    GROOGSON 2 months ago

    So no one made a halo reference


  • AntiNubDevice
    AntiNubDevice 2 months ago

    Do Alien and Aliens, please!!!!!

  • Paul Boulton
    Paul Boulton 2 months ago

    I like all these movies including Prometheus and the AVP films. But if David is trying to build the ultimate life form in the xenomorph that we see later in the Alien films, how are they running around on earth in 1904 (or whebever it was?) fighting the Predators?

    • a cats
      a cats 2 months ago +1

      Two things:
      AvP isn't part of the official canon. The official canon is:
      Alien Resurrection (Probably)
      Alien Isolation
      Prometheus: Fire and Stone
      Alien: Covenant
      Second, in the novelisation of Alien Covenant, it states that he attempted to recreate the xemomorph using neomorphs and black goo after Shaw is chestbursted

  • Luna H
    Luna H 2 months ago

    Are you CinemaSins polar opposite twin?

  • leprinceconstant1985
    leprinceconstant1985 2 months ago

    Do Alien Resurrection! Underestimated film!

  • studlee
    studlee 2 months ago

    Lol he made Religion a problem by making religion the problem...

  • KrissiWil
    KrissiWil 2 months ago

    I know I’m in the minority on this, but I love what they are doing in these new Alien movies. I’ve watched the original and maybe I’m missing something but to me it’s just the aliens killing people for the sake of violence. Yes it has a lot of tension, but it’s just gore for gores sake. I love the focus on David in the movie, the questions he poses, the fact that the aliens aren’t the main focus but are the product and causes for the climax. It’s an alien movie without totally being about the aliens themselves. For a franchise that I cared 0% about and never would have watched before (went because my SO loved Alien) I 100% wanna see the next one now.

  • slimzl
    slimzl 2 months ago

    3:13 you can say 127 hou.....ohhhhhh

  • MrMoorkey
    MrMoorkey 2 months ago +6

    This film, like Prometheus and Blade Runner, are GENIUS pieces of cinema unappreciated in their time.

  • Derek Davie
    Derek Davie 2 months ago

    oh god ew this channel is terrible

    • a cats
      a cats 2 months ago

      any evidence to back up your opinion?

  • Gruagach. Eire
    Gruagach. Eire 2 months ago

    The two androids blowing each other is for you gender fluid fuckers.

  • Gruagach. Eire
    Gruagach. Eire 2 months ago

    But even me , a fecking logistics manager knows not to land on an alien planet with no filters for breathing.

  • Gruagach. Eire
    Gruagach. Eire 2 months ago

    Showed the xenomorph far too much for any tension.

  • Thomas
    Thomas 2 months ago

    A movie series kneecapped by its own edits, deleted context scenes, stuff being in novelizations not filmed for the movie and hoping to reveal in the next one, if a next one, but maybe not, maybe shifting sands.

  • KittenKoder
    KittenKoder 3 months ago

    I think he started it with the formulaic plot-line to lull us into a sense of comfort and security, thinking we know how it will turn out only to have that comfortable carpet ripped out from us with the branching plots that culminate into an action scifi.
    What annoyed me of Prometheus was made right by this one.

  • Jason Hagar
    Jason Hagar 3 months ago

    14:58. That's how I go to bed every night with the conscience of the sins I have done and the terrible and eternal loss of my family, friends, career, dreams.

  • David S
    David S 3 months ago

    The win counter bell is ANNOYING!

  • richardhalo
    richardhalo 3 months ago

    Everything great about it... hmm.... nothing.

  • Jake Painter
    Jake Painter 3 months ago

    Also Daniels is BEST GIRL

  • Jake Painter
    Jake Painter 3 months ago

    I LOVE this movie so much. I am glad he doesn't give all the answers. Mysteries are so much more poignant.

  • Marshall Bartley
    Marshall Bartley 3 months ago

    You should do the original 2

  • SFxTAGG3
    SFxTAGG3 3 months ago

    I thought this movie and Prometheus were cool. But I also thought Alien 3 wasn't bad so I guess there's something wrong with me? lmao Alien Resurrection, though? Whew. Interestingly, I like the general aesthetic and darkness of Resurrection but that was just a horrific movie.

    Anyway. Alien Covenant is pretty dope, and I'm excited to see where the next film goes and how it ties into Alien and Aliens.

  • The Saint
    The Saint 3 months ago

    i may be one of the few who actually loves both this movie and prometheus. and yes, i watched all Alien movies before watching prometheus and this.

  • davidk301
    davidk301 3 months ago


  • davidk301
    davidk301 3 months ago +1

    This channel and cinema sins are both equally factual and professional it's like a thanos balance of good and evil I love it
    I like cinema wins more because I live film and want to study it more and I find some of the in depth points of the film and how each shot has a hidden meaning I LOVE IT

    • davidk301
      davidk301 3 months ago +1

      @itsjustharry I'll have to check that out then thx

    • itsjustharry
      itsjustharry 3 months ago +1

      if you watch some everything wrong with cinemasins videos you might change your mind on cinemasins

  • Adam Bacon
    Adam Bacon 3 months ago

    Obviously this is a movie and when there are horror scenes and crap, the people do stupid stuff as there wouldn't be a movie without it, but hell no if I saw all that crap happening that freaking fast I'd find a way to blow my ship up, anything, shit haha. I'd fly it straight up stupid far and crash it straight back into the planet - f that. I'd rather blow up everyone in a huge explosion rather than be eaten or exploded into a damn Alien monster ... then again, I'm not in the movie.

  • Adam Bacon
    Adam Bacon 3 months ago

    This was a crazy ass movie. I like it a lot. The whole thing is just freaking NUTS OMFG. I DO NOT TRUST the damn robots - screw that lol. Make a psycho ass robot - good job!

  • LiveAction Link
    LiveAction Link 3 months ago

    10:42 Isn't that song he's playing on the flute from Akira?

  • LiveAction Link
    LiveAction Link 3 months ago

    This was a movie I somehow completely forgot I ever watched then I watched this video about it and realized I REALLY need to watch this movie again and actually take it all in. It caused me to view it in a more positive light and really remember the movie. This is why I love this channel

  • Augustus McGovern
    Augustus McGovern 3 months ago

    The apologist/thesaurus ref; he's a Sargent.

  • Sesshomaru
    Sesshomaru 3 months ago

    I feel like once David finally creates the perfect xenomorph its going to betray him. I can see David's being surprised by this because he always had some control over the ones that came before. And the way for him to die will almost be similar to the way the engineer did to him in Prometheus.

  • Red Dog UK
    Red Dog UK 3 months ago

    Is it sad that there's a few of these that I come back to once in a while. Also I enjoy Wins and Sins I think quite equally. Does that make me a movie loving ass hole? Lol

  • BellasPoppi
    BellasPoppi 3 months ago

    I'm annoyed at your narration!

  • Dirtnapp 811
    Dirtnapp 811 3 months ago

    Ok does anyone else notice that he gives wins to things that don’t deserve it one huge example is the xenomorph copying David’s movement does not deserve a win one should be taken away because xenomorph don’t follow orders and they would definitely not follow movement like a human you really need to learn how to take away wins like has he ever gotten rid of one like seriously

  • kamenriderreaper
    kamenriderreaper 3 months ago

    This film opened a major plot hole in the series: if David is the creator of the Xenomorphs how did the ship get to LV-426 in the original movie?

    • a cats
      a cats 2 months ago

      @enigma19833 The novelisation confirms your theory

    • enigma19833
      enigma19833 3 months ago

      Since the "Derelict" on LV-426 in the original is explicitly shown to have been there for thousands - possibly millions - of years and is basically fossilised, it's fair to assume that the Engineers carried out the same experiments David did and created the same creatures a long time ago.

  • Rupesh B
    Rupesh B 3 months ago +5

    Cowboys on space missions, that sounds familiar See you space cowboy!