Filipino Inspired Vegetable And Shrimp Lumpia


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  • Madbie phoebie&madee

    Hug to hug😊💗
    Filipino food
    Sub to my channel😂

  • Eren Titan
    Eren Titan Month ago

    lumpia everyday is the best for me.

  • Cari Matilac
    Cari Matilac Month ago

    You guys should try to make Ngoyong its another filipino snack/street food that’s so good and made out of bamboo shoots.

  • Janina Valdez
    Janina Valdez Month ago

    My mom would love this! She loves shrimp but I prefer the ones with meat instead of vegetables.

  • Random Leaked Videos

    Filipino dish that every filipinos will fight for during events, because they all wanted to get at least 2pcs or more haha

  • ExTr3Me
    ExTr3Me Month ago


    These are spring roles!
    Pls don’t kill me😂

  • Newbie Me
    Newbie Me Month ago

    Every filipino want that!🙆

    PJ XOXO Month ago

    I like to know where to buy that egg lumpia wrapper in manila.

  • King Almond
    King Almond Month ago +1

    Psttt, masmasarap yung Lumpiang togue
    Psttt, Lumpiang Togue is tasty than Lumpiang shanghai
    Like if you agree

  • Sir Francis
    Sir Francis Month ago

    Veggie food for the soy boys... this needs pork or beef in order to be called food for men.

  • Jastine Gem Tato
    Jastine Gem Tato Month ago

    We call it "Lumpiang Toge" aaanndddd it's one of our most popular dishes.

  • Bubble Crab
    Bubble Crab Month ago


  • Leefella limi Dior
    Leefella limi Dior Month ago

    How to make lumpia wrappers??

  • Muhammad Alif Aiman

    no from Filipino alot , in Malaysia we call *popia*

  • pam
    pam Month ago

    lumpiang chopsuey

  • the diamond horse
    the diamond horse Month ago +1

    Bkit egg wash dapat water lang

    • phantom warrior
      phantom warrior Month ago

      the diamond horse egg wash tlga ginagamit pra mas madikit mas practical lng ang 2big

  • Kur Co
    Kur Co Month ago

    Those look like egg rolls

  • •Pastel Alice•
    •Pastel Alice• Month ago


  • Ego Vici
    Ego Vici Month ago +1

    Loempia’s zijn lekker maar dan met kip

    ALPHA RETURNS101 Month ago +1

    Ang saraaappp

  • Aina Annysa
    Aina Annysa Month ago

    In malaysia we called popia

  • Clarissa S
    Clarissa S Month ago

    Hell yes lumpia

  • warm & fluffy socks

    If I buy some of these, I'll have to :(

  • Maline Glasime
    Maline Glasime Month ago

    For vegan people just change the shrimp with tofu

  • Pedo Bear
    Pedo Bear Month ago

    YAY Filipino food! Mahal ko kayo!

  • Gabriel Gaming
    Gabriel Gaming Month ago

    I don't wanna. stand out so please copy this comment if you a Filipino


  • Shuuri KOZU
    Shuuri KOZU Month ago

    Im japanese half filipino XD


  • arly lamonio
    arly lamonio Month ago

    its nice to see some filipino recipes in here. but i would like to see more

  • Alyssa Petdriguez
    Alyssa Petdriguez Month ago

    I love Philippino food

  • damar harun
    damar harun Month ago

    Overproud people...


  • Shirley
    Shirley Month ago

    I'm hungry. What time for dinner lol😁

  • Hawrtz
    Hawrtz Month ago

    Im still Confused, So Where is the origin of Lumpia
    *PRO'S!!! I NEED YOUR HELP!!!*

    • Lynn T
      Lynn T 7 days ago

      China then the recipe migrated along with it's people. That's why you can find it all over with different fillings, taste and culture because it has been altered to suit the local's taste

  • Jen’s Rose Den
    Jen’s Rose Den Month ago

    Carrots are to long and the beans aren’t cut traditionally I am full Filipino and I have tried this dish out and it disappoints me and the Filipinos I share it with so I no longer make it because it is kind of insulting but thanks for trying

  • shlicktiggy 39
    shlicktiggy 39 Month ago

    I didn’t get consent from the foods before u touched them this is RAPE

  • Mr. Aristotle
    Mr. Aristotle Month ago

    Hindi naman ata pilipino gumawa niyan eh?! Ang lumpia wrappers samin bilog noh!

  • Aries G. Raymundo
    Aries G. Raymundo Month ago

    It's much better if they also add sweet potatoes. Proud to be PINOY!!

  • Jared Dimitri
    Jared Dimitri Month ago

    Whoever is the segment producer of this dish, made it all wrong in all levels!!!

  • a j a
    a j a Month ago

    So nice to see our filipino foods are featured 💖

  • John Cobalt
    John Cobalt Month ago

    Wow tasty producer who know about Philippines foods pls make another one video.kasi ako ay filipino translate to English

  • HilaryKitty AG3
    HilaryKitty AG3 Month ago

    Filipinos!!! Whoo!

  • Kyra Banuelos
    Kyra Banuelos Month ago

    My aunt used to make these and they would be gone quicker than a blink of an eye! Have to try these!

  • iiCarrot
    iiCarrot Month ago

    Gusto ko yan XD

  • SweetMochi
    SweetMochi Month ago

    *to any of those Filipinos*
    That is not actual lumpia, we use beef not shrimp and not bean sprouts

    • SweetMochi
      SweetMochi Month ago

      BlueLegion can you know what inspired means? They were INSPIRED to make lumpia

    • Swagify
      Swagify Month ago

      Can you read the title it says "INSPIRED"

  • sun days
    sun days Month ago

    This looks like an Algerian dishe called "bourak" , " بوراك " .

  • bob thompkins
    bob thompkins Month ago

    Fresno Chili, lol. Same thing as Thai Chili grown in Fresno California by Hmong people.

  • Dea Gratia Saragih
    Dea Gratia Saragih Month ago

    Kirian lumpia nama Indonesia dong hehehe 😂😂😂

  • David Gaming
    David Gaming Month ago

    Search this on Google: *_SARMALE_*

  • Six Yellow Zebras
    Six Yellow Zebras Month ago

    Yes! I just came back from the Philippines and had all of my favorite dishes such as lumpia and more! I recommend tinola or adobo.❤️🇵🇭

  • Asmaa Elbaze
    Asmaa Elbaze Month ago

    it's a morrocain food

  • AustriaSnake95
    AustriaSnake95 Month ago

    as a filipino, i approve of this

  • R Batingan
    R Batingan Month ago

    I am Filipino yes

  • YanYan Playz
    YanYan Playz Month ago

    TY im a Filipina 🇵🇭 #1

  • Andy J
    Andy J Month ago

    Late snacks..Oh yes!

  • Mikasa Ackerman
    Mikasa Ackerman Month ago

    I’d eat that if there wasn’t any shrimp. I don’t eat shrimp

  • Clarissa Dionela
    Clarissa Dionela Month ago

    Thank u for cooking lumpia. Its very delicious.lumpia in the Philippines has many version it depend on what province are u.

  • DDeddo
    DDeddo Month ago

    Filipino people where you at??

  • Jan Isabelle Sagun
    Jan Isabelle Sagun Month ago

    More Filipino Inspired recipes here on Tasty please? Proud Filipino here! Happy new year Tasty!!

  • Samuel Pagar
    Samuel Pagar Month ago

    Proooud filipino here

  • Awesome Ashley
    Awesome Ashley Month ago

    Ahhh I love lumpia!
    Pinoy anyone???

  • The blue tiger Gaming!

    I just came here to say that I am Filipino kid like everybody will comment :D

  • Jose Hye
    Jose Hye Month ago

    My childhood bestfriend used to make these AMAZING

  • Eian Geoffrey Cruz
    Eian Geoffrey Cruz Month ago

    Looks delish.. or you may add beansprouts, bell peppers and radish/turnip for extra flavor and texture.

  • Nicole Mendez
    Nicole Mendez Month ago


  • judith etta anson-stellers

    okay but sIOMAI RICE PLS

  • Nury Akmal Kamalrudin

    Malaysian also have a version of its own : popia /popiah 😊😊 south east asian food rocks!

  • 마크 Marcellinious 방탄

    Tasty makes regular traditional food gourmet.

  • toty toty
    toty toty Month ago

    It's new and easy .. Perfict explain👍👌

  • Diet Joke
    Diet Joke Month ago +1

    Happy new year to filipinos

  • Patricia Pedrosa
    Patricia Pedrosa Month ago

    Mabuhay Lumpia lovers! 💖

  • Aishwarya Kulkarni
    Aishwarya Kulkarni Month ago

    Probably the first tasty recipe without cheese

  • Calle Cambiado
    Calle Cambiado Month ago

    I'm happy Filipino foods are becoming popular now~

  • Roscelle Visita
    Roscelle Visita Month ago

    This is just sumpia. Hihihi!

  • Kater Romanov
    Kater Romanov Month ago

    you make it look so complicated lmao

  • FireFlower
    FireFlower Month ago

    That looks delicious

  • Itis Whatitis
    Itis Whatitis Month ago

    Those are just spring rolls..........

  • Khushpreet Nagra
    Khushpreet Nagra Month ago +1

    Anyone else Filipino

  • Amore Vietato
    Amore Vietato Month ago +1

    You can literally stir fry glass/rice/egg noodles with the filling and you’ll have pancit which is another Filipino dish. Just add seasoning and pork/chicken stock for more flavor.

  • Sheenobii Oshino
    Sheenobii Oshino Month ago

    Lunpia is best with suka na may timpla(vinegar)

  • Mickaela Datayan
    Mickaela Datayan Month ago

    L U M P I A

  • Ghetto Spider
    Ghetto Spider Month ago

    Nakakagutom naman. AHAHAHAAHAHA anyway, kahit like lang ngayong new year haha :>!

  • frilink
    frilink Month ago

    Lumpia is Indonesian food not...... stop claiming our food Philippines....... #DoneClaim

  • Achilles Myrmidons
    Achilles Myrmidons Month ago

    Mabuhay Tasty! 🇵🇭 Happy New Year 🥂💥🍾

  • uriel galindo orozco

    Looks 100% like the rolls my mom makes with ham and cheese that are 100% amazing I just can't comprehend that amazing flavor
    This must taste very good too

  • Bonnie Ford
    Bonnie Ford Month ago

    My tita (aunt) makes these. We have them every holiday. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THESE. I will stuff myself till I die with these things.

  • Jianna Angeles
    Jianna Angeles Month ago

    I've never seen anyone make lumpia that way, and my family is die hard Filipino. Lumpia tends to be more meat based and is rolled thinner and longer. Some even cut their wrappers corner to corner, and then stuff and roll. Many families use ground pork or chicken as well. As for the sauce, if you don't want to make it, many just use the MaePloy sweet chili sauce. Hope this helps!

  • Joloren Ginger
    Joloren Ginger Month ago

    Just by looking at it, I bet that doesn't taste good. I eat lumpia regularly by the way.

  • Lexy Mar
    Lexy Mar Month ago

    I can smell the deliciousness through the phone😤😂

  • Much Love N Hugz
    Much Love N Hugz Month ago


  • exaeterna
    exaeterna Month ago

    I like the chili sauce you made for this lumpia. But y'know what woulda been the most Filipino condiment ever? Vinegar and garlic to dip in! That's the best way to have vegetable lumpia :)

  • Lissa Lim
    Lissa Lim Month ago +1

    Filipinos be quaking. Let’s go pinoy🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭

  • Ethan Clemente
    Ethan Clemente Month ago

    Lumpia does not have parsley!!!!! U Americans don’t get it right!!

  • ravenhearth271
    ravenhearth271 Month ago

    They made the dipping sauce for lumpiang Shanghai. Lumpiang toge tastes better with spiced vinegar 😁

  • Rembrandt Van Gogh
    Rembrandt Van Gogh Month ago

    The craving is real.

  • Nicole Pineda
    Nicole Pineda Month ago

    I'm a filipino!!

  • Luige Anacan
    Luige Anacan Month ago

    And its perfect with rice

  • Yvonne Cabrera
    Yvonne Cabrera Month ago

    What did the librarian say to the student?

    Read More

  • Pete & Pete
    Pete & Pete Month ago

    Alix can have my lumpia all’s more like an egg roll tho but you get my point

  • Iconic Doof
    Iconic Doof Month ago

    I'm 228,397th!

  • MukeshSingh MusicBoy

    O yessss

  • Gacha Cute Gangsters

    Thx tasty for making our filipino food 😊😊😊