Species Profile : Dilophosaurus | Jurassic World Evolution


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  • M D
    M D 5 months ago

    My favorite dino

  • TheWolfKing
    TheWolfKing 5 months ago

    My favorite dinosaur

  • Ecaille13
    Ecaille13 6 months ago +1

    My favorite

  • astronak
    astronak 6 months ago

    What's funny is that when I first saw Jurassic Park, the Dilophosaurus was my favorite. I then went out a got plenty of books on dinosaurs only to discover that the real animal was about 20 feet long, had no frill, bigger teeth and a croc notch. I thought the real dino looked way cooler than the one they put in the movie.

  • Gaming Tunes
    Gaming Tunes 6 months ago

    1 Friday to go.. U GUYS EXCITED?!?!

  • Fucked Up
    Fucked Up 7 months ago

    Realistic Dilo is what I was hoping for. I know it would be much more deadlier.
    If I see nedry I’m letting Rexy out on him this time

  • Manuel Müller
    Manuel Müller 7 months ago

    did someone spot in the cam 01 the second dilo under the eating dilos tail?

  • tscream80
    tscream80 7 months ago

    One thing I do wonder, and forgive me if this has been discussed, is where the fossils and amber we extract this dino's DNA come from. The fossil site where it was discovered, Kayenta, is not one of the dig sites in the game, and as far as I can tell, it didn't come from one of the North American dig sites that are in the game. The only other option is the Lower Lufeng in China, where a genus called Sinosaurus comes from. And Sinosaurus was once classified as Dilophosaurus, so I guess its possible Lufeng is where Dilophosaurus comes from.
    Which could mean that the Dilophosaurus in the game is actually Sinosaurus. ;)

  • Scott Sadler
    Scott Sadler 7 months ago

    I imagine the Dilo kill animation for like a Galli or something about the same size as itself, it will chase it before the prey quickly turns to confront its attacker but then be spat at and killed.

  • dillydilophosaur
    dillydilophosaur 7 months ago

    Love having Dilophosaurus in the game- since I've kind of lost hope for it being in the movie (and the fiery, lava-filled implications thereof), it's kind of a nice consolation prize.

  • Tim van der Leest
    Tim van der Leest 7 months ago

    Maybe in jurassic world evolution it could be a possibility to send out hunting parties to collect dinosaurs wich had wscaped from jurassic park
    For example you have to place an extraction hq to unlock the option and then you can send them out to hunt carnivores or herbivores and every time there is a chance that the team gets wiped out by the dinos and with the carnivores the risk of that is higher than with herbivores and every time a team is wiped out you jave to pay a fee to their family like with the fatalitie costs in jurassic park operation genesis and you have to pay to get a new team

    This way the storyline is also followed since the dinosaurs are loose since jurassic park and there should still be dinosaurs out there

  • Francesco Pinto
    Francesco Pinto 7 months ago

    Will deluxe edition come also in physical copy? Anyone knows?

  • bobthesavage276 indoraptorboy525

    this game will be the god of war 4 of JP games

  • DelilahZx10 R
    DelilahZx10 R 7 months ago

    Does anyone know how long the Dino's live for in the game? Like x game time is x days old

  • DelilahZx10 R
    DelilahZx10 R 7 months ago

    Does anyone know how long the Dino's lifespan is to real life time? Some dinos say 29 but what's that to irl time/game time

  • Lane Barrios
    Lane Barrios 7 months ago

    You should make a discord server so we can all talk about this game together!!!!!!!

  • dark toothlles
    dark toothlles 7 months ago

    Can you do a part 3 on jurassic world evolution

  • Justina Chan
    Justina Chan 7 months ago

    When you described it eating I got the same feeling that I get when I look at fetish art on accident...

  • FanksCast
    FanksCast 7 months ago

    Hey man i was thinking you should make a video on the possibility of a site B where you can let dinosaurs roam freely? I used to love just making my own islands in jpog where the dinosaurs would just run around and live life, but there hasn't been any mention of a feature like this unfortunately :/

  • Low Sense
    Low Sense 7 months ago +1


  • Lizardfish
    Lizardfish 7 months ago

    I pre-ordered Jurassic World Evolution but it won’t be here till july. Fuck my life.

  • Joe49115
    Joe49115 7 months ago

    the frill down looks ugly

  • TripZ
    TripZ 7 months ago

    I realized that next Friday is basically a month from release, I wonder if we'll get a big reveal for the species profile..maybe the spino

  • Corpsehatch
    Corpsehatch 7 months ago

    Frill animation is really good.

  • Rocco FX
    Rocco FX 7 months ago +1

    Frontier´s Dilophosaurus is HORRIBLE! It´s head has hidrocephalie, Frill hangs from neck like testicles, this never happened in Jurassic Franchise, so disrispectull to Michael Crichton, Steven Spielberg and Stan Winston concept and design... Dilophosaurus frill was designed to be hidden until attack, its head was really flat... This is the worst Frontier dino since Deynonnichus crest...

  • Splatnum 666
    Splatnum 666 7 months ago

    Wish carno was in this

  • jayrok17
    jayrok17 7 months ago

    cover i rex

  • Markzilla 214
    Markzilla 214 7 months ago

    Road to 500k

  • A Peridot
    A Peridot 7 months ago

    I love those spit animations! I hate watching people die, though, even virtual people, so I hope I never have to see it used on guests...

  • Akherousia502
    Akherousia502 7 months ago

    I'm really disappointed in you. If Dilophosaurus is your favorite dinosaur (mine, too) then you should've definitely caught and pointed out how they said it was the size of a bear. Pretty sure the ones in the movies were far from being that big, which tells me that our Dilophosaurs are likely to be the appropriate size while still retaining the classic JP traits that made it so iconic. I have wanted this to happen in the franchise for AGES and if they deliver an appropriately sized Dilophosaurus, I will be ecstatic.
    It's a bit hard to tell from the video, but they do look a little bit larger than they're usually portrayed. Only time will tell, though.

  • Xenny
    Xenny 7 months ago

    BIS Can you make any similie thats not innuendos
    "Slick with rain dinosaur, lets loose the spit, that inevitably incapacitates the park guest, that lets the dilo feed"
    Cmon BIS, Cmon now

  • Michael 320
    Michael 320 7 months ago

    I really would like to see the anatomically correct dilophosaurus the 20 ft long 7 ft tall version. Maybe one day.

  • Boa Z9786
    Boa Z9786 7 months ago

    you should play the forest, you would like it, its out of early access and the full game is out

  • Terry Betts
    Terry Betts 7 months ago

    These guys scared me more than raptors. I used too make packsbof these guys in JPOg

  • KSound Kaiju
    KSound Kaiju 7 months ago +1

    0:24 When the Money Shot hits the camera and the cameraman

  • Ronald Chi
    Ronald Chi 7 months ago

    Can you see that actually some raw meat inside the dilo mouth !

  • The Dishonored Coward
    The Dishonored Coward 7 months ago

    Imagine a guest thinks it is safe because the fence is between but still gets spat on.

  • Türkay Toklu
    Türkay Toklu 7 months ago

    classic of jurassic park, nedry's nightmare

  • The L Guy
    The L Guy 7 months ago

    If you look on the JWE site at research. You'll see that only the herbivores have an exclamation point (Galliminus is an omnivore). What does this mean?

  • William the woose
    William the woose 7 months ago

    Really happy to see dilophosaurus back. It's such a cool dinosaur. I'll bet it's one of the more intelligent species too considering how it managed to get into the passenger seat of Nedry's Jeep lol.

  • Roze Peeps
    Roze Peeps 7 months ago

    Dilophosaurus is one of my favorite dinosaurs in the jurassic franchise! Also love this game!

  • StegoRex
    StegoRex 7 months ago

    I love this dino.😁

  • Jave
    Jave 7 months ago +1

    Notice how the "fence" for the dilo paddock is a solid concrete wall. I hope that in the game, if you decide to put up normal wire fences, the dilos might be able to spit at your guests...

  • Time Brain
    Time Brain 7 months ago

    Damn that's a good looking log.

  • Gazzer GT
    Gazzer GT 7 months ago

    Finally an adult Dildo

  • Jovert Cortez
    Jovert Cortez 7 months ago

    A beautiful,but deadly theropod.

  • Spinofan 101
    Spinofan 101 7 months ago

    I'm going to St lous next Thursday.

  • CWdude
    CWdude 7 months ago

    It looks really good

  • Diomedes KYROU
    Diomedes KYROU 7 months ago +3

    all we need now is spinosaurus

  • Amber Faria
    Amber Faria 7 months ago

    I think Ingen not only putted poison dart frog DNA, but they also added frilled lizard DNA and spitting cobra DNA

  • Ilyas The spider king
    Ilyas The spider king 7 months ago +2

    dilophosaurus or dilogosaurus

  • Black4Halo
    Black4Halo 7 months ago

    Dispensed meat vs legit animals they eat (nothing ticks me off more then a thing dieing and then dissapearing into meat chunka for food

  • DinoBroof
    DinoBroof 7 months ago

    The meat kind of looks like the cheese with the red wax around it

  • Dennis Brännvall
    Dennis Brännvall 7 months ago

    One of those meats looks like cheese. Are dilos vegan, or lactose intolerance?

  • Logan Brunet
    Logan Brunet 7 months ago

    When he was talking about the second video with the spit and listing off the good things done I thought he was also going to add that it’s foot somewhat fazed in the ground

  • Diego Moreno
    Diego Moreno 7 months ago +1

    It looks very cool, i have a question, the extra 5 dinos come only if you PRE ORDER the deluxe edition or they come if you buy the deluxe edition after it comes out??

    • Prethoryn Scourge
      Prethoryn Scourge 7 months ago

      Diego Moreno It's a bit confusing isn't it. It's most likely that you don't need to preorder to get the 5 extra dinosaurs. Deluxe will probably release alongside standard. It'd be strange for them to cut it off. They didn't make it completely clear in advertising. However, if you want to be 100% sure, preorder it.

  • Mooky Silverclaw
    Mooky Silverclaw 7 months ago

    I dont know if its worth making a video about or anything, but i think frontier should explore the possibility of dinosaurs getting a different skin pattern without assigning one. Like a uh, rare chance at a gene mutation. Maybe even have it possible for stats as well. After all making a dinosaur without 100% DNA could have problems even if successfully growning one.

  • David Adamson
    David Adamson 7 months ago

    I saw the title of this, gasped, and yelled "Dilophosaurus!!" One of my favorites in the franchise and woefully underrated :)

  • Mad Dog Adrian
    Mad Dog Adrian 7 months ago +2

    I would still get one as a pet. Great video

  • Leo Cruz
    Leo Cruz 7 months ago

    Can you start a countdown till Jurassic World Evolution and Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom

  • JurassicSpino
    JurassicSpino 7 months ago


  • Martin Georgiev
    Martin Georgiev 7 months ago

    By the time you upload all of the dinosaurs' profiles for ''Jurassic World: Evolution'', ''Jurassic World 3'' would be released. -_-

  • Frostbite The Badass Ice Carnotaurus

    Push the meat down its throat

  • Daniel Young
    Daniel Young 7 months ago

    so glad we got this dino and it's about time they showed off another carn off

  • TripZ
    TripZ 7 months ago +3

    I love jpog but finally no more useless dilos, it was really stupid to have a carnivore that we know is fully capable of taking down a person and yet instead it'd just run away, and instead of it going into rampage mode it'd just slip into a coma and die..is anyone else really happy that your dilos will actively want to murder things?

  • Craig Mason
    Craig Mason 7 months ago

    I must be the only JP fan who hates what they have done to this dinosaur. Its bred inaccuracy in the image of this creature that has ended up copied in other things like Ark Survival Evolved. It would have been better i think if we have been able to make the dilophosuarus its deadly spitting frilled version via gentic tampering rather than claim the dinosaur was like this prehistorically.

    • Barnacle Films
      Barnacle Films 7 months ago +1

      Craig Mason JP was just being creative with its designs, everyone else is just lazy and copied it. I wish JP had sued or something so we wouldn’t have the same design so many times.

  • Misha
    Misha 7 months ago

    I love that one of your Raptor Patrons is called "BestinSlot Sucks". xD

  • emma salmon 29
    emma salmon 29 7 months ago

    hi there I was wondering how big are the each islands in the game @benslot

  • Tyler X09
    Tyler X09 7 months ago +2

    I wonder when we change the skin of the dilo that the frill coloration would changes as well

  • Rex Master
    Rex Master 7 months ago +2

    omg yes but we all know i was coming

  • Spideyfan53
    Spideyfan53 7 months ago


  • Billy Hephner
    Billy Hephner 7 months ago

    It had a feathered tail!!!!!!!!

  • Harvey Stanislaw
    Harvey Stanislaw 7 months ago +2

    Wow I can’t wait for this. My birthday is on the 29th of May so I’m gonna get the deluxe edition pre ordered

  • Light Strike
    Light Strike 7 months ago


  • InuyashaDinosaur101 Brewer

    i almost started crying when they finally shown this dinosaur in action and hopefully will get to see it in the move in the size of it's real life counterpart

  • Maaz And Roha!
    Maaz And Roha! 7 months ago

    Please can someone tell me this, I preordered my Jurassic world evolution deluxe edition on my ps4 store but the playable date says 12/31/18, so I am very disappointed, will I get my game in December and is all my money lost??? Please tell meeeee 😭😭😭😭

    • Tyler X09
      Tyler X09 7 months ago +2

      Maaz,roha and Phebe it’s a placeholder date and if it’s not fixed when the game comes out. PlayStation is going to have to fix it because there will be fans buying this game on day one and they are going to hear some complaints.

  • when you find out she has dick bigger than yours

    So why did they release a profile about a walking log

    No we are not going let you live that down

    • when you find out she has dick bigger than yours
      when you find out she has dick bigger than yours 7 months ago

      Dropleaf well no one said logspiracy theory was intelligent

    • Dropleaf
      Dropleaf 7 months ago

      I seriously cant believe that all it took was for some one to go "yeah, that is 100% a log" and despite all logic he just went with it.

  • Devin Espinoza
    Devin Espinoza 7 months ago

    Are sure this isn't a log xD

  • MaxinismeGames
    MaxinismeGames 7 months ago

    aw yeah, my favourite dinosaur looks awesome!!!

  • blaze 14
    blaze 14 7 months ago

    Just what to play this game already I am so hyped 🙏🙏

  • Tyrannapus And Friends
    Tyrannapus And Friends 7 months ago +21

    I actually went fishing at a place where there were a ton of swans, but it really creeped me out, because the all the swans on the lake/ocean area were making the EXACT same sound as the dilos

    • Mark Cobuzzi
      Mark Cobuzzi 7 months ago +2

      And people say that presenting Theropod dinosaurs in a more bird-like manner just makes them “un-scary”.

    • Funky Bullshrimp
      Funky Bullshrimp 7 months ago

      I have a turkey that makes that sound.

    • Ashley Lynch
      Ashley Lynch 7 months ago +3

      Tyrannapus And Friends that’s because they used the sounds of a swan mixed with other animals to make the Dilophosaurus sound the way it does

  • Tobias Edwards
    Tobias Edwards 7 months ago

    @2:27 that’s what she said

  • Sasuke Uchiha
    Sasuke Uchiha 7 months ago


  • Easy Guy
    Easy Guy 7 months ago

    Game aside. I wish that Dilo make grand appearance in JWFK. Not like in JW where only hologram. It has been too long for Dilo to appear again in franchise. P_P

  • Zavier101
    Zavier101 7 months ago +1

    Hey you should play mount and blade:warband or banerlord

  • TheTrollDinosaurs - Random Content

    I'm just gonna call this one log...

    • Disappointed Turtle
      Disappointed Turtle 7 months ago +1

      TheTrollDinosaurs - Random Content How I will name my Dilophosaurs: Logson, Loggington, Loggy, Sherlog...

  • A Lone Stegosaurus
    A Lone Stegosaurus 7 months ago

    I'm in love

  • Ryan Robinson
    Ryan Robinson 7 months ago

    Fuego! I wonder what dinos the dilo's will be able to attack

  • PaleoTufts
    PaleoTufts 7 months ago +2

    Awesome to see the dilo come back! I wonder if it can spit through a low security fence and hit a visitor in the face! 😨

  • Kevin Santifort
    Kevin Santifort 7 months ago +2

    The dislike is Dennis Nedry

    TYRANNICAL-gg 7 months ago

    I know it’s iconic to the franchise but I just can’t get into the look of the jurassic franchises dilophosaurus, but at least dilophosaurus is in the game.

  • Koi Journeyman
    Koi Journeyman 7 months ago

    We didn't see what its actual size is. I wonder if it would be the same size as a raptor?

  • Christopher Jordan
    Christopher Jordan 7 months ago

    I can't wait to see what we might get next.

  • Necrago
    Necrago 7 months ago +2

    all I can say:

  • Sean Conwell
    Sean Conwell 7 months ago +1

    Not sure if you had done a list like this before but if DLC would have Jurassic World Evolution introduce Ice Age mammals which would you want to see?

    • Mark Cobuzzi
      Mark Cobuzzi 7 months ago +1

      I am obviously not BestinSlot, but if they were to include Cenozoic beasts (including some aquatic and airborne creatures) and I was on the team, then these are at least the main ones I would suggest brainstorming:

      American Mastodon
      Dire Wolf
      Haast’s Eagle
      Livyatan melvillei
      Mammoth (maybe Steppe or Columbian)
      Palaeoloxodon (make it capable of fighting T-Rex)

      Maybe an Elasmotherium and Woolly Mammoth
      (if there was a convenient/convincing way to build refrigerated enclosure in tropical island, which would otherwise be too hot for such creatures famously adapted for the cold).

  • Timber Wolfe
    Timber Wolfe 7 months ago +3

    Yay! So happy to see this one~
    Gotta have at least one in my future park, it shall be named Log and can have ALL the hamburgers!

  • Headshot
    Headshot 7 months ago

    the effort Frontier is putting in the animations is amazing!

  • Giuseppe DeRosa
    Giuseppe DeRosa 7 months ago

    Please cover the possibility of a site b sorta game mode

  • WulfOne
    WulfOne 7 months ago +1

    Getting to see the Dilophosaur is great. It's exactly like the one in the movie and does the same attack motion. In JPOG all it was hoot extend it's neck frill and spit. This is just a reminder of how great this game will be. I also liked the eating animation and it looked like the Dilo was eating a raw burger. I read a reddit post where someone from FD was saying they are working on animations and improving them since the gameplay reveal. Hopefully when the carnivores attack a goat and eat it we can see some pieces of meat being torn away and a little blood at least. I keep thinking of that raptor species profile where it attacked a goat.

  • Raptorus77
    Raptorus77 7 months ago +54

    A beautiful, but deadly addition to our parks