Microsoft shows off HoloLens 2 mixed reality headset at MWC

  • Published on Feb 25, 2019
  • Microsoft says the new and improved HoloLens 2 makes manipulating holograms feel like interacting with objects in the real world.
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  • Science & TechnologyScience & Technology

Comments • 2 674

  • Command_Train
    Command_Train 2 days ago

    I’ll buy your entire stock!

  • William Su
    William Su 3 days ago

    I wish this was open to the public and not just companies, the tech here is actually insane~

  • jimmy c
    jimmy c 6 days ago

    Its the future . but im still waiting for a use case that makes it totally unique I think it has found one in the gaming industry but in construction VR still hasn't convinced me. maybe in training it has like driving cranes and mechanics training

  • SirChronDonIII
    SirChronDonIII 7 days ago

    This is sick as f*ck!

  • Beau Pelletier
    Beau Pelletier 10 days ago

    But can you whatch TheXvid

  • Akeem RW Ross
    Akeem RW Ross 11 days ago +1

    " When the Female amen i missed her name pressed the keys oon the illuminated digital piano Keyboard they actually worked transmitting Audio and Sound through the Audio function oon the Hololens too (?)oor perhaps yoou can link Audio mmmmMmmm amen that intuitive".

  • Left Blank
    Left Blank 17 days ago

    Wonder if it can adapt to your reading eyeglass prescription............. (i.e. so you don't need the glasses)

  • C B
    C B 20 days ago

    I'm thinking about getting into VR but i'm a bit confused on some things. To get true 3D I am under the impression you need to run "side by side" 3D, otherwise you are just looking at a flat image. Is this true? And if so, what headsets are capable of "true 3D"?

  • mindsoulbody
    mindsoulbody 23 days ago +1

    DCS WORLD with this is gonna be great...if it allows it to interact with the entire cockpit.

  • Christopher Rivera
    Christopher Rivera 23 days ago

    Microsoft is stupid, how is this not a phone yet?!

  • Vikas Pahuja
    Vikas Pahuja 24 days ago +1

    Very awesome ,can we do video call and can I call my gf in my room as 3d live video ?

  • what the fuck
    what the fuck 26 days ago

    you guys think ar and vr will save you from your depression or even cure it ? Well u can wait forever cuz it will not happen xd

  • MrSuperrajab
    MrSuperrajab 28 days ago

    imagine this and a flying suit ... iron man

  • MrSuperrajab
    MrSuperrajab 28 days ago

    As a student engineer, I really want this but as a "student"; 3.5k LULz

  • ap0lmc
    ap0lmc 29 days ago

    Cool but childs's play compared to Elon Musk's NeuroLink

  • Muhammed shibli A P

    It's blow my mind when I'm using this AR

  • Teemu M.
    Teemu M. Month ago

    Say hello to Hololens 2?

  • Ануар Ахметов

    like in the movie Minority Report

  • 2002RM
    2002RM Month ago

    God damn. The future is finally here!

  • generic_55
    generic_55 Month ago +1

    Cmon we all want YuGiOh Hololens edition

  • gmon78
    gmon78 Month ago

    Eh. Tony Stark didn't need glasses.

  • BolinFoto
    BolinFoto Month ago

    soooo will these be a reality or will it just be vaporware like the other version?
    I'm getting pretty tired of things like this.
    -Oh look this the new awesome thing it can do amazing stuff and this and that
    -Yeah well can I buy it
    -No it's still in development and...
    -Well eff off then and come back when you have an item I can buy.
    And using an Ipad!!!
    It's like if Coca Cola company used Pepsi in a presentation....
    Yeah this will just be another vaporware

    • Faris Firdaws
      Faris Firdaws Month ago

      You can buy it if you are part of an enterprise that plans to buy it.

  • Moonyoung Choi
    Moonyoung Choi Month ago +1

    파이널 판타지 영화 보는 느낌인데??
    근데 마소라서.......별로 믿음은 안간다..........ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  • Top Dawg
    Top Dawg Month ago

    Can I let my dog try it?

  • Top Dawg
    Top Dawg Month ago +1

    That music straight outta Assassins Creed II

  • sayvory
    sayvory Month ago

    Cool, but it's just going to limit human interaction more once VR becomes fully mainstream. Can't wait to see all the mental health effects when that happens. Computer -> Consoles -> "smartphones" -> VR -> what next? Seems everything is just going to go digital no matter what and possibly to the point of no return.

  • Brando
    Brando Month ago

    "Understanding your intent."....... WHAT? Nope, hold up... STOP.. STOP NOW AND REVERSE AT FULL THROTTLE.

  • Kael Char
    Kael Char Month ago

    I’ve wanted one for ever now a new one great now I want one more

  • Shane Christopher
    Shane Christopher Month ago +2

    Just like the Television in the 50's and the VCR in the 80's...this technology will be extremely expensive for a decade or two. The construction aspect and the engineering aspect with exploded view for real time repairs is INVALUABLE!

  • WeskerRezo
    WeskerRezo Month ago +1

    This is truly incredible!!!!!!!!!! I was thinking something like this would be created and here it is. Bravo Microsoft.

  • NeptuneBeats
    NeptuneBeats Month ago

    I want to live in a world where everyone can perform all daily tasks using HoloLens 🌏

  • ויאמר סבבה!

    The FOV on these is not good enough for most people.
    They are like holding a phone half a meter from your face, that's your screen.

  • Ramon Mendez
    Ramon Mendez Month ago

    Because we’re not getting enough of the world into our minds. This is how to get our attention off of our creator

  • Pendragon
    Pendragon Month ago

    wtf does 3x more comfortable mean lmao

    SYMPOL BMX Month ago

    Just another device they either aren’t going to release or noones going to buy

  • Ben Son
    Ben Son Month ago

    Porn producers are like oh wow!!

  • StresSsgood
    StresSsgood Month ago

    can't wait for it ! keep your work hard !

  • Rt Tai
    Rt Tai Month ago

    I aint gone lie i aint never been so exited😂💯

  • Aaron Collings
    Aaron Collings Month ago +1

    This stuff ain’t cheap at all...

  • Christopher Poole
    Christopher Poole Month ago

    Sweet! Now I can design my Ironman suit!

  • tonykeo83
    tonykeo83 Month ago

    Is it me or is this live presentation feel awkward. It would great if the graphic stay still and not jittery. If Microsoft work on the smooth transition movement with the person it would look awesome.

  • tonykeo83
    tonykeo83 Month ago

    I guess Microsoft doesn't trust their Surface Pro on live presentation. I don't blame them since live presentation with their hardware always seem to go wrong in the past.

  • Liubeiwushijiu
    Liubeiwushijiu Month ago

    Smell-a-vision isn't even real yet..

  • Josh Kavathas
    Josh Kavathas Month ago

    i just wish they would clear up the fact that there are no "holograms" involved. this is augmented reality. holograms exist without the need for eyewear.

  • Freeyourchains
    Freeyourchains Month ago

    Gov regulation should force them to release it to consumers.

  • Emergency Bearcedures

    I can wait to tell someone like a friend or family member that someone sent them some mail/message. So go head and put the holo lens on. Then When they put it on there will be two big hairy nuts and someone will say deez nutz got em.

  • Max Powers
    Max Powers Month ago

    The greatest piece of technology I've ever seen. This is mind blowing. This will be used in so many applications. The applications that power this will be even crazier.

  • jellovendigar
    jellovendigar Month ago

    Why am I not impressed? The interfaces she shows look really clunky

  • Wretch Gunk
    Wretch Gunk Month ago +2

    this kind of thing will come in handy when the environment is destroyed and the elites are living in underground bunkers, yknow, while the rest of us are dead, dead from our society consuming endlessly in an attempt to escape from reality...

  • Beastmode -
    Beastmode - Month ago

    Looks bad a$$. We need to step it up technology-wise though. Stuff like this should have been already introduced to the public years ago. They're probably holding out on us with all the good tech

  • Kaivol
    Kaivol Month ago

    Ready Player 1 dream is one step closer!

    J0RGE DIEGO TESTA Month ago

    La era cuántica inicia.

  • jeffwads
    jeffwads Month ago

    This is all stuff that you can do with a first gen Vive.

    • Pock Suppet
      Pock Suppet Month ago

      but the first gen vive is like 7,4x less comfortable

  • anonymous69
    anonymous69 Month ago +12

    'Cool, now I can play piano without owning a piano!
    MOTHERFUC.... '

  • Phantom haha
    Phantom haha Month ago

    Great, one day everyone would stay on their bed and let the hologram of themselves to go to work.

  • Al Ahmad
    Al Ahmad Month ago +1

    Oh hello...

  • rc-wingman
    rc-wingman Month ago

    Pest Pornhub XP ever?

  • Crypto Erok
    Crypto Erok Month ago

    Surely, they will be manufactured in the USA right Bill Gates? Right? Made in America right?


  • bomberman
    bomberman Month ago

    Can't wait for this to evolve into something like the matrix but instead you get to relive your own life from birth till death and all over again, being stuck in this loop. So cool.

  • muhnnad Salem
    muhnnad Salem Month ago

    The bird was following her hand and when she went back to the browser, it stopped following her with no command of her . I don't think, this show was real. This whole hologram was controlled not only by her but by someone else as well.

  • Per Qvindesland
    Per Qvindesland Month ago

    At 5K for the commercial version then we have to wait for HoloLens 6 before it's starts taking off, by then there will be cheap Chinese knockoff's out competing MS

  • huldu
    huldu Month ago

    It looks "okay" but still too cumbersome. They'd need to be actual glasses size for most people to even bother using them in real life. At least this can work unlike VR which again flopped. Never get too greedy and push your crappy products when they aren't even good and consumers aren't interested and developers couldn't care less. Hopefully M$ will learn, which I doubt because they're among the most greedy bastards out there to make a quick buck of idiots.

  • Optic500
    Optic500 Month ago

    Oculus rift still better than this gimmick. Wireless will never be as powerful as the wired headsets so this will be like oculus quest?

  • eL AxeL
    eL AxeL Month ago


  • VanIsleNuckFan
    VanIsleNuckFan Month ago

    10 years from now that thing will be a clunky, 1st gen paper weight piece of shit... Awesome


    *BUT CAN IT PLAY C R Y S I S??? No? Okey Cya in a few years.*

  • Paul Brett
    Paul Brett Month ago

    There is no practical application for this nonsense. What a bunch of garbage.

  • Green Dholia
    Green Dholia Month ago +1

    damn that looks bulky, it looks like the ipod classic did when it first came out

  • SABaruj
    SABaruj Month ago

    i cannot wait to enter the matrix now

  • Benjamin Hansen
    Benjamin Hansen Month ago

    I'm from the future, and you ain't seen nothing yet!

  • Alex C
    Alex C Month ago

    The perfect recipe = HoloLens + Tesla Suit + Pornhub

  • Aleksander Jerkovic

    This is amazing!!!

  • Josh G
    Josh G Month ago

    This should be the norm by now..

  • MindDrift
    MindDrift Month ago

    I predict the future. We will mix this and the Tesla suit to perfection to the point that VR and reality will be indistinguishable! Then we will all get bored after a hundred years, our planet will be on the brink of destruction, our bodies will be rendered useless so we will create a new VR! one where life is the way it used to be. We will create the ultimate simulation for mankind. We will all enter into the blank space program and look around...
    First things first...

    *let there be light*

  • Victor Marsi
    Victor Marsi Month ago +2

    The hologram has very low fps... I want to see 60 or more

    • Twoface698
      Twoface698 Month ago

      I think it stutters less on when you have the device on your head and move stuff around. The lag may be caused by the data being send from the headset of the presenter to the camera which may cause delay for the camera

    • Samuel Alvarez-Galan
      Samuel Alvarez-Galan Month ago

      +ridley869 Well it is going to better in a few years 6 years from now there will be 4k VR or 8KVR - Haptix Suits and Gloves, A Haptix Treadmill and more

    • ridley869
      ridley869 Month ago +3

      want this, want that. How about you appreciate what is here right now? *smh*

  • MindDrift
    MindDrift Month ago

    I thought of this 10 years ago. Complete with eye tracking, screens and I imagined being in a classroom with a teacher yet in reality your just in your room. I thought of swordfighting games and more. I combined it with what is now called the Tesla suit so that you can FEEL pressure, heat, cold, pain. I thought of it all. Ten years ago when I was 16. BUT...I don't have a lick of knowledge in the computer engineering department or graphic designer, ect. But hey...I have a good imagination lol I'm just glad my lack of knowledge hasn't hindered the world because others out there that are more capable than me thought of the same thing! Woohoo!

  • Hush Mode
    Hush Mode Month ago

    Yu gi oh coming soon

  • Silvano Tononi
    Silvano Tononi Month ago

    I'll buy 10 but bring it to the barber .. please


    1:40 when you realize youtube is better at captioning than you !

  • Syke Throne
    Syke Throne Month ago

    Congrats. We all invented this I. Our minds, collective. They're just the ones having to do it:)

  • danis wara
    danis wara Month ago

    This technology won't become big unless a game developer use it to make a spectacular, Era changing game

  • Kadesh Hendricksen
    Kadesh Hendricksen Month ago

    So the rich have all this convenience and then call everyone without it lazy, while also using the tech to spy on and steal from us. Now you all know at least. This isn't new for them they are only just now telling you. They gaslighted and killed to keep all this tech they are developing a secret.

  • winarttee
    winarttee Month ago

    This is dangerous, what if you forget that you're in the real world or forget that you're in a VR world ?

    • Pock Suppet
      Pock Suppet Month ago

      black mirror: here you have 5 million dollar

  • Kadesh Hendricksen
    Kadesh Hendricksen Month ago

    The only thing they've used if for so far is selling voyeurs access to watch your children real time through Facebook connected apps. I bet it wouldn't be too difficult to go on the dark web and find the sites offering that access.

  • tO eZ
    tO eZ Month ago

    We are one step closer to the future

  • Sharif Sourour
    Sharif Sourour Month ago

    Microsoft is kicking some serious ass here!

  • TrakHawk
    TrakHawk Month ago

    This is very impressive also more dangerous as well due to people legit living and staying in a virtual world.

  • Alihan Şimşek
    Alihan Şimşek Month ago

    great but I still think this technology is in its early stages. one of the problems I see is you can't interact with something if you don't look at it, as you can see at 9:12. she turns and leaves the bird behind. it might be a small thing but I guess people will tend to do these kinds of mistakes while multitasking and it takes away from the experience. I hope the next generation of hololenses will come with 360 degree cameras. also, it doesn't seem very responsive to me. overall I think it has many areas to improve but it will be exciting to see it happening.

  • Nuggi Qaraday
    Nuggi Qaraday Month ago

    Do i have to be an russian oligarch to afford this ?

  • Abe S.
    Abe S. Month ago

    Next year, Apple will come up with... I-LENS and they'll make a conference where their fans will say "Only Apple could come out with such a device" while thowing their wallets at the stage and masturbating to pictures of Steve Jobs.

  • ᗯᕮ ᗩᖇᕮ YOᑌTᑌᗷᕮᖇS sd

    Microsoft Hololens but they use Apple Tablet :) any explain?

  • Veeresh Singh
    Veeresh Singh Month ago +3

    Is this Black Mirror S5E01?

  • inyazserg Sergey Larin

    08:35 You need some better integration with haptic gloves. I would like to touch objects. I don't need a full suit; they would be too expensive. Give me at least ONE glove.

  • inyazserg Sergey Larin

    As an online tutor, I would like to use this device at my work, but it is still too big. And, no matter how transparent they advertize it, it is a problem to see your eyes. SO, I have two propositions:
    1) make it x3 smaller.
    2) make the lenses transparent. OK, more transparent. I don't care what tech you are going to use. Just make it small and let people see my eyes.
    P.S. It looks quite good already!

  • Technauts
    Technauts Month ago

    have they announced a price?

  • box
    box Month ago

    '3x comfort' how did they measure that then lol

  • Kal Kofl
    Kal Kofl Month ago +1

    I have to ask, what happen to Hololens user's eyes after use it for more than 15 minutes? is it have the similar effect as normal eye using negative glasses? And is it usable by negative eyes owner?

  • Kal Kofl
    Kal Kofl Month ago

    So we can play The Sims in first person view

  • Siemore
    Siemore Month ago

    This is straight up the last thing we need right now. This aint more than a toy

  • Spielzeit85
    Spielzeit85 Month ago

    Microsoft using an iPad at their demo? wtf?