Super Slow Motion Birds

  • Published on Feb 20, 2019
  • Gav and Dan go to a bird sanctuary to film birds big and small in lovely 4K slow motion.
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  • ابو عمر الحربي


  • ابو عمر الحربي

    طوري ذاتك تعانين من فتاق اعانك الله عليه

  • Tanner Joseph
    Tanner Joseph Hour ago

    I remember you guys, you were popular in 2011-2012

  • infinitecanadian
    infinitecanadian 3 hours ago

    Since birds have reaction times several orders of magnitude greater than the reaction times of humans, this might well be how they see the world.

  • MrDylanHM
    MrDylanHM 3 hours ago +1

    Birds are impressive creatures. The gold eagle stood out for me, all of them are beautiful. Maybe I'm getting old but... might pick up birdwatching.

  • Azva Soha
    Azva Soha 4 hours ago

    Allah made so many creatures and how they are survivng i can't beleive even on my eyes and after watching this em so in love with Allah who made us and this whole universe even more than this universe . Read Quran as a book before to say a word in ignornce. Love from Pakistan

  • RadiationZack10
    RadiationZack10 4 hours ago

    Humming birds are barley birds more like insects

  • vgaur -
    vgaur - 7 hours ago +1

    This is mesmerising

  • Gt Dead
    Gt Dead 8 hours ago


  • WOssi's RC
    WOssi's RC 9 hours ago

    ...the GOLDEN EAGLE 🤣🤣🤣🤣 majestätisch

  • Alkis Mavridis
    Alkis Mavridis 9 hours ago

    5:19 "it looks like a dinosaur".
    That is so strange, I cannot figure out why 😅😅😅

  • Tibor Roussou
    Tibor Roussou 9 hours ago

    Honestly guys, I loved the footage! I think if you guys should let the animals take front stage instead of trying to compete with them; that is, less footage of you guys and more of the animals.

  • Sheely Mcdonald
    Sheely Mcdonald 9 hours ago

    The Harry Potter background music makes this.!
    Hummingbirds are awesome 😍
    And the freaky blinking 😵

  • Konata Francis
    Konata Francis 10 hours ago

    MAJESTIC AS ****!

  • unboxing theboxx
    unboxing theboxx 11 hours ago


  • Ravish Jambhale
    Ravish Jambhale 12 hours ago

    Great job
    Enjoyed watching it

  • 金正恩正金
    金正恩正金 12 hours ago +1


  • Tidiest Flyer
    Tidiest Flyer 13 hours ago

    Eyyyyyy. Welcome to Oklahoma you silly goofs.

  • Yusril Edmodo
    Yusril Edmodo 13 hours ago

    fak i remember harry potter -_-

  • Ghenwa Farah
    Ghenwa Farah 14 hours ago +1

    This is so mesmerizing

  • Jack Greenleaf
    Jack Greenleaf 15 hours ago


  • tetangganya Si Ocong
    tetangganya Si Ocong 17 hours ago


  • Danny L
    Danny L 21 hour ago

    I’m a 🐥 with just 150 hours. I look forward to becoming an 🦅 one day

  • TheTruekid -_-
    TheTruekid -_- 22 hours ago


  • Milk Dirt
    Milk Dirt Day ago


  • Lemus
    Lemus Day ago

    It’s the UNDERTAKER!!

  • Lume The cute dragon wolf rawr!!!

    Oh I have a solution for you it’s stop standing in the rain

  • Dr gacha Studios

    How did I end up here? 😹
    I’m not complaining :)

  • Kimchi FriedSprite

    Birds are so majestic!!!🥰😍🥰

  • Power Of Women
    Power Of Women Day ago

    Super wow

  • MeMEsiNbLaCK 542
    MeMEsiNbLaCK 542 Day ago +1

    Who else thought the bird in the thumbnail was a zombie bird

  • theotherguy
    theotherguy Day ago

    1:08 She had to do it to 'em

  • theotherguy
    theotherguy Day ago

    Come for Gavin, Stay for Dan

    FERREIRA SILVA Day ago +2


  • Adam Galloway
    Adam Galloway Day ago



  • Name Less
    Name Less Day ago

    The woman is just as equally intimidating

  • The proxo
    The proxo Day ago

    Gracias por poner subtítulos en español muy pocos lo hacen :), nuevo suscriptor

  • susej
    susej Day ago

    Birds are so awesome

  • Royal service
    Royal service Day ago

    Wooooooow yereee

  • 高唐
    高唐 Day ago

    What is that amazing camera?





  • りゅうRyu
    りゅうRyu Day ago


  • Anadolu Çoban Köpekleri

    eagles fly high

  • Jose Santos
    Jose Santos Day ago

    Super, super!
    Uma maravilha.
    Parabéns .

  • Connor McDougall

    What majestical creatures

  • mitzi
    mitzi Day ago


  • Axlinvintoz Shockley


  • Chloe Bellock
    Chloe Bellock 2 days ago

    slow mo huh *puts playback speed on ×2*

  • RahulHolic
    RahulHolic 2 days ago

    My Jio phone can shoot 15 FPS

  • velkoon
    velkoon 2 days ago

    1:39 booooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
    seriously, why'd you guys leave his response in? the joke was good

  • Ghidorah -
    Ghidorah - 2 days ago

    Poor Dan and his inevitable bolding.

  • Dianna Gallegos
    Dianna Gallegos 2 days ago +3

    shawnee!?!? i live in oklahoma city omg i wouldve loved meeting you guys. great video btw!!!

    • Commander Wyro
      Commander Wyro 11 hours ago +1

      i live in norman, i wish i would have known this!

  • Daniel Morse
    Daniel Morse 2 days ago

    Ur the only brits I can stand

  • Crispy Corn
    Crispy Corn 2 days ago

    the quality is so amazing I'm in love

  • Ayslan
    Ayslan 2 days ago


  • SportsRGreat
    SportsRGreat 2 days ago

    Fat lady in slow motion.

  • incollectio
    incollectio 2 days ago +1

    @5:17 : "It looks like a dinosaur." -- Yes. Because it is a dinosaur.

    • Turbo Alex
      Turbo Alex 20 hours ago

      a fossil reptile of the Mesozoic era, in many species reaching an enormous size.. It isn't really a reptile.

  • NerdyPanda 101
    NerdyPanda 101 2 days ago

    Bird asmr

  • Collin Campbell
    Collin Campbell 2 days ago

    birds are such amazing creatures

  • Jane De leon
    Jane De leon 2 days ago

    Now I know where bird animations get their "hands like feathers" that acts like actual hands

  • Pedro Aguilera
    Pedro Aguilera 2 days ago

    If they can see through when they blink, how do they sleep?

    • N1 the captain
      N1 the captain 12 hours ago

      Those were the inner eyelids, for blinking when flying, I think also have outer eyelids for when they sleep. Or they can see through so they know when there's something trying to eat them. I don't really know actually, don't believe what I say about birds, these are guesses

  • duy phuong
    duy phuong 2 days ago

    *5:10** Byakugan 😀*

  • Johannes DeMoravia
    Johannes DeMoravia 2 days ago

    Fabulous bird caught in mid air.

  • ManSam Sung
    ManSam Sung 2 days ago

    1:03 I like big butts and I can not lie!!!!

  • Anime Lovers never Die!!

    2119 anyone??

  • samith sandika
    samith sandika 2 days ago

    Bee hive slow motion

  • Aruna Chauhan
    Aruna Chauhan 2 days ago

    one the best videos ive ever seen

  • S U P E R B O N G
    S U P E R B O N G 3 days ago +7

    It's insane that everything looks so majestic in slow Mo..

  • E H
    E H 3 days ago

    what happend to Dan's sleeve @8:44

  • Jacob Johnson
    Jacob Johnson 3 days ago

    “He blinked one set, then he blinked a completely different set.”

  • Alphadog1645
    Alphadog1645 3 days ago

    The first bird is beautiful

  • Jose Collazo
    Jose Collazo 3 days ago

    These confirm my hipotesis, that birds atach their heads to earth magnetic field grid strings...

  • The Daves I Know
    The Daves I Know 3 days ago

    One of the most beautiful videos on youtube. I've been watching youtube since 2007.

  • Mkm - lava
    Mkm - lava 3 days ago +2

    5:25 when you lose in brawl stars *Say Whaaat!?*

  • Mkm - lava
    Mkm - lava 3 days ago


  • princess a
    princess a 3 days ago +8

    Wow i never knew that the bird whom i save frm water was a humming bird 😨😨how can i be so stupid

  • Jacob Daniel
    Jacob Daniel 3 days ago +4

    Wait you were in Shawnee Oklahoma?!?! I live there!!!

  • Laura Derry Blossom
    Laura Derry Blossom 3 days ago


  • Itz Keeley
    Itz Keeley 3 days ago

    I SHAWNEE OK 😂😂 ( is yo knee ok )

  • fruitello boy
    fruitello boy 3 days ago

    So disturbing its awesome!

  • Центурион Центурий


  • Judda
    Judda 4 days ago

    take those restraints off their legs :(

  • Moorthi meena
    Moorthi meena 4 days ago

    Camera trick...!

  • T.James Dean
    T.James Dean 4 days ago

    I am so grateful for this footage! I wanna comment on two things you said. "They look like fingers" They are. As you have seen they can do whatever they wish with EACH feather. I imagine change its density to move thru air. Like opening your palm to making a fist. The second is "He looks like a dinosaur" Also correct. He is. That one is still questionable to some but millions of years changed then into this. A crocodile is said to taste like chicken. When its actually chickens taste like crocodile. Fantastic Video!!! The natural world can teach us much! If we are quiet enough to listen!

  • Bruno Cisi
    Bruno Cisi 4 days ago

    We, humans, are so ordinay. These little guys are totally awesome.

  • You Know
    You Know 4 days ago

    We eat dinosaur ......but named it as chicken

  • ༻FM༺ HAKAN
    ༻FM༺ HAKAN 4 days ago

    6:56 BUG:D

  • Marek Magnificent
    Marek Magnificent 4 days ago

    so coooolll

  • Question Everything
    Question Everything 4 days ago

    I like birds

  • Subscribe To Ne For No Reason

    Am im the only one who feel like buying the slowmo camera and just record myself all day 😆

  • Mr. Pauliewogger
    Mr. Pauliewogger 4 days ago

    Okay TheXvid, I watched it.

  • Shelley Bancroft
    Shelley Bancroft 4 days ago +3

    I'm about a sloth in slo-mo?

  • Shelley Bancroft
    Shelley Bancroft 4 days ago

    OMG.....this was majestic!! Great video, guys!! 💕

  • RealityBitesShit
    RealityBitesShit 4 days ago

    So thats what bungee jumping looks like for birds.

  • Parth Chauhan
    Parth Chauhan 4 days ago

    Such A Wonderful Video 😍😍

  • Pizza 4life
    Pizza 4life 4 days ago

    um more please

  • Jack Frost
    Jack Frost 4 days ago +1

    The finger-like feathers at the wing tips also reduce drag by minimizing wingtip vortices .

  • MrUnit731
    MrUnit731 4 days ago

    This is so good. Coolest ever.