Kitchen Nightmares - Season 2 Episode 2 - Flamango's Full Episode

  • Published on Jan 14, 2018
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    Hell's Kitchen - Season 17 Episode 5 - Josh Josh Josh Full Episode
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  • Kitchen Nightmares Hotel Hell and Hell's Kitchen

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    • Aurélien CHEA
      Aurélien CHEA 5 months ago +2

      If she hates blue, why is she wearing it

    • M and M
      M and M 11 months ago

      Kitchen Nightmares Hotel Hell and Hell's Kitchen I

    • ANeon
      ANeon Year ago +1

      Kitchen Nightmares Hotel Hell and Hell's Kitchen

    • Mikhaail Gaurav Kanani
      Mikhaail Gaurav Kanani Year ago +2

      Kitchen Nightmares Hotel Hell and Hell's Kitchen

  • RealLoons
    RealLoons 16 hours ago

    I just realized, the kitchen's cleanliness was never criticized. I guess thats one thing good about resto before gordon came.

  • Elsa Finley-Combs

    34:10 I'm dead XD

  • Kelly Zavadil
    Kelly Zavadil Day ago

    "I'd never run a restaurant like this" yeah, you'd rather run your shitty one into the ground

  • Music Nightcore™

    "i hate salmon.. Taste like fish"
    Salmon : Am i Joke to you? old bag!

  • Flaschenteufel
    Flaschenteufel 2 days ago

    but...the alligator :o

  • Fish thefish
    Fish thefish 3 days ago

    Dead God this woman is so negative the heck dude

  • bnzss
    bnzss 3 days ago

    omg the editing and the music are awful

  • ly ke
    ly ke 4 days ago

    never mind I respect her now

  • ly ke
    ly ke 4 days ago

    old hag

  • ly ke
    ly ke 4 days ago

    did she die?

  • ly ke
    ly ke 4 days ago

    How did Bill fall in love with an annoying piece of shit

  • Joe Fabis Jr
    Joe Fabis Jr 4 days ago

    What’s sad is that I personally know people who are like Adele. She was such a pain! Ramsey went and found a way for them to make money, and she’d rather have a tacky, nasty tropical look because to quote her, “it should be to my liking.” When I heard that I was like, “wrong lady, it’s for your customers, not you!”

  • Mr. ?
    Mr. ? 4 days ago

    She hated blue but her shirt was blue

  • Akeylah Winfield
    Akeylah Winfield 4 days ago

    Respect the vets

  • Midnightsong
    Midnightsong 4 days ago

    This is season 3

  • Kaitlyn The bookworm

    " the food here is fabulous "
    The food here is fabulously disgusting

  • Lauryn Ward
    Lauryn Ward 5 days ago

    Bless you bill

  • BlueSkyhawk14
    BlueSkyhawk14 6 days ago

    Oh. My. Gahd. Adele is very obviously an extremely nasty sociopath, right down to being bored on the fuckin' third day of retirement.

  • Sakura_X_Sweets
    Sakura_X_Sweets 6 days ago

    Adele: *Eats salmon*
    Adele: It tastes like a fish
    Every other persons mind: Well no shit!

  • chisicilian
    chisicilian 6 days ago

    Cheryl is so damn thick an sexy, she can get it

  • jimmy neutron
    jimmy neutron 7 days ago

    If you love Florida then why don’t you just own one there

  • Jayson Fernandez
    Jayson Fernandez 7 days ago

    Throw the old lady in the fire please

  • Bexy Cox
    Bexy Cox 8 days ago

    Adele was so rude and horrible :(

  • katy pryde
    katy pryde 9 days ago

    If ramsey told me my nails a fucking disgusting i would go hide my nails in gloves lol

  • Motha Puka
    Motha Puka 9 days ago

    I teared up when Adelle smiled it hit home.

  • Ruthie K
    Ruthie K 9 days ago

    What an ungrateful, old bitch. No wonder they're closed down now.

  • Dinosaur Player
    Dinosaur Player 10 days ago

    the guy had to confront some insane people during the filming of these scenes. haha, unless it was all a little staged, but still,
    Poor Poor Bill...

  • Rhianna Hicklin
    Rhianna Hicklin 10 days ago

    I love all the cafe/restaurant transformations, but i will this one wasn't a fave and idk why

  • AxelSituation
    AxelSituation 11 days ago

    What idiot badmouths their own restaurant to happy customers who love the restaurant?!!! And she has the nerve to call Gordon an idiot...she's the only idiot who does not deserve to have a thriving business.

  • Jordana Tham
    Jordana Tham 11 days ago

    I hate blue
    *wears blue at* 34:23

  • Isaiah Evans
    Isaiah Evans 11 days ago +1

    Waitress “It’s for looks”
    Gordon “puts cooked meat on decoration”
    Meat “is now over cooked and is burnt”
    Gordon “THIS IS SHIT”
    Yet that’s his own fault.

  • Patricia Perry
    Patricia Perry 11 days ago

    Ungrateful old bitch

  • Julia Geer
    Julia Geer 12 days ago

    When she said it tastes like a fish it’s I fucking salmon what do you want it to taste like beef

  • Gorin Animations
    Gorin Animations 13 days ago

    3rd comment
    Ok im calm now the ending calmed me

  • Gorin Animations
    Gorin Animations 13 days ago

    Isnt salmon a fish

    She said it tastes like fish

  • Gorin Animations
    Gorin Animations 13 days ago

    I feel like Adele wants to claim that shes better than anyone
    She wasted Gordons hardworking money to help her out but she is ungrateful
    I hate it when she said its ugly

  • Cristina Anonuevo
    Cristina Anonuevo 14 days ago

    Omg shes so mean gordon help them bcoz of her husband not her she has a fucking attitude make me piss.

  • Relentlessly Daydreaming

    With that wife, now I know why they call him Poor Bill

  • Isabella Roselyn
    Isabella Roselyn 15 days ago

    Adele: i dont like blue
    Me: you're the one with blue eyes wearing a blue shirt. there's a huge difference between not liking a color and being a stubborn little old lady

  • Bobby Raketic
    Bobby Raketic 15 days ago

    Go home old bag !!!

  • Bobby Raketic
    Bobby Raketic 15 days ago

    Adele needs to retire... Pronto.

  • Melissa Salazar
    Melissa Salazar 15 days ago

    I used to work for this family at a smaller diner-like restaurant before they owned Flamangos... That place actually did pretty well (no tropical decor!). Fortunately for me, Adele was not as crazy back then... just a little bit! She always said what was on her mind! When it comes to Bill, I always remember his plumber's crack... He was known for walking around with his pants sliding down... I was surprised not to see this in the show. Maybe he finally found pants that fit! In all seriousness though, Bill is a funny and friendly guy who can get along with anyone. And Cheryl was always a lot of fun to work with! Like I said, Adele wasn't too bad in my eyes, but then again, people always say I'm very patient, and from what I can remember, everyone else there couldn't stand her... But I focus on the positives. As employers, they were fair. I have no bad memories working for them. It was nice to see this show bring some excitement to my little hometown of Whitehouse Station! The Junction has since closed down, and the restaurant is now owned by another set of employers I once worked for... It's The Rail now, and business is very good!!

  • Cheif Bobo
    Cheif Bobo 16 days ago

    Can i take out the daughter. She is beautiful! Yummie

  • katy pryde
    katy pryde 16 days ago

    Plain and simple bill is a sweetheart the daughter is crazy and adele is a bitch lol i dont like blue but is wearing blue wtf bitch lol

  • onetomato 87
    onetomato 87 16 days ago

    Adele is such an adorable grumpy ol' lady. She reminds me of all my grandmas. They rarely smiled, but their love for their family ran miles deep.

  • A
    A 17 days ago

    I wonder if some of these customers are actors that the show hired to criticize the restaurant?

  • Louie
    Louie 17 days ago

    she doesnt like blue yet shes wearing a blue shirt LOL

  • Hinami Yoshimura
    Hinami Yoshimura 19 days ago +2

    Did anyone felt bad when woman yelled ITS NOT MID-RARE to bill...

  • Pelenaise Prescott
    Pelenaise Prescott 20 days ago +1

    *Doesn’t like blue*
    *wearing blue shirt*

  • Jisca MUTOMBO
    Jisca MUTOMBO 20 days ago +2

    Her husband is such a good sport! I love his vibe!

  • Jisca MUTOMBO
    Jisca MUTOMBO 20 days ago

    The server’s face when he presented the garlic and butter ! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂she knew.....

  • Muffinoz
    Muffinoz 21 day ago +1

    Apparently, Adele just hates everything.

  • kittyface27
    kittyface27 21 day ago +1

    kitchen nightmares is the best click-bate with it's editing. I wanted to see the place burned down!

    SUPERSHASHA 21 day ago

    See, you need the good to trump the bad. You need a man or woman to be able to make you feel better when you’re just feeling terrible. Sadly, it didn’t last long. She went back to her old ways and blamed kitchen nightmares for everything that happened there and then they closed down. All that money wasted.

  • Alex Mccann
    Alex Mccann 23 days ago

    what an ungrateful old CUNT she is

  • Lukas R.
    Lukas R. 24 days ago

    thar granny sucks

  • Toni Leaf
    Toni Leaf 24 days ago

    Honestly, when you first watch this episode, you'd think the daughter would be the biggest problem, and Adelle would be the one shooting for the change. However, as the episode progresses, it soon becomes apparent that the daughter is the more open one, and Adelle is the problem, the most obvious turnaround being at the bon fire.

  • the Celtic Crone
    the Celtic Crone 24 days ago

    I cannot Believe that Lazy, Entitled Woman said, “oh poor Bill, that’s his name, Poor Bill”!!!!! What a Self-Centered Horrid Wife!!!!

  • ChumsCrubber
    ChumsCrubber 24 days ago

    She says she doesn't like blue but she is wearing a blue shirt!

  • P4RTY K1D
    P4RTY K1D 25 days ago

    That tiki head with the wide open mouth looks nicer than adele

  • å by
    å by 25 days ago +7

    Man, don't you hate it when your salmon tastes like fish?

  • Snowflakekitty 133
    Snowflakekitty 133 26 days ago

    "Trust me, I need him" 😂😂😂😂

  • Wretched Will
    Wretched Will 26 days ago +1

    ‘I don’t like the name.’ So Flamangos was alright? 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

    Suzan ANDREWARTHA 28 days ago

    Mean ungrateful woman!

  • Mazz
    Mazz 28 days ago

    I feel bad saying this.. but Adele reminds me of my Grandmother.. ungrateful for everything, condescending and over the top dramatic..

  • Drop_Dead_Tactics
    Drop_Dead_Tactics 29 days ago

    This was my hometown. That restaurant was a fucking nightmare. Much better now, the Junction changed owners and is now the rail at readington.

  • VannNightcore
    VannNightcore 29 days ago +1

    she hates blue but wears a blue shirt

  • Prince Starcraft
    Prince Starcraft 29 days ago

    Tbh, the crocodile looks great but it's too outdated.

  • Davon Halim
    Davon Halim Month ago

    I love Bill.

  • The Real American
    The Real American Month ago

    What a dumb bitch.... No wonder her shit closed down, how could you really be upset if people liked the new menu/redesign. Just an example of someone who wanted to own a resturant just for ego

  • Crapaud Chameau
    Crapaud Chameau Month ago

    If I were G. Ramsey, I would have strangle Adele. She doesn't like blue? She wears a blue shirt. What a stubborn old woman!

  • Terry Gause
    Terry Gause Month ago

    There’s a huge difference in a diner and a fine dining restaurant.

  • TheSaddestPorg ,
    TheSaddestPorg , Month ago

    Bill is precious

  • Nite_Krawlerz
    Nite_Krawlerz Month ago

    By the beginning I thought the whole restaurant caught on fire

  • alrigh_ _tae
    alrigh_ _tae Month ago

    I can't help but think it's kind of the daughters fault because Bill in the beginning said they had two successful restaurants and then they open a restaurant with their daughter and it goes to sh!t

  • khae Cy
    khae Cy Month ago

    That f***ing Old Adele is ungrateful. Ashame of her attitude for her attittude. The husband is superb.

  • Colbie Holm
    Colbie Holm Month ago

    "I HATE THE COLOR BLUE, I DON'T LIKE IT!!!" if she hates blue that much then why did she wear blue more than 6 times in this episode.

  • Zeus Acosta
    Zeus Acosta Month ago

    I like how the lady says she hates blue, yet she wears blue😡😠

  • Steve Michael
    Steve Michael Month ago +1

    Right when Gordon said “wait I forgot the most important thing” to throw into the flaming pile..... I thought he was going to say Adele.

  • FelicityGemini
    FelicityGemini Month ago

    i didn't think anyone could be so salty and sour in thier late stages of life, but this is the result privilege and letting everyone enable her childish, disgusting behaviour. if i was Ramsay I would of left her and her shitty tiki, Florida crap in the dust. I would NEVER spend my money in a restaurant owned by such an old, bitter battle axe of a woman like Adele, what s sweet young name for a horrible tough piece of a woman.

  • John Rife
    John Rife Month ago

    I hope she's dead by now.

  • Robert Madeła
    Robert Madeła Month ago

    The thing what made me crazy about this movie it was not the cooking. It was that red pickup😍

  • John Rife
    John Rife Month ago

    A bad woman will kill a good man.

  • John Rife
    John Rife Month ago

    Bitched ruined everything they ever worked for because she was bored.

  • sean ahmed
    sean ahmed Month ago +1

    If its Florida and Mangos together it should be Flomangoes

  • C.J Armstrong
    C.J Armstrong Month ago

    I would smash the daughter, she is a hella fine 40 year old

  • C.J Armstrong
    C.J Armstrong Month ago

    everything is obviously shit

    owner: "I don't understand why he doesn't like anything"

  • DABOSS_Fadez
    DABOSS_Fadez Month ago

    I thought Bill was 50

  • josieberry xo
    josieberry xo Month ago +1

    I've never wanted to punch an old lady until I watched this lmao

    • Black fyre
      Black fyre 12 days ago

      I know hey, even the old cow from the Sopranos never built this much rage in me

  • Raze Playz
    Raze Playz Month ago

    The bathroom there is pretty clean

  • Alkaiser
    Alkaiser Month ago

    22:47 Damn, Gordon went savage on her nails!

  • Omjay Blueboy
    Omjay Blueboy Month ago

    Am sure that old woman has a vip place booked in hell...

  • Markouzins 1
    Markouzins 1 Month ago

    Why is my favorite moment Gordon talking to the Tiki?

  • Jo-Anne Winmill
    Jo-Anne Winmill Month ago

    How can you be so negative

  • the dead headphones

    While i was watching the new food, the mini burgers grabbed my appetite, and i was starving while i was watching them pass through the kitchen doors, i could even smell the fresh smell of the food from my house.
    like if it made you hungry too 🍔

  • Chris Mowinski
    Chris Mowinski Month ago

    I HATE IT,I HATE IT,I HATE IT, I hate the color blue, as she's wearing a blue shirt. I love old people and I can't stand when people disrespect them but I wanted to take this lady in just shake her lol

  • Tanner Spurlin
    Tanner Spurlin Month ago +1

    people hate change especially if they have been doing things a certain way for a long time (aka old people)

  • Tanja Ristic
    Tanja Ristic Month ago

    I can get with the "hating change" but there is a fine line between that and being ungrateful and a piece of shit.

  • Khenzani Myers
    Khenzani Myers Month ago

    I thought Adele hated blue? What's up with her shirt at 39:34 in the video?