10,000 CALORIE CHALLENGE! *bad idea*

  • Published on Jul 31, 2019
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    -Love Amie xx
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  • John Smith
    John Smith 26 days ago


  • Will Pagan
    Will Pagan 2 months ago

    You guys should try to down load on apple strore the app called calorie munch out .... its great for the entire family

  • Sarita Sara
    Sarita Sara 2 months ago

    It looks like my normal day XDD

  • Ashlynn Flory
    Ashlynn Flory 2 months ago +1

    You got 12 of the same doughnuts? Try something new lmao it's not just a challenge have variation.

  • Light Owl
    Light Owl 2 months ago

    I'm not gonna lie, I buy snacks that should last a few nights of movies but end up eating them all within 10 mins of watching the first film😑

  • Holly Melon
    Holly Melon 2 months ago

    my ed could never

  • 김수진
    김수진 2 months ago

    What's the title of the song?

  • Lise pillsburg
    Lise pillsburg 3 months ago

    I hate you

  • Lise pillsburg
    Lise pillsburg 3 months ago

    Ur so dramatick

  • Lise pillsburg
    Lise pillsburg 3 months ago

    Your so dramatick you can eat you just wont get emberest

  • Helena Hyde
    Helena Hyde 3 months ago

    Ur so boring

  • Grace 876
    Grace 876 3 months ago

    Please don’t do this challenge if all you will do is complain you have a great channel but this video just seems like a video where you just winge about food please don’t do the challenge if that’s the case

  • bergercookie
    bergercookie 3 months ago

    Just subbed you’re so awesome !!! Adorbs 🥰

  • Deniz Özcan
    Deniz Özcan 3 months ago

    Why you so cute? 🖤

  • L.i.n. a
    L.i.n. a 3 months ago +2

    AmI the only one who could do this challenge A LOT better??😂😂

  • D Wal10
    D Wal10 4 months ago +15

    You got 'full' after one mcmuffin and a hash brown... so there's no way you ate 12 doughnuts in an hour😒 wish you'd actually told the truth

  • Shannon Clifton
    Shannon Clifton 4 months ago

    Why fake it ?🥴

  • Rachel Templey
    Rachel Templey 4 months ago +7

    should of got pringles😂they’re so easy to eat no matter what i eat a full can in a hour

  • Zoe Leigh
    Zoe Leigh 4 months ago +2

    I'm not even joking I feel sick after eating one bowl of cereal in a morning never mind all that, but honestly Amie, you did so well considering, ily❤

  • waynexxD small
    waynexxD small 4 months ago

    Please make the Video in normal speed

  • bushra 19m
    bushra 19m 4 months ago +20

    she defo cheated with the doughnuts

  • Jindora The Explorer
    Jindora The Explorer 4 months ago

    How much did u weigh after? Before and after results?

  • Noelle Something
    Noelle Something 5 months ago +4

    Some call it challenge. I call it Sunday.

  • Jevon Jackson
    Jevon Jackson 5 months ago +1

    Next two challenge ideas
    1. Spicy boneless wings challenge eat at least twenty boneless wings with a two litter of spite.
    2. A all meat pizza large with breadsticks and a two litter of Pepsi.
    Just some suggestions

  • XNovaStepzZ
    XNovaStepzZ 5 months ago +45

    Also for everyone that calls 10K calories hard .. I call it Friday Night with the Dudes.

  • XNovaStepzZ
    XNovaStepzZ 5 months ago +1

    Watch Erik The Electric or Matt Stonnie .. they the real deal

    • Carlos oppa
      Carlos oppa 3 months ago

      XNovaStepzZ they have binge eating disorder

  • Firouzeh Djadali
    Firouzeh Djadali 5 months ago

    I swear a hash brown is 150 cals

  • Kathrine
    Kathrine 5 months ago +6

    Im pretty sure this is fake:
    1: you Were full after one mcmuffin and a hashbrown, but you easily ate all those doughnuts.
    2: you only showed Yourself eating like 2 doughnuts
    3: those pistachio Shells definetly are not a whole bag
    4: you said you didn’t want to do a time lapse of you eating the doughnuts, because “it would be boring” but still you did a time lapse of you eating the pistachios.

  • Marc1163
    Marc1163 5 months ago


  • TheEditingShop
    TheEditingShop 5 months ago +3

    Pro tip: look at the lens when you're talking to camera.

  • alprhoe
    alprhoe 5 months ago

    mc donald has browns are only 136 calories though

  • Tanya Marie
    Tanya Marie 5 months ago

    If you check the Mc Donald's website the hash browns are only 150 calories! 🙈

  • Peppa Pig
    Peppa Pig 5 months ago

    Is that the creams in Coventry? ???

  • atomickitten66
    atomickitten66 5 months ago

    the amount of times she said curry made me want to shoot myself in the face

  • lee sana
    lee sana 5 months ago +20

    I’m gonna be very honest... i could demolish them donuts in 15 minutes

  • Lewis JG
    Lewis JG 5 months ago

    You wouldn't be able to do this challenge if you're life depended on it.

  • Shania Thompson
    Shania Thompson 5 months ago

    Cheater she didn’t finish the donut and nuts

  • Shania Thompson
    Shania Thompson 5 months ago +6

    It’s so dark she must have done it in 2 days

  • Shania Thompson
    Shania Thompson 5 months ago


  • Lola Belle
    Lola Belle 5 months ago

    You should have made like a pb sandwich as peanut butter is a high calorie food

  • Lou Ben
    Lou Ben 5 months ago +81

    Don’t understand people with small appetites, even attempt to do this challenge! It’s embarrassing!

  • Kata Tokar
    Kata Tokar 5 months ago +1

    Somebody please tell me the title of the song at 1:29🤓


    Friends I'm new on TheXvid and waiting for support thanks

  • Fiore giallo
    Fiore giallo 5 months ago

    You are so cute 😍😭😭😭❤️️❤️️❤️️

  • Maddy Lloyd
    Maddy Lloyd 5 months ago +2

    You would have ate more food if you stopped moaning

  • Sacdiyo Shariif
    Sacdiyo Shariif 5 months ago +9

    Who is like me watching the video and reading the comments 🙋👇👍

  • Casey Finnegan
    Casey Finnegan 5 months ago

    You should have drank juice or soda or things with calories, plus the ketchup you ate on your Egg McMuffin would have been calories!

  • Lena MSPx
    Lena MSPx 5 months ago

    I love cremes it’s soooooo gooddddd 😍😍😍🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤

  • Georgina Maher
    Georgina Maher 5 months ago +5

    Very impressed at your effort :) i've been watching your videos for a little while and naturally you don't appear to have much of an appetite so 6000 calories is a real achievement :)

  • issey taylor
    issey taylor 5 months ago +231

    why is everyone saying they would be full once they ate a single donut or one hash brown, bro i would eat the whole box of donuts for a snack😂

    • Cassie dodd
      Cassie dodd 4 months ago

      I know like what broooooooooo

  • Netty Banfield
    Netty Banfield 5 months ago +8

    Just wanna say why do you use so many plastic water bottles when you have a perfectly good tap full of water and reusable glasses!

  • Ella Murray
    Ella Murray 5 months ago +3

    this would be easy for me lol

  • Lucy B
    Lucy B 5 months ago

    I want a baby now prank

  • Amber Chap
    Amber Chap 5 months ago

    U are to brave

  • Mary Jones
    Mary Jones 5 months ago

    I love Krispy Kreme hot Glazed doughnuts

  • taehyungie
    taehyungie 5 months ago +1

    Takes u like 5 minutes to eat a hash brown, takes me like 5 seconds

  • Megan Hall
    Megan Hall 5 months ago

    Hash browns are only like 137 calories

    • Afcrtdrd sfstfs
      Afcrtdrd sfstfs 5 months ago

      Megan Hall Amie said that after if you watched the whole video'

  • James Destratis
    James Destratis 5 months ago

    I wanna eat all of them kruspy Kremes NOW!!!!!!!

  • Lucy Lee
    Lucy Lee 5 months ago

    Your so sweet 😩😂💓💓

  • Bentleigh Collum
    Bentleigh Collum 5 months ago

    Love you Amie♥️♥️