WSO Sessions 12/01/16 - Street Fighter V Edition (PSX Build)

  • Published on Jan 15, 2016
  • 12/01/16 - Street Fighter V Edition (PSX Build)
    Capcom UK presents WinnerStaysOn Sessions is broadcast live from London every Tuesday at 20:00 (UK time)
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Comments • 62

  • Eddie Crooks
    Eddie Crooks 3 years ago

    this guy had to be lying

  • carlito montana
    carlito montana 3 years ago

    Jammerz shirt should be burnt to a crisp , and the ashes thrown down in a deep pit of sulfuric acid.

  • Roma
    Roma 4 years ago


    ULISOFT INDIE GAMES 4 years ago

    They are still playing like it was SF 4!

  • BearCubster
    BearCubster 4 years ago

    No offence to the guy but his voice REALLY irritates my nerves.
    What's his name - the black guy - commentating who also played at the start?
    Sounds like a cheesy rat with bunged up nose.
    Sorry, had to get that out of my system.

  • Joker
    Joker 4 years ago

    Hoping Juri will have a new look!

    ZONEX HAVEN 4 years ago

    Rashid is actually from Saudi Arabia awesome !

    ZONEX HAVEN 4 years ago

    I'll so broadcast the game on my channel! :D

  • Skeptic Gamer
    Skeptic Gamer 4 years ago

    Some of these players..

  • Aaron -
    Aaron - 4 years ago

    Turn down the music when you guys are talking.

  • Eduardo Cardoso
    Eduardo Cardoso 4 years ago

    total boredom

  • Fidel Cashflow
    Fidel Cashflow 4 years ago +7

    "how are you playing the game if the beta is offline"
    holy shit stream monsters are fucking stupid

  • Neoxon
    Neoxon 4 years ago +5

    I guess Balrog is gonna be the first DLC character if he was actually playable behind closed doors at the Capcom Cup.

    • Pavel Tikhonov
      Pavel Tikhonov 3 years ago +1

      +Neoxon Oh how we were wrong

    • Dracule Mihawk
      Dracule Mihawk 4 years ago

      +khalz I don't think I will be able to play Balrog if he ain't a charge character anymore.

    • Khalz13
      Khalz13 4 years ago +1

      Akuma is not in the first wave of characters.
      the characters are
      then the 2nd wave will be next year 2017 but who knows maybe Akuma can be a secret boss in SF5 but if he was i think his data files would have been found in the game by now

    • Neoxon
      Neoxon 4 years ago

      @99superjesus Akuma isn't in Wave 1.

    • 99superjesus
      99superjesus 4 years ago

      +Neoxon if thats the case I reckon Akuma or Urien will be there on release

  • Maryokutaizero
    Maryokutaizero 4 years ago +1

    Did they remove the side switch after a round? At 1:51:35, Chun wins on the left side but starts the next round on the right side again.

  • the spectacular pkx
    the spectacular pkx 4 years ago

    o jeez this is not easy to stomach doesn't go down smooth we're the killer's

  • Genius
    Genius 4 years ago

    Range from Ryu is to short, much shorter as in SF4 ... which makes him extrem passive, this dont fit his appeal and weakens him a lot. He cant do any long hits. Other champions mostly can.
    I see it often, that he stands passiv and wait to counter, that is not Ryus fighting style.

  • shishinonaito
    shishinonaito 4 years ago

    is that Strider Hiryu in the background in the shadaloo HQ stage?

  • Will Oliveira
    Will Oliveira 4 years ago

    Ta muito chato esse novo SF comparado ao IV u_u

  • Dreadsothoth
    Dreadsothoth 4 years ago

    PSX build ?

    • Dreadsothoth
      Dreadsothoth 4 years ago

      ok ! thx.

    • Cillgod
      Cillgod 4 years ago

      +Dreadsothoth They are playing the version that was available at Playstation Experience.

  • CBear Gaming
    CBear Gaming 4 years ago

    be nice to see more necalli player :p. we need to get 1 more taste of SFV beta before the game drops !

  • Zacharis
    Zacharis 4 years ago +1

    just saying
    alpha 2 sucked

  • MF_Dunn
    MF_Dunn 4 years ago

    The only way of me enjoying this game is actually playing it. I just can't bring myself to sit here and any footage of SFV.

    • OriginalOrigins
      OriginalOrigins 4 years ago

      @Dunn Dealz madcatz v cup exhibition... j wong, tokido, snake eyes, gootecks nd more.... u should thank me now

    • rednecked crake
      rednecked crake 4 years ago

      +Dunn Dealz (AKA Afflictionnz) This game has felt severely incomplete since I first saw the Beta 1 footage and started trying it out for myself during the PC beta tests.

    • OriginalOrigins
      OriginalOrigins 4 years ago

      @Dunn Dealz E3 2015 sfv singles tournament, you had diago, kazunoko, justin wong, xian, RB etc. All playing at a very high level... also you're forgeting that each beta has changed most characters in the game drastically.

    • MF_Dunn
      MF_Dunn 4 years ago

      +nutsVSguts you're right maybe not months for MKX. How about high level play when players had TWO DAYS.... I REPEAT... T W O. D A Y S to train and there were high level matches at the very first ESL tournament and the game wasn't even out yet.... 🐸🍵

    • nutsVSguts
      nutsVSguts 4 years ago +6

      +Dunn Dealz (AKA Afflictionnz) "But I remember seeing high level SF4, Guilty Gear Xrd, and MKX footage MONTHS before the game even came out."
      Lol, what planet are you on. We're on Earth, here.
      MKX? People barely even got to TOUCH that game before release. What "high level" gameplay are YOU talking about?

  • Him
    Him 4 years ago

    whats with the reupload?

  • Faded
    Faded 4 years ago

    where in london is this

  • StriderRyu7
    StriderRyu7 4 years ago +1

    Just like Ball said, 3:55 for the first match of the vid....

  • DonShotta24
    DonShotta24 4 years ago

    what are your thoughts on ken?

    • DonShotta24
      DonShotta24 4 years ago

      same. I felt he was great in the 2nd beta. I didn't get a chance to play him in the 3rd beta

    • Bonefish Kitko
      Bonefish Kitko 4 years ago

      +DonShotta24 Well if you care for some random guys opinion, I really like him myself. Love his new design and move set

  • 5h06un
    5h06un 4 years ago

    nice, cant wait

  • Ouranus
    Ouranus 4 years ago

    Isn't the PSX build really outdated now?

  • 1,6 M vues-il y a 2 heures

    skip at 3.55 for the fight.

  • Ice Climber
    Ice Climber 4 years ago

    That fail ninja in pink is really Dan, isn't it?

    • Denis Kreynin
      Denis Kreynin 4 years ago

      +Ice Climber It's probably just a "nod" to Dan.

    • Pat Daddy
      Pat Daddy 4 years ago

      Dan for future DLC.

  • Neoxon
    Neoxon 4 years ago +5

    F.A.N.G being in the Character Select Screen but unplayable is just plain teasing. Oh well.

    • JordantheKitty
      JordantheKitty 4 years ago +2

      +Neoxon And the first stage they play on is the Shadaloo stage with him in the background.