Dustin Poirier calls for Conor McGregor rematch, reactions to Ben Askren retirement, Artem Lobov

  • Published on Nov 19, 2019
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    - Ben Askren announces retirement from MMA
    - Reactions to Ben Askren retirement
    - Artem Lobov reacts to loss to Jason Knight at BKFC9
    - BKFC 9 highlights
    - Khabib completes new gym in Dagestan
    - Dustin Poirier calls for Conor McGregor rematch, talks latest injury, favourite UFC athletes and more (fan Q&A)

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Comments • 500

  • 1226dragon
    1226dragon 8 days ago

    Poirier has had a loss against Khabib and know you want to loose again against the irish come on man sit yo asz down you got too much hype on ur head boi

  • Comment
    Comment 9 days ago

    I don't like BKFC but I also won't unsubscribe from it for some reason lol

  • Louvin Balonglong
    Louvin Balonglong 14 days ago

    Dustin uses an oppo phone. he looks beautified

  • Rich Kidd
    Rich Kidd 15 days ago

    A rematch between Conor and Dustin would be great
    Since nobody wanna see Cowboy vs Mcgregor and Dustin also defeated Justin

  • Peter O’Brien
    Peter O’Brien 16 days ago

    Dustin should get rematch, he deserves it

  • airfransa
    airfransa 18 days ago

    Dustin vs McTapper. Gonna be fun.

    • Ove Lumiste
      Ove Lumiste 15 days ago

      Dustin will go face down to the canvas just like their first fight..

  • Terrance Jackson
    Terrance Jackson 18 days ago

    the only reason Felony lost his fight is because he broke his hand on bedwetter's face

  • Cinquecento Nero
    Cinquecento Nero 18 days ago

    Blah bla bla Pea head

  • Moe A
    Moe A 18 days ago +1

    I wanna see Dustin poirier vs Conor 2!

    • Alysse Winston
      Alysse Winston 17 days ago

      That's what i'm talking about.
      The sh!t talking would be nice.
      But so happy for Cowboy 💰👀 though.

  • Chante Humboldt
    Chante Humboldt 18 days ago +1

    Dustin Poirier still tweeting from Dagestan hospital bed smh lol

  • MC Magician
    MC Magician 18 days ago

    All this bullshit. Just wanna see the title yo

    ELFANTASMA24 19 days ago +2

    🚫Dusting Prior swears just cause he had 1 huge fight thanks to khabib! Dustin sucks dude has a bunch of losses and all of a sudden he only wants big money fights but when Nate and masvidal were fighting for the BMF belt in that huge stadium in New York Dustin Was hating on the BMF belt then when the rumor that Nate tested dirty came out he was real quick to say Fuck you Nate but never apologized when the truth came out lol like dam Dustin chill bro he's really hating from his hospital bed like dam Dustin hating is bad for you bro! let Nate and masvidal get their time to shine too you had yours with khabib and Nate didn't hate he could care less fuck Dustin lost all respect for that dude.

  • SvenSianez714
    SvenSianez714 19 days ago

    Conor should fight Justin not Dustin.

  • Mike O
    Mike O 19 days ago

    Go to any CDB oil site and just look at the prices and tell me there are not greedy bastards out there trying to scoop up some easy cash. Marijuana has been a fucking cash cow no doubt about that shit, it's why States look to the right with their left hand out. All a bunch of bullshit for anyone who either smokes that shit or gets tricked into the scam CBD oil crap. Shame on you Dustin to fall for that shit.

  • Tyler Smith
    Tyler Smith 19 days ago

    That gym Khabib built is awesome! Wonder how much he paid, either way he we will get his money back and them some because alot of the best fighters in the UFC will start training in that gym.

  • Cobh
    Cobh 19 days ago

    Dustin calling everybody out but he's supposilly out for 6 to 8 months!, no one seems interested lol

  • Ron P
    Ron P 19 days ago

    LOL. Conor says "beg me" and tough guys Dustin and Justin beg him. Then he ignores them because only pussies beg.

    Dustin just can't get over that Conor won a round vs Khabib and Dustin tapped a lot faster than Conor did.

  • Bushcraft Mastery
    Bushcraft Mastery 19 days ago

    I predict mcgregor beats cowboy by tko. Beats Dustin in a decision and then gets kod by gaetche.

  • MrCrisco145
    MrCrisco145 19 days ago

    love the man bag

  • Erik Gomez
    Erik Gomez 19 days ago

    I haven’t watched the video yet but I came to just comment that LW Dustin would destroy Mcgregor

  • Sean Manns
    Sean Manns 20 days ago

    Don't worry Dustin we all know khabib took Connors balls. We is gonna fight cowboy because he thinks he will find his balls there but I hope cowboy puts him in missionary position and hammer fists that Irish mctapper

  • Dustin Pierce
    Dustin Pierce 20 days ago +1

    I used to really like Dustin, but lately I feel like he is on Masvidals dick.. he is making all these posts, and comments to Colby, Nate, and Nick.. like come on dude. Stop acting like Masvidals protective girl friend.. Also, you had your “Red Pantie Night” let Cowboy have his.

  • Zach Shipley
    Zach Shipley 20 days ago

    Holy shit dillion showing respect to someone thats new

  • Steve Sherlock
    Steve Sherlock 20 days ago +1

    Conor dont fight ..he will continue. Team rousy wwe

  • Gunspecialist
    Gunspecialist 20 days ago

    I'm irish and i hate conor...i think irish people mostly hated him

  • Oscar Rocha
    Oscar Rocha 20 days ago

    Dustin be thirsty these days calling everybody and their momma

  • աėšłęÿ
    աėšłęÿ 20 days ago

    A rematch I want to see

  • Rocky Eich
    Rocky Eich 20 days ago

    Nice purse Kabib 😂

  • Brett Odin
    Brett Odin 20 days ago


  • SoLo Phillys Finest
    SoLo Phillys Finest 20 days ago

    Dude it's crazy the way these UFC fighters get hurt and when they have surgery done rhe UFC takes care of them crazy, they have them put back together better then they were before the injury like a goddam robot machine😂😂😂

  • Dirk King
    Dirk King 20 days ago

    How the Fuck is mcgregor ranked 3rd

  • Joseph Ferreira
    Joseph Ferreira 20 days ago

    No ones interested in watching Dustin, dudes a bum.

  • Chris Washington
    Chris Washington 20 days ago +3

    I need some gas on this fire we need to see Nick Diaz vs Jorge 5 round fight on the same card we need Nate versus McGregor

    • T RopE
      T RopE 13 days ago

      hey don't fight on the same cards, an if I was nate i would be embarrassed as hell to have nick fight masvidal after the whooping he took. nate needs to avenge the fight himself

  • S K
    S K 20 days ago

    Feel like Askren thought demein would put his rank up and that he had that fight. But then he went to bed

  • Stanley B
    Stanley B 20 days ago

    Connor can’t beat Dustin no more.that was then he has grown sense.

  • Nekid Snek9000
    Nekid Snek9000 20 days ago

    Dustin poirier... Mmmk

  • Nekid Snek9000
    Nekid Snek9000 20 days ago

    Cucumber farmers 🥒

  • Nekid Snek9000
    Nekid Snek9000 20 days ago

    People been calling out conor for years 😂

  • Nekid Snek9000
    Nekid Snek9000 20 days ago

    That dillon danis isn't the sharpest tool in the shed is he

  • Nekid Snek9000
    Nekid Snek9000 20 days ago

    Damn that's sad

  • Ngongpa Petokngongpa
    Ngongpa Petokngongpa 20 days ago

    I thank to the one who ask Dustin is it to late for a 19 year old to start mma...since m already 18 this year..Coz I have been wanting such answer from a professional fight like him n m planning to start mma from December ... Thank you very much to the questioner n also tqsm for answering that question Dustin... Looking for ur next fight Dustin... U re a real champ💪💪

  • Jay Cee
    Jay Cee 20 days ago

    Wow Kabibs Gym is nice 👍

  • kevin smith
    kevin smith 20 days ago +2

    Funny how all the TheXvid comments about him looking like he walks like a baby in a diaper where spot on and he actually had a hip problem lmao

  • Vince K
    Vince K 20 days ago

    I love you poirier, but damn dude I am tired of everyone calling out Conor and falling for the bait. Yea, it is always a money fight, but I don't think that's a fight Conor is going to take unless he beat Khabib. Dan Hooker, a young hungry lion called him out and he turned it down. It's less money, but it would have done way more for his legacy and credibility than a 2 year out of the sport Conor way outside of his prime. Just my opinion...

  • FraJa1980
    FraJa1980 20 days ago

    5:56 had me rolling..... i can almost smell the Mojahed Cartoon coming... , sad for Dustin that he was injured of course but the way he said it reminded me of Conor's "my toes came out of the socket" , if he would have said something was a ballon i would have died laughing.

    • raihan abmny
      raihan abmny 20 days ago

      I think the "out of the socket" by dustin is intentional lmao. He said it to lure conor

  • The Voice of Drum
    The Voice of Drum 20 days ago +5

    Dustin's a good guy man wanna see him do well

  • raiden300117
    raiden300117 20 days ago

    Conor should fight a top tier like tony or jorge or max i mean who would like to se him against carrone...nobody

  • Khabib's wife
    Khabib's wife 20 days ago

    Conor is Khabib's daddy

  • Jail 261
    Jail 261 21 day ago

    Dustin is a great man ..I really enjoyed the wisdom he shared with the fans...God bless him and KHABIB...

  • Elf Boy hassasin
    Elf Boy hassasin 21 day ago

    Whenever I see gaytin poirer video I skip.. That bitch is a cry baby n a quitter just like mctapper

  • Bogdan s
    Bogdan s 21 day ago +1

    Dusting would get ktfo round 1

  • Carrie Haley
    Carrie Haley 21 day ago +2

    Hey this narrator sounds like he has a SCHLONG in his mouth.

    • Biggnesss
      Biggnesss 20 days ago +1

      It's called an accent

  • Frac Life
    Frac Life 21 day ago

    Nice fucking pocketbook khabib

  • *wishmeluck*
    *wishmeluck* 21 day ago

    I like Dustin v Conor rematch. It makes sense to me.

  • madone 05
    madone 05 21 day ago

    Dustin is getting annoying.

  • Spacey Kae
    Spacey Kae 21 day ago +15

    Ben Askren looks like a created player from ancient Greece.

  • Oisin McCool
    Oisin McCool 21 day ago +4

    Yea yea yea Dustin. Ive a pain in my elbow today. Get out there and fight, you're good. Stop moanin'

    • Oisin McCool
      Oisin McCool 19 days ago

      @el cucuy jasus, that sensitive are we?

    • el cucuy
      el cucuy 19 days ago

      Oisin McCool u were not born like the others u were special
      Ur mom pooped and u were inside that
      She literally have birth to a piece of shit

  • Mike Mike
    Mike Mike 21 day ago

    I was a fan of dustin but he's acting like a little bitch lately

  • E Pac
    E Pac 21 day ago

    Atleast Ben got baptized.

  • Trouser Troll
    Trouser Troll 21 day ago +2

    😄 Felony got what he asked for. He did sell the fight though.

    • Chante Humboldt
      Chante Humboldt 18 days ago

      Felony is a crybaby always hits too hard hurts his hand and quits, like bro you landed 8 punches whole fight.