Troopz | UNITED Are Sh*t FAM! Manchester United 2-1 Arsenal

  • Published on Apr 29, 2018
  • Troopz from Arsenal Fan TV says Man United are sh*t after their Manchester United 2-1 win over Arsenal. Is Troopz right? SUBSCRIBE to The United Stand here
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Comments • 481

  • angelce nikolov
    angelce nikolov Year ago

    Troopz wanted alegri got unai emery and 2 loses on the bounce

  • Nishan was here
    Nishan was here Year ago


  • Ady Q
    Ady Q Year ago

    Blud fam ya kno wot I mean blud. You gets me fam when I say blud cuz.

  • SALIM86
    SALIM86 Year ago

    Poopzis a clown fam blud bum

  • Ian Brennan
    Ian Brennan Year ago

    Bring back Mike Duxbury and Lee Martin

  • JC4
    JC4 Year ago

    Arsenal ain’t a big game anymore lol

  • Samuel ZX Poh
    Samuel ZX Poh Year ago

    UEL is where arsenal belongs anyway, lmao. Sorry, but arsenal fans can't talk to us like that this season. GGMU

  • Vernon Padayachy
    Vernon Padayachy Year ago

    He said 'the big games'... hahahahahahaha!

  • pthomas11x
    pthomas11x Year ago

    Lmfao this is gold

  • GregzVR - Videos
    GregzVR - Videos Year ago

    “Saving our players for Thursday...” 🤣

  • Shakil Ahmed
    Shakil Ahmed Year ago


  • Flex UTD
    Flex UTD Year ago

    All you lot saying I don’t back Utd!! 7:09 your talking nonsense 😴😴

  • Noah Tewolde
    Noah Tewolde Year ago

    What is this documentary.
    12 minutes🤦‍♂️😒

  • Chris Tanada
    Chris Tanada Year ago

    these arsenal fans, i used to laugh at them at aftv, troopz and dt going ballistic every week. popcorn tv. now just because wenger is stepping down they have the audacity to act like this, man utd even got 6 points off them. How pissed am I with their reactions? Im considering putting them number 1 on my football shitlist ahead of Martin keown and grame souness.

  • CallMeLum
    CallMeLum Year ago

    Our strongest finish (2nd) since Fergie left and an FA Cup final to look forward to and our season has been a disappointment????? Some people REALLY have forgotten how we've looked since Fergie left. Unbelievable

  • Imy Khan
    Imy Khan Year ago

    Funny how people talk about these having their "Youth out" But when we beat teams with kids no one said a thing. That day we were poor but we still won we fought. DT and Troopz delusional fucks. We slapped them 3-1 in their own yard. They ply with that squad so often just made one new change that was that greece kid. They got no a b c team all their teams got shafted by lesser teams and even an under 23 side.

  • Ronald Katlego Pilane

    Arsenal fans celebrating a loss. Adorable

  • GoldenB7 Blakeboy

    These guys are funny as hell

  • Leenkesh Ramlagun

    Mufc weren't bothered. Game had no edge. That's why we were so lax.

  • p k
    p k Year ago

    even if united put their academy team still arsenal cant score more than 2 goals

  • Jonathan Sweeney
    Jonathan Sweeney Year ago

    If where not that good according to Arsenal fans and beat you twice doesn't that sum Arsenal up in a nutshell

  • Tommy H
    Tommy H Year ago +1

    I get we had a young inexperienced team but still Man U played well, underserved win I feel but very proud of all our players and hopefully in a few years this match can be the title decider again. Best two teams in England on their day

  • Asad Ditta
    Asad Ditta Year ago +1

    We’re 1000 times better than arsenal

  • Filipe Ricardo
    Filipe Ricardo Year ago

    nah thse guys got an ad in the middle of the video im done

  • scottish/enlightened guy/escape/hell

    whenever your team doesnt play well and you feeling down watch arsenal and see real problems and you will soon cheer up

  • Marcelo83
    Marcelo83 Year ago

    Translation please? It's like listening to an extra from kidulthood... embarrassing!

  • Sundeep Kaur
    Sundeep Kaur Year ago

    His 30 years old acts like his 18

  • Eric Cantona
    Eric Cantona Year ago

    Talks about lukaku disappearing in big games yet Auba went missing vs Utd, City twice and Tottenham.

  • William collins
    William collins Year ago

    If arsene wenger wasn’t leaving troopz would be going mad

  • Usmaan Hussain
    Usmaan Hussain Year ago

    😂😂😂😂😂😂 bunch of fuckin clows these arsenal fans

  • Alan Garcia
    Alan Garcia Year ago

    City has you lot shaking in your boots😂😂

  • Sead Kolašinac
    Sead Kolašinac Year ago

    The fact Arsenal are worse shouldn’t be relevant to United fans. If I was a United fan I’d be pissed watching their bored and slow players the other day. I don’t see how United fans can keep accepting how mediocre their team plays, given the amount of money they’ve spent and their ‘Galactico manager’.

  • Premier League Freak

    this is absurd from troopz, it doesn't matter by how many goals united won

  • Abdul 8989
    Abdul 8989 Year ago +1

    remember troopz we beat your first team in the emirates

  • neil stamp
    neil stamp Year ago +1

    Is that ginner after an autograph

  • Harpreet Johal
    Harpreet Johal Year ago +1


  • ZEUS
    ZEUS Year ago

    Typical arsenal fans always have an excuse for loosing

  • DukeDolman
    DukeDolman Year ago +1

    That ginger muppet in the background lol. Great to have the famblud machine Troopz on, nice one Flex :-D

  • Rishi Halkoree
    Rishi Halkoree Year ago +1

    This one bare jokkkesss SS!!!!

  • swety alishaa
    swety alishaa Year ago

    All the playrs he mention are trash

  • martin sheridan
    martin sheridan Year ago

    yes just the 20 point gap

  • Arber Sh
    Arber Sh Year ago

    We in 2 spot at premier league standings you are in 6

  • robert ingram
    robert ingram Year ago

    United won. Troopz should be pissed. Lol 😂

  • your mum
    your mum Year ago

    Wow troppz😃

  • Regan
    Regan Year ago

    Not like we didn't win 3-1 away?

  • Sean O C
    Sean O C Year ago

    20 points clear of you's fam!!!!

  • Big Red
    Big Red Year ago

    8-2? So stupid fam!

  • Nanu Miah
    Nanu Miah Year ago


  • NightmareGAV
    NightmareGAV Year ago

    Blood, Fam?. Anyone speak ye olde English anymore?

  • MattyDoesFifa
    MattyDoesFifa Year ago

    I mean fam your ham roll is off point blud wtf are you on about blud fame watdafuk is man on yougetmefambludhamrolltingz

  • Red FootballJV
    Red FootballJV Year ago

    Sh!t but still took 6 points off yeah this season fam.

  • Sky Gunners
    Sky Gunners Year ago

    F*cking united security
    Too much Haste to push the fans out

  • Bryan Braddock
    Bryan Braddock Year ago +1

    I don't know how Flex can put up with listening to that moron and his faux brogue for more than a few seconds.
    Do people in North London really talk like that? A few "Fams" & "Bluds" is all it takes for me to turn the video off and stick red hot needles in my ears.

  • Shubham Naik
    Shubham Naik Year ago +1

    Your fan tv will Never get bigger than us

  • Tom Mills
    Tom Mills Year ago +1

    You ain't getting Juventus manager you tool

  • Ian Deeley
    Ian Deeley Year ago +15

    Great to see friendly rivallry between United Stand and Arsenal Fan TV.

  • Justmangojuice
    Justmangojuice Year ago

    Is troopz retarded ? why u care about lukaku performance

  • Jack Blackwell
    Jack Blackwell Year ago

    Coming from 6th and their best manager ever is Quiting because he can’t save them

  • Remz Diablo
    Remz Diablo Year ago

    Troops u ain't in london my yute dis is south manny watch your rarse mouth before u get run out da zones u fool picney u nah kno bout hi-tow food? Lol u nah yardie ah fraud my yute

  • djguy100
    djguy100 Year ago

    Does this clown speak English?