hwang hyunjin being clingy

  • Published on Nov 25, 2018
  • soooooo where can I get a boyfriend like him?

    requested by: stay wimme, jeongins dimple, abia khan, STRAY KIDS and BTS - thank you so much!
    intro + intro song: n/s by stray kids
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  • K Dot
    K Dot 2 days ago +1

    1:08 thats not him being clingy. *thats hyunjin being afraid of minho*

  • ZaJiRose
    ZaJiRose 3 days ago

    Hyunjin is THICC tho 😂😂😂

  • L. // ocean lune.
    L. // ocean lune. 7 days ago


  • — Kang Sarang
    — Kang Sarang 9 days ago

    4:48 you’re both ugly
    me @ my friends all the time

  • jade lulu
    jade lulu 9 days ago


  • infinitelyfinite
    infinitelyfinite 19 days ago +1

    0:53 everyone else be struggling and trying to get comfortable
    meanwhile hyunjin is living his best life, in his element, in his natural habitat, surrounded by people to cuddle and cling to

  • stan btob y'all they talented af

    I'd like a bf like him

  • akeindaeyo
    akeindaeyo 21 day ago

    He's a big baby 💕

  • Hyun Gee
    Hyun Gee 24 days ago +1

    I wish i had a sweet brother like Hyunjin.

  • live the life with Helena :3

    Este video es arte

  • STAY_ARMY_KPOP Changlix_Is_Real

    The dance line is the gay line and you can’t change my mind.

  • ByE oR WasSuP MaAn
    ByE oR WasSuP MaAn 28 days ago +1

    I think he gives the best hugs...

  • viekim
    viekim 29 days ago

    what did you use to edit the video and the thumbnail? it's so beautiful

  • Magestically Awkward
    Magestically Awkward 29 days ago +1

    2:02 You hear that? That’s my heart crying

  • Martina Saavedra
    Martina Saavedra 29 days ago

    I love when jeongin gay panics

  • Park My Jimin and give me Tae

    1:33 *jisung casually slapping hyunjin's butt while he is on a piggy back ride with felix*

  • Laizu Mimia igot7
    Laizu Mimia igot7 Month ago +1


  • MultiFandom Is Life

    where can I find these? 2:10

  • mintyboyhyunjin
    mintyboyhyunjin Month ago +1

    2:38 anything nice they do together is really sweet now that i know that they used to hate eachother

  • Freethinker
    Freethinker Month ago +1

    1:17 honestly Minho looks so done xD

  • Rednee Red
    Rednee Red Month ago +3

    *4:37** So .. That's how i'll hug Hyunjin in the (never) future :)*

  • ¡stop leaving out one bp member!

    now i would love to see him with his future gf ✊️🤧✨✨

  • Wiktor Rogala
    Wiktor Rogala Month ago +2

    Felix and Hyunjin are my biases. And I ship ship ship

  • Nyeongansè
    Nyeongansè Month ago +3

    I bust all my uwus everytime hyunjin clings to everyone

  • Ashley Melton
    Ashley Melton Month ago +2

    The fact that Hyunjin is an only child makes this even cuter. He's now got 8 brothers. 💛

  • Hy My
    Hy My Month ago

    basically 6 minutes of hyunjin annoying changbin and jeongin

  • Sanjana Sengupta
    Sanjana Sengupta Month ago

    1:25 who is this? ❤️

  • Monica Zeng
    Monica Zeng Month ago +1

    Hyunin is weird. Sometimes they seem like brothers, sometimes like best buddies and sometimes like a overprotective couple, or just a normal couple, they are everything!! XD.

  • Monica Zeng
    Monica Zeng Month ago

    “I need you right by my side now”-Felix. Meanwhile me... *dying because I love him so much*

  • Monica Zeng
    Monica Zeng Month ago

    Hyunin shippers. Where are you?!. 😅

  • stray kids
    stray kids Month ago

    jeongin needs help 😅😅

  • mikaela liu
    mikaela liu Month ago +2

    Hyunjin big mood
    I'm the tallest out of my best friends so I love clinging onto to them like him Uwu

  • Chagawayo
    Chagawayo Month ago

    This is making me sad

  • Brian not Young K
    Brian not Young K Month ago +1

    in the first minutes and Hyunmin appearance and my heart was like uWUWUWUW

  • Soma SK
    Soma SK Month ago

    He doesn’t have specific crush

  • karen kumala
    karen kumala Month ago

    Crying in chanjin

  • Meitiu Galdámez
    Meitiu Galdámez Month ago

    Here is missing Bang Chan >:v

  • Tio Lina
    Tio Lina Month ago +3

    Hyunjin is so clingy THAT I BUSTED UWUUUUU SO CUTEEE

  • Daniel's Babe
    Daniel's Babe Month ago +1

    I almost forgot to watch this today

  • Daniel's Babe
    Daniel's Babe Month ago +1

    Imagine *not* loving hyunjin

    Yeah bullshit

  • 권호쯰
    권호쯰 Month ago


  • Yojara C.
    Yojara C. Month ago +5

    hyunjin’s brain: hug someone’s back
    hyunjin: why
    hyunjin’s brain: *just do it*

  • Lala Jaeger
    Lala Jaeger Month ago +1

    Hyunjin is a good bottom💖

  • Lala Jaeger
    Lala Jaeger Month ago

    I really hate clingy people, they annoy me so much. But wtf Hwang Hyunjin. STEP ON MEEEEEEEE

  • Mashii Know
    Mashii Know Month ago +3

    This is not hwang hyunjin being clingy. But this is WHY HWANG HYUNJIN BEING SO DAMN CUTE WTHECK I'M KEEP FALLING RIGHT NOW DUDE. 💖💖💘💘💘

  • Tri cerenc
    Tri cerenc Month ago +1

    He's soo precious uwu😍

  • Libby Johnson
    Libby Johnson Month ago

    The h in hyunjin stands for hoe

  • Jennie Manoban
    Jennie Manoban Month ago +2


  • softmillks
    softmillks Month ago +1


  • norieko junggg
    norieko junggg Month ago

    Him as a boyfriend..... Hhh myyyy ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Junkooks Fart
    Junkooks Fart Month ago

    Why does Hyunjin and I.N look similar

  • STAY_ARMY_KPOP Changlix_Is_Real

    I want a compilation of him looking straight at the cámara

  • Laizu Mimia igot7
    Laizu Mimia igot7 Month ago +2

    I love every hyunjin ship.. But CHANGJIN is on another level ❤💋 poppo 😂

  • jeonhulyana
    jeonhulyana Month ago

    5:27 bocihsdcjosndlckanslcn im screaming

  • jeonhulyana
    jeonhulyana Month ago

    3:48 skdjsjsdk poor babie jus wants a hug ;( lol

  • Yong-Kyung Han
    Yong-Kyung Han Month ago +2

    Me and Hyunjin would get along so well because I'm clingy too

  • Unnies Slamdunk
    Unnies Slamdunk Month ago +1

    they are so gay...

    and i fucking love it

  • Soobin Star
    Soobin Star Month ago +1

    He’s such a baby. I wish I could give him all the cuddles and affection he wanted. ㅠㅠ

  • Jaehyun's milk
    Jaehyun's milk Month ago

    If got7 have jackson, stray kids have hyunjin

  • Kaylee S.
    Kaylee S. Month ago

    Should be doing homework but....that could wait another 5 hours 🥰

  • Hannah Rodriguez
    Hannah Rodriguez Month ago

    When it comes to clinginess I lOvE it when it comes to this kinda stuff (depends on how close we are tho) I’m basically hyunjin 🤷‍♀️🥰

  • nakumariel
    nakumariel Month ago +1

    he's so boyfriend material and so handsome, but he'll never notice me :( can anyone relate?

  • daitan
    daitan Month ago

    I wanna SQUEEZ this fluffy ball

  • Changbok Changlix
    Changbok Changlix Month ago

    2:03 great hyulix moment
    1:30 and 2:18 start and end of Felix and hyujin moments

  • aaa aaa
    aaa aaa Month ago

    he is pisces...

  • leslie barnes
    leslie barnes 2 months ago

    What songs were used in the video

  • w a v i n g x s h a d o w s


  • w a v i n g x s h a d o w s

    1:55 perhaps I cried
    Y'all please let's appreciate some hyunlix here tyvm

  • kpop potato
    kpop potato 2 months ago +1

    So many ships-

  • Vicky owo
    Vicky owo 2 months ago

    Happy birthday my flirty 😂💛

  • Cupido K
    Cupido K 2 months ago

    Happy birthday lovely boy😙😙😙

  • Iylianah Loh
    Iylianah Loh 2 months ago

    Happy Birthday Hwang Hyunjin?

  • mixtapestray
    mixtapestray 2 months ago

    my y/n mindset is going everywhere.

  • Tasmin Loganberry
    Tasmin Loganberry 2 months ago

    Literally me with my friends

  • Tasmin Loganberry
    Tasmin Loganberry 2 months ago

    I mean if I was in Stray Kids you bet I would be hugging them all the time lol

  • Kim TAEsthetic
    Kim TAEsthetic 2 months ago +1

    Now i need someone to cuddle with but now there is a pillow laying beside me so i cuddle with it then realize how single i am...

  • Min Dulce
    Min Dulce 2 months ago


  • Hwang HyunJin [Stray Kids].

    hYuNlIx, i LoVe iT

  • Dray Lao
    Dray Lao 2 months ago

    is he the male version of Sana?

  • hyun hyun
    hyun hyun 2 months ago

    Minho looks so annoyed 😂

  • slaykids lix
    slaykids lix 2 months ago

    4:37 bishh--- stfuuu 😭😭❤

  • syaza luhan
    syaza luhan 2 months ago +3

    He must be loved so much doing skinship with the members. He the only child in his family. So now the members has become his sibling. He have dongsaeng and also hyungs for him to act cute

  • Smartie Smar
    Smartie Smar 2 months ago +3

    Get yourself a man like him!!!😍😍 He do cute

  • Alpha Wolfy
    Alpha Wolfy 2 months ago

    He reminds me of Jungwoo from NCT! Both cute without even trying,both have soft voices, both flirty, both handsome (tell me other wise) and both clinging/cuddly, and also very very clingy to one person (Lucas and JeongIn)

  • Infinity.Talia
    Infinity.Talia 2 months ago +2

    *Hyunjin is clingy*
    Me: *how to be the SKZ members? 😩🤧*

  • Rice Cake child
    Rice Cake child 2 months ago

    changjin literally lives in front of jisung and felix

  • Rice Cake child
    Rice Cake child 2 months ago

    so where can i trade my soul for a hyunjin?

  • shininjjong
    shininjjong 2 months ago

    ok but being clingy is absolutely a pisces thing

  • may
    may 2 months ago

    he is literally baby

  • Gabih
    Gabih 2 months ago

    6:16 Song?

  • Bread Genie
    Bread Genie 2 months ago +1


  • Malena Opitz
    Malena Opitz 2 months ago

    Hyunin Nation where are you?

  • BeTcH fUcK yOu
    BeTcH fUcK yOu 2 months ago

    Me: *tries to press the end call so they can fucking shut up*
    Me again: *wtf look* why the fuck can't this work!!!?
    Them: *continues to dance like fucking idiots*
    Me: *leaves the world*

    Ok guys this is a joke love these idiots so much their so cute uwuuu 😭😍💖

  • Hyungenie 17
    Hyungenie 17 2 months ago

    Gracias a este video empecé a shippear a Hyunjin x Felix ❤️🤧

  • Gacha Mythology
    Gacha Mythology 2 months ago +2

    I'M RLLY starting to ship
    HyunJin (lol, even if I put WooJin it'll still be a messed up name for Woojin + Hyunjin. They both have jin in the end).
    And HyunStay. UwU

  • galaxy heaven
    galaxy heaven 2 months ago

    he's the opposite of myself, i don't like skinship,, it makes me awkward.. lol

  • Tata
    Tata 2 months ago

    ugh it's way past midnight and I have two projects due today which I haven't done and I'm watching this but tbh it's worth it

  • kitaq
    kitaq 2 months ago


  • Yeonnie Rinnie
    Yeonnie Rinnie 2 months ago +2

    He's cute ♥️♥️♥️😭

  • Rachel Gilus
    Rachel Gilus 2 months ago +1

    Hyunjin and I.N.