• Published on Apr 3, 2018
  • In episode 55 of The Chronicles of Beard, I take a trip to Montpelier's Bar & Grill in Edinburgh to take on their UNDEFEATED MONSTER BURGER CHALLENGE!! Not only that, I had four huge rugby players for competition ;)
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  • BeardMeatsFood
    BeardMeatsFood  Year ago +379

    Good Evening folks and welcome to the video, thanks for watching!
    This challenge takes place at Montpelier’s in a Edinburgh, Scotland. You have 45 MINUTES to finish everything you see in the shot! The meal is FREE if you do, and you’ll join me in being the only person to take it down!
    Hope you enjoy watching and the next video will be up in a few days 🧔🏻🙌🏼

    • Dinomite203
      Dinomite203 2 months ago

      BeardMeatsFood PLEEEAAASEEE DONT TRY SCOTTISH ACCENT AGAIN pleeeaaaassseee oh god pleease don’t no don’t other than that nice vid 👍

    • junry Cavaneyro
      junry Cavaneyro 2 months ago

      guys please hug support

    • Lewis Edwards
      Lewis Edwards 3 months ago

      Here's one for you if you passing Wales

    • wipeout modzz
      wipeout modzz 4 months ago

      Did anyone else finish the burger and the mac and cheese

    • Syeda Jiya TaQvi
      Syeda Jiya TaQvi 4 months ago
      Support this channel

  • Tony Frazee
    Tony Frazee 23 hours ago

    Guys in skirts? Dandy hunt tidy.

  • Veniulem
    Veniulem Day ago +1

    for those confused about the difference between american football and rugby, imagine if both teams in football were replaced with quarterbacks

  • ToxicZ- Jemjay11

    His accent 😍

  • Jess Ritchie
    Jess Ritchie 3 days ago +1

    OMGGGGG that’s my history teacher doing the stupid faces wtf mr Cameron 😂😂😂😂

  • David Wellington
    David Wellington 3 days ago

    Oh it's Connor McGregor eating a Monster Mac

  • Dennis Karlsson
    Dennis Karlsson 3 days ago


  • Sixshot Megatron
    Sixshot Megatron 4 days ago

    Guy on the left looks so shocked lol

  • Bat Girl
    Bat Girl 4 days ago +2

    the guy to his right is still eating way after ...erm it's done mate the competition has finished you can stop eating now 🤦🏻‍♀️😂😅

  • Soho Yankee
    Soho Yankee 4 days ago

    I love your sexy accent. Cheers from the US.

  • Mad Dog Richards
    Mad Dog Richards 5 days ago

    Desert? 🍰🥧🍦

  • bkstacker 247
    bkstacker 247 6 days ago +1

    I would of threw some of that burger in that Mac and cheese

  • Josh Johnson
    Josh Johnson 6 days ago +1

    Theres a little 130 pd kid from America that'd smoke that thing in 10 to 12 mins.

  • Harvey Roberts
    Harvey Roberts 6 days ago

    Im a prop for wrexham rugby club

  • Tiny mod
    Tiny mod 8 days ago +1

    Longshanks revenge.... Havit jocks

  • Kym Moore
    Kym Moore 8 days ago

    Last thing you want to do is tell someone in Edinburgh that they’ve got a funny face!

  • Waffles_19_sd_
    Waffles_19_sd_ 9 days ago

    TheXvid keeps unsubing me from you 😭

  • Dave B
    Dave B 10 days ago

    "Linds snores like a wild boar" omg I'm dieing here😂😂

  • Mike Dg
    Mike Dg 12 days ago

    B E A S T M O D E

  • Brado Downunder
    Brado Downunder 12 days ago

    Hey mate, i subscribed and loving them videos my favorite one is the 50 hamburger one so far. Mate you are one mad lad, in fact you my friend have inspired me to start up competitive eating here in Australia. Thanks again for the entertainment keep them videos coming ay.

  • MrLaughatthis
    MrLaughatthis 14 days ago


  • eastmaneats_flims eastmaneats_flims

    Shout out from San Diego California in the US of a awesome job man 👌

  • MrTrainerGuy1
    MrTrainerGuy1 17 days ago

    I've had Mac and Cheese.

  • Freddygotfingered
    Freddygotfingered 18 days ago +1

    The dream team would be beard meats food, furious Pete, Matt stonie, badlands chug and LA beast all in a room

  • Tanzeel kamboh
    Tanzeel kamboh 19 days ago +1

    Oh my ALLAH, bro you are eating and i think i am getting full and gonna vomit....

  • Andrew Sorensen
    Andrew Sorensen 20 days ago

    BeastMeatsFood! G'job!!

  • William Gilliam
    William Gilliam 21 day ago

    This challenge is basically impossible. The liquids alone are like 6 pounds, then you have a 4.5 pound burger, 2 pounds of mac and cheese, 1 pound of potatoes, and some onion rings. There are only a few people in the world that could eat this, kinda crazy haha.

  • Nahuel Arbiter
    Nahuel Arbiter 22 days ago

    Goodluck with that colesterol in your future

  • Seany Beany
    Seany Beany 22 days ago

    Your incredible mate. I'm totally mesmerised on how you can put it all away so quick Haha. Anyway subbed keep the vids coming

  • Ellen Yorgensen
    Ellen Yorgensen 23 days ago

    Get Lindsey a CPAP machine for sleep apnea. It will change both your lives! I swear!

  • Mark Dunn
    Mark Dunn 25 days ago

    What’s this guy’s real name

  • Adrian Hart
    Adrian Hart 26 days ago

    What’s a gram

  • KT420ish
    KT420ish 28 days ago

    I think you could take Adam from Man vs. Food

  • TUKOMI 2
    TUKOMI 2 28 days ago

    Eat a whole Lechon in the Philippines!

  • Drew Rivers
    Drew Rivers Month ago

    Would love to see you V Matt Stonie V that Randy guy, the one who I can't remember his last name but looks like a frat-boy collage rapist.

  • aTroXtv twitch
    aTroXtv twitch Month ago

    i know ur pain @BeardMeatsFood :( my gf snors alot aswell

  • rasfdrsafdre
    rasfdrsafdre Month ago +1

    live must be damn fine with 70 iq in england.

  • jamie larkin
    jamie larkin Month ago

    Surely cheating by watering it all down!!!! Piss poor!!!

  • Wayne Bonsall
    Wayne Bonsall Month ago

    That made me feel full watching you eat that dude 🤙🏼

  • Niranjan Niru
    Niranjan Niru Month ago


  • Shawn Power
    Shawn Power Month ago +1

    Snoring is a sign of a future heart condition im hiding. Tell lindsey to get check.

  • Joe Green
    Joe Green Month ago

    Guy on the left was high siding my dude the whole time.

  • Viditesh Jha
    Viditesh Jha Month ago

    How do you manage to eat so much and stay lean at the same time? Great video btw 👍

    • Darragh Tate
      Darragh Tate Month ago

      He did a video on it, search for it on the channel. Basically, if he needs about 21000 calories a week, he'll eat maybe 10000 or so 1 day for a video, and 1800 or so every other day that week, so he still, in the end, hits his caloric requirements.

  • Ale Calabro
    Ale Calabro Month ago

    Waste of food

  • angela collison
    angela collison Month ago

    when u are in a lineup with other competitors it's a whole new level of entertainment 👌

  • john vd heuvel
    john vd heuvel Month ago

    Nobody looks at you when you eat cuz it looks fricking disgusting

  • Tamarra Trethewey
    Tamarra Trethewey Month ago


  • gabriela sakanta
    gabriela sakanta Month ago +1

    Others are salty bout you

  • Noiz Kelley
    Noiz Kelley Month ago +2

    Bro, how do you not gain weight?!?

    • Nutsy
      Nutsy Month ago +1

      His beard consumes 98% of all the food he eats

  • Jay
    Jay Month ago +8

    Throwing in that much mandatory liquid is just crap IMO. They just want to make sure they get your money 😂😂

      FFFFFFF 29 days ago

      Wrote my comment before the end of the video so I didn't hear him say it was coke, nor that they had to drink a milkshake too. So I'll add a fourth YUCK!

      FFFFFFF 29 days ago

      Are you talking about the drinks they keep on serving? If so then I agree with you cos it looks like some sort of soda. A sickly sweet drink served with a meat sandwich. YUCK! YUCK! YUCK!

  • Forbes Hutton
    Forbes Hutton Month ago

    What's it like to have a shit the size of your own head?

  • 蛇新しい
    蛇新しい Month ago


  • Zeta Pinder
    Zeta Pinder Month ago

    Normally like your vids, but you were big headed and cocky no ones likes a smart ars.

  • Bhanupriya Gairola
    Bhanupriya Gairola Month ago +1

    I live to eat 😋😎😋😎😋

  • J Motty
    J Motty Month ago +3

    World hunger: exists
    Random ass restaurants in scotland:

  • Pretzel A31
    Pretzel A31 Month ago +11

    You look like you could be a great viking actor

  • booger ball & snort sandwich

    asusal... thanossnapped the

  • Michael Corleone
    Michael Corleone Month ago

    He looks like a racist. What do I know?

  • Jinaah Ali
    Jinaah Ali Month ago

    I eat a cup cake I get fat as fuck he eats 10000pound of meat he gets buff

  • Jonathan Duggan
    Jonathan Duggan Month ago

    that looks so big just looking at makes me think what i can not eat even two of them patties without feeling unwell

  • DuFFle BAG
    DuFFle BAG Month ago +7

    *How do u stay in shape after this monstrous carbs!*

    • Joe Public
      Joe Public Month ago

      james carney - or you live an active life...

  • robin samson
    robin samson Month ago +1

    His beard is good AF..

    OLAV WILHELM Month ago

    the guy looks a filthy as the burger!! Manbun and long Beard is soooo over

  • Problem Child
    Problem Child Month ago

    Scots are always a lil confused bless em

    • Andrew M
      Andrew M Month ago

      Problem Child - you’re a wee boaby guzzling fud. Grade A fannybaws comment if ever I’ve read one. Confused ya walloper?

  • Reylian
    Reylian Month ago

    Pilav is that you?

  • Chuck Norris
    Chuck Norris Month ago

    Megatoad is centuries faster which is insane cause this dude is fast as fuck too

  • Rahul Benny
    Rahul Benny Month ago

    I bet there's enough food inside his beard to last him a week.

  • Shaun P Patterson
    Shaun P Patterson Month ago

    I think we need to watch the entire thing in slow speed because I think you were stuffing it in that monster of a beard lol jk. Great job, I dont think I could have finished it, maybe 3 years ago but not after losing 80 lbs dieting.

  • 1 thirsty Boi
    1 thirsty Boi Month ago

    Your beards disgusting

  • Infrasound
    Infrasound Month ago

    Gets a shake half way through lol... +1