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  • BeardMeatsFood
    BeardMeatsFood  9 months ago +292

    Good Evening folks and welcome to the video, thanks for watching!
    This challenge takes place at Montpelier’s in a Edinburgh, Scotland. You have 45 MINUTES to finish everything you see in the shot! The meal is FREE if you do, and you’ll join me in being the only person to take it down!
    Hope you enjoy watching and the next video will be up in a few days 🧔🏻🙌🏼

    • THE QUIET MAN 1958
      THE QUIET MAN 1958 Month ago

      Why don’t you get fat??
      It’s a serious question 👍

    • Hammad
      Hammad Month ago

      a man in pakistan can eat 70 large piza plus 24 Kilo Gram of meat at a time.

    • Shane Mcgowan
      Shane Mcgowan Month ago

      Your fucking awsome mam

    • SuperFutureTrunks1
      SuperFutureTrunks1 2 months ago

      You must get horrifically bad acid reflux lol

    • Andri PortuGreek
      Andri PortuGreek 3 months ago

      I don't snore marry me 😂🤗

  • Paul Harding
    Paul Harding 3 hours ago

    Is it just me or is it super weird that the twats either side of you didn't congratulate you or react whatsoever when you nailed that challenge? Strange.

  • Steph Curry
    Steph Curry 2 days ago +1

    "EDINBRA" haha

  • King Sleep
    King Sleep 2 days ago

    How tf do you do it i am truly baffled 🤣🤣🤣

  • DARK 6
    DARK 6 2 days ago +1

    You are the man brother

  • branch henk
    branch henk 2 days ago

    5:25 guy beside him was so funny man 😂😂😂

  • JadenFreqedit
    JadenFreqedit 2 days ago

    12 pounds holly fuvk

  • Pqro Pvp
    Pqro Pvp 2 days ago

    I like your videos there are good time

  • Dylan Carroll
    Dylan Carroll 3 days ago

    You smoke a shit ton before you go in don't you, that's your secret.

  • RedemptionKing7 YT
    RedemptionKing7 YT 3 days ago +1

    Starts at 2:20 leave a like :)

  • Raphael Quilang
    Raphael Quilang 4 days ago

    I could eat faster than you and im 12 years old

  • Will
    Will 4 days ago

    5:24 "Jesus fuck"

  • Pubg Boi
    Pubg Boi 4 days ago

    Matt Stonie can eat this way faster.

  • Zech Merquise
    Zech Merquise 4 days ago

    I love Braveheart! Once I saw that i stayed for every minute of this video

  • Ronaldo's Fan
    Ronaldo's Fan 5 days ago

    Direct heart attack

  • Ashley Farquhar
    Ashley Farquhar 6 days ago

    That giys face then the end he said "i got the meat down but was hard going" 😂😂 mate you ruined that meal how you fit that in 😮👊

  • ajith ts
    ajith ts 6 days ago


  • MrRedeyedJedi
    MrRedeyedJedi 6 days ago

    The pickle was *girthy* 😂

  • MrRedeyedJedi
    MrRedeyedJedi 6 days ago

    Always ask for a soft drink with food challenges, preferably milk. They put carbonated drinks out to try and gas you out

  • Caleb F
    Caleb F 6 days ago

    You need to go to Eagles Deli in Boston. They have an undefeated burger challenge and I think you could do it!!

  • Warren Bentley
    Warren Bentley 7 days ago

    Favourite channel atm 👍👍

  • ImmortalKNiGhT
    ImmortalKNiGhT 7 days ago

    The carbs 😦

  • Omario Jason's
    Omario Jason's 8 days ago

    Someone needs to voice over the opponents llloool

  • mean old bastard channel

    so gross no chewing just gross

  • Shackaloo
    Shackaloo 9 days ago


  • Jordy
    Jordy 10 days ago

    >Clicks Video
    >He's Going to Scotland?
    Aye, this video will do.

  • Craig Laycox
    Craig Laycox 10 days ago

    Snores like a wild old romantic

  • Dixie Normous
    Dixie Normous 10 days ago

    How are you not a right fat bastard?!

  • shadowikr
    shadowikr 11 days ago


  • Aniruddh Singh
    Aniruddh Singh 11 days ago

    Recently started watching your videos... Top stuff mate. Wish you good luck and health. Love from India.

  • Yoshiro ANIME GAMER
    Yoshiro ANIME GAMER 11 days ago

    I wish have beard likea you're.😢

  • Eren Raftery
    Eren Raftery 11 days ago

    5:24 "jesus FUCK" ? 😂

  • Afiq Hannan
    Afiq Hannan 11 days ago

    matt stonie more better.

  • Garviel Loken
    Garviel Loken 11 days ago

    Lord baby Jesus, how badly do you need to shit and vomit afterwards. Respect mate👍👌

  • Lisa joy Spotswood
    Lisa joy Spotswood 12 days ago

    Is there a time limit to this challenge? Then why can't you sit back and enjoy th food instead of trying to scoff it down in a certain amount of time.

  • Y Ess
    Y Ess 13 days ago

    Bruh you look and eat like a Viking 😂

  • 10 000k subs with one foreign vid?? ?

    im a 13 years old boy that admires fast eating :)
    my fastest record to drinking a bottle of water 4seconds
    my fastest burger 15seconds
    my most food eaten 3 footlongs,5 rice,3buns,2 desert,2sandwiches with 1 layer of bacon with lettuce egg patty

  • Mr.VictoryTV
    Mr.VictoryTV 14 days ago

    Where is this place!?!

  • Marcus Brown
    Marcus Brown 16 days ago


  • bryaan.eltito
    bryaan.eltito 16 days ago

    Joe burguerchallenge eres tú? 😂😂😂

  • Franta H.
    Franta H. 17 days ago

    Kdo má rád jídlo tak se kněmu takhle nechová. Babička měla čuníka, ani neví proč sem si na něj teď vzpomněl.

  • Destroygary Funky
    Destroygary Funky 17 days ago

    I'll never understand the gluttony.

  • govind bante
    govind bante 17 days ago

    Well done sir ...😀

  • needmoreramsay
    needmoreramsay 18 days ago

    I think you could really attract more foodie viewers if you spend a bit of time in the kitchen with the cooks/chefs while they make your meal, even help out if they let you. Not to take away from the heart and soul, put the kitchen part at the end of the videos. I love good and cooking and would really like to see the preparation and well as the consumption of these mega meals

  • needmoreramsay
    needmoreramsay 18 days ago

    Impressive and I don't doubt it's incredibly difficult. Do you, ahhem... empty your stomach after these challenges ? And do you sleep for 15 hours if not ? Im only 160 and used to eat 4 HEAPING plates at a buffet in my younger years but I would sleep for a long time after.

    XXGAM ERXX 18 days ago

    Shave your beerts

  • Sniper9warfare
    Sniper9warfare 19 days ago

    He hides the food in his beard

  • Julia Wintersgill
    Julia Wintersgill 20 days ago

    How do you stay so thin? Lol

  • Jackson reed
    Jackson reed 20 days ago

    Good on ya mate

  • Jhayrom Medino
    Jhayrom Medino 20 days ago

    Sa Pilipinas Nyo ilaban Yan Di Yan Uubra Haha.😂😂😂

  • Takata나키시
    Takata나키시 20 days ago

    Matt stonie where u at?

  • Nikita Plotnikov
    Nikita Plotnikov 22 days ago

    Tawdyee we gowen skootlend


    ياخي ساو تحدي اكل و نادوني😐

  • Mr. India
    Mr. India 22 days ago

    Secret: He hid most of it under his beard. Sneak999

  • maverick
    maverick 23 days ago

    You are awesome mate.

  • leydong
    leydong 23 days ago

    Bruh, he had to finish by 45 min, he basically did it in half the time

  • Ballisticboy
    Ballisticboy 24 days ago

    First video I've watched of yours and you go to Edinburgh (that's where I'm from

  • Moody Ali
    Moody Ali 24 days ago

    hes not human

  • Nic Zero
    Nic Zero 25 days ago

    Matt stonie: Hold my bear

  • Upjohn
    Upjohn 25 days ago

    Fear the beard

  • billy kalaman
    billy kalaman 25 days ago

    Easy for Matt stonie

  • Subeer Nuur
    Subeer Nuur 26 days ago

    i have 2004 dandy me and bro fight for it every night

  • Chris Dooley
    Chris Dooley 27 days ago

    I swear you’ve stayed in that room before no? Looks so familiar from another trip to Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

  • 卄刀ᴍɪᴋᴀsᴀ
    卄刀ᴍɪᴋᴀsᴀ 27 days ago

    how r u not getting fat ?

  • ccb L
    ccb L 28 days ago

    oh god poor dude

  • strider2175
    strider2175 28 days ago

    I'm honestly surprised you've never come to Sarasota, FL, for Munchies 420s Fire In Your Hole challenge. Plus they have the best damn food!

  • Pramodit Pradhan
    Pramodit Pradhan 28 days ago

    Actually fuck that guy who was using fork and spoon in such a challenge ....

  • D Senpai
    D Senpai 28 days ago

    You can't beat MattStonie 😂😂

  • Boy From North
    Boy From North 28 days ago

    You are a beast ,Man 😂😂

  • Dan Mason
    Dan Mason 29 days ago +1

    Dandy was the shit back in the day, way better than the Beano

  • Atu naga
    Atu naga 29 days ago

    Dont invit him in any pary or occasion😂😂😂😂

  • Schmit GaMeS
    Schmit GaMeS 29 days ago

    What i wanna see is a group of professional eaters at an all u can eat buffet 😂

  • 360 bob
    360 bob 29 days ago

    You should verse Matt stonie

  • Moha Hhw
    Moha Hhw Month ago

    جيبو له سحس ذا

  • Mihael Gegic
    Mihael Gegic Month ago

    How does your poop looks likr

  • Muhammad Azhar
    Muhammad Azhar Month ago


  • Jalen
    Jalen Month ago

    Matt stonie would destroy this

  • japz starr
    japz starr Month ago

    How come you only have 400k subs you deserve more

  • fabio contini
    fabio contini Month ago

    quantità, quantità, zero qualità.

  • Ahmed Kasim
    Ahmed Kasim Month ago

    Why the hell the dude on his right keep giving him that look

  • Adonay Eschini
    Adonay Eschini Month ago

    Matt stonie

  • Aleyamma gasper
    Aleyamma gasper Month ago

    Dude, i think you have to trimm your beard a little bit🤔🤔🤔

  • Catastrophic 666
    Catastrophic 666 Month ago

    Dude,is your bathroom say anything about you

  • 123 123
    123 123 Month ago

    1:56 I feel a like Jazz song would fit the montage better.

  • Gr r
    Gr r Month ago

    How Much time do you spend in tiilet?

    • Gr r
      Gr r Month ago

      Toilet sorry

  • Black Ace
    Black Ace Month ago

    Matte finished it in 6 mins..

    Here is the link

  • Dheeraj Bachani
    Dheeraj Bachani Month ago

    Bro..nice capacity to eat food

  • PpSquared Production

    You a Beast bro

  • Aidan Yurick
    Aidan Yurick Month ago

    I call upon @MattStonie to defeat u

  • atomic wolf
    atomic wolf Month ago

    And people thought I had a Hollow Leg dude you're Epic

  • Shaun MacMillan
    Shaun MacMillan Month ago

    It woulda been funny as hell if you asked one of those ruggers if you could have one of thier onion

  • Jack Le Ripper
    Jack Le Ripper Month ago

    Gluttony is a sin .

  • Reshad Rahman
    Reshad Rahman Month ago

    I think his beards are alive, they also share some food and thus he eats so much.
    You're great. Alwz great to watch

  • tigermunky
    tigermunky Month ago

    He's cheating! He's hiding most of the food in his beard!

  • Atharv Chaturvedi
    Atharv Chaturvedi Month ago

    When the veteran comes in

  • piyush tripathi
    piyush tripathi Month ago

    I like ur eating style.... From India God gives u healthy life

  • wong fatt ying
    wong fatt ying Month ago

    I can but my toilet will kill

  • Patrick Alexander
    Patrick Alexander Month ago

    Take on molly you pussy!!!!! Lol

  • Jason Schwartz
    Jason Schwartz Month ago

    Love your videos! Just curious if you poop regular size, or is a mondo double flusher after one of these challenges. Not sure why I'm asking this....

  • MG Hostage
    MG Hostage Month ago

    Vid starts at 6:66