Brandon Routh working out To Play Superman. He's in Shape He's Ripped.

  • Published on Oct 1, 2019
  • Brandon Routh Training and Workout for Superman In crossover.
    Brandon Routh working out for the crossover as Superman!
    Brandon Routh In Shape To Play Superman
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  • Alicia Ke_reviews
    Alicia Ke_reviews  2 months ago +3

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  • Francis Lumanog
    Francis Lumanog Day ago

    Good to see him as the man of steel again...long over due!!

    • Alicia Ke_reviews
      Alicia Ke_reviews  Day ago

      Definitely will be very gratifying to see Routh back. He really deserves this.
      Thank you!✔👍

  • James McKane
    James McKane 5 days ago

    Hope you dont mind me asking but what’s the song?

    • Alicia Ke_reviews
      Alicia Ke_reviews  4 days ago

      Hi James "Early Flight" - Silent Partner. Thanks for watching.💯✔

  • djparaense
    djparaense 5 days ago +3

    Warner could cast Brandon Routh for a Kingdom Come adaptation. It could be released by that DC Black initiative with isolated DC films that debut with Joker.

  • chichi16fb
    chichi16fb 16 days ago +1

    Wtf is wrong with you people? He’s the worst Superman ever Superman return was so boring half the movie was asleep the movie attendants had to wake us up for the next victims to come in

    • Alicia Ke_reviews
      Alicia Ke_reviews  15 days ago

      This comment right here...
      I have literally laughed out loud😂😂 though I disagree with it. Thanks for watching.✔💯

  • NitroAmi Bob
    NitroAmi Bob 17 days ago +1

    Brandon will always be my favourite Superman

    • Guy Haskins
      Guy Haskins 6 days ago +1

      Yes sir. I agree 100 percent, he is returning as his Superman from Superman returns with inspiration from the Kingdom Come comics. Don't be confused by what this video says it's not a completely diffrent version he is playing. Just check out the official Crisis On Infinite Earth's wikipedia page, and look in production under casting, and check out the cast section. It's just an older version of his Superman from Superman Returns.

    • Alicia Ke_reviews
      Alicia Ke_reviews  17 days ago

      Really enjoyed his performance as well. He is a perfect Superman. Thanks for watching.💯💯✔✔

  • Erwin Beloy
    Erwin Beloy 19 days ago +1

    To be honest Brandon Routh is the perfect superman and clark kent actor. Henry Cavil is buff may be that’s why they some liked him but he’s the smallest superman ever. But now Brandon is in really good shape, I wish that WB will give him a new superman movie.🙏🏻👌💪👍😊

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    good bicepts man go hardcore show the other supermem how fucking jacked u are

  • Willie Ortiz
    Willie Ortiz Month ago +2

    Can't wait for his return he was terrific as Superman 😊

    • Alicia Ke_reviews
      Alicia Ke_reviews  Month ago

      Yes. He was he captured the essence perfectly. I am looking forward to this too!! Thanks 👍✔✅

  • Kris Rob
    Kris Rob Month ago +1

    Superman has returned

    • Alicia Ke_reviews
      Alicia Ke_reviews  Month ago

      Yes he has. And he's in better Superman shape than ever. Hope for so much more from Brandon. Thanks for watching.💯✔

  • Morgan Mosley
    Morgan Mosley Month ago +4

    While I like Henry Cavill, I really think Brandon Routh had the potential to be this generation's Superman. He really tapped into the "timeless" quality of Christopher Reeve's performance, while making the character his own. To be honest, a small part of me is still hoping for a sequel to Superman Returns.

    • LaVerite124
      LaVerite124 Month ago

      Plus Routh is Taller. My guy is Tom Welling tho but I appreciate that Routh is getting a true chance for his Superman and not be a copy cat. Not his fault tho.

    • Alicia Ke_reviews
      Alicia Ke_reviews  Month ago

      Well put. He does have the opportunity at another shot. It seems everyone is getting a reboot soooo...😉
      Thanks for watching.💯💯💯

  • Efren Pangilinan
    Efren Pangilinan Month ago +3

    Nice to see brandon routh back as superman

    • Alicia Ke_reviews
      Alicia Ke_reviews  Month ago

      Agreed. It's great to see him in the cape again. I hope it leads to more!! Glad you watched.💯✔🔆

    JACK THOMPSON 2 months ago

    Brandon Routh looks great but getting a little over bulky! Chris Reeve no matter how big he got ( heaviest in superman 3 at 220 lbs) he always looked kind of slim and elegant. If you pack on all that muscle like Routh you end up looking stocky, and ''bunched up''.

    • Alicia Ke_reviews
      Alicia Ke_reviews  2 months ago

      You have a solid point.
      It is good to find the right balance. We need Sups to look agile as well as built.
      Happy to read your comment.👍✔💯

  • btqy
    btqy 2 months ago +1

    Routh in a movie. He has the chops to make Clark and Superman 2 different characters like Tyler.

    • Alicia Ke_reviews
      Alicia Ke_reviews  2 months ago +2

      Oh indeed. I always liked Brandon's portrayal. Glad you tuned in!✔💯👍💯

  • Alex Sandro
    Alex Sandro 2 months ago

    Essa roupa é feia demais kk

  • Vondell CLINKSCALE
    Vondell CLINKSCALE 2 months ago +6

    I think all the Supermen look AWESOME!!!!!!!!!

    • Vondell CLINKSCALE
      Vondell CLINKSCALE 2 months ago +1

      @Alicia Ke_reviews Well my number 1 favorite is Tom Wellings Superman but Tom was always too stubborn to own and wear the Superman suit Brandon Routh is my second but really 3rd Christopher Reeve will always be my all time number 1 favorite and Routh has a striking resemblance to him and he really did his homework on the character. I was never and may I repeat never a Henry Cavill Superman fan. He is more like alternate world Superman he has a receding hair line no curl no looks all he is is built with a bad attitude absolutely no structure to the character and absolutely terrible chose as Superman.

    • Alicia Ke_reviews
      Alicia Ke_reviews  2 months ago

      Yes. 😇But whhoooose your favourite... you know you have one... lol.
      I kid, I kid. Thanks for watching.💯✔💯

  • Gerald Hoptowit
    Gerald Hoptowit 2 months ago +11

    Excellent, l hope he gets a Kingdom Come movie out of this. Brandon is ripped. Kudos!!!

    • Gerald Hoptowit
      Gerald Hoptowit 18 days ago

      @Guy Haskins right on. He is carring quite a responsibility. Taking over for who is known as the real Superman.
      'Nuff Said

    • Gerald Hoptowit
      Gerald Hoptowit 18 days ago

      @Guy Haskins exactly, that is correct. He is playing the Superman/Reeves based Character.

    • Guy Haskins
      Guy Haskins 18 days ago +1

      I'm sure he isn't playing a completely different version of Superman for the crossover but it's basically Superman Returns Superman in a new suit inspired by Kingdom Come, going through what the Kingdom Come Superman did.

    • John Michael
      John Michael Month ago +3

      Thats would be sick, that would be an opportunity wasted, if not

    • Alicia Ke_reviews
      Alicia Ke_reviews  2 months ago

      For sure💪💪. I believe he has expressed a desire to play Superman again. Hope for the best!!
      Thank you so much for watching.👍💯👍

  • Olusegun.B. Olofin
    Olusegun.B. Olofin 2 months ago +7

    in fact Brandon is in top shape.
    now we will see how Tom Welling will look like

    • 74Delta
      74Delta 2 months ago

      Near the end of Smallville. He still enjoyed the role but wasn't trying to fit the physique. Hopefully that changes. Because the others are gonna be right next to him.

    • Alicia Ke_reviews
      Alicia Ke_reviews  2 months ago

      I am sure that there is a friendly competition between them. Really hoping that Tom suits up. Thanks watching.✔👍💯

  • Matthew Markovich
    Matthew Markovich 2 months ago +3

    Is Tom Welling working out or is he just fat? He does not look in any kind of shape.

    • NoFacedGoldfish
      NoFacedGoldfish 5 days ago

      It's probably the baggy clothes making him look fat. He's shredded.

    • Hashirama Senju
      Hashirama Senju 2 months ago

      He's gonna play Fatman and he'll have Lois and together they make Dynamic Duo "Fatman and Lois".

    • Vishal Krypton
      Vishal Krypton 2 months ago +1

      Tom is in perfect shape he's buff which is great for supes

    • cr2nr
      cr2nr 2 months ago +1

      What are you talking!? Welling is in decent shape!. Always have been.

    • David Quintanar
      David Quintanar 2 months ago +2

      @Olusegun.B. Olofin no he has not worked out and is not in shape. Hea coming back as Clark Kent not Superman. That boy will never put on the suit for anyone!

  • John Michael
    John Michael 2 months ago +2

    Great video! Glad to see his hard work really paid off.Can wait to see him return as Superman, along with Tom Welling!!

    • Alicia Ke_reviews
      Alicia Ke_reviews  2 months ago +1

      The dedication to reach that level is really inspiring!! Glad you tuned in.👍✔💯

  • F. Salvador Jiménez Botello

    Brondon is the best, he looks like the Wonderful Christopher Reeve

    • Shadow Blade
      Shadow Blade 2 months ago

      That's why I like him! he reminded me so much of him, looks and how he acted as Superman! henry cavill...was good...Reeves ( son) random

    • Alicia Ke_reviews
      Alicia Ke_reviews  2 months ago +4

      Yes. He really modelled himself after him in his movie. And now people are hungry for thst wholesome Superman. Cannot wait to see how WB responds to fans on wanting more of Routh.
      Thanks for chatting with me .💯✔👍