Fortnite Chapter 2: Season 1 Official Battle Pass Trailer (Season 11)

  • Published on Oct 14, 2019
  • This just got leaked, let me know what you think!▶
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  • Chaos
    Chaos  29 days ago +231

    Make sure when Fortnite comes back to use creator code CHAOSFORNOW and tweet me if you do!! @Chaosxsilencer

  • The Sweet Potato
    The Sweet Potato 20 days ago


  • Blessed Comedy Production

    nice one boss...more grace, what a funny skit of yours

  • Jory Vlogs
    Jory Vlogs 24 days ago

    Me: Did you do it?

    Fortnite: Yes.

    Me: What did it cost you?

    Fortnite: Tilted Towers

  • - Wentzylvania -
    - Wentzylvania - 27 days ago

    i want to win the ps4 so i can actually play with my friends
    - Wentzlyvania -

  • jack edwards
    jack edwards 27 days ago

    i poop

  • Shadowrocket 102
    Shadowrocket 102 27 days ago

    That’s not even the full trailer

  • Matteo Castegnaro
    Matteo Castegnaro 28 days ago

    What's song's name? pls

  • VanTae
    VanTae 28 days ago

    Song: How we Win by FWLR

  • h jamison95
    h jamison95 28 days ago

    Name of song ?

  • Stephanie Pooch
    Stephanie Pooch 28 days ago

    This is rubish

  • _R.N.04_ Bluefaceb
    _R.N.04_ Bluefaceb 28 days ago

    Should be 3 thousand or 2 thousand

  • FJ Ninja
    FJ Ninja 28 days ago

    Go to Minecraft it is better

  • FJ Ninja
    FJ Ninja 28 days ago

    They did fishing and boats that is MINECRAFT!

    LUIS GAMES LUIS 28 days ago +1

    Nadie te entiende🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔😥😥😥🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔😥😴😪😴😴😴😴😴🤢🤢🤢🤢

  • 2 .71828
    2 .71828 28 days ago

    Fortnite is going to be alive again

  • Maria Contreras
    Maria Contreras 28 days ago

    Bro don’t make me play that game

  • Oof Gang
    Oof Gang 28 days ago

    This makes me wanna play Fortnite again

    SMOSHOPZ 28 days ago

    Music ? Pass

  • Henrique Reis
    Henrique Reis 28 days ago

    I would be hyped if there was a fov slider

  • Hecter Numba9
    Hecter Numba9 29 days ago

    Ain't this a cod channel. Feinin for subs i see

  • mr. Matěj
    mr. Matěj 29 days ago

    i cant even play it after the update. its so laggy

  • ZakariaTheOwner ROBLOX
    ZakariaTheOwner ROBLOX 29 days ago +2

    Fortnite was fun but now it just steals of apex legends everyone plays minecraft of roblox

  • Jack Renbo
    Jack Renbo 29 days ago +1

    A little bit of a late upload

  • Xull
    Xull 29 days ago


  • Umi Saad
    Umi Saad 29 days ago +1

    Its actually better when fortnite was a black hole

  • Kohan Kurusu
    Kohan Kurusu 29 days ago

    Feels like a whole new game with fishing

  • William
    William 29 days ago

    So Save the World is finally free...

  • Isor
    Isor 29 days ago

    So it’s ghost recon breakpoint now

  • mr_guest 000
    mr_guest 000 29 days ago

    Bush camping has evolved into bin camping

  • YoTo Kang
    YoTo Kang 29 days ago

    Da mresh v kazan

  • Pokemon Trainer Red
    Pokemon Trainer Red 29 days ago

    What if you wanted fortnite to end
    But god said: *fortnite chapter 2*

  • amirthegamer 99
    amirthegamer 99 29 days ago

    Is this fortnite?

  • Supersquirel 121
    Supersquirel 121 29 days ago

    So hyped lads

  • Arthur Morgan
    Arthur Morgan 29 days ago

    Makes me want to come back

  • Headiii
    Headiii 29 days ago

    does anyone know the song name?

    DARREN 29 days ago

    MC bye FORTNITE hi

  • J. Ezzy
    J. Ezzy 29 days ago +1

    Finally We Can FREAKIN SWIM

  • Aviliq
    Aviliq 29 days ago

    Epic Games: *blackhole*

    6ix9ine: It's not actually over..

  • Rickert Jonge
    Rickert Jonge 29 days ago

    I hope building is no more

  • Qyzuu
    Qyzuu 29 days ago

    SkinTrackerCom ma boi

  • Ayveh
    Ayveh 29 days ago +1

    Soo...Is STW going to get a whole new revamp as well?

  • Ayveh
    Ayveh 29 days ago +1

    For the longest time everyone kept saying and asking for a REVERT and Epic FINALLY listened...HOWEVER with a plot twist they did this revert with their own style and a whole new map.

  • MontanaWEISE
    MontanaWEISE 29 days ago

    Its a completly new game design... Its looks good

  • CallMe Enzo
    CallMe Enzo 29 days ago

    Bro epic game are making that game worster

  • Antje Pawlowski
    Antje Pawlowski 29 days ago


  • bm5 bricks
    bm5 bricks 29 days ago

    I find it interesting we haven’t seen anything about building yet...

  • ExiSt t3nzi
    ExiSt t3nzi 29 days ago

    0:31 heavy shotgun return

  • Sebstruction
    Sebstruction 29 days ago

    0:28 look at the gun in the 3rd guys hand .gold pumps are back. 0:31 a compact smg is dropprd

  • Kyphis ?
    Kyphis ? 29 days ago +1

    if your worried when the worm hole/black hole is gonna end its going to end on the 17th of october so 2 more days might aswell play realm royal while i wait

    • Ayveh
      Ayveh 29 days ago

      Or Destiny 2

  • Izzy /Annie the gaming girlz

    I sort of dont like it

  • bmstr
    bmstr 29 days ago

    To the people denying this: please, please tell me how someone could have faked this.

  • Renata Nyirucz
    Renata Nyirucz 29 days ago

    Fortnite did a good trailer

  • Calvin Moore
    Calvin Moore 29 days ago

    I wish I created fortnite lmao

  • catMittens 34
    catMittens 34 29 days ago +2

    This is more like a summer theme than a Halloween theme. If you think that is true hit the like.

  • Shaggy Got Waves
    Shaggy Got Waves 29 days ago

    Haha if this is legit I’ll go back to playing fortnite

  • Gypsy Ponce Arancibia
    Gypsy Ponce Arancibia 29 days ago

    No it’s ruined

  • MJ Ludz
    MJ Ludz 29 days ago +1

    I wish fortnite could end

  • Noor Hal
    Noor Hal 29 days ago +1

    who is hyped?

    • Ayveh
      Ayveh 29 days ago

      More like who isn't, EVERYONE is hyped :D

  • Joseph animation
    Joseph animation 29 days ago

    I hope there is a new build material.