My Boyfriend is My Stepdad

  • Published on Sep 27, 2019
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    Hi there! My name’s Zoe, and I’m going to tell you about the horrible time my own boyfriend was cheating on me… with my own mother!
    I met this one guy in my junior year of high school. He was in most of my classes, so I saw him quite often. To cut a long story short, he and I began to date halfway through junior year. A lot of my friends told me to be careful, because I didn’t know him all that well. I was aware that we just jumped into a relationship, but I really liked him. I even took him to meet my parents after the first month. That’s where all the trouble began. When my boyfriend, let’s call him Cal, met my mother, both of them seemed to act strange around each other. Nothing bad, but they talked a lot-which was good-but I would notice my mom always having a hand on him somewhere. Whether that’d be his shoulder, his hand, or his arm. It didn’t bother me much, but I did ask her why she felt the need to touch him. She told me she was welcoming him and was happy that I had finally found someone who made me happy. Nothing else weird happened after that. Not until after senior year was over. When I graduated high school, Cal and I were still going strong, and my parents seemed to like him more everyday. I moved into a dorm for the first semester, to see if I liked it or not. Cal went to the same college, but didn’t go to a dorm. I had a lot of work for my classes, and I had to keep a certain GPA if I wanted to stay in the field I was majoring in. I talked to Cal a lot over the phone, but rarely saw him. The first couple of months were hectic for me, but I’m not going to get into that.

    I had most of December off, so that gave me an opportunity to see both Cal and my parents. The first time I called him, I asked if we could meet somewhere to catch up, and maybe go on a date. He then proceeded to explain to me that he was at my house eating lunch with my mom. My dad was at work at the time. I asked him why he was at my house and he told me my mom invited him over. I was really confused at the time. I knew Cal lived closer to my house than I did, but my mom knew my winter break was coming up. Same thing with Cal-he goes to the same college as me. So I dropped the date idea and decided to drive back home. Without telling him or my mom. I thought I’d surprise them instead. When I pulled in the driveway, his car was parked there too. Which was weird. My dad had a weird quirk of not allowing anyone but family to park in the driveway. My dad may of liked Cal, but he doesn’t consider him family. Not yet, anyways. And I told Cal that, so either he doesn’t respect my dad’s wishes, or mom vetoed his rule. Which was weirder.

    The front door was unlocked, a major no-no in my house. When I entered the living room, the house was oddly quiet. I called out for my mom and Cal multiple times, but I never got a reply. When I went upstairs, there was a shirt lying in the hallway. It was Cal’s. When I passed by my mom’s room, I noticed the door was slightly open. I respected my mom’s privacy, but I was so curious. When I looked into her bedroom, I saw her and Cal... lying in bed together?! I almost threw myself down the stairs after I saw that. I don’t think I cried, I was just… shocked… because he was my boyfriend and she was my mom! Not to mention, my mom was married to my dad! I didn’t know what else to do, so I took out my phone, snapped a picture and left. I never talked to my mom or Cal for a few days after that, even when they tried to contact me. I needed time to myself and to process what I saw. But I did talk to my dad.

    I asked my dad if he would meet up with me… I was so nervous to tell him what I witnessed and had on my phone… but I had to tell him. He deserved to know. When I was sitting in front of him, I asked him if we could talk about mom. When he agreed, I went quiet. I didn’t know how to deliver the news lightly-there was no way to do it. So I just told him what I saw and showed him the picture. He just stared at it for a while, and I couldn’t gage his reaction. He looked up at me at quietly told me that he knew. That’s why he was spending so much time away from home. I asked him why he didn’t tell me and he said I looked so happy with Cal, he preferred to endure it if it meant my happiness. Long story short, we bonded over tears and cupcakes, but it wasn’t over...

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    I’m sorry that happened to you, they both are terrible for doing that.
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