I Tried A 10-Step Korean Skincare Routine For A Month

  • Published on Sep 20, 2017
  • I have always been curious about the 10-step korean skincare routine, so I tried it for an entire month to see how it was & if there were any noticeable benefits! I tried a oil cleanser, water-based cleanser, scrub, toner, essence, moisturizer, eye cream, night serum, and SPF every day and night for 31 days to see if they live up to the hype!
    To clarify, I stopped using the sheet masks after the first week and I used the scrub 3-4 times a week! So I guess it was more like ~450 applications a month. I got my kit here: sokoglam.com/products/10-step-skincare-routine-set-combo
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  • Safiya Nygaard
    Safiya Nygaard  Year ago +12295

    HELLO FRIENDS!!! i just wanted to clarify, i know ur not supposed to put on a scrub every single day, i used the scrub like 3-4 times a week! i had a line in the video about it and i think we cut it for some reason. so i guess my math was wrong and it was more like ~450 applications!
    thanks & sorry for the confusion!!

    • Tammy Green
      Tammy Green Month ago

      I scrub daily. 😲Is that bad????

    • Holly Ellery
      Holly Ellery 3 months ago

      500th reply !!

    • Bree Amman
      Bree Amman 3 months ago

      I have psoriasis, where my skin gets painfully dry and flaky and red, so I can't do scrubs at all. Also 500th comment.

    • Aditi Pallod
      Aditi Pallod Year ago

      last reply ;) #500

    • amy smith
      amy smith Year ago

      Safiya Nygaard you forgot the capitals in the "I" and So 😂

  • lorde isaroyals
    lorde isaroyals 17 hours ago

    How much was this again??

  • hippotrot123
    hippotrot123 Day ago

    Essences are used to amplify the effects of the serums and moisturizers that come afterwards.

  • MissChloe_
    MissChloe_ Day ago +1

    Do you think it could help acne?

  • GO OFF
    GO OFF 2 days ago

    I like Korean skin care because it doesn't cost hundreds of dollars on it. At least the Korean skin care i've seen

  • Trashy Jamaica
    Trashy Jamaica 2 days ago +1

    I personally use the green tea foam wash (step 2: Water-based cleanser) and it’s really good

  • fariha othy95678
    fariha othy95678 4 days ago

    Did you used your night serum during the day???

  • Cynthia Fisher
    Cynthia Fisher 5 days ago

    I disagree with Safiya. Girl, your skin, imho, looks Waaaayyyy better after a month of use. Don’t get me wrong, you are beautiful no matter WHAT, but those products took you to another level of gorgeous.

  • Felicia The Dinosoar

    My names felicia so the end made me very happy lol

  • Iara Pekar
    Iara Pekar 6 days ago

    4:40 it literally says 30mins on the back when you turn it over but yet you leave it on for 1/2 of that time (not trying to be rude btw no shade to you Saf)

  • Amelie Rose
    Amelie Rose 6 days ago

    I was like “Hell yeah im gonna get this for my birthday” *checks price on website* guess it’s back to the $2 dollar store.

  • PinkTaco OfDoom
    PinkTaco OfDoom 6 days ago

    This is not for a Taco like me... I got the 3 steps of Proactive crud which supposedly helps get rid of acne and that was too much stuff to do to my face, one of those was supposed to be left on overnight.. it felt so gross... I used each thing once and was done, I'd rather live with the acne. 🤢🤮😱🖤🦇

  • Cherbrina Yuen
    Cherbrina Yuen 6 days ago

    You should try innisfree it's a Korean brand and it's had some realllly really good skincare stuff the more u use it slowly u can tell the difference

  • Dao Vo
    Dao Vo 7 days ago

    The website changed the whole products on the routine for combination skin. So I can’t get the exact same things unless I search and buy them separately which is disappointing.

  • Miraculous Two
    Miraculous Two 7 days ago

    You're glowing wtf

  • Delsa Suazo
    Delsa Suazo 8 days ago

    You’re not supposed to do all of them morning and night lol 😂 usually we only do light steps in the morning to prepare for the day or we break it up between the morning and night but a sheet mask is recommended whenever you can~

    • Delsa Suazo
      Delsa Suazo 3 days ago

      Natalie Adams do you have an ig I can send links and info to?

    • Natalie Adams
      Natalie Adams 7 days ago

      Delsa Suazo hey I’m interested in trying Korean skin care! What do you typically do?

  • Emma J
    Emma J 8 days ago

    Sometimes less is more

  • Dajah I
    Dajah I 8 days ago +20

    Tyler: *licks face mask*
    Also Tyler: *hates it*
    Once Again, Tyler: *licks it again*
    Also Tyler: *still hates it*
    I love you guys. I was so happy to learn you're from Chicago. Me too!

  • alisha ash
    alisha ash 9 days ago

    i really enjoyed watching this vedio 🤣

  • Samantha Gail
    Samantha Gail 9 days ago

    5:22 sooo confused?!

  • Timothy John Corpuz
    Timothy John Corpuz 10 days ago

    For a combo skin type, the moisturizing regimen is way too much. I have a similar skin type, both of my cleanser and toner has moisturizing benefits, and if I include another moisturizing product, I would oil up in my t-zone badly.
    Edit: though it's my skin were talking about, you do you. Find the best fit and arrangement for your skin.

  • Aug 101
    Aug 101 10 days ago

    My skin care routine is... genetics

  • Raederle Phoenix
    Raederle Phoenix 10 days ago +1

    I think your skin definitely made a lot of positive progress that I could see. I feel inspired to try this. I'll look for a ten-step Korean system that uses organic products.

  • Hey Guys It’s Me Julia

    Omg the skincare kit costs almost 200 dollars what

  • YukiGalaxy My Name Is Celina UwU

    Oh hey, 1:07, I use the Acure brighting face wash for my face OwO
    It’s a good brand, and ever since my mom starting cutting out toxins in our products like handsoap, shampoos and other stuff for the sake of her chemo shenanigans, we’ve used it a lot. It’s also what brand my current shampoo is, so yeah. Though that was neat UwU;;

  • Nikita Miller
    Nikita Miller 11 days ago


  • 책냠냠이
    책냠냠이 11 days ago +1

    hello I'm korean, and you can skip masks.
    even korean don't do it everyday.

    • 책냠냠이
      책냠냠이 8 days ago

      Holly Hales thank you for your advice

    • Holly Hales
      Holly Hales 8 days ago +1

      Skip not skeep. Your English is very good by the way

  • Emma Gibbs
    Emma Gibbs 11 days ago +2

    I tend to work with the rule "thinnest to thickest" when working with putting skincare products in order

  • Catrina Donham
    Catrina Donham 12 days ago

    You are way too brave putting shit on your face! I bought this "skin peeling" treatment for my feet, and now my feet are super dry and gross.

  • Annabelle Lynch
    Annabelle Lynch 12 days ago +4


  • Arcassia
    Arcassia 12 days ago

    Very interesting as my skincare routine involves washing my face with soap and water in the shower.

  • Mr.whatever
    Mr.whatever 12 days ago +1

    the mask and exfoliate step is not for everyday, generally, it's Toner-Essence-serum-eye cream-face cream/lotion/emulsion, that's it!

  • VictimOfNarcissist
    VictimOfNarcissist 14 days ago

    It's not only about skincare product, you also have to eat healthy food

  • darkbrown _
    darkbrown _ 14 days ago

    You are so lucky for not having breakouts or other problems upon using all those skincare products. Meanwhile, I’m still in trying and error phase. It’s so hard to find skincare products which suits my skin best.

  • Pink and Black Girl
    Pink and Black Girl 14 days ago

    Its just Frikkin arm exercises. Its just a way for skin care companies to fleece people. Especially young people who need no plumping.

  • Aimz360
    Aimz360 15 days ago

    I have mixed skin, oily, dry and oily&dry together. My routine is wiping my face with a tea tree wipe as soon as i get up, a mosturisor after my shower, and wipes again for the oiliness approximatly 3 times during the day depending how bad the oiliness is (moisturisor if there's dryness on my forehead) and wipes once again at night. So a lot of tea tree wipes mainly because i wear glasses and that's where all the oil is.

  • M S
    M S 15 days ago

    11:43 her face before and after. She looks very different.

  • Melissa Castle
    Melissa Castle 15 days ago

    Lol lol lol y’all are so funny, I love your vids. Real talk tho, your skin looked better from the first day.By the end, you looked amazing. I want this.

  • Slim RoqSteady
    Slim RoqSteady 15 days ago

    If you were exfoliating everyday that’s why you broke out

  • Amara Painter
    Amara Painter 16 days ago

    I have that kale detox one

  • Ashley Showers
    Ashley Showers 16 days ago

    This is more steps than my makeup routine and even that, I don’t have time for 😂😂😂

  • naama hirsh
    naama hirsh 16 days ago

    Your skin looks good without it!

  • Erica Machado
    Erica Machado 16 days ago

    Her voice has changed so much since this

  • Honey Fox
    Honey Fox 17 days ago

    Tylers teeth are everything, sooo fucking perfect and whiiite

  • Sarah Peake
    Sarah Peake 17 days ago

    Red huuuuh!!!!

  • zebra 12325
    zebra 12325 18 days ago +1

    Yeah may still do a skin care routine but the pimples will never leave

  • zebra 12325
    zebra 12325 18 days ago +1

    11:10 yeah that's pretty much right I think

  • zebra 12325
    zebra 12325 18 days ago +1

    You don't have to do the mask everyday I don't do it everyday either it's time consuming

  • zebra 12325
    zebra 12325 18 days ago +1

    Only rich and K-pop idols and maybe some TheXvidrs do those and now all of those are really not needed cuz most of them are repeated moisturizers basically I only do a scrub cleanse toner moisturizer and mask but I might add a eye cream and maybe an essence

  • Melissa Hallinan
    Melissa Hallinan 18 days ago +1

    Soko Glam actually has the 10-steps broken down on their website so it's easy to understand. I researched & got my own products instead of their starter kit though. Been doing it for 3 weeks now & my skin is like BUTTER! Never going back.

  • Natasha Smith
    Natasha Smith 18 days ago

    That sushi comment tho wtf.. Nice vid otherwise

  • Lirel Tamora
    Lirel Tamora 19 days ago

    10% Benzoyl peroxide cream is good for spot treatments drys the skin out but will bleach clothing

  • Jenna Kwasnik
    Jenna Kwasnik 19 days ago +16

    Koreans: oil cleanser
    Water cleanser
    Sheet mask
    Me: face wipes

    • dyathinkhesaurus
      dyathinkhesaurus 7 days ago

      Jenna Kwasnik wow. I feel like i just ousted myself now 😂😂

    • Jenna Kwasnik
      Jenna Kwasnik 7 days ago +1

      dyathinkhesaurus hahaha!! I was kidding😂 I use micellar water, oil cleanser, water cleanser and my beloved belief moisturizer every night

    • dyathinkhesaurus
      dyathinkhesaurus 7 days ago

      Lmaoo just face wipes is so bad for your skin girl! I hope you least rinse those surfactants off afterwards. But I feel you, from one broke lazy gal to another.

    • ashley tanner
      ashley tanner 10 days ago


    • jinjja ally
      jinjja ally 16 days ago

      lol same

  • Monika Simančíková
    Monika Simančíková 19 days ago

    Hahahaha best video :D Why did not use jade roller as well? My Korean friend recommended it so I got one and it really gets the moisturizer deep in the skin which actually makes a difference :) This one serves me really well and is pretty cheap, you´re welcome: www.amazon.com/Jade-Roller-Face-Massager-Anti-Aging/dp/B07JYDNNXB/ref=sr_1_116?keywords=jade+roller+travel&qid=1554568123&s=beauty&sr=1-116

  • kerri B
    kerri B 20 days ago +1

    Imagine one of these products not agreeing with your skin and trying to figure out which hahah

  • Elle Shiz
    Elle Shiz 21 day ago

    That's a chemical exfoliant, please do not eat it.

  • Nathane da Franca
    Nathane da Franca 21 day ago

    omg put ur hair back while washing it for Gods sake

  • P D
    P D 21 day ago

    Nooooo a short video

  • Letribe Nbc
    Letribe Nbc 21 day ago

    You should post more please

  • li xiaoxuan
    li xiaoxuan 22 days ago

    ok, just realize that I have been doing an 8-step skincare routine every night since I do not scrub my face every day and I do not use lotion before night cream. However, the good thing is people think I am 25 max when I am turning 31. LOL!

  • myweakness188
    myweakness188 22 days ago +2

    What is it with guys eating beauty products lol my boyfriend once tasted my chapstick XDD

  • Tabitha Rowe
    Tabitha Rowe 22 days ago

    Safiya, you should try the pimple patches from Amazon. They suck the fluid out of zits like a vacuum! White heads don't get zapped but the patches really help the zit redness not last as long BC the fluid isn't there irritating the layers.

  • Cardsmaster
    Cardsmaster 22 days ago

    This routine is for rich Asian girls that have no jobs. Who the hell has 2 hours to apply all this crap. Not to mention all the make up that goes on after....defeats the purpose.

  • Nancy Hinde
    Nancy Hinde 22 days ago

    Who else only just got this in their recommended?

  • Joseph D' Costa
    Joseph D' Costa 22 days ago

    Saf looks so much younger with her longer hair here she also sounds less crazy 😂😂

  • Kirby Mampusti
    Kirby Mampusti 23 days ago

    1:46 - 1:47 Click Clack!

  • Allie Queen
    Allie Queen 23 days ago +1

    This is my skincare routine
    •gel cleanser
    •facial spray/toner
    •eye cream
    •acne spot treatment
    •bar cleanser
    •deep cleansing face wash
    •eye cream
    •facial oil
    •acne spot treatment
    •2 to 3 times a week I do a face mask and I always exfoliate before my face mask
    •sometimes in the morning I will use a facial oil if my skin is very dry that day
    •I’m 12 and have acne 😞. All my friends have perfect glowing skin and do nothing at all.
    If you have any advice please tell me! Thanks

  • I L C B
    I L C B 23 days ago

    1 step down 8 more to ho i think you mean 1 step down 9 more to go

  • HanaOtaku
    HanaOtaku 23 days ago

    OH MY GOD SHE LOOKS HUSKY WHITE! Even my husky never looked this white after washing his fur good!
    but since this video is about Korean stuff I suppose we could roll with it hahaha
    edit: wait that's because of those products! omg they kinda bleached the skin down a bit! I didn't think they would be so effective tho

  • Wendi York
    Wendi York 23 days ago

    i think its cool you did it. You skins looks better to me. maybe do a bit more research You might have broken out because your skin is detoxing. sheet masks are not for every night. mainly once a week, or every 3-4 days. after a certain step, depending on your skin, is when personal things get added like spot treatment for pimples, blackheads, pores, etc. If you do get too tired to do all i would say eye cream and night cream is the most important, and you will see they usually cost the most. :)

  • mario is a floppy boi
    mario is a floppy boi 23 days ago

    My routine is : pimple face wash, rinse and lotion

  • Make the world Glossier
    Make the world Glossier 24 days ago +8

    The fact that this took an hour and fifteen minutes to complete should tell you something😂😂😂

  • Lena Otaku
    Lena Otaku 24 days ago +2

    Idk about you guys but you are definitely getting whiter. 👍

  • galax›y S. K. R moon. L

    This idea is for buzzfeed no hate

  • Jeon Jungkook
    Jeon Jungkook 24 days ago

    It’s normal to get pimples during period
    Well come one period song gonna be nice to u ever:3

  • E s t h e r
    E s t h e r 24 days ago +23

    My "skincare routine" is literally two steps: Washing my face and slapping on some lotion, oof

  • Ellie L
    Ellie L 25 days ago +1

    The way she did was completely wrong. The pack came with multiple serums and moisturizers are not requested to use everything in daily. They have different usage purposes, just like you wear different clothe for different weather, serums and moisturizers were designed to fit different skin conditions. Also, scrub and mask only need to use once a week in most young 20s, it depends on individual skin conditions. But they are not daily routine, it will damage your skin barrier if you put scrub and mask so frequently.
    Simple skincare routine only request 3 steps: completely clean the face, follow with toner and moisturizer.
    And a complete skincare routine I do would be like:
    1. makeup remover (if you have makeup applied)
    2. cleanser (not needed when skin is not oily, warm water is enough)
    3. toner w/ pad (important! Balancing PH and oil and moisturizing , and a secondary cleansing method of exfoliating and remove dust that your fingers can’t help)
    4. serum/essence (depends on skin condition, teenage and youthful skin not needed because too nutritious will cause break out. For mature skin, don’t apply everyday, skin need a little recovery time to produce its own natural oil, otherwise it will grow dryer and dryer, even become more sensitive)
    5. Eye cream (depends on your own condition)
    6. lotion/cream/gel. (To seal the moisture. Must needed)
    7. Weekly Or biweekly routine: deeply hydrating mask and exfoliating skin(physical scrubs/chemicals)
    Usually a complete skincare routine would only spend 10-15mins if you choose the right product, they absorb fast.
    Taking care of your skin is a long run, and you will definitely see a result after years. For me, I started a basic 3 steps skincare in teenage, and I’m adding eye cream and serum a few times a week to my routine now. I can definitely see some results after years that my hand is whiter than other body parts, my face is smoother than my chin and neck that the places I mostly ignore. So now I have to take care with those parts as well. Everyone will turn old, but invest in skincare will help you aged slower.

  • Amy Duong
    Amy Duong 25 days ago

    you don't exfoliate every day. It's really bad for your skin!!

  • Amy Duong
    Amy Duong 25 days ago

    you should only be wearing masks twice or three times a week and exfoliating only one or two times a week. It's not healthy to over care.

  • B M
    B M 25 days ago +1

    Whats your skin type??
    So im a beginner at this.
    If someone can help me plz.
    So all my life ive played sports so my skin is oily i think.
    Current routine:
    1)I use gentle skin cleanser Cetaphil x2times
    2)Clinique for men exfoliating tonic lotion (cotton pads)
    3)Nivea Toner - combination for oily skin or use Rice Water (cotton pads)
    4) SK-2 facial treatment essence
    5)goatmilkcream For moisturizing.
    I notice after waking up, i notice my skin is greasy (ish) or oily. I dont know why that is. If thats somehow related to the cream i use or moisturizing in general.
    Chinese, M, 20, Canada BC.

    would really appreciate some help.

    • woob woob
      woob woob 8 days ago

      Skin could be oily because of diet, and/or you might be reacting to one of the products you're using. Those could also be compounded by how much sleep you're getting. If you're exfoliating every day, that may also be too much. Try exfoliating every third day, maybe skipping products one at a time to see if anything changes. Very worthwhile to also (when possible, when you have time) cutting out foods one by one that commonly cause reactions. Dairy, gluten, sweet stuff, processed foods, peanuts are among the most common. In my case for example if I eat dairy or sugar, my face gets super oily, and I start to have breakouts, but I can also get oily skin if I sleep too little or if I use harsh cleansers on my skin. Oily skin is often sensitive skin and it needs more gentle cleanses that preserve the lipids, rather than cleansers that leave the face feeling dry. It's trial and error, everyone is different :) Good luck!

  • Aari Love
    Aari Love 25 days ago

    Wow u r so fun to watch 😂

  • Gudlaug Ottosdottir
    Gudlaug Ottosdottir 25 days ago

    Oooooo please try the korean face tape!!

  • Julianne Hesketh
    Julianne Hesketh 25 days ago

    What's with the shmash? So annoying! Great channel tho x

  • ha Popstar
    ha Popstar 25 days ago +1


  • Elinor Rose
    Elinor Rose 26 days ago

    My favorite spot treatment is the Burt's bees blemish stick and then some calendula cream when it gets dry

  • uwu dobaa
    uwu dobaa 26 days ago

    I’m not Korean but I’m Chinese and basically I would say most rich Asians (Koreans, Chinese, Japanese, Thai, etc) would go far beyond and use like tools. I’m not a rich asian but you can still get tools and machines eat Diaso and other cheap stores. If your poor many people can’t afford to use all of these ten steps and only skip down to two or three steps. Mostly we will try to use a sheet mask once a day or 3-6 times a week. I kinda feel bad for the people who beg and want clear skin so bad. I’m sorry if I forget most of these things bc I’m still a teen. P.S. Many people all across Asia start there skin care routine really early young. Even if your not asian u can still start it rlly earlier EDIT: I know edits are annoying but sleep is really beneficial for your skin!!

  • Rachie sherlock
    Rachie sherlock 26 days ago

    I think they have alot of steps, but it's not mega different from what I've been shown since I was a teen.
    Firstly, mum taught me to use coconut oil to remove make up or as a wake up boost, splash face with water to wake up, use a cleanser, exfoliation is 2x a week cos we have delicate skin, toner is a given. But there is no point to towr unless you moisturize. I started out in life with a basic oil control teen one. Now I am on anti wrinkle and eye creams. I do a face mask as often as I can. Obsessed with them.i do like snail essence I gather it works well but I kinda stopped using it now.
    Do alot of Korean people use sun cream on there faces as a mosturiser even if they ain't hitting the sun?
    Good video x

  • Jean-marie Varallo
    Jean-marie Varallo 26 days ago

    Who actually knows who Sisophes, I don't know if I'm spellin that correctly though

  • Lily Aesthetics!
    Lily Aesthetics! 26 days ago

    I was quaking when her baby hairs were soaked but anyways loved it 💗😂

  • MARS
    MARS 26 days ago

    Your face looks more lighter and more glowing imho

  • Kimmy Kōhai
    Kimmy Kōhai 26 days ago

    Just wash your pillowcase yall

  • Baelastic GACHA
    Baelastic GACHA 27 days ago

    When you have to share : 3:02, Safiya what the fluff ;w;

  • abigail xx
    abigail xx 27 days ago

    the most important: double cleanse, toner, serum, moisturizer, eye cream. you don't have to scrubbing and masking your face everyday, it's not good for your face actually, it can rip off the good natural oil from your face. nowadays, they have 2-in-1 toner-essence. and i think she's done the step in a quite wrong order. the order should be start from the most liquid to the thickest texture. so it should be toner/essence-serum-moisturizer-eye cream. i put eye cream first before moisturizer tho. and the masking section should be done after serum. this is just from my research though

  • Saturated
    Saturated 27 days ago

    Immediate thoughts: ain't nobody got time for that.

  • Saima Islam
    Saima Islam 27 days ago

    I LOVE how your skin glows like anything! I'm pretty sure it's reflecting like a mirror!

  • When you smile sun shines because I am dead

    This makes me wanna have spa days with my boyfriend

  • Riah's World
    Riah's World 27 days ago

    I do a full Korean skincare routine.(it is my grandmother on my dad's side routine) I tweaked it a bit to fit modern usage. Basically Saf, since your face gets really oily the moisturizing just helps to balance out the oil. Also doing a facemask everyday can counteract this and dry your face out and break you out more. So ever 3 days. Just like the scrub shouldn't be done too often because it can burn and scratch off your skin. That's what I found doing this

  • Nina Kuhlmann
    Nina Kuhlmann 28 days ago

    She’s very pale in this video, is it just me, or do others see this to?

  • avnee singh
    avnee singh 28 days ago +2

    You look so pretty even without makeup!!

  • Amanda  Mayville
    Amanda Mayville 29 days ago

    Ten steps? LMAO! I wash my face and put aloe vera on it. I don't have time for ten.