I Tried A 10-Step Korean Skincare Routine For A Month

  • Published on Sep 20, 2017
  • I have always been curious about the 10-step korean skincare routine, so I tried it for an entire month to see how it was & if there were any noticeable benefits! I tried a oil cleanser, water-based cleanser, scrub, toner, essence, moisturizer, eye cream, night serum, and SPF every day and night for 31 days to see if they live up to the hype!
    To clarify, I stopped using the sheet masks after the first week and I used the scrub 3-4 times a week! So I guess it was more like ~450 applications a month. I got my kit here: sokoglam.com/products/10-step-skincare-routine-set-combo
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  • Safiya Nygaard
    Safiya Nygaard  2 years ago +14134

    HELLO FRIENDS!!! i just wanted to clarify, i know ur not supposed to put on a scrub every single day, i used the scrub like 3-4 times a week! i had a line in the video about it and i think we cut it for some reason. so i guess my math was wrong and it was more like ~450 applications!
    thanks & sorry for the confusion!!

  • Savanna Church
    Savanna Church 7 minutes ago

    Also, the directions are on the sokoglam website under the product description. ANNNND the face masks are supposed to be done 2-3 times per week! I loved this since I have my 10 step at home!

  • VoidedMirror
    VoidedMirror 5 hours ago

    My skin is breaking out at just the thought of putting all this crap on my face.

  • CherryAppetite
    CherryAppetite Day ago

    Secrets to Youthful skin

  • Niovi Lylakou
    Niovi Lylakou Day ago

    Why don’t you wear a badana??
    Edit: I mean the headband

  • Cristhela thach
    Cristhela thach Day ago

    You were only suppose to exfoliate and wear a sheet mask once a week. Also there should've been 4 steps for the morning routine. The routine I'm talking about is here.

  • Keiko Long
    Keiko Long 2 days ago

    I could have sworn that her skin looked brighter after that strawberry scrub. Maybe not the essence, face mask and what not, but the scrub seemed to work best on her and Tyler both.

  • Kirsten Hayes
    Kirsten Hayes 2 days ago

    I have a 5 step skincare routine. Cleanser, exfoliant, toner, ance treatment, and moisturer.

  • Yudi E
    Yudi E 2 days ago

    I recently started korean skincare and I only do about 5 steps but already in the first week of using the products I noticed a big difference with my face. I’ve been using the products I have now for a month and my face has never been better. I can definitely vouch that Korean skin care is really great especially for very sensitive skin like mine.

  • Nicola Faye Bron
    Nicola Faye Bron 4 days ago


  • b e l l a
    b e l l a 4 days ago

    My skincare routine is a lazy version of the 10 step Korean skincare routine

  • Rabia Rehman
    Rabia Rehman 5 days ago

    safiya and tyler are just so cute. i love these 2, half of me watches this for the content while the other half lives for their interactions and jokes

  • Pakistan beauty
    Pakistan beauty 5 days ago

    Whitening facial
    Excellent result 1st trythexvid.com/video/MKyZxSaI59A/video.html

  • videodamatrice2702
    videodamatrice2702 7 days ago

    You should use Mario badescu's drying lotion on pimples it's magical

  • Chrissy Moss
    Chrissy Moss 8 days ago

    I would advise that you use chemical exfoliators, these work brilliantly and are kinder to the skin.
    My P.M. routine is far longer and more tailored to my skin type. But I REALLY enjoy the entire process.
    Remember to allow time inbetween each layer for absorption of each product (2 or 3 mins.). Also the toner and essences add hydration ... NOT moisturization!
    BTW: your skin looked much improved, hydrated and glossy. 😊xx

  • Hessa Aldereih
    Hessa Aldereih 9 days ago +1

    She has healthy skin

  • woww
    woww 10 days ago

    에센스 스킨로션 바르는게 당연하지가 않은건가?? 옹

  • cluelessgabs
    cluelessgabs 10 days ago

    I was triggered when safiya’s hair got soaked along with her sideburns. Please put a head band on I’m triggered!!!!!

  • Scarlet Cosplay
    Scarlet Cosplay 11 days ago +1

    I have 2 or 3 steps 😂 removing makeup if I'm wearing any, cleansing and moisturizer

  • Dani Foxx
    Dani Foxx 11 days ago +3

    Everyone humble bragging in the comments about their amazing perfect skin makes me want to die

  • Andrea lee
    Andrea lee 15 days ago

    Too much product overload. But the products look good

  • AfgBeauts
    AfgBeauts 16 days ago

    Uh... does she not know how to wax or shave her arms??...??? 🥴

    • Helen L
      Helen L 15 days ago +1

      She doesn't need to

  • Elijah W
    Elijah W 16 days ago

    So much waste of water

  • Danielle Bae
    Danielle Bae 16 days ago

    essences is a type of moisturizer that sucks the moisture from the air onto your skin to "prep" your skin for the moisturizer, and normally you should pat every moisturizer including the essence in

  • Itz Felisca
    Itz Felisca 16 days ago +2

    Am i too young to do all this, i think i am, but i have an amazing skin for a teen compared to most of my friends

    • Dana Rose
      Dana Rose 14 days ago

      I think it's never too early to start and your skin will thank you later on. I started doing my skincare routine at 18 and I'm not planning on quitting any time soon.
      You don't have to have all the steps, but you could start using the essentials:
      - cleanser
      - toner
      - moisturizer
      - sunscreen (spf)

  • Salsabila Rooseldy
    Salsabila Rooseldy 17 days ago

    13:02 poor 7

  • Paetyn Peebles
    Paetyn Peebles 18 days ago +1

    I am Sisyphus

  • Gold Sweet
    Gold Sweet 18 days ago

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  • Holly Weinkauf
    Holly Weinkauf 20 days ago +1

    I love that Saf makes so many scholarly references in her videos. Shes so educated.

  • Summer Son
    Summer Son 20 days ago

    Little exaggerated!! Normal Korean girl's routine would be like.... 1. Oil cleansing (or balm) 2. Foam cleansing 3.occasionally scrub 4. Toner (or first essence) 5. Essence ( serum or mask sheet) 6. Cream (or sleeping mask) ... That's 3 steps down!!

  • 루카스L
    루카스L 21 day ago +3

    Seems like something I would do for a single day and then just be way too lazy to do it 🤷

  • Sabrina Jahan
    Sabrina Jahan 22 days ago


  • Biak Ching
    Biak Ching 22 days ago

    'I feel like I'm moisturizing so much my skin's gonna drown',😁😁😄😆😃

  • Kayla Trouard
    Kayla Trouard 23 days ago

    What’s your updated skincare?? Can you do a video, please??

  • DimaRakesah
    DimaRakesah 24 days ago

    You don't need to use the expensive oil based cleansers with their chemicals and stuff. Just use, literally, oil. Coconut, almond and castor mixes work nicely. Removes the makeup really well. Steam your face with a hot cloth for a bit to really get nice results. I know it sounds counter intuitive but it really is great for oily skin. Oil breaks down oil and it cleans without drying the skin out so it really helps balance your oiliness. Worked great for me!

  • ಶರತ್
    ಶರತ್ 25 days ago

    i thought you were indian

  • Azlyn's Mixed Media Arts

    If one essence says night...does that mean the other is meant for the day?

  • Leah
    Leah 27 days ago

    Did it really take over an hour on the first night?

  • Alexis Anderson
    Alexis Anderson 27 days ago

    Proper order is supposed to be:
    Oil based cleanser
    Water based cleanser
    Treatments if needed
    Sheet mask
    Eye cream
    Sun cream

  • langdynes
    langdynes 29 days ago

    it's better to regard the 10 step korean skincare as a basic guideline, not a hard ruleset. i'm korean and i don't do the 10 steps for my daily routine. at most 5-6 steps is enough for me every night. (mornings i just wash my face and put on moisturizer/spf). there's room for adjustments depending on skin type and season. since i don't wanna put too much on my face, i keep my skincare routine in check and make sure each product counts. my go to nightly routine is:
    1. cleansing water/oil
    2. foam cleanser
    3a. light exfoliant
    3b. toner
    4. essence OR sheet mask (which has a lot of its own essence)
    5. moisturizer and/or soothing gel
    6. eye cream

  • Sophie Dewar
    Sophie Dewar 29 days ago

    I'm confused why you were doing all the 10 steps everyday? It's 10 parts to your entire skincare, not to your daily routine...

  • Myuu Chan
    Myuu Chan 29 days ago

    I wish I would have enough money for Korean skincare products.. But yeah, I'm a poor student with bad and sensitive skin :D

  • •R•E•A•D•I•N•G•

    Did anyone else notice her face looked whiter??

  • Spicy J.E
    Spicy J.E Month ago +1

    3:15 "oh its warming on my feis" its obvious its going to warm in your face, whats it going to warm? Your leg?

  • myself aishwaryaa
    myself aishwaryaa Month ago +1

    Haha its true that u can achieve glass skin if u rich😜😂

  • maria.elena
    maria.elena Month ago

    i feel like you shouldn’t put this much of ANYTHING on your face

  • Sheila Azharry
    Sheila Azharry Month ago

    Wow you're so beautiful even without makeup ❤️

  • Amber Bradley
    Amber Bradley Month ago

    My routine is just water by itself. Even then, I sometimes I don’t even wash it. (I don’t wear makeup)

  • Dimitrios Karkavanis

    Someone has too much free time

  • Anastasia
    Anastasia Month ago

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  • Ten nam
    Ten nam Month ago +4

    i have been using the korean ten steps for like an year and it does get better when u r used to it.. now it takes only 5 minutes to finish up all the steps..i mean you dont have to use the exfoliant and face mask evry day ..like 2 times a week will be fine .
    ps: i like the k steps cause my skin is really dry and moisturizing my skin with all those doesnt make me looks oily at all.😊..you can also try those product which are made for oily or pimple skin in the routine..

  • Georgia Menough
    Georgia Menough Month ago

    You really are so pretty. I think that you even had great skin before the routine

  • Hailen Ace
    Hailen Ace Month ago +1

    That purple thing is a facial oil. Use it at your last step.

  • Equal Parts Carat And NCTzen

    Oh lol coincidence: my sister uses the green tea foaming water cleanser which is step 2 and I thought it was cool but then Saf used it and it became cooler

  • Modus Pwnens
    Modus Pwnens Month ago

    Nice! Just fyi, you dont do all of them all the time. And that step is not specifically scrubbing, just exfoliation, but that could be chemical and/or physical, but usually they recommend chemical exf.

  • Kookie Kusu
    Kookie Kusu Month ago

    Saf already has clear skin so she didn't need it ToT

  • Fucoc
    Fucoc Month ago

    But Saf... your skin looked so much more plump and fresh after the end of the month. I know it didn't do much for the pimples, but if you find the right routine, it will. And yes, it is quite a commitment...

  • Raven Mortimer
    Raven Mortimer Month ago

    Pepermint oil works well for spots. Burns a lil sometimes but gets them gone quite quickley

  • Elena IllyDragonfly

    Every time I see you using so much stuff (especially a scrub every day????) and washing your face so much... my combo but delicate skin is dying XD

  • Jho Ferraren
    Jho Ferraren Month ago

    This skin routine is so fcking tiring. No wonder my skin is so ugly